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A View in the Farnum Library. 

From Rogers' "Private Libraries of Providence/ 





EleAjanirer ^atnum, ^0q», 

iaroijiacnte, aai)oirt Kslantr. 

"That Mr. Farnum is an extremely careful student of bibliography the 
collection fully attests. Every author, ancient or modern, that Mr. Farnum 
has chosen to place upon his shelves, has been placed there at his very best. 
In his library, bibliographically speaking, there are no mistakes." — Horatio 
Rogers' ' ' Private Libraries of Providence, with a Preliminary Essay on the 
Lmie of Books." 


Clinton Hall, Astor Place. 
November, 1884. 





*' 1 wol do my dilygence 
As ferre as sowneth in to honest 
To tel you a tale, ye two or thre." 

—Chaucer's " Monk's Prologue." 

The books of the Farnum Library require no eulogy from the compiler of this 
catalogue . Being the best of their kind, they tell their own story better than could 
be narrated by fulsome description' or words of puff. 

The condition, quality and quantity of the late Mr. Alexander Farnum's library were 
chronicled by Horatio Rogers in his valuable " Private Libraries of Providence," some 
six years ago, and as the collection appeared to him then. That impartial and Dibdinistic 
description follows these two prefatory pages. All the compiler has essayed to accom- 
plish has been to give titles, describe sizes and bindings, and add some few notes, 
mostly borrowed from other sources. These tell an old, well-worn tale. 

Like the bird in the fable, the writer has arrayed himself in the plumage of others. 
And that is really about all the cataloguer of the period can do. His work has been so 
faithfully performed for him, a generation or two ago, by Brunet, Stevens, Lowndes, 
Dibdin, AUibone, Willis, Quaritch, and the rest of the old bibliographical guild, that all 
he has to do is to follow in their tracks and plagiarize at every footstep. No literary 
merit can therefore be claimed for these pages, as no literary originality has been 
attempted. To compile a book catalogue in these days one only needs a paste-pot, a 
pair of scissors and a little horse-sense. That is the whole of the necessary equipment. 

This catalogue has been made with tools of that kind. It is compiled for the wealthy 
and cultured man of leisure and good taste, who loves books for their own sake, not 
for rarity or peculiarities alone. It, therefore, does not appeal to the impecunious, 
finical and hjrpercritical bibliographer who, as a rule, being as poor as Job, can afford to 
economically content himself with a sneering side laugh or a caustic, scorpionical 
criticism. Those, however, who laugh the softest often cry the loudest and longest. 
So much overweening conceit, fancied wisdom and bogus pretence, mingled with a 
considerable share of the Ananias penchant, so frequently hedge around the "biblio- 
graphical department," that the compiler has felt it necessary to put himself on record, 
by this open confession, on behalf of his tribe and himself. 

* * 


This Library might have had the sizes of its volumes described by inches, but the 
rule followed has been to give them popularly, according to the commonly received ideas . 
Technicality, in that respect, has given way to the general conception, in accordance 
with the suggestion made over eight years ago by the compiler in an article on " The 
Sizes of Printed Books," in "The Stationer's Hand-Book," as follows: "It having 
been found impossible to give regularly the correct sizes of modern books as in former 
years, as folio, 4to, 8vo, i2mo, i6mo, etc., bibliographers have been forced to describe 
the new sizes by the names of the old they are most like.'' No " collations " will be 
found in this catalogue. Such are more suited to a Delmonico coterie of gourmets. 
The books are as they are, and are described for auction sale, with a just fairness to all 
the lots and without exaggeration of any. The compiler carried out the instructions of 
the late Mr. Farnum in the method of description, in the length of notes to the various 
lots, etc. The deceased owner wished his books thoroughly catalogued without regard 
to expense. The compiler obeyed orders and would have been just as willing to have 
done so if Mr. Farnum had desired him to have put fifty lots on -- page instead of the 


number they now average. He had in his mind's eye the dictum of the late Horace 
Greeley — "Follow copy if it carries you out of the window." There may be 
many typographical and descriptive errors in this catalogue. These have never 
failed to creep into all its predecessors that have been hurriedly printed and made 
up. Such mistakes are necessary to take the conceit out of cataloguers, and blunders 
that can be found in these pages are now offered as a sacrifice, for bibliographers to 
peck at. 

* * 

Mr. Famum's library is one in a thousand. Church has said — " We ought to judge 
of the editions of books as we judge of men — none are perfect, and the best are good 
only by comparison. " True, but when a collection carefully winnowed from the book- 
sellers' stores on both sides of the Atlantic and culled from auctioneers' catalogues for 
nearly a quarter of a century by a connoisseur like Mr. Farnum, who knew what and 
where to buy the best that money could obtain, such a quotation should be disregarded. 

Mr. Farnum's theory was large paper copies rather than small — the reliures of Hay- 
day, Riviire, Bedford, Matthews, and Zaehnsdorff in preference to cheap store bindings 
— limited editions on fine paper instead of unlimited on wood pulp — unique extra illus- 
trated copies to be always chosen rather than volumes manufactured by the thousand, 
with well-worn plates and indistinct impressions — the choicest examples of American 
printed books represented by the Riverside Press or of the British printing office exhib- 
ited in the typographical beauties of Whittingham and Baskerville to be selected 
frequently and regularly — and in fact always editions-de-luxe, uncut copies not ravished 
by the binder's plough, and, above all, original editions, if with plates, but if not, then the 
best printed and the best edited that the book mart has produced or has to offer. Such 
were Mr. Farnum's first choice, and he gathered together the hbrary of extraordinary 
excellence, sumptuous character and superb condition, described in the following pages, 
which do not contain the account of a solitary volume but what adorned his shelves at 
Providence, and which, as a whole, are a bibliophilistic monument to his good taste and 
correct judgment. 

* # 

The collection is strong in belles-lettres, the drama is fully represented, poetry is at 
the very best, history is carefully selected, and, in fact, every other domain of hterature 
necessary to constitute an American gentleman's perfect library will be found in it. 

It is a collection of literary treasures for a man of the nineteenth century, not for a 
Dryasdustic mummy. 

* * 

Mr. Farnum's library fills the following description which the book lover Amott tells 
us respecting the contents of his book shelves :— " And in a corner of my house I have 
BOOKS ; the miracle of all my possessions, more wonderful than the wishing cap of the 
' Arabian Tales,' for they transport me instantly not only to all places, but to all times. 
By my books I can conjure up to vivid existence before me all the good and great men 
of antiquity ; and for my individual satisfaction I can make them act over again the 
most renowned of their exploits. The orators declaim for me ; the historians recite • 
the poets sing ; in a word, from the Equator to the Pole, and from the beginning of 
time until now, by my books, I can fly whither I please." 

New York Press Club, 
120 Nassau Street. 


[Reprinted from pp. 165-178 of " Private Libraries of Providence, with a Preliminary 
Essay on the Love of Books, by Horatio Rogers.'' 410. Providence, 1878.] 

— Well read in poetry, 
And other books, — good ones, I warrant ye. 

Taming of the Shrew. 

We have somewhere read the story of an old Roman, who expended vast sums in 
purchasing a household of learned slaves. He wished to have the best poets and the 
best historians in living editions. One servant recited the whole of the Iliad : another 
chanted the Odes of Pindar : every standard author had its living representative. The 
library of Mr. Farnum reminds one of the household of the Roman, though happily the 
mortal edition of the ancient is replaced by the immortal offspring of the genius of 
Gutenberg. They certainly resemble each other in the possession of the best poets and 
historians in the best editions, and in every standard author having a representative. 

This attractive collection contains about four thousand five hundred volumes, and is 
largely composed of classical English literature, wherein it is unsurpassed in this vicinity. 
Among its strong points are the drama, embracing the major and minor dramatists from 
Shakespeare down, the British poets, general history, bibliography, antiquarian works, 
especially of the Elizabethan age, literary history, and books on the fine arts. Wood 
engraving has some particularly fine representatives. Every book in the library, almost 
without exception, is the very best edition ever issued, in whatever form that may be ; 
and of works of an important character, of which several approved editions exist, the 
best are usually to be found among its treasures. For example, there are about twenty 
editions of Shakespeare, from Halliwell's folio to Pickering's diminutive Diamond. 
Milton is also represented in several of the choicest editions, from that of John Basker- 
ville to that of William Pickering. When we say best editions, we do not always mean 
the most rare and costly, like the first four folios of Shakespeare, or the original issues 
of Milton ; but we apply the term to the most choice and elegant editions for critical 
use, as indicated by the examples we have given. Some of the books are most daintily 
gotten up, and about eight hundred volumes are large paper copies and limited editions. 
In one case only five copies were issued of a work in the style of the copy in Mr. Far- 
num's possession ; of another but twelve ; of several others twenty-five, fifty, and so on, 
as the case may be. 

To cull out some of the choicest specimens of this library will be our endeavor ; 
though, in attempting to do so, one feels like saying with the aged Dryden, — " Thoughts 
come crowding in so fast upon me that the only difficulty is to choose or to reject. " 

Mr. Famum's copy of Dibdin's bibliographical works, of which some of the volumes 
are unique, is, unquestionably, one of the finest in existence. With the exception of 
the Spenceriana, and Althorpianse, all the important volumes are on large paper. The 
copy of the Typographical Antiquities (one of sixty-six printed on large paper), is 
uncut, and bound in half vellum ; while uniform with it are, two volumes deserving 
special mention. One of these volumes comprises the first six signatures of the Typo- 
graphical Antiquities printed on vellum, and intended for the Earl Spencer, Dibdin's 
patron. These signatures belonged to William Savage, the printer, and, according to 
the title-page, formed " The only portion, and only copy that was printed on vellum." 
Though Dibdin's excuse for not completing the copy was the difficulty in working on 
vellum, yet we suspect that the real reason was the expense. In the early stages of the 


undertaking, as appears by a note in Mr. Farnum's possession, Dibdin wrote to Savage 
as follows: — '* I am much pleased with what you have sent me: the vellum has a 
glorious look, and, if you exert all the talent which appears in the specimen, we shall 
make a magnificent book of the vellum copy." In a subsequent note to Savage, likewise 
in Mr. Famum's possession, he wrote : — ** I give up the vellum copy not from a suppo- 
sition of your want of skill to execute it, but from various causes which I will state 
hereafter. We shall now go on more smoothly. " Long after he had abandoned the 
copy he referred to these signatures in a foot-note to his Bibliomania, more harshly, it 
seems to us, than the truth justified ; for, notwithstanding what he had written to Savage, 
he spoke of them as follows:— *' The censure which is here thrown out upon others 
reaches my own doors : for I attempted to execute a single copy of my Typogf'aphical 
Antiquities upon vellum, with every possible attention to printing and to the material 
upon which it was to be executed. But I failed in every point ; and this single wretched 
looking book, had I persevered in executing my design, would have cost me about 
seventy-five guineas ! " * 

Mr. Farnum's Dibdin comprises forty-six volumes. His large paper copy of Remin- 
iscences of a Literary Life contains the rare Index, likewise on large paper, notwith- 
standing the statement in the Hosmer Catalogue that it was " only printed on small 
paper," f One of Mr. Farnum's copies of the Tour in France and Germany, the 

* Another of Dibdin's autograph letters in Mr. Farnum's possession, is interesting because of 
the references in it to his own works, and especially to his Reminiscences of a Literary Life, then 
about to be published. It is addressed to Ithuriel Towne of New York, who had paid sixty guineas 
for an illustrated Bibliomania, alluded to in a foot-note to the first volume of the Reminiscences, 
and which sold for $720 at the John Allan sale in 1864. The letter is as follows : — 

*' 7 Wyndham St., 

Bryanston Sqr. 
April 3, 1835. 
Dear Sir : 

I beg you to accept my very best thanks for all the kind and all the honourable testimonies con- 
tained in your letter of February last, in favor of my humble lucubrations. That they have afforded 
you a rational gratification, is matter of sincere pleasure to their author. 

Will you, however, forgive my remarking that you are much behind hand in your number of the 
volumes which have issued from the same prolific pen ? But to that gallantry of spirit which hesi- 
tates not to sacrifice 60 guineas for an illustrated copy of the Bibliomania upon large paper, every- 
thing is obtainable. Goon, dear Sir, and put the finishing stroke to your spirit of courageous 
enterprise. Possess the Decameron (the most beautiful, as Mr. Adlard will tell you, of all biblio- 
graphical books), the Tour, the Spencer Library, and above all, for utility, the Library Co-m-panion. 
As to the small rarer pieces 1 will confer with your honest agent, Mr. Evans, and together, we must 
get them at reasonable prices. The Typographical Antiquities in 4 vols, is reasonable and common 
— as an unfinished work. 

I transmit you a notice of a neiv "work — in which you will observe your name to be down — from 
authority; but I will be frank and tell you, that 1 have reserved for you a large paper copy — ;^io, loj. 
— subject to your rejection or possession. 'Twill be an immensely scarce work ; and perhaps my 
last performance. 

And now allow me to thank you, which I do very sincerely, for the splendid and acceptable 
present oi^& proofs of your countrymen's skill in the art of engraving. The specimens are most 
creditable to them. In return as soon as the " Reminiscences" are published, in September, I 
will send you a copy of my Lent Lectures on large paper, of which I shall beg your acceptance. 

Your country is a young country but the infant is Hercules. Farewell, dear Sir, and accept the 
assurance of my respect and esteem. 

Very much and truly, 


I The Catalogue of the Library of Zelotes Hosmer, prepared for the sale which took place in 
1861, contained this note to a large paper copy of Dibdin's Reminiscences of a Literary Life (Lot 
No. 301): " Containing the Index, very rare, and only printed on small paper. This is inlaid and 
bound with the large paper copy; also a long letter to Dawson Turner, whose copy this was," 


second edition, published in three volumes, has been extended to eight by inserted illus- 
trations, amongst which are a remarkable number of rare portraits and curious old views 
of places. One of his copies of the Bibliographical Decameron contains the ebony-spec- 
tacle portrait of Tom Payne, of which only twenty-five were printed. It likewise con- 
tains one of the prints of Diana of Poictiers, the plate having been destroyed after seventy- 
five (fifty ?) impressions had been taken off. "I learn," says Dibdin in a foot-note 
to his Reminiscences, "that 3/. 13^. bd. has been given for a single impression of this 
most original and fascinating portrait." But by far the most valuable of this fine set of 
Dibdin is a unique copy, of which we have not yet spoken. Dibdin projected a ' ' Dis- 
quisition on Early Engraving and Ornamental Printing," and though he never got so 
far as the actual composition of the work, still, with the assistance of Savage, the 
printer, he gathered much material for it in the form of a collection of numerous title- 
pages of early printers and many wood engravings. Among its artistic treasures Ger- 
many is represented by Albert Durer, Hans Burgkmair, Lucas Cranach, Hans Schaeu- 
flein, Henry Voghter, James Kobel, Gabriel Schnellbotz, Louis Businck, and others ; 
Holland and the Low Countries by John Walther van Assen, Henry Goltzius, Abraham 
Bloemaert, Anthony Sallaerts, and Christopher van Sichem ; — but it is idle to attempt 
to enumerate the artists whose cuts Dibdin had gathered together for the purpose of 
illustrating his work. SuflSce it to say that the collection includes cuts of many of the 
most famous wood engravers from the time of Albert Durer to that of Thomas Bewick. 
The whole, constituting a most remarkable collection, are mounted, or inlaid, in a folio 
volume. This interesting volume has been inspected by various engravers of this coun- 
try, and has awakened much interest. It is a matter of surprise that the rich and appre- 
ciative collectors of literary rarities in England allowed it to cross the Atlantic. 

Of kindred character to the last volume is another collection of wood-cuts by Durer, 
Burgkmair, and many other old masters. It came from the John Allan sale, and among 
its stores is a chiaro-scuro engraving on wood,* less than eleven by seven inches square, 
of which, or of a copy exactly like which, Jackson in his Treatise on Wood Engraving 
thus speaks : — "I have, however, seen one German cut executed in this style, with the 
date 1543, which for the number of the blocks from which it is printed, and the delicacy 
of the impression in certain parts, is, if genuine, one of the most remarkable of that 

period The subject is a figure of Christ ; in his left hand he holds an orb 

emblematic of his power, while the right is elevated as in the act of pronouncing a 

benediction The drawing of the figure of Christ is very much in the 

style of Lucas Cranach, and I am strongly inclined to think that the original painting 
or drawing was executed by him, whoever may have been the engraver. There must 
have been at least ten blocks required for this curious print, which, for clearness and 
distinctness in the colors, and for delicacy of impression, more especially in the face, 
may challenge a comparison not only with the finest chiaro-scuros of former times, but 
also with the best specimens of colored block-printing of the present day." The water 
mark of Mr. Farnum's print contains the name of H-OSER, but we have not been able 
to find any trace of such a paper-maker. 

In the bibliographical department of this library are to be found a beautiful copy of 
Brydges's scarce works in twenty volumes ; the Manuals of Brunet, and of Home, on 
large paper ; the Bibliotheca Anglo Poetica, also on large paper, and extensively illus- 
trated by the insertion of many rare portraits ; together with many other valuable works. 

A hap-hazard selection of a dozen or more works for mention will, at least, give a fair 
illustration of this collection. The Harleian Miscellany, in ten quartos, is from Rufus 
Choate's library, bearing his autograph on a fly-leaf : Somers's Tracts in thirteen volumes 
is uniform with it in size. The first twelve volumes of the Septimus Prowett edition of 

* [This wood engraving will not be sold with the Library.] 


Dodsley's Old Plays are on large paper, and the thirteenth has been stilted to match.* 
Pickering's Prayer Book, in seven folios, shows all the changes from the Prayer Book of 
Edward VI., to the present time. Aristotle's Works, translated by Thomas Taylor, in 
ten quartos, forms, according to Branet, the only uniform edition of Aristotle's complete 
works in any language. Ritson's antiquarian works, in forty volumes, bound in tree 
calf by Riviere, contains all the cancelled leaves and suppressed passages. Yarrell's 
Birds, the largest size in six imperial octavos, only fifty copies of that size having 
been issued, and his Fishes, the second size, are full of beautiful wood-cuts. Mr. Far- 
num was one of the original sixteen American subscribers to Halliwell's folio Shakespeare, 
illustrated by Fairholt, in sixteen volumes, of which there were but one hundred and 
fifty copies printed. This is one of the best specimens of printing of modern times, 
being all worked by hand, and on paper which is superb. Large paper copies, like the 
one in this library, of Dr. Grey's edition of Hudibras, published at Cambridge in 1744, 
are, according to the Bibliotheca Anglo Poetica, of rare occurrence ; and Dr. Dibdin 
says only twelve were issued in that style, f The copy of the London edition of Hudi- 
bras here, pubhshed in 1819, contains the plates engraved for the work as additional 
illustrations ; and they are printed in colors in a very remarkable way, and are very 

There are works of marvellous beauty here, containing specimens of illumination and 
decoration of the middle ages. Of this class is Silvestre's Universal Paleography, or 
facsimiles of writing of all nations and periods in two elegant folios, J They are gorgeous 
volumes, and have the reputation of being some of the finest books ever issued. Not 
unUke in character are the original edition of Le Moyen Age by Lacroix, and Shaw's 
books relating to the middle ages on large paper, viz. : Illuminated Ornaments ; Dresses 
and Decorations ; Decorative Arts, Ecclesiastical and Civil, etc. The attractiveness of 
this style of works, by reproducing the ornamentation of even old books alone, whether 
of letter or illustration, can well be understood by those not familiar with them by the 
following, which we take from an English writer, who, in speaking of a Gothic story of 
the fourteenth century, " before the press vulgarized wonders," thus describes the class 
to which it belonged : — " The scribe, the artist, and the binder, lavished their time and 
skill. Six years were not unf requently spent upon the internal decorations. The margin , 
in the place of canvas, was enriched with portraits, magnificent dresses, flowers and 

* It is very difficult to pick up a perfect large paper copy of the edition of Dodsley's Old Plays in 
twelve volumes, published by Septimus Prowett in 1825-27, with a supplemental volume issued by 
William Pickering in 1833. One reason is that, after it had become scarce, extra sets were made 
up, as far as possible, from sheets left over, lacking signatures being supplied by printing new ones, 
which but imperfectly matched the original. Another reason is that the time of issuing the set 
stretched over several years. Mr. Farnum in making up his set collected no less than three different 
copies before securing a perfect one. The writer experienced almost as much difficulty in making 
up an uncut copy on small paper. This edition will probably always continue to be highly prized. 
The edition recently issued, and edited by Hazlitt, will scarcely supplant it as iVIr. Hazlitt has 
omitted some plays that have recently appeared in the collected works of their authors, but which 
are to be found in the Prowett edition : he has also added some plays not to be found in Dodsley. 

t The statement in the text is, perhaps, a little too unqualified. Dibdin's exact language in a 
note to the Library Companion in regard to large paper copies of Grey's edition of Hudibras, is as 
follows : — "On large paper, it is said, only 12 copies were struck off ; but I have my doubts on this 
head, as it is not an uncommon book, and 100 copies were subscribed for. Do T deceive myself in 
the supposition that I have seen more than a dozen of copies ? Be that as itmay, I find such a copy, 
bound by Roger Payne in red morocco, selling for 14/. 145., at the sale oi Colonel Stanley's library; 
and a similar one — * very fine copy, old red morocco, borders of gold,' (inviting description ! ) marked 
at 12/. J2J., in the catalogue of Messrs. Payne and Foss. It may be necessary to state, that the 
plates in this edition are from the very humorous pencil of Hogarth," — etc, 

} The two smaller volumes of text, of course, accompany the folio illustrations. 


fruits. Letters of silver shone on a purple ground. Golden roses studded a covering 
of crimson velvet ; the clasps of precious metal, richly chased, shut up the adventurous 
knights and the radiant damsels in their splendid home." 

There are also illustrated books in profusion, and all superb. Among works with fine 
plates are Lodge's Portraits, Houbraken's Heads, and Woodburn's Gallery of Rare 
Portraits, all in folio ; then too, there is an original Hogarth from the library of David 
Roberts, the painter, in elephant folio ; and, of like size, Westwood's Miniatures and 
Ornaments of Anglo-Saxon and Irish Manuscripts. A collection of over seventeen 
hundred plates of Bartolozzi, the celebrated Florentine designer and engraver, in five 
elephant folios, is undoubtedly one of the finest testimonials to this artist's genius ever 
formed. Among its treasures are numerous engraver's proofs, comprising several series 
of impressions from a number of the plates, showing the progress of the artist's work 
from the etching to the finished print. 

Books illustrated with inserted plates are likewise to be found in Mr. Famum's 
library. Of this character are Irving's Washington ; Dunlap's History of the Rise and 
Progress of the Arts of Design in the United States, extended from two to four volumes ; 
Rogers's Pleasures of Memory, and Cowper's Task, both inlaid to quarto size, magnifi- 
cently illustrated with many proofs and autograph letters, and richly bound ; and 
numerous other works. Eastlake's Material for a History of Oil Painting, besides its 
inserted illustrations, contains five original drawings by Eastlake. Four of them are in 
colors, being copies of frescoes made by the artist during his travels in Italy: the other 
is a sheet of studies in pencil and pen drawing. These were bought at a sale of the 
artist's effects, and were guaranteed by Lady Eastlake to be the work of her husband. 

The last volume we shall mention will be Byron's English Bards and Scotch Review- 
ers, inlaid to folio size. It was gotten up by William Upcott, a man famous in England 
for his love of literary rarities. It afterwards belonged to John Allan of New York, 
likewise noted for his fine books, and by him it was considered one of his choicest 
gems. It contains one hundred and forty-five inserted portraits, mostly proofs, and 
numerous landscape plates. Besides the autographs of Lord and Lady Byron, the Earl 
of Carlisle, Lord Aberdeen, Lady Holland, the graceful mistress of Holland House, and 
numerous other illustrious personages, there are in it original letters of Wordsworth, 
Lamb, Sydney Smith, Fox, Rogers, Gifford, R. P. Knight, Montgomery, William 
Cobbett, William Miller, Richard Cumberland, John Murray the senior. Lord Hervey, 
reporting the sale of his South Sea stock, the Duke of Portland, and others. Charles 
Lamb's letter to Mr. J. OUier contains this characteristic sentence: — "It is enough 
once for all to assure you, that I never could succeed in anj^thing proposed to me to do, 
and I wont strive against my poor obstinate grain." It concludes equally characteris- 
tically, thus : — ' ' Yours and your brother's, C. Lamb. " No wonder its respective owners 
have regarded this book as a prize. 

That Mr. Farnum is an extremely careful student of bibliography the collection, of 

which we have given so imperfect a sketch, fully attests. Every author, ancient or 

modern, that Mr. Farnum has chosen to place upon his shelves, has been placed there 

at his very best. In his library, bibliographically speaking, there are no mistakes. We 

think we may, with great propriety, apply to Mr. Farnum's knowledge of books and 

book-coUecting, as well as to his other literary attainments, the well-known lines of 

the poet, — , . , 

" What the child admired. 

The youth endeavoured, and the man acquired." 

^0 Cibrartana, Cibrarg Committees, anb 

To better accommodate the distant buyers to whom we mail 
Catalogues, and for parties unable to be present, the Auctioneers 
will execute all oedees feee op charge. In ordering from 
our Catalogues give the numbee of the lot, as well as the 
fiest woed of title, and extreme limit pee volume, or (if 
engravings and pamphlets) pee piece, which will be used only 
in competition, or exactly as the purchaser would bid for him- 
self. If unlimited orders are given, a proper discretion will be 

Our Catalogues are compiled by experts, who endeavor to give 
buyers, as far as practicable, a fair idea of the condition of 
every lot offered for sale. We, however, neither guarantee the 
absolute correctness of any description, nor the perfect con- 
dition of any lot. 

It should be understood that each lot is sold separately, and 
by itself, as catalogued, and without reference to any other lot. 
Orders to purchase sent to us should, therefore, be for each lot 
on its own merits. 


Few bookbuyers, comparatively, are aware of the many 
advantages of attending our sales, and of the facility with 
which a good library may be completed. Often at these sales, 
libraries, which have been selected by persons of judgment, are 
distributed to all parts of the United States. This enables 
buyers to profit by the experience of others, and at the same 
time to make selections of choice editions and valuable books, 
often at much less price than they could be procured from other 

Consignments of laege oe small collections solicited. 


^^Send orders as early as possible. 

, 1884. 

CLnsTTON Hall, Astok Place, New Yohk. 

Please execute the following bids for me at the 

auction sale of " The Famum Library." 



Bids are alnrays so much PER VOI^Vms:, or PER PIECE. 



1. The highest Bidder to be the Buyer; and, if any dispute 
arise, between two or more Bidders, the Lot so in dispute shall 
be immediately put up again and re-sold. 

2. The Purchasers to give their names and addresses, and to 
pay down twenty-five per cent on the dollar in part payment, or 
the whole of the Purchase-money if required; in default of 
which the Lot or Lots so purchased to be immediately put up 
again and re-sold. 

3. The Lots to be taken away at the Buyer's Expense and 
Risk within three days from the conclusion of the Sale, and the 
remainder of the Purchase-money to be absolutely paid, or other- 
wise settled for to the satisfaction of the Vendors, on or before 
delivery; in default of which Messrs. Geo. A. Lbavitt & Co. 
will not hold themselves responsible, if the Lots be lost, stolen, 
damaged, or destroyed, but they will be left at the sole risk of 
the Purchaser. 

4. The sale of any Book, Painting, Engraving, Print, Furni- 
ture, Works of Art, or any other article, is not to be set aside 
on account of any error in the description. All articles are ex- 
posed for Public Exhibition one or more days, and are sold just 
as they are without recourse. 

5. To prevent inaccuracy in delivery and inconvenience in the 
settlement of the Purchases, no Lot can, on any account, be re- 
moved during the sale. 

6. Upon failure of complying with the above conditions, the 
money deposited in part payment shall be forfeited; all Lots 
uncleared within the time aforesaid shall be re-sold by Public 
or Private Sale, and the deficiency (if any) attending such re-sale 
shall be made good by the Defaulter at this Sale, together with 
all charges attending the same. This Condition is without 
prejudice to the right of the Auctioneers to enforce the contract 
made at this sale, without such re-sale if they think fit. 


Catalogue of tljcJFarnttm Cibrarg. 

' Books, books again, and books once more ! 
These are our theme, which some miscall 
Mere madness, setting little store 
By copies either short or tall. 
But you, O slaves of shelf and stall ! 
We rather write for you that hold 
Patched folios dear, and prize ' the small. 
Rare volume, black with tarnished gold." 

-Austin Dobson. 

'BECKETT (Gilbert). Comic History of 
England, with 20 colored engramngs and 
numerous woodcuts by John Leech, 2 vols. 
8vo, London, i860 ; also — A'Beckett's Comic 
History of Rome, from the Founding of the City to the 
End of the Commonwealth, profusely illustrated with 
engravings on wood and colored plates, after designs by 
Leech, London, n. d. Together 3 vols. 8vo, calf gilt, 
marble edges. 

Abeillard and Heloisa. History of the Lives of, com- 
prising a Period of 84 Years from 1079 to 1163. With 
their Genuine Lives from the Collection of Amboise. A 
new edition. 2 vols. 8vo, half calf. 

Basil, J. J. Tourneisen, 1793 
Scarce. The Rev. John Berington's edition of the letters of 
these unfortunate lovers. The editor was a well-known Catholic con- 
troversialist. Lowndes styles the above — " a valuable and accurate 
work composed from authentic materials.'' 


3 Adams (John). Works of, with a Life of the Author, 

Notes and Illustrations by his grandson, Charles Francis 
Adams. Portraits and facsimiles. lo vols, imperial 8vo, 
cloth, uncut. Boston, 1856 

Large Paper. " Of the writings of our Revolutionary worthies, 
none have been presented to the public with so much abihty, care and 
good faith as those of John Adams. The main portion of the labor 
devolved on Charles Francis Adams, who has devoted to it several 
years, and has set an example of thorough research and sound judg- 
ment, which cannot be too highly commended." — Griswold. 

4 Adams. Defence of the Constitutions of Government of 

the United States of America against the Attack of M. 
Turcot. By John Adams, LL.D. Third Edition. 2 
vols. 8vo, calf, gilt (title mutilated shghtly). Phila., 1797 

The writer has not distinguished between republicanism and democ- 
racy. The work did much to familiarize the European mind to the 
novel state of things then taking place in America. It includes the 
opinions of eminent vnriters on various republics of the world. 

" This work is not, as its title states, a defence of the American 
Constitution, but a warm defence of the Constitution of Great 
Britain. It is the best anti-democratic treatise that we have seen; 
for Dr. Adams appears to dread that that is the extreme to which his 
countrymen will naturally lean, and he has exerted his best endeavors 
to obviate the evil." — Monthly Review. 

5 Adams. Letters of John Adams, addressed to his Wife, 

edited by his grandson, Charles Francis Adams. Por- 
trait. i6mo, cloth, uncut. Boston, 1841 

6 Adams. Letters of Mrs. Adams, the wife of John Adams. 

With an Introductory Memoir by her grandson. Portrait 
and facsimile. i6mo, half calf, gilt. Boston, 1848 


7 Addison. Works. A New Edition, with Notes by Richard 

HuRD, D.D., Lord Bishop of Worcester. Fine portrait. 
6 vols, royal 8vo, calf, gilt, marbled edges. 

London, Cadell and Davies, 1811 
Large paper. ' ' We own that the humor of Addison is, in our 
opinion, of a more delicious flavor than the humor of either Swift or 
Voltaire. ' ' — M acaulay . 

8 Addison. Life of Joseph Addison, by Lucy Aikin. Por- 

trait. 2 vols, crown 8vo, half calf, gilt. London, 1843 

" As a literary biography it is a model ; and its pages are besides 
enriched by many hitherto unpublished letters of Addison." — London 



9 Addison (Joseph). Works complete of the late Right 
Honorable Joseph Addison, Esq. With a complete 
Index. Baskerville's beautiful Edition, in large 
TY's%, portrait and engravings by Grignioh, from Hayman's 
designs. 4 vols, royal 4to, calf, gilt, rebacked. 

Birmingham, 1761 

The most sumptuous edition of Addison ever published. It com- 
prises the Spectator, Tatler, Guardian, Freeholder, Travels, Plays, 
Poems, etc. Copies of works printed by Baskerville are rarely found 
free from stains. The above copy is exceptionally so. 

" He who hath the Baskerville edition hath a good and even a 
glorious performance. It is pleasant (and, of course, profitable) to 
turn over the pages of these lovely tomes at one's Tusculum, on a 
day of oppression from heat or of confinement from rain." — Dibdin. 

10 Addisoniana. [A Collection of Anecdotes and Facts con- 

nected with the Life of Joseph Addison, by Sir Richard 
Phillips.] Portraits and facsimile letters. 2 vols. lamo, 
half calf, gilt. London, [1804] 

Full of interesting matter. 

1 1 ^sop. Select Fables of, and other Fabulists, in Three Books. 

Numerous plates. 8vo, calf gilt, citron edges. 

Birmingham, John Baskerville, 1761 
Remarkably fine copy of this rare and beautiful book. Perfectly 
tree from stains and with brilliant impressions of the plates. 

12 ^sop. Fables of. With full-page illustrations by Henry 

Stephens, lithographed in tint by Julius Bien. 4to, cloth, 
bevelled sides, gilt edges. N. Y., Scribner, 1868 

Large paper, with proof before letters impressions of the 

Mr. Stephens has no superior in the pecuhar style of illustration 
which is most effective in bringing out the spirit of .i^Lsop's Fables, 
and in this volume he has given us full-page cartoons, brimming with 
droll humor, reciting the Fables over again, and enforcing their morals 
just as effectively as was done by the words of .(Esop himself. The 
illustrations are among the finest specimens of art ever produced in 
this country, and the volume as a whole is most creditable to American 
artistic skill. 

13 ^sop. Fables, with Life of the Author. One hundred and 

eleven fine engravings on wood from designs by Herrick. 
i2mo, cloth, uncut. N. Y., 1865 

Riverside and first edition. 


14 Agincourt (Seroux d'). The History of Art by its Monu- 

ments, from its Decline in the Fourth Century, to its Res- 
toration in the Sixteenth Century. Translated from the 
French by Owen Jones. With 3,835 Subjects on 328 
plates of Architecture, Sculpture and Fainting. 3 vols, in i, 
foho, half red morocco, uncut. London, 1850 

The division of this grand work is into three parts : I. Architecture, 
73 plates; II. Sculpture, 51 plates; III. Painting, 101^ plates. To 
Antiquaries and lovers of the Fine Arts, this work is indispensable ; 
it connects the works of Winckelmann and Cicognara, and forms 
with them a most interesting series. 

"This fine work was the first in which the idea of exhibiting the 
Progress of Art, by a series of its noblest monuments, was perfectly 
carried out. By a series of accurate Engravings from celebrated 
Monuments, we trace the transitions of Art from the classic period 
to our own times. Sculpture, Painting, the Art of Illumination, and 
the Art of Engraving on Wood, on Gems, and on Medals are similarly 
represented. It is a work that has long been sought and prized by 
all who could afford the high price at which only it was to be pro- 
cured. No Library, Architect, Painter, Sculptor, or any one connected 
with the Fine Arts, should be vdthout such a work." — Quaritch. 

15 AiKiN (Lucy). Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth, 

portrait, 2 vols., 1819 ; Memoirs of the Court of Charles 
\., portrait, 2 vols., 1833; Memoirs of the Court of James 
I., portraits, 2 vols., 1822. Together 6 vols. 8vo, yellow 
calf gilt, marbled edges. London, 1819-33 

This lady has delineated with a graceful pen some of the most inter- 
esting periods of English History. 

16 Alden (Rev. Timothy, A.M.). Collection of American 

Epitaphs and Inscriptions, with occasional Notes. Four 
portraits and vignette engraved title. 5 vols. i6mo, yellow 
calf gilt, edges gilt. N. Y., 18 14 

Rare and a beautiful copy of the only extensive series of American 
epitaphs. The Menzies copy brought I4.25 per vol. and is not 
described as possessing the portraits. 

17 Aldine British Poets. Pickering's Beautiful Aldine 

Edition. With Memoirs and Notes, by Sir Harris 
Nicolas, J. Mitford, A. Dyce, and others. Elegantly 
printed by Whittingham, with portraits. 53 vols. fcap. 8vo 
elegantly bound by Riviere in crushed sage morocco 


extra, gilt, with the Aldine anchor and dolphin on the sides 
and gilt edges on marble. London, Pickering, 1830-53 

The above is a superb set, with the three-volume Burns, which is 
not usually included. 

This is admitted to be the most beautiful and valuable edition of 
the Poets ever printed, containing many pieces of each author never 
before published. It comprises the following : — I. Akenside, 1845 ; 
II. Beattie, 1853; III. Bums, 3 vols., 1839 ; IV Butler, 2 vols., 1835; 
V. Chaucer, 6 vols., 1852; VI. Churchill, 3 vols., 1844 ; VII. Cowper, 3 
vols., 1851 ; VIII. Collins, 1853 I IX. Dryden, 5 vols., 1852 ; X. Fal- 
coner, 1836 ; XI. Goldsmith, 1853 ; XII. Gray, 1853; XIII. Howard, 
1831 ; XIV. Milton, 3 vols., 1852 ; XV. Pamell, 1852 ; XVI. Pope, 3 
vols., 1852; XVII. Prior, 2 vols., 1835; XVIII. Shakespeare, 1853; 
XIX. Spenser, 5 vols., 1852 ; XX. Swift, 3 vols., 1853 ; XXI. Thom- 
son, 2 vols.,- 1847; XXII. White, 1830; XXIII. Wyatt, 1831 ; and 
XXIV. Young, 2 vols., 1852. 

18 Alison (Sir Archibald). History of Europe, with the 

Continuation to 1852, and Index. With fine portraits, 
23 vols. 8vo, and the Library Atlas. Together 24 vols. 
8vo and 4to, calf gilt, marbled edges. London, v. d. 

Best Library edition, printed in large type. 

"An extraordinary work, which has earned for itself a lasting place 
in the literature of the country, and within a few years found in- 
numerable readers in every part of the globe. There is no book 
extant that treats so well of the period to the illustration of which 
Mr. Alison's labors have been devoted. It exhibits great knowledge, 
patient research, indefatigable industry, and vast power." — London 

19 Allen (George). Life of Philidor, Musician and Chess 

Player. 8vo, boards, gilt top, other edges uncut. 

Phila., 1863 
A handsome large paper copy on tinted paper. The real name 
of "Philidor" was Frangois Andre Damian. 

20 Allen (Thomas). Lambeth, History and Antiquities of the 

Parish of, and of the Archiepiscopal Palace, with Biographies, 
Genealogies, etc. Numerous engravings, some colored fac- 
similes, pedigrees, plans, etc. Royal 8vo, half calf, gilt. 

London, 1826 
Of great interest to the genealogist and antiquary. 


21 American Almanac (The), and Repository of Useful 

Knowledge for the Years 1830 to 1861 inclusive. To- 
gether 32 vols, in 16. i2mo, uniform half morocco. 

Boston, 1830-61 

Sets as complete as the above are of rare occurrence. 

' ' This valuable work, which is, in fact, a compendious annual reg- 
ister, terminated in 1862, is well worthy of being preserved as a book 
of reference. It was succeeded by the National Almanac." — Sabin's 

22 American Bibliopolist. Complete from its commencement 

in 1869 to April, 1877 [since which time it has not been 
issued]. 9 vols, in 8, half morocco, uncut. N. Y., 1869-77 
This magazine contains valuable information respecting Sales of 
Books at Auction, Literary Discussions, etc It was edited by the 
late Joseph Sabin, his son Joseph F. Sabin, Henry B. Bult and Charles 

23 Ames (Fisher). Works of. With a Selection from his 

Speeches, and Correspondence edited by his Son, Seth 
Ames. Portrait. 2 vols. 8vo, polished calf, gilt, marbled 
edges. Boston, 1854 

An elegant copy, bound by Riviere. 

"It is a. very substantial addition to the political literature of the 
country." — Bryant. 

24 Amory (Thomas, Gent.). The Life of John Buncle, Esq. 

A New Edition. 3 vols, crown 8vo, half calf gilt, sprinkled 
edges. London, 1825 

Large paper, " The soul of Rabelais passed into Thomas 
Amory. " — Hazlitt. 

"This amusing and singular work is a sort of sketch of his own 
[Amory's] life." — Lowndes. 

25 Ancient Ballads. A Collection of Seventy-Nine Black 

Letter Ballads and Broadsides, Printed in the Reign of 
Queen Elizabeth between the Years 1559 and 1597, accom- 
panied with an Introduction and Illustrative Notes. 8vo, 
cloth, uncut. London, Joseph Lilly, 1867 

Uncut copy printed by Whittingham at the Chiswick Press. 

This is a reprint of the famous collection of rare Ballads belonging 
to the late Mr. G. Daniel, of Canonbury, and which was sold by auc- 
tion for upwards of ;^700. 

' ' It may be confidently asserted that the present collection is not 
less interesting and is certainly much more curious than any that have 
preceded it, illustrating as it does the Language, Opinions, Manners 
Usages, the Feelings and passing Events of the greater part of the 
Reign of Queen Elizabeth." 

" I love a Ballad in Print." — Shakespeare. 


26 ANDRii. Life and Career of Major John Andrb, by Win- 

THROP Sargent. Portrait. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

Boston, 1 86 1 

Large paper copy, of which 75 copies only were printed, at the 
Riverside Press. Very Scarce. 

" He (Andre) was more unfortunate than criminal, and as there was 
much in his character to interest while we yielded to the necessity of 
vigor, we could not but lament it." — Washington. 

27 Angelo (Michael). Life of, by Herman Grimm, Translated 

with the Author's Sanction by Fanny Elizabeth Bun- 
nett. Portrait on India Paper and numerous full-page 
illustrations. 2 vols, royal 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

Boston, Little, Brown 6^ Co., 1866 
Large paper. No. 46 of " fifty copies printed," and with the 
extra plates only to be found in those copies. 

28 Anne of Brittany. Illuminated Calendar and Home 

Diary for 1845. Copied from the Hours of Anne of Brit- 
tany. Printed in gold and colors by Owen Jones. Im- 
perial 8vo, cloth, gilt edges. London, 1845 

Unique. This beautiful volume contains large designs illustrating 
the manners of the 15th Century, with flower borders copied from the 
same MS., with the figure subjects colored by hand. 

A superbly executed facsimile of illuminated work in this most nota- 
ble manuscript, executed for Anne, Duchess of Brittany, consort of 
Louis XII. of France. For a full and detailed description of the 
original MS. see Dibdin's "Tour on the Continent," Vol. II., pp. 

Up to the early part of 1880 any data tending to indicate the name 
of the artist was unknown, but the following notice from " Le Livre," 
of December, 1880, would appear to settle the matter in favor of Jean 

' ' Tout le monde connatt de reputation les celibres ' Heures d'Anne 
de Bretagne ' que posside notre biblioth^que Nationale, on en a vu 
soit I'original, soit la remarquable reproduction editee par Curmer. La 
question de Tattribution des miniatures merveilleuses que ce manuscrit 
contient n'avait pas encore ete elucidee. Ce probleme, qui a passionne 
tant d'erudits, vient d'etre resolu par la decouverte d'un document que 
vient de faire un bibliophile Lyonnais, M. Andre Steyert. C'est un 
mandat original portant ordre au tresorier general de finance de la 
reine de payer k Jean Bourdichon, peintre at valet de chambre du roi, 
la somme de mille et cinquante hvres ou six cents ecus d'or pour 
' avoir richement et somptueusement historie et enlumine unes grans 
heures pour nostre usaige et service, ovr il a mys et employe grant 
temps.' II est date du 14 1507 (O. S.) signe Anne et 

contresigne Deforest." 


29 Antiquarian and Topographical Cabinet, containing a 

Series of Elegant Views of the most Interesting Objects of 
Curiosity in Great Britain, accompanied with Letter-Press 
Descriptions. 10 vols, in 5. 8vo, red morocco elegant, 
gilt edges. London, 1807 

Large paper. A Fine copy. 

30 [Apperly (Charles James)]. Horse and Hound, their 

Various Uses and Treatment, etc. By Nimrod. Steel 

plates and cuts. 8vo, cloth. Edinburgh, 1843 

Nimrod is " a popular writer on sporting subjects." — Allibone. 

31 Apuleius. Metamorphoses. A Romance of the Second 

Century. Translated by Sir George Head. Crown 8vo, 
half calf. London, 185 1 

"The romance of the 'Golden Ass,' which contains the beautiful 
tale of Cupid and Psyche, remains unrivaled." — D'Israeli. 

32 Arabian Nights' Entertainments. Knight's Original 

Pictorial Edition. Translated with Copious Notes by 
E. W. Lane. Many hundred beautiful engravings by Will- 
iams, Jackson, Landells, etc., from designs by William 
Harvey. 3 vols, royal 8vo, cloth, top edges gilt, others 
uncut. London, C. Knight, 1839-41 

Very scarce. A fine copy of the original edition, with most brill- 
iant impressions of the cuts. 

' ' The Notes of Mr. Lane throw more light upon the mystery of 
Arab life than perhaps all other works in the language." — Athenaum. 

33 Archaica and Heliconia, containing Reprints of Rare Old 

English Pieces of Prose and Poetry. Edited by Park, 
Sir Egerton Brydges and Haslewood. Vignette titles. 
S vols. 4to, complete, tree marble calf extra gilt, edges gilt 
on marble by Riviere. London, 1814-15 

Very scarce. Only 200 copies of the "Archaica'' were privately 
printed, and by Longmans, at ;f 25 3s. the set in boards. Contents: — 
Greene's Philomela, 1615 ; Greene's Arcadia, 1616 ; Southwell's 
Triumphs Over Death, 1596; Breton's Characters upon Essays, Moral 
and Divine, 1615; and his Good and the Bad, i6i6; Nash's Christ's 
Tears over Jerusalem, 1613; Harvey's Four Letters, and certain Son- 
nets, especially touching Robert Greene, 1592; Harvey's Pierce's Super- 
erogation (with Notes), 1593; New Letter of Notable Contents, 1593; 
Brathwayt's Essays upon the Five Senses, with one upon Detraction; 
Christian Resolves and Divine Contemplations, 1625. 

But 150 copies of the ' ' Heliconia " were printed, and at $75, unbound. 
Contents: — Vol. I., Breton's Small Handful of Fragprant Flowers; 


Proctor's Gorgeous Gallery of Gallant Inventions; Breton's Flourish 
upon Fancie. Vol. II., HandefuU of Pleasant Delites, edited by C. 
Robinson; Whitstone's Life and Death of Francis, Earl of Bedford; 
Phoenix Nest, edited by R. S. ; Barnes' Spirituall Sonnets; Spirituall 
Sonnets, by H. C; Churchyard's Funeral of Sir F. Knowles; Storers' 
Life and Death of Cardinal Woolsey. Vol. III., England's Pamassuso, 
edited by Robert Abbott ; Churchyard's Goodwill ; Sad and Heavy 
Verses for the Loss of Archbishop Whitgift, by Churchyard. 

34 Ariosto (Ludovico). The Orlando Furioso. Translated 

into English Verse. With Notes by W. Stewart Rose. 
8 vols. 8vo, half morocco, top edge gilt, others uncut. 

London, John Murray, 1823 

Large paper. A faithful and spirited translation. 

In point of poetic adornment the Oriando is at once rich and original; 
Ariosto is as much superior to Tasso in native genius as he is inferior 
to him in skill of constructive art. 

35 Aristotle. Works of. Translated from the Greek. With 

Copious Elucidations from the Best of His Greek Com- 
mentators, viz.: Alexander Aprodisiensis, Syrianus, 
Ammonius Herm^as, Priscianus, Olympiodorus, Sim- 
PLicius, etc. By Thomas Taylor ; with Dissertation by 
the same on the Philosophy of Aristotle. Together lo 
vols. Royal 4to, uniform russia extra gilt, marbled edges. 
Y^OTiAon, printed for the author and translator, 1807-12 

Very rare, being the sole existing complete translation of Aristotle 
into English. Only 50 copies were printed of any size, and at the ex- 
pense of Wm. Meredith. The above is a remarkably fine copy, and, 
with the exception of one bought for the Brown University some fif- 
teen years ago for $i6o, it is the only one Mr. Famum has ever seen 
or heard of being offered for sale in America. 

"Aristotle's Works, translated by Thomas Taylor, in ten quartos, 
forms, according to Brunet, the only uniform edition of Aristotle's 
complete works in any language." — HORATio Rogers. 

The ten volumes are divided as follows : 

I . , The Organon, with Elucidations of Ammonius and Simplicius, 
1807. II , Rhetoric, Poetic and Nicomachean Ethics, 1811. III., 
Great and Eudemiam Ethics, Politics and Economics, 1811. IV., 
Physics or Physical Auscultation, with Notes of Simplicius, 1806. V., 
Treatises on the Heavens, Generation, Corruption and Meteors, 1807. 
VI., History of Animals and Treatise on Physiognomy, 1809. VII., 
Parts and Motion of Animals, Problems, Indivisible Lines, Arithmetic of 
Infinites, 1810. VIII., Treatise on the Soul, Sense, Sensible Memory, 
Reminiscence, etc., 1808. IX., Metaphysics; Treatises against Xeno- 
phanes. Mechanical Problems, etc. (second edition), 1812. X., Tay- 
lor's Dissertation on the Philosophy of Aristotle, 1812. 


36 Arnold (Thomas). History of Rome, 3 vols, in 2; and 
Later Roman Commonwealth. 3 vols. 8vo, cloth. 

N. Y., 1846 
"As a writer, Dr. Arnold [of Rugby School] was remarkable for 
vigorous thought, clearness of expression and purity of style."— Gentle- 
man's Magazine. 

37 Arnold (Matthew, son of the preceding). God and the Bible. 

i6mo, cloth. Boston, 1876 

A review of objections to his " Literature and Dogma." 

38 Arnold (Edwin). Light of Asia. i6mo, cloth, uncut. 

Boston, 1879 
The life and teachings of the founder of Buddhism told in verse from 
the standpoint of an Indian Buddhist. 

39 Arnold (S. G.). History of the State of Rhode Island and 

Providence Plantations. Large maps. 2 vols. 8vo, half 
divinity calf, marbled sides and red edges. N. Y., 1859-60 

"The accurate treatment by the author of the results of patient 
research, his impartiality and love of truth, and the patriotic spirit 
which animated the whole work, have won for him an honorable place 
among American historical writers. While he seemed to be less studious 
of adorning his theme with the graces of composition, or of enriching 
it with carefully wrought pictures of characters and events, he never 
failed to impress its lessons upon his readers with clearness, force and 
earnestness — those commanding qualities ' which produce conviction ' 
in all effective speech, whether of the pen or of the tongue. He made 
the work what he designed it to be, an authentic history, ' a standard 
authority upon the subject and period of which it treats. ' " — Providence 

40 Arthur of Little Britain. History of that Valiant 

Knight, Arthur of Little Britain. A Romance of Chiv- 
alry. Translated by Lord Berners. New edition. 
With a series of plates in outline, by Heath, of illuminated 
drawings from an ancient MS of the Original Romarue. 
4to, cloth, uncut (binding broken). London, 1814 

Very rare. Large paper, and only 25 copies printed. The 
above copy has the exquisite illuminations, COLORED BY HAND, AND 
heightened by metals. The work was edited from the extremely rare 
original edition [printed by Robert Redbourne, the sole production of 
his press, and without date] by E. V. Utterson, who used extraordin- 
ary diligence in tracing out the name of the original writer of the 
Romance, the time of its composition, and other much-wishedfor 



41 Arthur. Morte cI'Arthur. The Byrth, Lyf and Actes 

of Kyng Arthur, of his Knyghtes of the Rounde Table, 
theyr mervyllous Enquestes and Adventures, and in the 
end " Le Morte Darthur," with Introduction and Notes by 
R. SouTHEY. Exquisite woodcut initials. 2 vols, royal 
4to, half morocco, top edges gilt, others uncut. 

London, Caxtoft, 1485; reprinted i?)!"] 
Large paper. A fine copy. 

" Indisputably the best prose Romance the language can boast.'" 
' ' This worlc contains a short abridgment of the most celebrated 
adventures of the Round Table ; and, being written in comparatively 
modem language, gives the general reader an excellent idea of what 
romances of chivalry actually were." — SIR Walter Scott. 

42 Arvine (Hazlitt, A. M.). Cyclopaedia of Anecdotes of 

Literature and the Fine Arts. With numerous illustrations. 
Royal 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1859 

Contains a copious and choice selection of anecdotes of the various 
forms of literature, of the arts, of architecture, engravings, music, 
poetry, painting and sculpture, and of the most celebrated literary char- 
acters and artists of different countries and ages, etc. 

43 Arundines Cami sive Musarum Cantabrigiensium Lusus 

Canori CoUegit atque edidit Henricus Drury, A.M. 
Editio quarta. 8vo, cloth, uncut. Cambridge, 1851 

With carmine borders, initial letters, rubricated title, etc. 

44 AsCHAM (Roger). Whole Works, now first collected and 

revised, with Life by Dr. Giles. 4 vols, crown Svo, cloth, 
uncut. London, Russell Smith, 1865 

Large paper copy. ' ' Ascham is a great name in our national 
literature. He was one of the first founders of a true English 
style in prose composition, and one of the most respectable and 
useful of our scholars." — Retrospective Review. 

45 Astle (Thos.). Origin and Progress of Writing, as well 

Hieroglyphic as Elementary, with some Account of the 
Origin and Progress of Printing. With portrait and 
numerous engravings taken from Marbles, MSS. and Char- 
ters ancient and modern, s,oiin coi.O'b.^J). Royal folio. Ele- 
gantly bound in splendid calf extra gilt, edges gilt, by 
Clarke & Bedford. London, T. Bensley, 1803 

Large paper.- Only 100 printed. A very fine copy of the second 
and best edition, with additions. Sir M. M. Sykes's copy sold for 

;f4 4S. 

' ' The completest work on the subject of writing, extant, in this or 
any other language." — Lowndes, 


46 Aubrey (John). Miscellanies upon Various Subjects. Por- 

trait. Post 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, John Russell Smith, 1857 

A most amusing collection of Fatalities, Omens, Dreams, Appa- 
ritions, Spirit-Rappings, Prophecies, Magic Visions, Converse with 
Angels and Spirits, Second Sight, Ecstasy, etc. 

47 Audubon (J. J.). The Birds of America, from Drawings 

made in the United States and their Territories. By John 
James Audubon. With the complete series of colored plates. 
7 vols, royal Svo, half blue morocco, uncut. 

N. Y., J. J. Audubon, 1840-44 

Original subscription edition. For the beauty and perfection 
of its plates this beautiful original edition is beyond any comparison 
with the more modern issues. A fine clean copy. 

" These are works with which critics have not much to do ; or with 
respect to which they can only discharge that part of their duty which 
is generally thought to give the least pleasure — we mean praise. No 
one can see these splendid drawings, and compare them with ordinary 
illustrations of natural history, in which animals appear as spiritless as 
if they had been sitting for their portraits, without admiring his taste 
and skill." — North American Review. 

48 Audubon and Bachman (J.). The Quadrupeds of North 

America, by J. J. Audubon and the Rev. John Bach- 
man, D.D. Colored plates. 3 vols, imperial Svo, half 
green morocco, uncut (title-page of Vol. 2 lacking). 

N. Y., J. J. Audubon, 1852-54 

An elegant copy of Audubon's ow^N original edition in which the 
plates are incomparably superior to those in Lockwood's re-issue. A 
most beautiful and interesting work, the engravings exhibiting, in most 
instances, two or more figures (male and female) in the most life-like 
attitudes, with their young, prey, &c., the entire plate colored, with 
views of their favorite haunts and localities. 

49 Austin (John). Lectures on Jurisprudence, or the Philoso- 

phy of Positive Law. Third edition, revised and edited 
by Robert Campbell. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, John Murray, 1869 

" One of the most valuable contributions to the philosophy of law 
and legislation that has been produced in modern times, and entitles 
the author to rank with Hooper and Montesquieu." — Marvin. 



50 Autograph Leaves of Our Country's Authors. Vignette 
title and views and over 200 pages of the facsimile handwrit- 
ing of the best-known American authors. 4to, cloth gilt, top 
gilt edge. Baltimore, 1864 

Published in aid of the Sanitary Fair. 



ACON (Francis). (I.) Works. Collected and 
Edited by James Spedding, Robert Leslie 
Ellis and Douglas Denon Heath. Portraits 
on India paper — the Arms of Bacon in gold 
and colors on each title. 15 vols, half morocco, uncut, 
Riverside Press, Cambridge, 1863. Also — (II.) Personal 
History of Lord Bacon, from unpublished papers. By 
Wm. Hepworth Dixon. Cloth, uncut. Together 16 
vols. 8vo. Boston, 1861, and Cambridge, 1863 

Large paper. Only 100 copies printed of the " Works " in 15 vols, 
and 75 on large paper of the " Personal History." Very scarce in this 
size. The finest production of the celebrated Riverside Press, and the 
most beautiful example of American typography. 

To posterity and distant ages, Bacon bequeathed his good name, and 
posterity and distant ages will do him ample justice. Wisdom herself 
has suffered in his disgrace, but year after year brings to light proof of 
the arts that worked Bacon's downfall and covered his character with 

52 Backus (Isaac). History of New England, with particular 

reference to the denomination of Christians called Baptists. 
Second edition, with Notes by David Weston. 2 vols. 
8vo, half morocco. Newton, Mass., 1871 

Complete sets of the original work, published 1777-96, are now rare. 
The copy in the hbrary of Judge Greene sold for $75. Mr. Bancroft, 
the historian, bears honorable testimony to the author's fidelity, con- 
sidering his history, as to facts, more to be depended on than any of 
the early histories of New England. 

53 Baillie (Joanna). Dramas. A Series of Plays on the 

Passions, each Passion being the subject of a Tragedy and 
a Comedy. 3 vols. 8vo, yellow calf, gilt. London, 1836 

Large paper and best edition. 

" This may be said to form a sequel to the Plays on the Passions." 
— Lowndes. 


54 Bain (Alexander, M.D.). The Senses and the Intellect, 

third edition, 1868; and on the Study of Character, including 
an Estimate of Phrenology, 1861. Together 2 vols. 8vo, 
cloth, uncut. 

By the learned author of " The Emotions and the Will." 

55 Bancroft (George). History of the United States, from 

the Discovery of the American Continent. Portraits on 
India paper, and an inserted photo-Portrait. 10 vols, im- 
perial 8vo, cloth, uncut. Boston, 1861-75 
Large paper. Very scarce. 50 copies printed, 2 of which were 
destroyed by the fire at C. B. Richardson's store, New York, September, 
1864. The above is No. 11, with an original autograph letter of the 
author in an envelope, also loose newspaper cuttings. 

' ' His work is and must be the standard history of the country, and 
as such should reach every family, and be studied by every person who 
would be acquainted with the events of our past existence." — New 
Haven Journal. 

56 Bancroft. The Same. Vols, i and 2. Portrait. 8vo, 

cloth, uncut. Boston, 1834-37 

Very scarce and original edition. 

57 Bancroft. History of the Formation of the Constitution 

of the United States. 2 vols. 8vo. N. Y., 1882 

' ' The American Constitution is the most wonderful work ever struck 
off at a given time by the brain and purpose of man." — Gladstone. 

58 Barclay (J. T., M.D.). City of the Great King; or 

Jerusalem as It Is and It is to Be. Portrait and numerous 
illustrations, many full paged and colored. Royal 8vo, cloth 

Phila., 1858 
This volume, by an author who was a missionary at Jerusalem for 
three and a half years, AUibone says, is "a reliable work — highly com- 

59 [Barham (Rev. R. H.).] Ingoldsby Legends ; or Mirth 

and Marvel, by Thomas iNGOLDSBy, Esq., with Notes In- 
troductory and Illustrative by R. H. Dalton Barham. 
With humorous plates by Cruikshank and Leech. 2 vols. 
8vo, cloth, uncut. London, Bentley, 1870 

Library Edition. " For originality of design and diction, for quaint 
illustration and musical verse, they are not surpassed in the English 
language. . . . From the days of Hudibras to our time, the 
drollery invested in rhymes has never been so amply or felicitously 


60 Baring-Gould (S.). The Book of Were Wolves. Frontis- 

piece. Crown 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1865 

An account of a terrible superstition. 

61 Barrow (J.). Life of Peter the Great. Illustrated. i6mo, 

cloth, bevelled sides, gilt edges. London, n. d. 

Interesting in these Nihilistic times. 

62 Barlow (Joel). The Columbiad : a Poem. Beautiful 

Portrait of Barlow, and numerous plates by Smirke, 
engraved by Heath, Bromley, etc. Thick 4to, calf extra, 
marbled edges. Phila., 1807 

Fine copy of the first edition From the Libraries of E. B. Cor- 
win and Rufus Choate. The earliest attempt at an American epic. It 
was printed at the expense of Robert Fulton, to whom it was dedicated. 
The above was a new edition, with great alterations of the ' ' Vision of 
Columbus," beautifully printed, and illustrated with eleven fine engrav- 
ings from Smirke's designs. 

" The Columbiad made its appearance in the most magnificent 
volume which had ever been published in America." — Allibone. 

63 Bartlett (John Russell, the distinguished bibliographer, and 

ex-Secretary of State of Rhode Island). Personal Narrative 
of Explorations and Incidents in Texas, New Mexico, 
California, Sonora and Chihuahua. Map and plates. 2 
vols. 8vo, half morocco, gilt. N. Y., 1854 

" This work of Mr. Bartlett is replete with interest from the manner 
in which he has jotted down his observations. The style is simple and 
unpretending, and all the more graphic and attractive on that ac- 
count." — N. Y. Knickerbocker. 

64 Bartlett. Dictionary of Americanisms : a Glossary of 

Words and Phrases usually regarded as Peculiar to the 
United States. Royal 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1859 

Second edition. Greatly improved and enlarged. 

65 Bartlett (W. H.). Walks about Jerusalem and its En- 

virons. With beautiful steel engravings, plans, and numerous 
woodcuts. Thick impl. 8vo, half green morocco gilt, edges 
gilt. London, George Virtue, n. d. 

An early edition, with good impressions of the plates. 

66 Bayard. The very Joyous and Pleasant History of his 

Feats, Exploits, Triumphs, and Achievements of the Good 
Knight, without Fear and without Reproach, the gentle 
Lord de Bayard. Set forth into English by Edward 
CocKBURN. Frontispiece, and printed in the old style by 
Whittingham. Small 4to, polished calf extra, top edge 
gilt, others uncut. London, 1848 

Scarce. A fine example of Chiswick Press typography. 


67 Bayle (Peter). The Dictionary, Historical and 

Critical, of Mr. Peter Bayle. [Translated into English, 
with many additions and corrections made by the Author 
himself that are not in the French editions.] Second edi- 
tion, with Life by Des Maizeaux. Portrait. 5 vols, folio, 
calf, rebacked (title of Vol. 3 lacking). London, 1734-38 

Best edition. " Bayle's Dictionary is, as a cornucopia of flowers, 
bright, blooming, and captivating." — Dibdin. 

" His Critical Dictionary is a vast repository of facts and opinions." 
— Gibbon. 

" He was the only man who ever collected with so much judgment 
and wrote with so much spirit at the same time." — Pope. 

68 Bay Psalm Book. A Literal Reprint of the Bay Psalm 

Book, the earliest New England version of the Psalms, and 
the first book printed in the United States, Cambridge, 
for C. B. Richardson, 1862 ; and being — The Whole 
Booke of Psalmes faithfully translated into English Metre. 
Whereunto is prefixed a discourse not only the lawfulness, 
but also the necessity of the heavenly Ordinance of sing- 
ing Scripture Psalmes in the Churches of God. Imprinted 
1640. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

Cambridge, printed for Charles B. Richardson, 1862 

Very rare. Of this reprint but 50 copies were printed for sub- 
scribers, and ONLY FIVE on the heavy tinted paper, of which the 
above is one. 

The original edition was printed at Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 
1640, but six perfect copies of which are known. It was the first book 
printed in North America. The most recent sale of a copy was that 
in the collection of the late C. Fiske Harris, of Providence, which was 
sold for $1,500 at the auction rooms of Geo. A. Leavitt & Co., Clinton 
Hall, Astor Place, N. Y. 

69 Beaumont and Fletcher. Dramatic Works, with Notes 

and Biographical Memoir by the Rev. A. Dyce. Portraits. 
II vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1843 

Best Edition. One of the best edited works of modem times. 

" Beaumont and Fletcher are lyrical and descriptive poets of the first 
order ; there is hardly a passion, character, or situation which they 
have not touched in their devious range, and whatever they touched, 
they adorned with some new grace or striking feature ; they are mas- 
ters of style and versification in almost every variety of melting modula- 
tion or sounding pomp, of which they are capable in comic wit and 
spirit, they are scarcely surpassed by any writers of any age." — Hazlitt, 


70 Becker (Prof. W. A.). Gallus or Roman Scenes of the Times 

of Augustus, translated by Metcalfe; and Charicles — 
Illustrations of the Private Life of the Ancient Greeks. Front, 
and cuts. 2 vols. i2mo, cloth, uncut. London, 1853-54 

71 Beckmann (John). History of Inventions and Discov- 

eries, translated by William Johnston, enlarged. 4 vols. 
8vo, calf. London, 18 14 

Best edition of a very interesting and valuable work. 
" This work is the result of the most extensive, varied and profound 
research and learning." — McCuLLOCH. 

72 Beckford (Wm.). Vathek. Vignette portrait. i6mo, cloth, 

gilt edges. London, 1868 

Printed at the Chiswick Press and verbatim from the first edition, 
with the original prefaces and Notes by Healey. 

The Tale of " Vathek, " originally written in French, and published 
before the author had closed his twentieth year, has for more than half 
a century continued in possession of all the celebrity which it at once 
commanded. Vathek is, indeed, without reference to the time of life 
when the author penned it, a very remarkable performance. 

73 Behn (Aphra). Plays written by the Late Ingenious Mrs. 

Behn. Portrait. 4 vols. i6mo, elegantly bound in calf gilt, 
edges gilt. London, 1724 

Very scarce. Third (and best) edition. 

" Mrs. Behn was a woman of so celebrated a fame while she lived, 
and so esteemed, that to give a perfect draught of her, one must write 
like her." — Charles Gibbon. 

" She has been accused, and that not without great justice, of inter- 
larding her comedies with the most indecent scenes, and giving in- 
dulgence in her wit to the most indelicate expressions. The best and 
perhaps the only true excuse that can be made for it is, .... as she 
wrote for a livelihood, she was obliged to comply with the corrupt taste 
of the times. And as she was a woman, and naturally, moreover, of 
an amorous complexion, and wrote in an age and to a court of gallantry 
and licentiousness, the latter circumstances, added to her necessities, 
compelled her to indulge her audience in their favorite depravity ; and 
the former, assisted by a rapid flow of wit and vivacity, enabled her so 
to do ; so that both together have given her plays the loose cast which 
it is but too apparent they possess. " 

74 Bell (J., of Antermony). Travels in Russia and Asia, includ- 

ing Persia, China, Siberia, &c. Finely printed by YovLVi. 2 
vols. 4to, calf. Glasgow, 1763 

Best edition. "The best model of travel- writing in the English 
language. " — Quarterly Review. 

This copy of Bell's " Travels," which Dibdin justly eulogizes, for- 
merly belonged to Edward Gibbon, the historian, and has his armoria 
book-plates. It is very scarce. 



75 Beloe (Rev. William). Anecdotes of Literature and Scarce 

Books. 6 vols. 8vo, half calf gilt, top edges gilt, others 
uncut. London, 1808-14 

Scarce. "A work containing much bibliographical information, 
and extracts from scarce books." — Lowndes. 

' ' A valuable storehouse of bibliographical matter. The bibliographer 
should not fail to secure <t copy when the chance occurs, which is 
seldom. " — Allibone. 

76 [Beloe.J Sexagenarian ; or, the Recollections of a Lit- 

erary Life. 2 vols. Svo, calf gilt. London, 1817 

First Edition with all the virulent passages, and superior to the second, 
in which his caustic, ' ' malignant " and objectionable criticisms were 

The above copy has many manuscript explanatory notes . 

77 [Beloe ««(/ Parr]. Bellendenus. A Free Translation of 

the Preface to Bellendenus; containing animated strictures 
on the great political characters of the present time. With 
inserted plates and cuttings. 8vo, half calf. London, 1788 

Very scarce. This celebrated preface, written by Dr. Parr and 
translated by Rev. Wm. Beloe, gave rise to a series of political tracts. 
Rare portraits of Fox, Burke and North, also two caricatures by Gillray 
are inserted, making the above an unique copy. 

78 Bewick (T. and J.). Select Fables, with cuts designed and 

engraved by Thomas ««</ John Bewick, and others, together 
with a Memoir and Descriptive Catalogue of the Works of 
Messrs. Bewick. 8vo, calf, gilt. Newcastle, 1820 

A Fine copy. Very good Impressions of the cuts, which include 
some of the best work of the famous Bewicks . 

All the various works published, of the eminent wood engravers, 
Thomas and John Bewick, are now very scarce. In the beautiful and 
spirited drawing of their cuts, they have never been excelled. 

79 Bewick (T.). Memoirs, written by himself, and including 

his hitherto unpublished Work on British Fishes. With 
numerous beautiful woodcuts by this inimitable Artist. Svo, 
half green morocco, gilt top edge. 

Newcastle-on-Tyne and London, 1862 
This volume forms an indispensable accompaniment to the "Quadru- 
peds ■' and " Birds "; the woodcuts are executed in the same masterly 
style, and some humourous vig^nettes are also added. It is highly inter- 
esting and contains the last engraving executed by Bewick. 


80 Bewick Collector (The). A Descriptive Catalogue of the 

Works of Thomas and John Bewick, including cuts, in 
various states, for hooks and pamphlets, private gentlemen, 
public companies, newspapers, etc. — With an Appendix of 
Portraits, Autographs, etc. The whole described from the 
originals, contained in the collection of T. Hugo, M.A. 
Illustrated by upwards of 112 cuts. Imperial 8vo, cloth. 

London, 1866 
Large paper. Only 100 copies printed. An elaborate Descriptive 
List of the most complete collection yet formed of the works of the 
renowned Wood Engravers of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 

81 Bewick (T.). A General History of Quadrupeds, with the 

figures engraved on wood by T. Bewick. Imperial 8vo, 

russia elegant, marbled edges. Newcastle, 1800 

Largest paper, very scarce in this state and first edition of this 

size. A splendid copy of the fourth and best edition, of which 230 

copies only were printed. 

82 Bewick. Vignettes. A Collection of Woodcuts by Thomas 

Bewick, all proofs on India Paper, with portrait of 
the celebrated engraver by Burnet after Ramsay. 
Mounted and bound in one vol. 4to, half morocco, and 
lettered " Bewick's Vignettes, India Proofs." 

An unique collection of India Proofs of many of the best works of 
this distinguished " Father of the Art." 

83 Bentham (Jeremy). Works. Published under the Super- 

intendence of his Executor, John Bowring. ii vols. 8vo, 
cloth. Edinburgh, 1843 

Best edition and published at ;£■$ 5s. 

' ' Dr. Parr considered Jeremy Bentham as the wisest man of his time, 
whose powerful and penetrating mind had anticipated the improve- 
ments of coming ages." — Field. 

" In the phrase, 'the greatest happiness of the greatest number,' I 
then saw delineated for the first time (in Priestly's pamphlet) a plain 
as well as a true standard for whatever is right or wrong, useful, useless, 
or mischievous in htmian conduct, whether in the field of morals or 
politics." — Bentham. 

84 Beowulf. Anglo-Saxon Poems of the Scop or Gleeman's 

Tale, and the Fight at Finnesburg, with a literal Transla- 
tion, Notes, Glossary, etc., by B. Thorpe. Post 8vo, 
cloth, uncut. London, 1855 

The translator Benjamin Thorpe was one of the most eminent Anglo- 
Saxon scholars in England. 


85 Beowulf, an Epic Poem. Translated from the Anglo-Saxon 

into English Verse by A. Diedrich Wacherbarth, A.B. 
Fcap, 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, W. Pickering, 1849 

Printed by C. Whittingham, Chiswick. 

86 Berjeau (J. Ph.). Catalogue Illustre des Livres Xylogra- 

phiques. Facsimiles. 8vo, half crushed morocco, uncut, top 
edge gilt, others uncut. Londres, 1865 

No. 63 of a limited edition of 105 copies of this choice bibliographical 

87 Berjeau. Early Dutch, German and English Printers' 

Marks. With Indices of Printers, Towns and Books. 100 
plates. Royal 8vo, half morocco, top edge gilt, others un- 
cut, Roxburghe style. London, Rascol, 1866 
" 250 copies only. Finished March 1869." 

88 Berjeau. Le Bibliophile Illustre par J. Ph. Berjeau. Jan., 

'63 — Dec , '63, and Jan., '65. Facsimile illustrations. 8vo, 
half Roxburghe, top edge gilt. Londres, 1867 

" 2de. S^rie." {i. c, Nos. 13 to 25.) 

89 Berkeley, by A. C. Eraser. Portraits. i6mo, cloth. 

Phila., 188 1 

90 BiBLiA Pauperum, reproduced in facsimile from one of the 

copies in the British Museum, with an Historical and Bib- 
liographical Introduction, by J. Ph. Berjeau. Atlas 4to, 
half bound. London, 1859 

Only 250 copies printed. 

" The woodcuts of the ' Biblia Pauperum,' evidently anterior to the 
invention of printing and to the year 1440, are too well executed, and 
a work of too great importance, to be considered as the first attempt 
at wood-engraving. The figure of St . Christopher, bearing the date 
of 1423, has long been considered as the first woodcut with a date.' — 

91 BiOGRAPHiA Dramatica; or, a Companion to the Playhouse; 

containing Historical and Critical Memoirs, and Original 
Anecdotes of British and Irish Dramatic Writers, with 
Account of the Rise and Progress of the British Stage. 
4 vols. 8vo, half calf, gilt. London, 181 2 

Best edition greatly enlarged. Compiled by D. E. Baker, Isaac 
Reed, and Stephen Jones. The original compiler of this work was 
the grandson of Daniel Defoe. His mother was Sophia, Defoe's 
youngest daughter. 



92 Blake (W.,pictor ignotus). Life of, with Selections from 

his Poems, and other Writings, by A. Gilchrist. Exten- 
sively illustrated frotn Blake's own Works in facsimile and 
in Photolithography (including the whole of the Book of Job, 
and Songs of Innocence), and with a few of Blake's original 
plates. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1863 

" Biography is by nature the most universally profitable, universally 
pleasant of all things; especially biography of distinguished indivi- 
duals. " — Carlyle. 

93 Boccaccio. Decameron, or Ten Days' Entertainment — a 

Revised Translation by W. K. Kelly. Portrait. Post 8vo, 
cloth, uncut. London, 1855 

Mr. Kelly also translated Michelet, Ranke, Louis Blanc, etc. 

94 Boeckh (Augustus). Public Economy of Athens; to which 

is added a Dissertation on the Silver Mines of Laurion. 
Translated by George Cornewall Lewis. 8vo, half 
calf, gilt. London, 1842 

Second edition, revised. Rufus Choate's copy, with his autograph 
signature on the fly-leaf. 

" A work of great research and value." — McCulloch. 

95 BoETHius. King Alfred's Version of Boethius de Con- 

solatione Philosophiae : with an English Translation and 
Notes by J. S. Cardall. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, W. Pickering, 1829 
With the Anglo-Saxon text and English translation on opposite pages. 

96 BoLiNGBROKE (Viscount, Henry St. John). Works of, with 

a Life Prepared Expressly for this Edition, containing 
Additional Information Relative to his Personal and Public 
Character, Selected from the Best Authorities. Portrait. 
4 vols. 8vo, half morocco. Phila., 1841 

Rufus Choate's copy, with his autograph signature on the fly-leaves. 
Best edition and superior to that of the " Works," published by David 
Mallett, to whom they were left as a legacy (according to Lowndes) for 
traducing the memory of Alexander Pope. 

97 Book of Common Prayer Pickering's Magnificent 

Reprints and comprising the Seven various Editions 
from Edward VI. to the Present Time, reprinted in Black 
Letter at the Chiswick Press, like the originals, in black 


and red ink. Together 7 vols. Folio, full bound in purple 
morocco, bevelled sides, gilt edges on red. 

London, Pickering, 1844 

This superb set published at £2% and of which only 200 were 

printed, shows all the changes of the Prayer-Book of the Established 

Church of England from that of Edward VI. to the present time. It 

comprises the following editions: — 

I. First Prayer-Book of Edward VI. Whitechurch, 1549 

II. Second Prayer-Book of Edward VI. ib., 1552 

III. First Prayer-Book of Q. Elizabeth Grafton, 1559 

IV. K. James's Prayer-Book Barker, 1604 
V. Scotch Prayer-Book of Charles I. (Laud's) 1637 

VI. K. Charles II. Prayer-Book (Sealed Book) 1662 

VII. Edition of 1662 adapted to the Present Reign 1844 

The importance and value of this Series of the Liturgies of the 

Church of England are well-known; but such is their rarity that in few 

public or private libraries can the whole be found together. 

98 Book of Common Prayer, and Administration of the Sa- 

craments and other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church ... 
in the Confederate States of America; together with the 
Psalter. ... i6mo, purple morocco, gilt edges. 

Richmond [Virginia], /. W. Randolph, MDCCCLXIII. 
In this edition, really printed by Eyre & Spottiswoode, London, the 
prayers for the President of the United States are altered to "The 
President of the Confederate States." But, by a curious omission, 
the prayer to be used at sea remains unchanged, and the Almighty is 
asked to be a safeguard unto the United States. The greater part of 
the edition was captured from the Anglo-Rebel blockade-runner Minna, 
by the Government dispatch ship Circassian, off Wilmington, Dec. 6, 

99 Book of St. Alean's, by Lady Juliana Berners, con- 

taining the Treatises of Hawking, Hunting, Coat- Armor, 
Fishing, and Biasing of Arms, as printed at Westminster, 
by Wynkyn de Worde, i/^<)6, finely printed in Black Let- 
ter, and embellished with facsimiles, colored by hand of 
the large and curious old Woodcuts. 4to, antique calf, bev- 
elled sides, top edge gilt, others uncut. 

[Westminster, 1496] London, 1810 

Unique. Very rare, only 150 copies printed. A matchless copy, 
being entirely uncut and with cancelled leaves. This copy was colored 
expressly for its owner by one of the best copjrists in the United 
States and in a manner superior to that of the one used as a model. 


Only a very few copies were colored by hand and probably none 
in the superior style to the above. 

A "verbatim, literatim, et pnnctuatim reprint " under the editorial 
care of Joseph Haslewood, who has prefixed a very copious and in 
teresting Introduction, both Biographical and Bibhographical, full of 
curious research. 

Sir W. Tite's copy, which had been Eyton's, sold for £2^ loj. in 

100 BoTTA (C). History of the War of the Independence of 
the United States of America. Translated by George 
Alexander Otis. Plates. 2 vols. 8vo, sheep. 

Newhaven, 1838 
One of the most impartial of all the histories of the American Revo- 

loi BoYNTON (E. C). History of West Point, and its Military 
Importance during the American Revolution: and the 
Origin and Progress of the United States Military 
Academy. By Captain Edward C. Boynton, A.M. 7 
maps and 2^ plates. Imperial 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

N. Y., D. Van Nostrand, 1864 
Large paper, one hundred copies only printed. 

102 Bradford Club. The Publications of, comprising: — 

I. Papers Concerning the Attack upon Hatfield and Deer- 
field by a party of Indians from Canada September 19, 
1677. [Edited by F. B. Hough.] Map. Half morocco. 

N. Y., 1859 
100 copies privately printed — Subscriber's Copy, No. 82. 

II. Drake (Joseph Rodman) and Halleck (Fitz-Greene). 
The Croakers. First Complete Edition. Portrait. Royal 
8vo, sewed, uncut. N. Y., i860 

Only 150 copies privately printed, of which above is "Subscriber's 
Copy, No. 105." Added to the above is Index of Illustrations to Mr. 
Irving Browne's copy. 

III. Operations of the French Fleet under Count de 
Grasse in 1781-82. As described in Two Contemporan- 
eous Journals. [Edited by J. G. Shea.J Cloth, uncut. 

N. Y., 1864 
Unique. 150 copies printed, of which above is " Subscriber's Copy, 
No. 22." In this volume are 10 plates inserted, including rare portraits 
of De Grasse and representation of his surrender to Lord Rodney. 


IV. Murphy (Henry C.) Anthology of New Netherland, 
or Translations from the early Dutch Poets of New York; 
with Memoirs of their Lives, Portrait of Steendam and 
facsimiles. Sewed, uncut. N. Y., 1865 

75 copies printed privately, of which above is "Subscriber's Copy, 
No. 59." 

V. Soto (Hernando de). Narrative of the Career of, in 
the Conquest of Florida, as told by a Knight of Elvas 
and in a Relation by Luys Hernandez de Biedma, Factor 
of the Expedition. Translated by Buckingham Smith. 
Portrait and map on India paper. Sewed, uncut. 

N. Y., 1866 
75 copies privately printed, of which above is " Subscriber's Copy, 
No. 5g." 

These narratives consist of a new translation of the Relaqion written 
by one of the company of Portuguese knights and gentlemen who joined 
in the expedition, covering a period from the time of their departure from 
Elvas in 1538 to the arrival of the relics of the army at the City of 
Mexico in 1543; and a first translation in English of the Relaqion of 
Biedma, a Spanish oflScer, presented by him in the year 1544 to Charles 
V. in Council. 

VI. Northern Invasion of October, 1780. A series of 
papers relating to the expeditions from Canada, under Sir 
John Johnson and others, against the Frontiers of New 
York, which were supposed to have had connection with 
the treason of Arnold. Prepared from the original, by 
Franklin B. Hough. With frontispiece. Sewed, uncut. 

N. Y., 1866 
75 copies privately printed, of which above is "Subscriber's Copy, 
No. 59." 

VII. Laurens. The Army Correspondence of Col. John 
Laurens in the Years 1777 and 1778, now first printed 
from original letters addressed to his father, Henry 
Laurens, President of Congress; with a Memoir by Wm. 
GiLMORE SIMMS. Portrait. Sewed, uncut. N.Y., 1867 

75 copies privately printed for the Bradford Club, of which above is 
" Subscriber's Copy, No. 59." Col. Laurens was introduced into the 
military family of Washington in 1777. His varied accomplishments and 
general intelligence secured for him the entire confidence of his Chief, 
and he soon became his private secretary and trusted agent. His letters 
were written during an exciting period of our Revolutionary History, 
and with all the freedom of family intercourse. They contain vivid 


pictures of the events of that period — especially of the Battle of Mon- 
mouth — and impart an inner view of a struggle which seemed at times 
so dark and doubtful as to its results. 

Together 6 vols, royal 8vo, half morocco, cloth and sewed. 
N. Y ., printed privately for the Bradford Club, 1859-67 
Very scarce and Hough's attack on Hatfield exceedingly so. 
De Grasse (No. Ill) is unique and has ten rare inserted plates. 

103 Brand (J.). Observations on Popular Antiquities. 

Enlarged by Sir Henry Ellis. Cuts. 3 vols. i6mo, cloth, 
uncut. London, C. Knight, 1841 

Comprises notices of the movable and immovable Feasts, Vulgar 
Customs, Superstitions and Amusements, Past and Present. 

104 Brandt (S.). Ship of Fools, translated by Alex. Bar- 

clay, a faithful reprint of the Pynson edition of 1509, 
with Introduction, Notes, and Glossary by Jamieson. About 
120 quaint and interesting facsimile wood engravings from 
the Basle edition of 1497. 2 vols, crown 4to, cloth, uncut. 

Edinburgh, Paterson, 1874 
A fine reproduction of an extremely curious, interesting, and once 
widely popular Satire. The text of Pynson's edition has been printed 
Intact. The design of this work was to ridicule the prevailing follies 
and vices of every rank and profession, under the allegory of a ship 
freighted with fools, and in his metrical translation Barclay has given 
a variety of characters drawn exclusively from his own countrymen, and 
added his advice to the various fools. 

Dibdin says : ' ' There are few books more interesting to the col- 

105 Brathwait (Richard). Barnabae Intinerarium; or, Barna- 

bee's Journal; with a Life of the Author, a Bibliographical 
Introduction to the Itinerary, and a Catalogue of his Works, 
edited from the First Edition by Joseph Hazlewood. 
Portrait and engraved title. 2 vols. 3 2 mo, morocco, gilt. 

London, 1820 

Rare. Only 125 copies of this excellent reprint of the First Edition 
were issued. 

This is in every way a charming copy of a characteristically quaint 
— but portly and pleasant— looking book; the contents of which must 
always secure the attention and regard, not only of the admirers of 
Latin Poetry, but in a special degree that of the lovers of good-fellow- 
ship, and of all who take an interest in the Topography of Old England. 
It is an exquisite piece of humorous drollery. 

The real author seems, by the industry of Mr. Haslewood, to have 


been fully ascertained. This quaint work is assigned to one W. Bos- 
worth, in Gentleman's Mag., Ixxv. 2,696. See, also, Ixxxi. 2,124, and 
Wood's Athena: Oxoniensis, ii. 55; where it is observed that the 
English Translation, rather than the original, suggests the idea of his 
name being Harrington. The writer, like another Eunius, appears 
nunquam nisi potus. 

106 Brathwait. Barnabse Itinerarium; or, Barnabee's Journal, 

under the names of Mirtilus and Faustulus Shadow'd: For 
the Traveller's Solace lately publish'd, to most apt Num- 
bers reduc'd, and to the whole Tune of Barnaby commonly 
chanted. By Corymbceus. The Seventh Edition, to which 
are prefixed an account of the Author, now first discovered; 
a Bibliographical History of the Former Editions of the 
Work; and Illustrative Notes. Front. i2mo, calf. 

London, J. Harding, 1818 

Large paper. With autograph letter of J. Haslewood inserted 
in this presentation copy, with the following MS. inscription: — "To 
Octavius Gilchrist, Esqre., with the editor's faithful regards. 13 Feb. 

"Brathwait's merits are undoubtedly very considerable. Some of 
of his pieces are capable of affording instruction and delight. He was 
a most extraordinary man in poetry and prose." — DiBDiN. 

107 Breton (Nicholas). Melancholicke Humours in Verses of 

Diverse Natures set down by Nicholas Breton, Gent. 
[Reprinted from the London edition of 1600] with a 
Critical Preface by Sir Egerton Brydges, Bart., K.J. 
Vignettes on both titles, one of which is on India paper. 4to, 
half morocco, top edge gilt, others uncut. London, 1815 

Limited edition of 100 copies, printed at the private press of Lee 

" Nicholas Breton, a writer of pastorals, sonnets, canzons and madri- 
gals, in which kind of writing he keeps company with several other 
contemporary ssmulators of Spenser and Sir Philip Sidney. " — Phillips. 

108 Breton. Longing of a Blessed Heart: which Loathing the 

World doth Long to be with Christ. Vignette title. 4to, 
half morocco, top edge gilt, others uncut. Kent, 18 14 

100 copies only printed for Sir Egerton Brydges at the private press 
of Lee Priory. Reprinted from the London edition of 1601. 

109 Bridgewater Treatises. A complete set of these Highly 

Valuable Works on the Power, Wisdom, and Goodness of 
God, as Manifested in the Creation. With the Ninth 


Treatise by Babbage. Numerous illustrations. 13 vols. 
8vo, polished calf extra, gilt top, uncut edges, by Riviere. 

London, Pickering, 1834-38 

This valuable series includes the scarce 13th volume by Babbage, on 
large and thick paper. The set comprises: Chalmers on the Moral 
and Intellectual Condition of Man, 2 vols ; Kidd on the Physical Con- 
dition of Man; Roget's Animal and Vegetable Physiology, 2 vols.; 
Buckland's Geology and Mineralogy, 2 vols. ; Kirby's History of Ani- 
mals, 2 vols. ; Prout's Chemistry; Bell on the Hand; Whewell's Astron- 
omy, etc. 

This collection of books, known as the Bridgewater Treatises, owes 
its existence to the munificence of the Duke of Bridgewater, who gave 
a prize of one thousand pounds to each of the successful writers of 
these treatises. 

no British Gallery or Historical Portraits, being a col- 
lection of about 300 Authentic Portraits, with the Auto- 
graphy, Seals, etc., of the Royal and Illustrious Personages 
in English History and Literature, comprising the whole of 
the series of British Autography formerly published by 
Mr. J. Thane, with Additional Portraits, Biographical 
Sketches and Facsimiles. 4 vols, imperial 8vo, half mo- 
rocco, uncut. London, Edward Daniell, n. d. 
Very rare. Only 50 copies issued. ' ' The coppers of this work 
were sold in 1838, and the purchaser (Mr. Daniell) reissued the work 
without changing the date, and also published ' twenty-seven addi- 
tional portraits with the autographs, never before published.'" — 

Ill British Essayists, with Prefaces Historical and Biograph- 
ical. By A. Chalmers, F.S.A. Including Tatler, Spec- 
tator, Guardian, Rambler, Adventurer, World, Connois- 
seur, Idler, Mirror, Lounger, Observer, Looker-on, and 
General Index. Engraved portraits. Together 38 vols. 
i2mo, boards, uncut. Boston, Little, Brown Ss' Co., 1866 

Large paper. 100 copies printed for subscribers, of which above 
is No I. 

A fresh and complete set of that long series of periodical works 
which Walter Scott said — "from the days of Addison to those of 
Mackenzie, have enriched our literature with so many effusions of 
genius, humor, wit and learning." 

"As we read in these delightful volumes of the 'Tatler' and 
'Spectator,' the past age returns — the England of our ancestors is 
revivified. The May Pole rises again in the Strand — in London the 
beaux are gathering in the coffee-houses ; the footmen are running 
with links before chariots, or fighting round the theatre doors," etc. 
— Thackeray. 


HI* British Poets. A Complete Collection of the British Poets, 
from Chaucer to Wordsworth, accompanied with Bio- 
graphical, Historical and Critical Notices. New Edition, 
with numerous additions. Portraits on India paper. 130 
vols. i2mo, boards, uncut. Boston, 1865-66 

Large paper. No. i of only 100 copies printed. 
Tiiis edition of the English poets is the most complete ever published 

either in England or America. A copy was priced $600 in a recent 

catalogue of a Philadelphia book-seller. It includes — Ballads, 8 vols. ; 

Akenside ; Beattie ; Campbell; Collins; Donne; Falconer; Goldsmith; 

Gray ; Herbert ; Keats ; Marvell ; Parnell and Tickell ; Shakespeare ; 

Surrey ; Vaughan ; Watts ; Kirke White ; Wyatt ; Byron, 10 vols. ; 

Burns, 3 vols. ; Butler, 2 vols. ; Chatterton, 2 vols. ; Churchill, 3 vols. ; 

Coleridge, 3 vols. ; Cowper, 3 vols. ; Dryden, 5 vols. ; Gray, 2 vols. ; 

Herrick, 2 vols. ; Hood, 5 vols. ; Montgomery, 5 vols. ; Milton, 3 vols. ; 

Moore, 6 vols. ; Pope, 3 vols. ; Prior, 2 vols. ; Scott, g vols. ; Shelley, 

4 vols. ; Skelton, 3 vols. ; Southey, 10 vols. ; Spenser, 5 vols. ; Swift, 

3 vols. ; Thomson, 2 vols. ; Wordsworth, 7 vols. ; and Young. 

112 Brooke (Henry). The Fool of Quality, or the History of 

Henry, Earl of Moreland, with Biographical Preface by 
Charles Kingsley. Portrait. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1859 
A novel replete with knowledge of human life and manners, and 
in which there are many admirable traits of moral feeling and pro- 
priety, but mixed as the author advances towards the close, with so 
much of religious discussion, and mysterious stories and opinions, as 
to leave it doubtful whether he inclined most to Behmenism or Catho- 

113 Brotherhead (W.). The Book of the Signers: containing 

Facsimile Letters of the Signers of the Declaration 
OF Independence. Illustrated with 61 engravings from 
original photographs and drawings of their residences, por- 
traits, etc. Imperial folio, in sheets. Phila., 1861 
Large paper and limited edition of 99 copies folded in sheets 
ready for binding. With India proofs of the illustrations. Collation — 
Title, Introduction and Contents i.-viii., pp. 1-114. 

114 Brougham (Henry, Lord). Lives of Men of Letters and 

Science, who flourished in the Time of George III. By 
Henry, Lord Brougham. With portraits engraved on 
steel. 2 vols, royal 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, Charles Knight bf Co., 1845-1847 
Selected impressions of the fifteen portraits, which are much 
finer than those usually found in the work. 

" Lord Brougham is fitted to digest immense materials into sue- 


cinct form, and to add in each successive year fresh pearls of large 
brilliancy and beauty to the chaplet he has ah-eady strung of the 
statesmen and men of letters of England."— London New Quar- 
terly Review. 

115 Brougham. Historical Sketches of Statesmen who flour- 

ished in the Time of George III. To which is added 
Remarks on Party, and an Appendix. With steel portraits. 
3 vols, royal 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, C. Knight, 1839-43 
A splendid copy, uncut, and almost equal, like the preceding lot, 
to large paper. 

116 Brougham. Speeches of, upon questions relating to Public 

Rights, Duties and Interests; with Historical Introduc- 
tions, and a Critical Dissertation upon the Eloquence of 
the Ancients. 4 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. Edinburgh, 1838 

" Through the most labyrinthian sentence it is always easy to follow 
the sentiment and reasoning." — Peabody. 

117 Brougham. Works, Biographical, Critical, Historical, and 

Miscellaneous. Revised, corrected, and enlarged by him- 
self, with many New Lives of Philosophers, Men of Letters, 
and Statesmen. 10 vols, post 8vo, half morocco, gilt, 
cloth sides, marbled edges. London, 1855-57 

' ' Will be cherished as valuable contributions to the Uterature of his 
country ages after the names and the works of many of his enemies 
are forgotten." — London Monthly Review. 

118 Brown (Thomas). Works, Serious and Comical, in 

Prose and Verse ; with his Remains and Life and Charac- 
ter by James Drake, M.D. Plates. 4 vols. i2mo, half 
morocco. Dublin, 1744 

Best edition. " Eighth edition," carefully corrected. 

' ' Tom Brown is now usually described as a buffoon and a mere merry 
fellow ; but he had great shrewdness and observation, and was a droll 
of the first order. The great fault is his indecency, a fault which seems 
almost inseparable from a humorist. " — Burnett. 

119 Browne (Sir Thomas). Works complete : Vulgar Errors, 

Religio Medici, etc. Edited with Life, Notes and Cor- 
respondence, by Simon Wilkin. Portrait on Indian paper, 
and other illustrations, including folded pedigrees, etc. 4 vols, 
royal 8vo, elegantly bound in polished yellow paneled calf 
gilt, inside gilt tooling and gilt edges by Riviere. 

London, Pickering, 1836 

Best Edition, on Large Paper, of which only 50 were printed. 

Guy Patin, in a letter from Paris, dated April 7, 1645, thus refers to 


Sir Thomas Browne's most celebrated work. " The book, entitled 
' Religio Medici ' is in high credit here. The author has wit ; there 
are abundance of fine things in that book : he is a humorist, whose 
thoughts are very agreeable, but who, in my opinion, is to seek for a 
master in religion— as many others are — and, in the end, perhaps find 
none. " 

120 Browne. Religio Medici, a Letter to a Friend, Christian 

Morals, Urn Burial and other Papers. By Sir Thomas 
Browne, Kt., M.D. With India paper proof portrait. 
Royal 8vo, cloth, uncut. Boston, Ticknor 6- Fields, 1862 
Large Paper, uncut, of this beautiful volume, and of which only 
25 copies were printed. 

121 Browne (William). Britannia's Pastorals. With Notes and 

Observations by Rev. W. Thompson. 32mo, calf, gilt, 
marble edges. London, 1845 

Rare. Ben Jouson thus refers to this seventeenth century poet : — 
" I would 
More of our writers would like thee not swell 
With the how much they set forth, but the how well." 

122 Browning (Robert). Poetical Works. Portrait. 3 vols. 

post 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1865 

' ' Next to Tennyson we hardly know of another English poet who 
can be compared to Browning." — Whipple. 

122* Browning (Elizabeth Barrett). Poems. Portrait. 4 vols. 
i6mo, green morocco, bevelled sides, gilt edges. 

N. Y., 1862 
" Mr. Leigh Hunt, in one of his clever poems, calls her ' the sister 
of Tennyson.' We object to this, and claim her as Shakespeare's 

123 Brydges (Sir Egerton). Censuria Literaria, Restitua 

and British Bibliographer, as follows:— 
I. Brydges. Censuria Literaria. Containing Titles, 
Abstracts and Opinions of Old English Books. With 
Original Disquisitions, Articles of Biography, and other 
Literary Antiquities. By Sir Egerton Brydges, Bart. . . . 
Second Edition. With the Articles classed in Chrono- 
logical Order under their Separate Heads. 10 vols. 

London, Longman, 18 15 

The above copy of ' ' Censuria Literaria" is LARGE paper, and 

was bound, as Mr. Famum states, in a MS. Note from original 

boards. It is a. very fine copy, and only 100 copies of this second 

and best edition were printed, see p. VI . of the work, which states : — 



' ' That a work of which the cost in resetting the press is so great, must, 
as it is confined to ONE hundred copies, always be of high price, 
cannot admit of any reasonable doubt." A note in the Menzies cata- 
logue says : — " Of this Second and best Edition one hundred copies 
only were printed, and it is of so much rarity that we are unable to quote 
the price of ANY COPY publicly sold in this country. Mr. Quaritch, of 
London, priced a copy in a recent catalogue at i8 guineas." 

II. Brydges. Restituta ; or Titles, Extracts and Charac- 
ters of Old Books in English Literature, revived. 4 vols. 

London, Bensley, 1 814-16 
The Menzies catalogue can be quoted as to the " Restituta" — " See 
Vol. II., p. 202, for a reprint from the excessively scarce original of 
' A True Report of the Laste Voyage into the West and Northwest 
Regions, etc., 1577, worthily atchieved by Captaine Frobisher, etc' 
It is a valuable work, with copious extracts of the rarest and most 
curious books in early English literature ; 250 COPIES ONLY were 
PRINTED, which were published at ;^6 ds., in numbers." 

III. Brydges. British Bibliographer. Beautiful por- 
traits. Edited by Egerton Brydges and Joseph Hasle- 
wooD. 4 vols. London, Trifhook, 1810-14 

The " British Bibliographer" is rare like the other works of Sir 

Egerton Brydges, and only 250 copies of it were printed. 

Together 18 vols. 8vo, uniformly and handsomely bound 

in sprinkled calf gilt, marbled edges. London, 1810-16 

Very Rare. An elegant set of these most excellent bibliographical 

and interesting works. 

124 Brydges. Autobiography, Times, Opinions, and Contem- 

poraries. Portraits. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1834 

Scarce. The above copy belonged to and has the heraldic book-plate 
of Henry Thomas Buckle, the historian of ' ' Civilization. " 

" We hesitate not to say that in these volumes are some of the most 
beautiful passages that are to be found in English prose." — Gentle- 
man! s Magazine. 

125 Brunet (Jacques Charles). Library Manual, with 

the Supplement of P. Deschamps and G. Brunet, 
I. Brunet (J. C). Manuel du Libraire et de I'amateur de 
livres contenant un nouveau Dictionnaire Bibliographique, 
et une table en forme de Catalogue Raisonnd. . . . Cin- 
quieme Edition originale, entierement refondue, et aug- 
mentee, d'un tiers par I'auteur. 12 vols, imperial 8vo, half 
morocco gilt, top edge gilt, others uncut. 

Paris, Didot, 1860-65 



II. Deschamps (P.). et Brunet (G.). Manuel du Libraire 
contenant un Complement du Dictionnaire Bibliographique 
de M. J. C. Brunet et La Table Raisonn^e des Articles 
au Nombre d'environ 10,000 decrits au present Supplement. 
2 vols, imperial 8vo, sewed, uncut. Paris, Didot, 1878-80 

Together 14 vols, imperial 8vo. Paris, 1860-80 

A GRAND SET, printed on Large and on Holland Paper, of 

which ONLY 100 COPIES were issued, all for subscribers of the Brunet 

Manual of the Library. The Supplement of MM. P. Deschamps and G. 

Brunet makes the work complete. 

The last and best edition of this invaluable work, one of the most 
correct bibliographical dictionaries extant, and indispensable to the 
collector of books. 

126 Bryant (W. C). Poems. Collected and Arranged by the 

Author. Illustrated with 7 1 engravings from drawings by 
eminent artists. \X.o, cloth gilt, edges gilt (some pp. loose). 

N. Y., n. d. 

" It is indeed in the beautiful that the genius of Bryant finds its 
prime delight. He ensouls all dead, insensate things in that deep and 
delicate sense of their seeming life, in which they breathe and smile 
before the eyes." — Christopher North. 

127 Buckingham (J. S.). America, Historical, Statistic and De- 

scriptive. Portrait [foxed). 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 

N. Y., 1 84 1 

" His volumes will be found a storehouse of knowledge." — 

128 Buckle (H. T.). History of Civilization in England. 3 

vols. i6mo, cloth, uncut. London, 1872 

One of the most remarkable, valuable, and interesting works of the 
present age. 

129 Buckle. Miscellaneous and Posthumous Works. Edited 

with a Biographical Notice by Helen Taylor. 3 vols. 
8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1872 

130 [BuGDEN (L. M.).] Episodes of Insect Life by Acheta 

DoMESTiCA, M. E. S. Printed on fine paper, with upwards 
of 100 illustrations most tastefully drawn and beautifully 
colored. 3 vols. 8vo, scarlet morocco elegant, gilt edges. 

London, 1849-51 
A choice copy of the original edition of this scarce work. The above 
is an exquisitely colored copy, superbly bound, of the three series, 

" We have seldom been in company with so entertaining a guide to 
the Insect World." — Athenceum. 


131 BuNSEN (Baron). Egypt's Place in Universal History. 

Translated by C. H. Cottrell. Numerous plates and en- 
gravings of Hieroglyphics. 5 thick vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1854-67 

The first volume is the second edition, with notes and additions by 
Samuel Birch, LL.D., who was the editor of the Fifth volume. 

" The learned author [Bunsen] is one of the most erudite and accom- 
plished expositors of ancient Egyptian learning." — London Critic. 

132 BuNYAN (John). Pilgrim's Progress. Major's Beauti- 

ful Edition. Edited by Robert Southey. Fine por- 
trait and vignettes on wood from designs by Hussey, engraved 
by Jackson, Nisbet, T. Williams, J. Jackson, Byfield 
and other celebrated artists — Fine impressions. Royal 
8vo, cloth, uncut. London, John Major, 1830 

Large Paper copy, with the Portrait and the large plates by Mar- 
tin, proof impressions on India paper. " Honest John Bunyan is the 
first man I know of who has mingled narrative and dialogue together.'' 
— Franklin. 

133 Bunyan. The Pilgrim's Progress from this World to that 

which is to Come. With Memoir of the Author by George 
Cheever, D.D. Illustrated with engravings on wood by 
G., E., and J. Dalziel, from designs by William Harvey, 
and steel portrait. Thick 4to, cloth, uncut. 

London, David Bogue, n. d. 

Large paper, and clean copy of this handsome edition, of which 
only 50 copies were printed. 

134 BuRGE (William). The Temple Church : an Account of its 

Restoration and Repairs. 8vo, boards, uncut. 

London, Wm. Pickering, 1843 

Printed by Whittingham. This volume has much matter in it of 
interest to Knights Templar. 

13s BuRGOYNE (Lieut.-Gen. J.). Dramatic and Poetical 
Works, with Memoirs of the Author. Plates by Corbould, 
and with inserted portrait. 2 vols, 8vo, calf gilt, edges 
gilt. London, 1807 

Large paper copy, printed by Whittingham. Best edition, and 
from the Library of the late George Daniel. The Memoirs include a 
sketch of the author's campaign in America. 


136 Burke (Edmund). Works. 9 vols. 8vo, half calf gilt, mar- 

bled sides and edges. Boston, Little and Brown, 1839 

Very scarce. One thousand copies printed from the types. 
" The immortality of Burke is that which is common to Cicero or to 
Bacon — that which can never be interrupted while there exists the 
beauty of order or the love of virtue, and which can fear no death, ex- 
cept what barbarity may impose on the globe." — Grattan. 

137 Burke. Works and Correspondence of the Right Hon. 

Edmund Burke. A New Edition. Portrait. 8 vols. 8vo. 
Polished calf gilt, marbled edges. London, 1852 

Best English edition. An elegant copy, bound by RiviSre. 

138 Burnet (John, F.R.S.). A Treatise on Painting, in 

Four Parts, viz.: — I. Composition in Painting, 9 beautiful 
etchings on India paper from Italian, Flemish, and Dutch 
Masters, 1822. II. On Light and Shade in Painting, 8 
fine plates on India paper from the Italian, Flemish, and 
Dutch Schools, 1826. III. On Color in Painting, 8 
colored plates, and a duplicate set, India Proofs, 1827. To- 
gether 3 vols, in I, royal 4to. Half turkey morocco, 
top edge gilt, others uncut. London, 1822-37-50 

A royal paper copy, with original proof impressions on India paper. 
Published at £,i. 8s. unbound. It has an India proof portrait of the 
author not in ordinary copies. 

139 Burnett (George). Specimens of English Prose-Writers 

from the earliest times to the close of the Seventeenth 
Century, with Sketches, Biographical and Literary. 3 vols. 
8vo, half calf. London, 1807 

" An elegant and judicious compilation, forming a companion to 
Ellis's Specimens."— Lowndes. 

140 Burnet (Bp. Gilbert). History of His Own Time, with 

the Suppressed Passages of the first volume, and Notes by 
Lords Darmouth and Hardwicke, and Speaker 
Onslow, also the Remarks of Swift, &c. Portraits. 6 
vols. 8vo, sprinkled calf gilt. 

Oxford, at the Clarendon Press, 1823 

The Rev. John Mitford's copy, with manuscript notes in his hand- 

" X am reading Burnet's ' Own Times.' Did you ever read that gar- 
rulous, pleasant history ? full of scandal, which all true history is ; — 
no palliatives, but all the stark wickedness that actually gives the mo- 
mentum to national actors ;— none of that cursed ' Humeian ' indiffer- 
ence -so cold, and unnatural, and inhuman, etc." — CHARLES Lamb. 


141 Burnet. History of the Reformation of the Church 

of England. 7 vols. 8vo, calf gilt, marbled edges. 

Oxford, at the University Press, 1829 

Best edition, with Index. 

142 BuRNEY (Dr. C). General History of Music, from the 

Earliest Ages to the Present Period. Beautiful engravings 
by BARTOLOzzi/r^OT Designs by Cipriani. 14 vols. 4to, half 
calf gilt. Ijondon, printed for the author, 1789 

Second edition. " Between the rival histories [of Burney and Haw- 
Itins] the public decision was loud and immediate in favor of Dr. Bur- 
ney. Time has modified this opinion, and brought the merits of each 
work to their fair and proper level — and adjudging to Burney the palm 
of style, arrangement, and amusing narrative, and to Hawkins the 
credit of minuter accuracy and deeper research ; more particularly in 
the points interesting to the antiquary and the literary world in 
general." — Life a/ Burney. 

143 Burns (Robert). Poetical Works, complete, with Life, by 

Allan Cunningham. Portraits and vignette illustrations 
on steel. 8 vols, post 8vo, elegantly bound in morocco gilt, 
edges gilt. London, 1834 

A charming copy of this edition of the works of the great Scotch 
ploughman poet. 

144 Burns. Poems, chiefly in the Scottish Dialect. A typo- 

graphical facsimile of the original edition. 8vo, boards, 
uncut. Kilmarnock, 1786, reprinted, 1870 

Of this excellent facsimile only 600 copies were printed of the 
excessively rare first or Kilmarnock edition, which ts now almost unob- 
tainable at any price. Indeed, a first folio Shakespeare, or the first 
edition of Milton's Paradise Lost, is much less rare. Mr. Menzies's 
copy of the original sold for $155. 

145 Burr (Aaron). Report of the Trial of, for Treason 

and for a Misdemeanor, in preparing the means of a 
Military Expedition against Mexico, a Territory of the 
King of Spain, with whom the United States were at Peace, 
etc. Taken in Short-hand by David Robertson, Coun- 
sellor at Law. 2 vols, 8vo, boards, uncut. Phila., 1808 
Rare. "Left in infancy without a father or mother, he never imi- 
tated their virtues, but was a most unprincipled, licentious, profligate 
man." — Wm. Allen. 

146 Burr. Life of, by Samuel L. Knapp. i2mo, cloth. 

N. Y., 1835 


147 Burton (John Hill). The Book-Hunter, etc. 4to, half 
> morocco, Roxburghe style, uncut. 

Edinburgh and London, Blackwood, 1862 

Large paper copy of the original edition and one of twenty-five copies. 
The Book-Hunter, charming in its original matter, is the very epic of 
Bibhography and Bibliomania. 

148 Burton. Book-Hunter. With additional Notes by 

Richard Grant White. i2mo, cloth, top edge gilt, 
others uncut. N. Y., 1863 

The above edition was printed from type and not from stereotype 
plates. Only 500 copies were printed. A dainty little volume, full of 
the crumbs of conceit, and the flowers of fancy, forming an entertaining 
literary and bibliographical treat, dealing in a most delightful way with 
the nature and functions of the Bibliomaniac, with numerous anec- 

149 Burton. History of Scotland, from Agricola's Invasion 

to the Revolution of 1688. 7 vols. 8vo, calf extra, marbled 
edges by Henderson & Bisset. Edinburgh, 1867-70 

Best large-type library edition. Very scarce. 
" Mr. Burton's History will be, at least till some still abler vmter 

arise, the 'popular' history of Scotland In no other history 

of Scotland, with which we are acquainted, are there the especial attrac- 
tive graces which distingpiish these volumes of national history." — 

150 Burton (Robt.). Anatomy of Melancholy. What it is, 

with all the Kinds, Causes, Symptoms, Prognostics, and the 
several Cures of it. Facsimile title on India paper. 3 vols. 
8vo, half morocco, uncut, top edge gilt, Roxburghe style. 
Cambridge, Riverside Press, 1859 

Large paper copy, only 75 printed. 

The above copy contains the duplicate title-pages with Burton's coat- 
of-arms in gold and colors. Only 15 were issued in this manner. 

The great Johnson has praised it in the warmest terms, and the 
ludicrous Sterne has interwoven many parts of it into his own popular 
performance. Milton did not disdain to build two of his finest poems 
on it ; and a host of inferior writers have embellished their works with 
beauties not their own, culled from a performance which they had not 
the justice even to mention. 

' ' The book, in my opinion, most useful to a man who wishes to ac- 
quire the reputation of being well-read, with the least trouble, is ' Bur- 
ton's Anatomy of Melancholy.' " — Lord Byron. 


151 Burton (T.). Cromwellian Diary, from 165610 1659 (now 

first published), with Notes, Historical and Biographical, by 
RuTT. Plate of the House of Commons as in 1656, and fac- 
similes of Autographs. 4 vols. 8vo, half calf, gilt. 

London, 1828 

' ' This is little short of a miracle, the recovery of the Debates of the 

Cromwell Parliament, taken on the spot by one of its very members." 

152 BussEY (G. M.) and Gaspey (T.). Pictorial History of 

France and of the French People, from the Establishment 
of the Franks in Gaul to the Period of the French Revo- 
lution. With four hundred designs by Jules David. 2 
vols, royal 8vo, half morocco, gilt. London, 1843 

Original edition, with bright, clear impressions of the wood- 

153 BussEY. Fables, Original and Selected by the Most Esteemed 

and Oriental Authors, with an Introductory Dissertation on 
the History of Fable, Notices of eminent Fabulists, &c., by 
G. JloiR BusSEY. Numerous engravings from J. J. Grand- 
ville's designs. Royal 8vo, half calf. London, 1842 

Grandville is a prince among book-illustrators. 

154 Butler (Joseph, Bishop of Durham). Works, with Preface 

and Life, by Bishop Halifax. 2 vols. 8vo, morocco, be- 
velled sides, red edges. Oxford, University Press, i%4^-^o 
" He is amongst the few classic authors of the first rank in modern 

literature. He takes his place with Bacon, and Pascal, and Newton." — 

Bishop Wilson. 

155 Butler (Samuel). Hudibras and Genuine Poetical 

Remains, /. e. : — 

I. Hudibras, with Dr. Grey's Annotations. New edition, 
corrected and enlarged. Portraits, engravings and vignettes 
on wood by Hogarth on India paper. 3 vols. 

London, Charles and Henry Baldwin, 18 19 

II. Genuine Poetical Remains, with Notes, by Robert 
Thyer. With a Selection from the Author's Characters in 
Prose. Portraits and full-page illustrations on wood, India 
Paper. London, Joseph Booker, 1827 

Together 4 vols, royal 8vo, uniform elegant morocco, extra 

gilt, edges gilt. London, 1819-27 

Unique and Large Paper — best modern editions. The above 

copy of "Hudibras" has the richly gilt and illuminated plates by 


Cooper added. The engravings and vignettes on wrood by Hogarth 
are on India Paper. 

Horatio Rogers speaks as follows of Mr. Farnum's copies of Hudibras : 
— "Large paper copies, like the one in this library, of Dr. Grey's edition 
of Hudibras, published at Cambridge in 1744, are, according to the 
Bibliotheca Anglo Poetica, of rare occurrence; and Dr. Dibdin says 
only twelve were issued in that style. The copy of the London edition 
of Hudibras here, published in 1819, contains the plates engraved for 
the work as additional illustrations ; and they are printed in colors in a 
very remarkable way, and are very elegant." In a foot-note the same 
distingruished bibliophile adds: — " The statement in the text is, perhaps, 
a little too unqualified. Dibdin's exact language in a note to the Li- 
brary Companion in regard to large paper copies of Grey's edition of 
Hudibras, is as follows ; — 'On large paper, it is said, only 12 copies were 
struck off; but I have my doubts on this head, as it is not an uncommon 
book, and 100 copies were subscribed for. Do I deceive myself in the 
supposition that I have seen more than a dozen of copies ? Be that as 
it may, I find such a copy, bound by Roger Payne in red moroccco, sell- 
ing for ;f 14 14s., at the sale of Colonel Stanley's library; and a similar 
one — very fine copy, old red morocco, borders of gold, (inviting descrip- 
tion!) marked at 12/. I2j., in the catalog^ue of Messrs. Payne and Foss. 
It may be necessary to state, that the plates in this edition are from the 
very humorous pencil of Hogarth.' " — Vide lot 157 below. 

" The best critical edition of this author (Butler) was by Dr. Grey in 
1 741; a performance replete with curious interesting and accurate his- 
torical and bibliographical intelligence. I rarely open this book with- 
out rising gratified by its perusal." — Dibdin. 

Lowndes states the "Genuine Poetical Remains" — "was to have 
formed two volumes, but the publisher died previous to its completion. 
A title-page was added as above, to make it appear as a complete work. " 

156 Butler. Hudibras in English, with the famous French 
Version on the opposite page, translated by Capt. T.owne- 
LEY, with Remarks by Larcher. Curious folding plates after 
Hogarth. 3 vols. i6mo, yellow calf extra, edges gilt. 

London, 1757 

Extremely rare. Only 200 copies printed. 

An elegant copy with India Proof portrait inserted. 

Concerning Hudibras there is but one sentiment — it is universally 
allowed to be the first and last poem of its kind. The learning, wit and 
humor certainly stand unrivalled. Various have been the attempts to 
describe the two last; the greatest English writers have tried in vain — 
Cowley, Barrow, Dryden, Locke, Addison, Pope and Congreve, all 
failed in their attempts ; perhaps they are more to be felt than ex- 
pldned, and to be understood rather from example than precept; if any 
one wishes to know what wit and humor are, let him read Hudibras 
with attention, he vidll there see them displayed in their brightest colors. 


157 Butler. Hudibras in Three Parts, written in the Time of 

the Late Wars, Corrected and Amended with Annotations 

and Preface by Zachary Grey, LL.D. Adorned with a set 

of copper-plates by Hogarth and portrait by Y'E^tve.. 2 

vols, royal 8vo, elegantly bound in paneled calf extra, 

edges gilt by Bedford. London, 1744 

Large and thick paper. A magnificent copy of this excessively 

rare book. Dibdin on page 731 of his " Library Companion " says — 

" On large paper, it is said, only 12 copies were struck off; but I have 

my doubts on this head, as it is not an uncommon book and 100 copies 

were subscribed for. Do I deceive myself in the supposition that 

have seen more than a dozen of copies ? Be this as it may, I find such 

a copy bound by Roger Payne, in red morocco selling for ;^I4 14s. at the 

sale of Colonel Stanley's Library." 

' ' Best edition. Copies in fine condition are in considerable request. 
The cuts are beautifully engraved by Hogarth." — LowNDES. 

158 Byron (Lord). Life, Works and Illustrations of, i. e.: — 
I. Byron. Poetical Works of Lord Byron. Steel portrait. 

8 vols. 8vo. London, John Murray, 1839 

IL Moore (T.). Letters and Journals of Lord Byron, with 
Notices of his Life by Thomas Moore. With 44 highly- 
finished engravings by the Findens, from designs by Tur- 
ner, Stanfield, etc. 3 vols. 8vo. Third Edition. 

London, John Murray, 1833 

III. Finden's Landscape and Portrait Illustrations to the 
Life and Works of Lord Byron, with Descriptions by 
Brockedon. Upwards of \oo highly-finished, beautiful and 
interesting engravings from drawings by Turner, Stan- 
field, Roberts, Harding, Cattermole, Callcott, 
Copley, Fielding, Prout, etc. Fine original impressions. 
3 vols, small 4to. London, John Murray, 1833-4 

IV. HoBHOUSE (John). Historical Illustrations of the 
Fourth Canto of Childe Harold. Second Edition Re- 
vised and Corrected. 8vo. London, John Murray, 1818 

TI'ogether 15 VOLS. Handsomely and superbly bound in full 
green morocco extra, gilt edges by Hayday, for " White, 
24 Pall Mall." London, 1818-39 

A splendid set of the best and very scarce editions of the author of 
" Don Juan," Fine original editions of " Complete Works " and of 
Finden's " Illustrations to Byron," bright impressions of the plates; 



and best editions of Moore's Life of the Poet, and Hobhouse's His- 
torical Illustrations. 

" If the finest poetry be that which leaves the deepest impression 
on the minds of its readers — and this is not the worst test of its excel- 
lence — Lord Byron, we think, must be allowed to take precedence of 
all his distinguished contemporaries." — Jeffrey. 

159 Byron. English Bards and Scotch Reviewers : a Satire. 
Third Edition. 8vo, inlaid and enlarged to 4to, and 
thoroughly illustrated with the insertion of ri^S portraits and 
44 autographs, innumerable criticisms, etc. Blue morocco 
extra, gilt edges. London, 18 10 

Unique, and cost Mr. Farnum $130 at the Allan Sale. 

" The last volume we shall mention will be Byron's English Bards 
and Scotch Reviewers, inlaid to folio size. It was gotten up by Will- 
iam Upcott, a man famous in England for his love of literary rari- 
ties. It afterwards belonged to John Allan of New York, likewise 
noted for his fine books, and by him it was considered one of his 
choicest gems. It contains one hundred and forty-five inserted por- 
traits, mostly proofs, and numerous landscape plates. Besides the 
autographs of Lord and Lady Byron, the Earl of Carlisle, Lord Aber- 
deen, Lady Holland, the graceful mistress of Holland House, and 
numerous other illustrious personages, there are in it original letters 
of Wordsworth, Lamb, Sydney Smith, Fox, Rogers, Gifford, R. P. 
Knight, Montgomery, William Cobbett, William Miller, Richard 
Cumberland, John Murray, the Senior, Lord Hervey, reporting the 
sale of his South Sea stock, the Duke of Portland, and others. Charles 
Lamb's letter to Mr. J. Oilier contains this characteristic sentence : 
' It is enough once for all to assure you that I never could succeed in 
anything proposed to me to do, and I won't strive against my poor 
obstinate grain.' It concludes equally characteristically, thus: — 
' Yours and your brother's, C. Lamb.' No wonder its respective owners 
have regarded this book as a prize.'' — Horatio Rogers. 
160 Byron. — Lord Byron, a Biography, with a Critical Essay- 
on His Place in Literature. With portrait and facsimile. 
8vo, cloth, uncut. London, Murray, 1872 

The best Life of Byron yet written, and from the pen of Karl Elze, 
a German. 



^DMON. Metrical Paraphrase of Parts of the 
Holy Scriptures in Anglo-Saxon ; with an En- 
glish Translation, Notes and a Verbal Index. 
By Benjamin Thorpe, F.S.A. Royal 8vo, half 
morocco gilt, top edge gilt, others uncut. London, 1832 
Very SCARCE. Printed by the "Society of Antiquaries," of Lon- 
i'62 Camden (William). Remains Concerning Britain. Por- 
trait and cuts. Crown Svo, cloth, uncut. 

London, John Russell Smith, 1870 

Large paper. This volume has quite a number of coats of arms 

of English families in the text. Camden, who held the office of 

Clarenceux King-at-Arms in the Herald's College at London, is known 

in literature as the "British Pausanias." 

163 Campbell (Thomas). Gertrude of Wyoming ; a Pennsyl- 

vanian Tale, and other Poems. First Edition. Illustrated 
by portraits and views. 4to, half green morocco gilt, bev- 
elled sides and gilt edges. London, T. Bensley, 1809 
Unique. This was John Allan's copy, and is enhanced by the 
insertion of 41 portraits and views, all carefully inlaid. 

"The greatest effort of Campbell's genius was his 'Gertrude of 
Wyoming.' " — Moir. 

164 Campbell. Life and Letters of, edited by William Beat- 

tie, M.D. With two portraits. 3 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 
London, Hall, Virtue &• Co., 1850 
William Beattie was one of the executors of the author of " Ger- 
trude of Wyoming." 

165 Campbell. Pleasures of Hope. Illustrated by Birket 

Foster, George Thomas, and Harrison Weir. Small 
4to. Elegantly bound in morocco gilt, edges gilt. 

London, 1856 

A fine piece of Hayday's binding. 

"The 'Pleasures of Hope' is one of the most beautiful didactic 
poems of our language. " — Byron. 



1 66 Campbell. Specimens of the British Poets, with Bio- 

graphical and Critical Notices, and an Essay on English 
Poetry. 7 vols, crown 8vo, half red morocco gilt, edges 
gilt. London, 1819 

Large paper, a fine copy and scarce. "Campbell's Essay on 
English Poetry is one of the most captivating productions to be met 

167 Campbell (John). Lives of the British Admirals : contain- 

ing also a New and Accurate Naval History from the 
Earliest Periods. Continued to the Year 1779 by Dr. 
Berkenhout. a New Edition Revised, Corrected and 
brought down to the Present Time by Henry Redhead 
Yorke. With portraits. 8 vols, royal 8vo, half calf gilt. 

London, 1812-17 
Large paper, best edition — ' ' With lives of the most eminent 
naval commanders from the time of Dr. Campbell, by Wm. Steven- 

168 Campbell (Lord). Lives of the Lord Chancellors and 

Keepers of the Great Seal of England, 8 vols. ; Lives of 
THE Chief Justices of England, 3 vols. Together 11 vols. 
8vo, of which 10 are bound in calf gilt, marbled edges, and 
one in cloth. London, 1848-69 

Best Edition, large type. The ' ' Lord Chancellors" are now out 
of print and quite scarce. 

' ' I need scarcely advise every reader to consult Lord Campbell's ex- 
cellent work." — Macaulay. 

169 Canning (George). Speeches of The Right Hon. George 

Canning. With a Memoir of his Life by R. Therry. 
Portrait. 6 vols. 8vo, calf, gilt, marbled edges. 

London, James Ridgway, n. d. 

Handsome Library Edition. "A work which is destined to con- 
vey to posterity the remains of his splendid talents as an orator. " — 


170 Cardinal (The). 3 vols, in one. Demy 8vo, cloth. 

London, Bentley, 1854 
By the author of " The Duchess." 

171 Carew. The Works of Thomas Carew, Sewer in Ordinary to 

Charles the First. Reprinted from the Original Edition 

of 1640. Crown 8vo, half calf. Edinburgh, 1824 

Very scarce. Only 125 copies printed, and edited by J. Maitland, 


afterwards Lord Dundrennan. Mr. J. H. Markland's copy, and with 
his heraldic book-plate. 

" Carew's Sonnets were more in request, between 1630 and 1640, 
than any poet's of his time. They were many of them set to music 
by H. and W. Lawes and other eminent subscribers. Al. Chalmers 
has included them in his editions of the poets." — Lowndes. 

172 Canticum Canticorum, reproduced in Facsimile from the 

Scriverius Copy in the British Museum. With an Histori- 
cal and Bibliographical Introduction by J. Ph. Berjeau. 
FoHo, vellum, top edge gilt. London, Trubner, i860 

Rare. Only one hundred and fifty copies of the facsimile of this 
most rare block-book, printed on heavy paper. 

Seiz assigns the printing of the "Canticum Canticorum" by Law- 
rence Coster to the year 1433, immediately after the production of 
the " Biblia Pauperum," 1432. The " Book of Canticles" consists of 
32 engravings, printed two on each page ; but as they are printed on 
one side only, each printed side facing one another as in all the early 
Block Books, the whole book contains only sixteen pages folio, 
which are without mark or signature. 

173 Carlyle (Thomas). History of Frederick the Great 

OF Prussia. Portraits, and plans of battles, etc. 6 vols. 8vo, 
cloth, uncut. London, 1859-65 

Original Edition. Like all biographers, Carlyle loves his hero ; 
unlike some, he adores his hero in his heart, as one who does not 
belong to the heap of shams, by which the candid author of these 
volumes fancied the world was oppressed. This love and admiration, 
however, are so honestly held and sincerely maintained, that one cannot 
but respect the man who entertained such feelings. 

174 Carlyle. Thomas Carlyle, a History of the First Forty 

Years of his Life, 179S-1835. By James Anthony 
Froude, M.A. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, bevelled sides, top 
edges gilt. N. Y., 1882 

17s Catlin (George). Letters and Notes on the Manners, 
Customs and Condition of the North American Indians, 
written during Eight Years' Travel amongst the Wildest 
Tribes of Indians in North America. With 400 illustra- 
tions (some plates foxed^. 2 vols, royal 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

N. Y. [London], 1841 

" Mr. Catlin is the historian of the Red Races of mankind ; of a 
world fast fading away, and leaving hardly a trace of a wreck behind. 
With his pen and pencil he has brought the existence of these wild and 
uncivilized beings so vividly before our eyes, that we seem to have ac- 
companied him in his wanderings, seen them, mixed with them, and 


impressed the recollection of their forms and features, their costume, 
strange customs, feasts, ceremonies, religious rites, wars, dances, sports, 
and other modes of life, distinctly upon our rarnds.."— Literary 

176 Catlin. Eight Years' Travels in Europe, with his North 

American Indian Collection. Numerous illustrations. 2 
vols. 8vo, half morocco, marbled sides and edges. 

London, 1848 
Very scarce. Second edition — " published by the author." 

177 Cats (Jacob) and Fairlie (Robert). Moral Emblems, 

including Aphorisms, Adages, and Proverbs of all Nations, 
with 60 large and beautiful illustrations on wood, and numer- 
ous vignettes and tail-pieces by J. Leighton. 4to, morocco 
extra, gilt edges (cover loose). N. Y. [London], i860 
The emblems and other works of Cats have for two centuries been 
household books in Holland, both for their moral doctrine and the in- 
genious designs with which Adrian Van de Venne symbolized their 

178 Caulfield (James). Portraits, Memoirs, and Characters 

of Remarkable Persons, from the Reign of Edward the 
Third to the Revolution, collected from the most Au- 
thentic Accounts extant, new edition, with many additional 
rare portraits — ^107 curious portraits, 3 vols, cloth, uncut, 
London, 1813. — Also — Caulfield's Portraits, Memoirs, 
and Characters of Remarkable Persons, from the Revolu- 
tion in 1688 to the end of the Reign of George II., col- 
lected from the most Authentic Accounts extant, 155 
curious portraits of eccentric and notorious persons of Great 
Britain, 4 vols, sprinkled calf, London, 1819-20. Together 
7 vols. London, 1813-20 

Large paper copy, wit h the illustrations of the fine copy of the 
second series («. e. 1688 — George II.), on India paper. Very scarce 
in this condition, and which Lowndes does not mention . 

179 Caxton. Life and Typography of William Caxton, En- 

gland's first Printer, with Evidence of his Typographical 
Connection with Colard Mansion, the Printer at Bruges. 
Compiled from original sources by William Blades. 
Illustrated with 62 plates, portraits and facsimiles, on India 
paper. 2 vols. 4to, half morocco, uncut. London, 1861-63 
Only 250 copies were printed of these volumes, which are illustrated 
with sixty-two plates, comprising facsimile pages from most of Caxton's 


books. Ninety-four separate works and editions are described, being 
thirty-one more than are noticed in the Typographical Antiquities of 
Dr. Dibdin. A list of more than five hundred separate copies of Cax- 
ton's various publications is annexed, with the names of the Collections 
in which they are preserved, including Libraries in England, Scotland, 
Ireland, and the Cape of Good Hope ; in America, France, Austria, 
Denmark, Germany, Holland and Sweden. It also includes the whole 
of his prologues and epilogues, and his own historical work, " Poli- 

1 80 Caxton. The Game of the Chesse, reproduced in fac- 

simile from a copy in the British Museum, with a few re- 
marlis on Caxton's typographical productions by Vincent 
FiGGiNS. An exact facsimile in the same rude Gothic type 
of the excessively rare original work as printed by Caxton, 
with the 23 woodcuts. 4to, half morocco. London, i860 

A literary curiosity; the whole type was cast expressly for this work, 
and the cuts traced from the copy in the British Museum; the paper 
was also made expressly, and as nearly as possible like the original. But 
a few copies were printed. 

181 Caxton. The Bibles in the Caxton Exhibition, 1877, or a 

BibHographical Description of nearly 1,000 representative 
Bibles. By Henry Stevens. Vignette cuts. 8vo, cloth, 
uncut. London, 1878 

Only a limited edition was printed, and on fine paper. 

182 Caxton. How to Tell a Caxton. Facsimiles. i6mo, 

sewed. London, Sotheran, 1870 

William Blades was the author of this manual. 

183 Cellini (Benvenuto). Memoirs, written by himself. Trans- 

lated by Thomas Roscoe. Portrait. 2 vols. 8vo, calf 

gilt. London, Colburn, 1822 

" More interesting than any novel I know." — Horace Walpole. 

184 Centlivre (Mrs. Susanna). Dramatic Works, with Life. 

Fine portrait. 3 vols. i2mo, sprinkled calf gilt. 

London, 1760-61 

An exceedingly fine copy of the very rare First Edition. 

These plays are greatly admired for their incidents, language, and 
humorous descriptions of real life. 

185 Cervantes. Don Quixote, translated [by Mary Smirke]. 

Beautifully printed in large type by Bulmer, with 48 superb 
engravings from pictures painted by Robt. Smirke, R.A. 


4 vols. 4to, yellow calf extra, gilt edges, by Clarke and 
Bedford. London, 1818 

Large paper with India proof impressions of the exquisite plates. 
A splendid copy in the best English binding. 

Of this edition Branet says : — " This anonymous translation is in part 
new, and in part based upon those of Jarvis and SmoUet, but that which 
particularly distinguishes this edition from those we have named, is 
that it is enriched with engravings after Smirke. This series of en- 
gravings numbers seventy-four, 48 large plates and 26 vignettes and 

Don Quixote — " is to Europe in general what Ariosto is to Italy and 
Shakespeare to England — the one book to which the slightest allusions 
may be made without affectation, but not missed without discredit. 
Numerous translations, and countless editions of them in every language 
bespeak its adaptation to mankind ; and no vpriter has been found para- 
doxical enough to withhold his admiration." — Hallam. 

186 Cervantes. Exemplary Novels. Translated by W. K. 

Kelly. Portrait. Post 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1855 
To the above are added — ' ' El Buscapie, or the Serpent, and La 

Tia Fingida, or the Pretended Aunt." 

" As works of invention they rank among their author's productions, 

next after Don Quixote ; in correctness and grace of style they stand 

before it." — Ticknor. 

187 Cesnola (Louis Palma di). Cyprus : Its Ancient Cities, 

Tombs and Temple. Portraits, maps and numerous illus- 
trations. 4to, fresh cloth, top edge gilt, others uncut. 

N. Y., 1878 
A narrative of General di Cesnola's researches and excavations during 
ten years' residence in the Island of Cyprus. 

188 Chambers (R.). Cyclopedia of English Literature. A 

History of British Authors, from the earliest to the present 
time, with copious Selections from their Writings. Por- 
traits and engravings. 2 vols, royal 8vo, cloth. 

Boston, 1851 

189 [Chambers.] Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation. 

Tenth Edition, with extensive additions and emendations. 
With numerous engravings on wood. 8vo, half morocco, 
gilt, marbled sides and edges. London, 1853 

Best edition. Excessively scarce. 

190 Chatterton (Thomas). The Works ; containing his Life, 

by G. Gregory, D.D., and Miscellaneous Poems, edited 
by Robert Southey. With facsimile of Chatterton's 


{Rowley's) handwriting, engravings of Redcliff Church and 

other plates. 3 vols. 8vo, half morocco, top edge gilt, others 

uncut. London, 1803 

A good copy of this excellent and best, but scarce edition of the 

works of — 

"The marvellous boy; 
The sleepless soul that perished in his pride." 

191 Chatto (W. a.). Playing Cards, Facts and Speculations 

on the History of. Illustrated and some of the plates colored. 
8vo, cloth, uncut. London, Russell Smith, 1848 

' ' A perfect fund of antiquarian research, and most interesting even 
to persons who never play at cards. " — Tait's Edinburgh Magazine. 

192 Chaucer (G.). Canterbury Tales, with an Essay on his 

Language and Versification, and an Introductory Dis- 
course, Notes and a Glossary by Tyrwhitt, portrait and 
plate of the Canterbury Pilgrims, 5 vols., London, Picker- 
ing, 1822. — Also — Chaucer's Romaunt of the Rose, 
Troilus and Creseide, etc., with Life by Sir Harris Nico- 
las, forming a Supplement to Tyrwhitt's Edition of the 
Canterbury Tales, completing the Poetical Works of 
Chaucer, 3 vols., London, Pickering, 1846. Together 
8 vols, crown 8vo, sumptuously and uniformly bound by 
Hayday and Mansell in smooth polished green morocco, 
bevelled sides, dead gilt edges. 

London, W. Pickering, 1822-46 
Large paper. 
A superb copy of both these very scarce editions. Tyrwhitt's edition 

of Chaucer is said to make him "the best-edited poet in the English 


" Maister Chaucer that nobly enterprysed 
How that our englysshe might fresshly be enued." — Skelton. 

193 Chaucer. Browne (M.). Chaucer's England; being Chap- 

ters on the Social Condition of the English People in the 
Age of Chaucer. Portrait and illustrations on wood. 2 
vols, crown Svo, cloth. London, 1869 

A clean uncut copy. " I consider Chaucer as a genial day in the 
English Spring." — Warton. 

194 Chesterfield (Earl of). Letters ; including numerous 

Letters now first published from the Original MSS. 
Edited, with Notes, by Lord Mahon. Portrait. 5 vols. 
Svo. calf extra, citron edges. London, 1845-53 

Only Complete and Best Library Edition. Fine copy in per- 
fect condition, and very scarce. 

" In Lord Mahon's case, the work of 'editing' is not confined to 


putting his name on the title-page, and adding a stray note here and 
there. He supplies the elucidatory information required by the text, 
and employs conscientious care in seeing the text is critically perfect." 
— AthentBum. 

" The name of Lord Chesterfield has become a synonym for good 
breeding and politeness. . . . But it recalls little or nothing of 
the statesman, the orator, the wit. We forget that this same little man 
was one of the best Lords-Lieutenant Ireland ever knew, the best 
speaker in the House of Lords till Pitt and Murray entered it, one of 
the most graceful essayists, and the wittiest man of quality of his time, 
a time when wit meant something more than pleasantry and sparkle," 
etc., etc. — Edinburgh Review. 

195 CiBBER (Colley). Dramatic Works [complete, with names 

of the Actors and the parts they took]. Engravings and 
portraits. 5 vols. i2mo, calf. London, 1777 

Rev. John Mitford's copy, with notes in his handwriting. 

" Best edition." — Lowndes. 

196 CiBBER. Apology FOR THE Life OF, by himself, interspersed 

with Characters and Anecdotes of his Theatrical Contem- 
poraries, Notes, etc., by E. Bellchambers. Portraits 
8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1822 

Best edition. Forms a complete History of the Stage for the space 
of forty years. 

" One of the most amusing specimens of biography in the language, 
and the best history of the English stage during the time Gibber was 
concerned with it." — Retrospective Review. 

197 Cicero (Marcus Tullius). Life of, by Conyers Middle- 

ton. Fine portrait. 3 vols, royal Svo, sprinkled calf gilt. 

London, 1804 
Best edition. 

198 Cicero. Life of, by W. Forsyth, with 20 illustrations. 

Thick 8vo, half morocco, red top edge. 

London, Murray, 1869 

199 Clarendon (Edward, .Ear/). History of the Rebellion 

and Civil Wars in England, together with a Historical 
View of the Affairs of Ireland. New edition. Collated 
with the MSS. in the Bodleian Library, and Notes by 
Bishop Warburton. 7 vols, royal 8vo, cloth. Oxford, 1849 
Large paper. Library and best edition. Finely printed in large 

type, with the suppressed passages, carefully collated from the original 

MS. in the Bodleian Library. 

"Clarendon — a lover of the constitution of his country, a patriotic 

statesman — is always interesting, and continually provides materials for 

the statesman and philosopher." — Southey. 


200 Clark (E. L.). Daleth ; or, The Homestead of the 

Nations — Egypt Illustrated. With 10 colored plates and 
numerous woodcuts. 8vo, cloth, uncut, top edge gilt. 

Boston, 1864 

Of great Egyptological value, although written in a popular style. 

201 Clarke (James Freeman). Events and Epochs in Relig- 

ious History. Illustrations. Crown 8vo, cloth, bevelled 
sides. Boston, 1881 

The substance of a course of twelve lectures delivered at the Lowell 
Institute, Boston. 

202 [Clarke (William).] RepertoriumBibliographicum; or, Some 

Account of the Most Celebrated British Libraries. View 
and portraits of bibliophiles. Royal 8vo, half calf, cloth 
sides. London, 1819 

Beckford, the author of Vathek, assisted in the compilation of this 
work, particularly in the description of his own library at Fonthill. In 
this volume is a plate of the Bodleian Library and portraits of book col- 
lectors, including the Duke of Roxburghe, Cracherode, Planta, Storer, 
Bernard, Boucher, Crofts, Gossett and Towneley, as well as the rare 
plate of Francis the First, often wanting, and the only plate ever 
engraved by W. Behnes, the sculptor . 

203 [Clemens (S. L.).J Innocents Abroad, by " Mark Twain." 

With 234 illustrations. Thick 8vo, cloth. Hartford, 1869 

204 Clough (Arthur Hugh). Poems and Prose Remains, with 

a Selection from his Letters and a Memoir. Portrait. 2 
vols, crown 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1869 

205 CoBDEN (Richard). Life of, by John Morley. Etched por- 

trait by Thomas Riley. 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1881 

" Author's edition" of the Ufe of the great Free-trader. 

206 CoGHLAN. Memoirs of Mrs. Coghlan, daughter of the late 

Major Moncrieffe, written by herself, and dedicated to 
the British Nation; Interspersed with Anecdotes of the late 
American and present French War; with Remarks, Moral 
and Political, N. Y., 1795, with Introduction and Notes. 
Privately reprinted. 4to, sewed, uncut. N. Y., 1864 
Large paper edition of 200, and of which only 20 were printed in 
4to, the above being No. 15. Mrs. Coghlan was for some time the 
mistress of Aaron Burr, after having been seduced by him. She 
afterwards led an abandoned life in New York and Europe. 


207 Coleridge (Samuel Taylor). Life and Works, as 


I. Coleridge. Poetical Works. Yellow polished calf gilt, 
by NuTT. 3 vols, crown 8vo. [Large paper and very 
scarce.] London, W. Pickering, 1828 

II. Coleridge. Literary Remains Collected and Edited by 
H. N. Coleridge. 4 vols. 8vo, half calf gilt. 

London, W. Pickering, 1836 

III. Coleridge. Life by J. Gillm.^n. Vol. i. (all pub- 
lished.) 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, IV. Pickering, 1858 

IV. Coleridge. Letters, Conversations and Recollections 
of. 2 vols. i2mo, boards, uncut. hondon, Moxan, 1836 

V. Coleridge. Early Recollections Relating to Coleridge, 
by Joseph Cottle. Portraits. 2 vols. i2mo, cloth, 
uncut. London, Longmans, 1837 

VI. Coleridge. The Friend. 3 vols, post 8vo, cloth, 
uncut. London, Pickering, 1844 

VII. Coleridge. Biographia Literaria. 2 vols, in three. 
Post 8vo, cloth, uncut. Very scarce. 

London, Pickering, 1847 

VIII. Coleridge. Aids to Reflection. 2 vols, post 8vo, 
cloth, uncut. London, Pickering, 1848 

IX. Coleridge. Notes and Lectures upon Shakespeare. 
2 vols, post 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, Pickering, 1849 

X. Coleridge. Church and State — and Lay Sermons. 
Post 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, Pickering, 1839 

XI. Coleridge. Poems of. Post 8vo, cloth, uncut. 
Very Scarce. London, Pickering, 1844 

XII. Coleridge. Notes on English Divines. 2 vols, post 
8vo, cloth, uncut. London, Moxon, 1853 

XIII. Coleridge. Essays on His Own Times, Forming a 
Second Series of " The Friend." 3 vols, post 8vo, cloth, 
uncut. London, Pickering, 1850 

XIV. Coleridge. Notes, Theological, Political and Mis- 
cellaneous. Post 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, Moxon, 1853 

XV. Coleridge. Lay Sermons. Third Edition. Post 8vo, 
cloth, uncut. London, Moxon, 1852 


XVI. Coleridge. Confessions of an Inquiring Spirit. Fourth 
Edition. Post 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, Moxon, 1863 

XVII. Coleridge. Osorio, a Tragedy. Post 8vo, cloth, 
uncut. London, 1873 

XVIII. Coleridge. Table Talk. Second Edition. Por- 
trait {foxed). Post 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1836 

XIX. Coleridge. Lives of Northern Worthies, by Hart- 
ley Coleridge. 3 vols, post 8vo, cloth. 

London, Moxon, 1852 

Together 37 vols., various sizes and bindings, of which 
3 are in calf, 4 in half calf, 28 in cloth, and 2 in boards. 

A complete collection, or nearly so, of Samuel Taylor Coleridge's 
"Works," with some Coleridgiana added, and most of which are first 
editions and very scarce. 

"This illustrious man [Coleridge], the largest and most spacious 
intellect, the subtlest and most comprehensive, in my judgment, that 
has yet existed among men." — Thomas De Quincey. 

" As his [Coleridge's] fame will be settled by his best poems, he is 
assure of future reputation as any poet of this age." — Allan Cun- 

208 Collier (J. P.). A Bibliographical and Critical Account of 
the Rarest Books in the English Language, alphabetically 
arranged, accompanied with numerous Extracts, in verse 
and prose, and a very Copious and Useful Index, which 
during the last fifty years have come under the observation 
of J. Payne Collier, F.S.A. 2 vols. 8vo, half morocco, 
uncut, Roxburghe style. London, 1865 

Limited of 250 copies, handsomely printed on fine paper. 
• The whole of the contents of Mr. Collier's privately-printed Bridge- 
water Catalogue, 4to, 1837 (usually selling in London for £t ts.), is 
incorporated in these volumes; together with hundreds of new arti- 
cles, all of them of the rarest and most interesting description, so as to 
form a valuable Manual for Bibliophiles. The author, in one of his 
letters to the publisher, said: " I WILL make the book a model of 
ITS kind, as far as my knowledge goes, and a book of refer- 

This valuable and interesting work is, in fact, an extended edition 
of the author's catalogue of the Duke of Bridgewater's Library. It 
describes books which, for the most part, are so scarce, that but few 
American Libraries possess them; and Mr. Collier has performed an 
acceptable office in quoting largely from the works he has described. 


209 Collier. Book of Roxburghe Ballads (Popular Ballads 

of the Reigns of Elizabeth, James, and Charles), 
edited by John Payne Collier, printed in antique type, 
with 50 curious woodcuts. 4to, morocco extra, gilt edges 
on red by Riviere. London, 1847 

Rare. A handsome copy in Riviere's binding of this fine specimen 
of the typography of Whittingham's Chiswiclc Press. This volume 
has been called—" a treasure of curiosities, rich as well as rare." 

Nearly all the ballads contained in this interesting collection are 
unique. They are printed from the extraordinary collection which be- 
longed successively to the Duke of Roxburghe and Mr. Bright. At 
the sale of Mr. Bright's library, in 1845, they sold for ;^535. 

210 Collier. History of English Dramatic Poetry, and Annals 

of the Stage. 3 vols. 8vo, calf gilt. London, Murray, 1831 
Presentation copy to the Rev. John Mitford by John Payne Col- 
lier, with Autographs of both of those distinguished authors, and also 
numerous MS. notes by Mitford. The best work on the Rise and 
Progress of the English Drama, and scarce. 

211 Collier. Poetical Decameron, or Ten Conversations on 

English Poets and Poetry, particularly of the Reigns of 
Elizabeth and James I. 2 vols. 8vo, half Roxburghe gilt, 
top edge gilt, others uncut. Edinburgh a«(/ London, 1820 
Large paper. A fine uncut copy. " Few books lately published 
contain so much valuable and original information." — Hallam. 

212 Combe (William). Three Tours of Dr. Syntax in Search of 

the Picturesque, of Consolation, and of a Wife. Illustrated 
with 81 colored plates byT. Rowlandson. 3 vols, royal 
8vo, cloth, uncut. London, Nattali and Bond, 1855 

213 CoNGDON (Charles T.). Reminiscences of a Journalist. 

Portrait. Crown 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1880 

214 Congreve (William). Works of, consisting of his Plays 

and Poems, with Life. Portrait, and an elegant series of 
plates, by Gkign on, from Hayman's designs. 3 vols, royal 
8vo, tree marbled calf extra, citron edges, by Bain. 

Birmingham, Baskerville, 1761 
Scarce. This is a beautiful specimen of Baskerville's printing, and 
is, at the same time, the best edition of Congreve's works. A fine copy. 
' ' We have had in Congreve a humorous observer of another school 
[than Swift], to whom the world seems to have no moral at all, and 
whose ghastly doctrine seems to be that we should eat and drink and 
be merry when we can, and go to the deuce — if there be a deuce — 
when the time comes." — Thackeray. 


215 Constable (John, R.A.). Memoirs of the Life of, composed 

chiefly from his Letters, by C. R. Leslie, R. A. Portraits on 
India paper and mezzotinto engravings after his most cele- 
brated Pictures, by D. Lucas. 4to, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1845 
■' Got up in a peculiar, antique and handsome manner, congenial to 
and worthy of the subject." — London Literary Gazette. 

216 Constable (Archibald), and His Literary Correspondents, 

a Memorial by his Son, Thomas Constable. Steel portrait. 
3 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. Edinburgh, 1873 

A most interesting work. One volume is entirely composed of Sir 
Walter Scott's correspondence, and the other two volumes with the 
correspondence of the most eminent literati of the early part of the 
present century. 

217 Conway (Moncure Daniel). Demonology and Devil Lore. 

With numerous illustrations. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

N. Y., 1879 

218 CoNYBEARE (Rev. W. J.) and Howson (Rev. J. S.). Life 

and Epistles of St. Paul. Illustrated with engraved titles 
and fronts., and numerous steel engravings. 2 vols. 4to, ele- 
gantly bound in morocco extra gilt, bevelled sides, gilt 
edges. London, Longmans, 1852 

Best edition. A fine copy of the original edition, with broad 
margins and brilliant impressions of the plates. 

219 Cook (Clarence). The House Beautiful, Essays on Beds 

and Tables, Stools and Candlesticks. Colored front, and 
numerous cuts. 4to, fresh cloth gilt, top edge gilt, others 
uncut. N. Y., 1878 

With four-page autograph letter of this distinguished art critic in- 
serted . 

The cuts in Clarence Cook's ' ' House Beautiful " were sold by the 
Scribners to Macmillan & Co., of London, and were published by 
them in a series of three books called " The Drawing-Room." " The 
Dining-Room," and " The Bed-Room." Some of the cuts were 
copied into The Portfolio as fine specimens of English workmanship, 
their American origin not being known to the editors of that journal. 

219* CooK (Captain James). Voyages Round the World. Illus- 
trated with maps and numerous engravings on wood and steel. 
2 vols, imperial 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, Tallis, n. d. 


220 Cooper (J. Fenimore). Novels. With Barley's illustra- 

tions on steel. 20 vols. i2mo, uniformly bound in half calf 
gilt. N. Y., Townsend &> Gregory, 1859-62 

A desirable set, and including : — Afloat and Ashore, Bravo, Chain- 
bearer, Deerslayer, Lionel Lincoln, Miles Wallingford, Mohicans, 
Oak Openings, Pathfinder, Pilot, Pioneers, Prairie, Red Rover, 
Satinstone, Spy, Two Admirals, Water-Witch, Wing and Wing, 
and Wish-ton-wish. 

221 Cooper. History of the Navy of the United States of 

America. 2 maps. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. Scarce. 

Phila., 1839 

222 Cory (Isaac Preston). Ancient Fragments of the Phoe- 

nician, Chaldean, Egyptian, Tyrian, Carthaginian, Indian, 
Persian, and other Writers ; with an Introductory Disser- 
tation ; and an Inquiry into the Philosophy and Trinity of 
the Ancients. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, William Pickering, 1832 
The extremely scarce second edition. 

223 Coryate (Thomas). Crudities; reprinted from the Edition 

of 161 1. To which are now added His Letters from In- 
dia, &c. ; and Extracts Relating to Him, from Various 
Authors : being A more particular Account of his Travels 
(mostly only Foot) in Different Parts of the Globe, than 
any hitherto published. Together with his Orations, 
Character, Death, etc. Illustrated with copper plates. 3 
vols. 8vo. Elegantly bound by Jenkins and Cecil in 
polished sprinkled calf extra, citron edges. London, 1776 

Best edition. A beautiful copy of this celebrated, curious and 
interesting book. Very scarce and in such condition remarkably so. 

" A life of this singular and extraordinary character will be found in 
Wood's ' Athente Oxoniensis.' " — Lowndes. 

224 CosTELLO (Louisa Stuart). Specimens of the Early 

Poetry of France, from the Time of the Troubadours 
and Trouveres to the Reign of Henri Quatre. With four 
beautiful plates. Crown 8vo, calf gilt. 

London, Pickering, 1835 

A nice copy, bound by Hayday, of this handsome volume, printed 
by Whitiingham, and illustrated with plates from medieval manu- 


225 Costume. The Book of, or Annals of Fashion, from the 

earliest period to the present time, by a Lady of Rank. 
Illustrated with upwards of two hundred engravings on wood 
by eminent artists, and illuminated title. Thick royal 8vo, 
cloth, uncut. London, Colburn, 1847 

The authoress of the above was the Countess of Blessington, the 
chire amie of the Count D'Orsay. 

226 CowELL (Benjamin). Spirit of '76 in Rhode Island : or 

Sketches of the Efforts of the Government and People in 
the War of the Revolution. Royal 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1850 
This volume includes "the names of those who belonged to the 
Rhode Island Regiments in the army, with biographical notices, 
reminiscences, etc." 

227 Cowley (Abraham). Works, consisting of those which were 

formerly Printed and those which he Design'd for the 
Press, Publish'd out of the Author's Original Copies, with 
the Cutter of Coleman Street, In two Volumes, Tenth 
Edition ; also the Third and Last Volume, being the 
Second and Third Parts, the Eighth Edition, with Neces- 
sary Tables and divers Poems of Eminent Persons in 
Praise of the Author. With portrait and plates. 3 vols. 
8vo, elegantly bound by Riviere in tree marbled calf extra, 
gilt, edges gilt on marble. London, 1707-8 

Best edition. A very beautiful copy. 

Clarendon ' ' represents him (Cowley) as having taken a flight beyond 
all that went before him ; and Milton is said to have declared that the 
three greatest English poets were Spenser, Shakespeare and Cowley." 

228 CowPER (William). The Task. 8vo, inlaid to 4to, and illus- 

trated by 102 plates, mostly proof s on India paper. 4to, 
morocco extra, gold borders, by Hayday. 

London, J. Sharpe, 1825 
Unique and printed by Whittingham at the Chiswick Press. 
This beautiful volume was one of the gems of the collection of John 
Allan. The 102 plates, which are carefully inlaid, comprise many 
rare prints, of which a large number are India proofs. The portraits 
are particularly noticeable. 

229 CowPER. Poetical Works, with his Correspondence, 

Translations and Life, by Robert Southey. Numer- 
ous beautiful engravings, portraits and vignettes. 15 vols, 
foolscap 8vo, yellow calf extra, gilt inside borders and 
marbled edges. London, Pickering, 1835-7 

Best edition, and only 350 copies printed at the Chiswick Press. 
Very scarce and a fine copy. 


230 CowpER. Poetical Works. Portrait and rubricated titles. 

2 vols. 8vo, blue morocco elegant, gilt edges. 

London, William Pickering, 1853 

231 CoxE (Archdeacon William). Historical Works, 


I. Memoirs of Sir Robert Walpole, Earl of Orford. 3 
vols. Portrait. 1798 

II. Memoirs of Horatio, Lord Walpole. Portraits. 


III. History of the House of Austria. 3 vols. [Only 60 
copies printed.] 1807 

IV. Memoirs of the Kings of Spain of the House of Bour- 
bon. 3 vols. 1813 

V. Memoirs of John, Duke of Marlborough, with his 
Correspondence. 3 vols. Portraits, maps and military 
plans 1818-19 

VI. Shrewsbury Correspondence. Portrait. 1821 

VII. Memoirs of the Administration of the Rt. Hon. Henry 
Pelham. 2 vols. Numerous portraits, views, maps and 
plans. 1829 

Together 16 vols. 4to, bright and fresh uniform yellow 
russia extra gilt, citron edges. London, 1798-1829 

The Large paper and best editions of ttiese valuable historical 
works, and in very fine bindings. A splendid copy of the quarto 

" He who wishes to understand intimately the politics of the two 
last reigns must consult the volumes of Mr. Coxe : the future his- 
torian will refer to them with confidence and gratitude." — Annual 

' ' The biographical labors of Mr. Archdeacon Coxe are considerable 
in extent, and meritorious in quality ; and, as they appear to my judg- 
ment, are likely to be more appreciated by posterity than in the pres- 
ent times." — T. F. Dibdin. 

' ' Coxe's writings throw more light on the history of England, from 
the accession of the House of Brunswick, than any other publication 
whatever. " — Lowndes. 



232 Crabbe (Rev. George). Poetical Works, complete, with 

Life. Letters and Journals, by his son. Beautiful front- 
ispieces and vignettes. 8 vols, post 8vo, half calf gilt, 
marbled sides and edges. London, 1853 

Uniform in size with the editions of Bums, Byron, Cowper, etc., in 
this catalogue. 

" He does not accumulate horrors for effect. He has no extravagant 

and unnatural heroes pouring forth their morbid sentiment in his pages. 

There is no sickly affectation, but a pure and healthy portrait of life." 

— Cunningham. 

232* Crashaw (Richard). Complete Works. Edited by W. B. 

TuRNBULL. Post 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, John Russell Smith, 1858 

" Poet and Saint ! to thee alone are given, 

The two most sacred names of earth and heaven.'' — Cowley. 

233 Crowe (J. A.) and Cavalcaselle (G. B.). History of 

Painting in Italy from the Second to the Sixteenth Cen- 
tury, and in North Italy from the Fourteenth Century. 
Profusely illustrated. Together 5 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut- 

London, Murray, 1864-71 
Very scarce. The original editions, uncut. 

' ' The work of Messrs. Crowe and Cavalcaselle is by far the richest mine 
of information upon Italian Painting that has been opened to us for many 
a long day. In a judicious, philosophical way it associates picture 
with picture, artist with artist, and school with school, illustrating and 
drawing illustrations from all, by showing their general connection with 
the general history and the social and political tendencies of their own 
times " — Examiner. 

234 Crowe and Cavalcaselle. The History of Early 

Flemish Painters. Notices of their Lives and Works. 
Numerous illustrations. i2mo, cloth, uncut. London, 1857 
Uniform with Mrs. Jameson's " Early Italian Painters." 

235 Crowe (Eyre Evans). History of France. 5 vols. 8vo^ 

cloth, uncut. London, 1858-68 

A work worthy of rank beside Thiers and Guizot. 

236 Cruikshank (George). Grimm's German Popular Stories. 

Edited by Edgar Taylor, with Introduction by John 
RusKiN, M.A. With illustrations after the original designs 
of George Cruikshank. 4to, half morocco, gilt top edge, 
others uncut. Roxburghe style. 

London, John Camden Hotten, n. d. 
Large paper, with proof impressions of Cruikshank's plates. 
Vide Ruskin's introduction for an account of these fascinating stories 
and of the wonderful designs by Cruikshank. 


237 Cruikshank. Six Illustrations to Cowper's John Gilpin, 

engraved on wood. 8vo, in paper cover. 
Proofs on India paper. 

238 Cruikshank. Illustrations of Time. 7 plates. Oblong 

folio, sewed. London, n. d. 

239 Cruikshankiana, an Assemblage of the Most Celebrated 

Works of George Cruikshank. 80 different examples of 
the great master's work on 68 separate plates. Folio, half 
morocco. London, Edward Lumley, n. d. 

Published at £/^ 4^. Cruikshank is — "the modem Caillot. A 
never-ceasing, still-beginning source of amusement. Unlike most 
representations, his works never tire, nor does his humor fail. Look 
at them a hundred times, and the same laugh is sure to follow. To 
turn his designs into words each print would require a volume, so 
wonderfully does he condense his creative powers. Yet in each a 
stem moral is afforded, and that in the most powerful and attractive 
manner. " 

240 Cunningham (P.). Story of Nell Gwyn; and the Say- 

ings of Charles the Second, related and collected by 

Peter Cunningham. Woodcuts. Post 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, Bradbury &= Evans, 1852 

Rare. Fine copy and uncut of the original edition, which is very 
different in typography, etc., to pirated and ostensible reprints. 
The story was originally published in "The Gentleman's Magazine" 
for 1 85 1. The above is corrected and enlarged with much additional 

241 CuRRAN (John Philpot). Speeches of, edited with Memoir 

and Historical Notices by Thomas Davies, M.R.I.A. 
Portrait after Sir Thomas Lawrence. 8vo, cloth, 
uncut. London, 1847 

' ' Complete and correct edition. " 

242 Curtis (George Ticknor). History of the Origin, 

Formation and Adoption of the Constitution of the 
United States, with Notices of its Principal Framers. 
2 vols. 8vo, cloth. Scarce. N. Y., 1854-58 

In the preparation of this work, the Hon. Daniel Webster took a 
lively interest, and almost with his dying breath urged Mr. Curtis to 
complete what he had undertaken: 

"You have a future, I have none. You are writing a history of the 
constitution. You will write that work, I shall not. Go on, by all 
means ; and you shall have every aid that I can give you." 



243 CuRTius (Prof. Dr. Ernst). The History of Greece. Trans- 

lated by Adolphus William Ward, M.A. 5 vols, 8vo, 
cloth. London, 1873 

244 Gushing (Caleb). Treaty of Washington : Its Negotiation, 

Execution and the Discussions relating thereto. i2mo, 
cloth. N. Y., 1873 




ANIEL (George). Merry England in the 
Olden Time. With illustrations by John Leech 
and Robert Cruikshank. Crown 8vo, cloth. 

London, n. d. 
' ' This is an instructive and amusing volume. " — Allibone. 

246 [Daniel.] The Modern Dunciad, Virgil in London, and 

other Poems. [By George Daniel.] Post 8vo, half calf, 
gilt. London, Wm. Pickering, 1835 

Printed by Ciiarles Whittingham. " Tiiis modem Pope, wlioever he 
be, has produced a Dunciad, which the stinging bard of Twicken- 
ham would not be ashamed to own. The bard spares neither poet nor 
courtier; and in the office of satirist he speaks with the boldness of 
Juvenal." — London Monthly Review. 

247 Daniel (Samuel). Poetical Works, with Memoirs of his 

Life and Writings. 2 vols, post 8vo, yellow calf extra, 
gilt edges. London, 17 18 

Best edition, rare. Robert Southey's copy, with the poet's auto- 
graph and inserted portrait of Daniel, also cut by Bewick. 

This author was termed by Headley "the Atticus of his day,'' and 
Drummond pronounced him, " for sweetness and rhyming, second to 
none. " 

248 Dankers (J.) and Sluyter (P.). Journal of a Voyage to 

New York and a Tour in several of the American Colonies 
in 1679-80, by Jasper Dankers and Peter Sluyter, of 
Wiewerd in Friesland. Translated from the Original 
Manuscript in Dutch for the Long Island Historical So- 
ciety, and edited by Henry C. Murphy, i 2 plates. 8vo, 
cloth, top edge gilt, others uncut. Brooklyn, 1867 

The above is " Long Island Historical Society Publications," Vol. i, 
and was prepared for that Society by the late Henry C. Murphy, the 
sale of whose library at Clinton Hall, Astor Place, N. Y. City, by Geo. 
A. Leavitt & Co., realized over $52,000. 

249 Dante Alighieri. The Divine Comedy, translated by 

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow ; and the New Life 


translated by Charles Eliot Norton. Together 4 vols. 
4to, cloth, bevelled sides, top edges gilt, others uncut. 

Boston, Ticknor and Fields, 1867 
Large paper. The "Vita Nuova" contains an original autograph 
of the translator. 

' ' Shelley always says that reading Dante is unfavorable to writing, 
from its superiority to all possible compositions. " — Byron. 

250 D'Arblay (Madame, Miss Burney). Diary and Letters 

Complete [including the period of her residence at the 
Court of Queen Charlotte]. Edited by her Niece. Por- 
traits and facsimile. 7 vols, crown 8vo, half morocco 
gilt, marbled sides and edges. London, 1843 

Best edition. Miss Burney's Diary, sparkling with wit, teeming 
with lively anecdote, and delectable gossip, and full of sound and dis- 
creet views of persons and things. 

251 Darley (F. O. C). Cooper Vignettes. A series of 6/\beau- 

tiful engravings on steel, from designs by Darley, illustrating 
James Fennimore Cooper's Novels and fine portrait of 
Cooper, with descriptive letter-press. Folio, brown 
morocco extra, bevelled sides, gilt edges. 

N. Y., James G. Gregory, 1862 

Artist's Proofs on India paper of the exquisite plates, mounted on 
cardboard. A subscriber's copy. 

Large paper, and only a few printed in this superior manner. A 
very early proof copy of a series of subjects entirely national in theme, 
the product of the foremost of our Draughtsmen, and executed entirely 
by American engravers. 

252 Darwin (Charles). Variation of Animals and Plants under 

Domestication. With illustrations. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 

London, 1868 

253 Darwin. Origin of Species, by Means of Natural Selection. 

Fifth Edition, with Corrections and Alterations. Crown 
8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1869 

254 Davis (William). An Olio of Bibliographical and Literary 

Anecdotes and Memoranda, Original and Selected. . i2mo, 
calf. London, J. Rod^vell, 18 14 

The author also wrote a work entitled— " A Journey Round the 
Library of a Bibliomaniac." 

255 Davison (Francis). Poetical Rhapsody, with a Preface 

by Sir S. Egerton Brydges. The second volume con- 



taining the Poems of "A. W." and Sir Walter Raleigh. 
3 vols, in 2. Royal 8vo, polished calf gilt, edges gilt. 

Lee Priory Press, 1 8 14-17 
Large paper. Only one hundred copies printed, and with vignette 
title-pages on India paper. 

" The collection of Elizabethan Poetry, now introduced to the 
curious through the Lee Priory Press, has long been a desideratum 
among the lovers of Old English Literature ; for though it passed 
through four editions in the Reign of James I. , it has, for at least a 
century, been so rare that but few have been gratified with a perusal 
of it." 

Lowndes calls it ' ' The most estimable of our Early Metrical Mis- 

256 Davy (Sir Humphrey, JBart.). Memoirs of Life of, by his 

brother, John Davy, M.D., F.R.S., etc. 2 vols. 8vo, 
half calf, gilt. London, 1836 

' ' This biography is admirably written — correct details, full of 
instruction and amusing throughout." — London Review. 

257 Davy. Salmonia; or. Days of Fly-Fishing, by An Angler. 

Numerous woodcuts. i6mo, green calf, gilt. London, 1828 
' ' This is a book on a very delightful subject, by a very distinguished 
man." — Christopher North. 

258 Davy. Consolations in Travel; or, Last Days of a Philos- 

opher. Illustrated. i6mo, cloth, uncut. London, 1851 
' ' Pervaded by a tone and temper, and an enthusiastic love of nature, 
which are as admirably expressed as their influence is excellent." 

259 D'Aubigne (J. H. Merle). History of the Reforma- 

tion in the Sixteenth Century. Translated by H. White, 
and illustrated by an extensive series of portraits. 5 vols. 8vo, 
cloth, uncut. Edinburgh, 1853 

260 Dawson (Henry B.). Assault on Stony Point by General 

Anthony Wayne, July 16, 1779. Prepared for the New 
York Historical Society and Read at Its Regular Monthly 
Meeting, April i, 1862, with illustrative notes. Colored 
map and facsimiles. 4to, sewed uncut. Morrisania, N. Y. 
Only 250 copies printed, of which above is — " No. 131, H. B. D." 

261 Decker (T.). The Gull's Hornbook. Edited from the 

scarce edition of 1609, with Glossary and Notes, by Dr. 
Nott. 4to, russia, gilt. Bristol, 181 2 

Only 100 copies printed. 

This work, by the author of the " Honest Whore," affords a greater 


insight into the fashionable follies and vulgar habits of Queen Eliza- 
beth's day than perhaps any other extant. 

" His ' Gul's Home Booke or fashions to please all sorts of Guls,' 
first printed in 1609, exhibits a very curious, minute and interesting 
picture of the manners and habits of the middle class of society." — 

262 De Costa (B. F.). The Pre-Columbian Discovery of Amer- 

ica by the Northmen, illustrated by Translations from the 
Icelandic Sagas, edited with Notes and a General Intro- 
duction. With map. 8vo, cloth. A\ha.nj, /oel Munsell, 186S 

263 De Foe (Daniel). Life and Adventures of Robinson Cru- 

soe. Embellished with engravings from designs by Thomas 
Stothard. 2 vols, large 8vo, half morocco. 

London, Cadell &= Davies, 1820 
Large paper. A fine copy of the best edition of this " Classic." 
" This book (Robinson Crusoe) shall be the first Emilius shall read; 
in this ideal, will, for a long time, consist his whole library, and it 
will always hold a distinguished place among others. " — Rousseau. 

264 De Foe. The Novels and Miscellaneous Works of Daniel 

De Foe. With a Biographical Memoir of the Author, 
Literary Prefaces to the various Pieces, Illustrative Notes, 
etc., including all contained in the edition attributed to 
Sir Walter Scott, with considerable additions. Por- 
trait. 20 vols, post 8vo, half calf gilt, contents lettered, 
top edges gilt. Oxford, D. A. Talboys, 1840-41 

" This edition is now very scarce. It was published at £$." — 

" Few men have been more accurate observers of life and manners 
and of the mechanism of society than De Foe. . . . His Novels, in 
spite of much improbability, have been oftener taken for true narra- 
tives than any fictions that ever were composed." — London Quarterly 

265 De Foe. Life, and Recently Discovered Writings, extend- 

ing from 17 16 to 1729, by W. Lee. Engravings comprising 
numerous portraits of De Foe from various sources, fac- 
similes, etc. 3 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1869 

It would appear from a discovery of certain letters in the State Paper 
Office in 1864 that De Foe did not give up literary pursuits at so early 
a period as has been generally supposed, but continued contributing 
to several political journals; from a careful investigation by Mr. Lee 
of these old newspapers has resulted the "Collectanea," forming two 
volumes of the above. 



266 Delafield (Col. R.). Report of the Art of War in Europe, 

'^54-56. Colored front, and numerous folded diagrams. 
Thick 4to, cloth. Washington, 1861 

Quite scarce. Col. Delafield's Notes and Observations were 
made under the orders of the " Hon. Jefferson Davis, Secretary of 

267 Dennis (George). The Cities and Cemeteries of Etruria. 

Profusely illustrated. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1848 
Very scarce. " These volumes are a valuable storehouse of 
classical and antiquarian lore to every scholar; and the most general 
reader must be attracted." — Edinburgh Review. 

268 Dennison (Rev. F.). Notes of the Baptists and Their Prin- 

ciples in Norwich, Conn., from the Settlement of the 
Town to 1850. i2mo, cloth. Norwich, 1857 

The author was pastor of the Central Baptist Church of Norwich, 

269 Dennistoun (James). Memoirs of the Dukes of Urbino, 

illustrating the Arms, Arts and Literature of Italy from 
1440 to 1630. Portraits, views, cuts, pedigrees and fac- 
similes. 3 vols. 4to, cloth, uncut. London, 185 1 

A book of interest to students of art as well as of history, in conse- 
quence of its references to Raffaele of Urbino. 

270 De Quincey (Thomas). Works. Steel portrait. 22 vols. 

1 2 mo, half morocco extra, contents lettered, top edge gilt, 
others uncut. Boston, 1859-63 

Comprises — Avenger ; Autobiographic Sketches ; Biographical 
Essays; Confessions of an English Opium-Eater; C^sars; Essays on 
the Poets; Historical and Critical Essays, 2 vols. ; Letters to a Young 
Man ; Literary Reminiscences, 2 vols. ; Memorials, 2 vols. ; Miscella- 
neous Essays; Narrative and Miscellaneous Papers, 2 vols.; Note- 
Book of an English Opium-Eater; Philosophical Writers, 2 vols.; 
Political Economy; Theological Essays, 2 vols. 

' ' We have no richer prose, in at least the present day, than that of 
De Quincey; and no other writer, not even Carlyle himself, of more 
decided individuality." — Dean Trench. 

271 D'EwES (Sir Simonds, Bart.). Autobiography and Corre- 

spondence of, during the Reigns of James I. and Charles 
I. Edited by James Orchard Halliwell. Two por- 
traits. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1845 

These interesting volumes should be placed on the library shelf be- 
side the Diaries of Evelyn and Pepys. 



272 DiBDiN (Charles). Sea Songs and Ballads by Dibdin and 
others. i6mo, red morocco, gilt. London, 1863 

A beautiful copy of this best edition printed by Whittingham, at 
the Chiswick Press. Charles Dibdin was the uncle of Thomas Frog- 
nail Dibdin, the bibliophile, whose father was Capt. Thomas Dibdin, 
celebrated by his brother as " Poor Tom Bowling, the Darling of the 


IStiHtn's iSfiJltOflrapIjtcal SSIorfts. 

An English critic has remarked — "We are decidedly of opinion 


S. Austin Allibone observes — "Now of all Englishmen who have 


OLD English poetry more attractive than the last novel. It was 


FAMILY Bible would defray your Christmas festivities." 
Dibdin's symptoms of the Book Disease are. (i) a passion for large 

PAPER, (2) UNCUT, (3) illustrated, (4) UNIQUE, (5) VELLUM COPIES, (6) FIRST 

273 DiBDiN (Thomas Frognall). Typographical Antiqui- 
ties, ETC., Six unique volumes, comprising: — 
I. Dibdin. Typographical Antiquities ; or, the History of 
Printing in England, Scotland and Ireland : containing 
Memoirs of our Ancient Printers, and a Register of the 
Books printed by them. Begun by the late Joseph Ames, 
F.R. and A.SS. Considerably augmented by William 
Herbert, of Cheshunt Herts ; and now greatly enlarged, 
with Copious Notes, and illustrated with appropriate en- 
gravings ; Comprehending the History of English Liter- 


ature, and a View of the Progress of the Art of Engraving 
in Great Britain, by the Rev. Thomas Frognall Dibdin. 
Portraits and plates. 4 vols. foHo, half vellum, uncut. 

London, William Miller, [1810-19] 
Unique and largest vellum paper, of which only 66 copies were 
printed and with additional portraits. Only two other copies are known 
to be in the United States. This copy has three original autograph let- 
ters of Dibdin's inserted. Two of these refer to the vellum copy of the 
' ' Typographical Antiquities " described below. The other is written 
to his printer, William Savage, as follows :—" Dear Sir. I seize the 
opportunity of a gentleman's passing by your house, to request of you 
to come and take your tea with me at 5 this evening — or Yz past 5. 
The Stage will be at the corner of Albemarle St., 10 minutes before 5. 
I wish much to see you & have much to observe upon the Sheets. They 
are printed with great accuracy. Yrs. T. F. Dibdin." A few sheets 
in one of the volumes are, as in some other known copies, on smaller 

Lowndes calls the "Typographical Antiquities" — "an invaluable 
work," and adds—" it is much to be regretted has not been completed 
for want of sufficient encouragement." 

II. Dibdin. The Same. Being the only 24 pages ever 
printed on vellum of the preceding work — " the only por- 
tion and only copy that was printed on vellum." Folio, 
half vellum, uncut, bound to match the preceding. 

Horatio Rogers speaks of the above unique bibliomaniacal 
GEM in his "Private Libraries of Providence." He says: — "The 
copy of the Typographical Antiquities (one of sixty-six printed on 
large paper), is uncut, and bound in half vellum ; while uniform with 
it are two volumes deserving special mention. One of these volumes 
comprises the first six signatures of the Typographical Antiquities 
printed on vellum, and intended for the Earl Spencer, Dibdin's patron. 
These signatures belonged to William Savage, the printer, and, accord- 
ing to the title-page, formed ' The only portion, and only copy that 
was printed on vellum.' Though Dibdin's excuse for not completing 
the copy was the difficulty in working on vellum, yet we suspect that 
the real reason was the expense. In the early stages of the undertaking, 
as appears by a note in Mr. Famum's possession, Dibdin wrote to Sav- 
age as follows : — ' I am much pleased with what you have sent me : 
the vellum has a glorious look, and, if you exert all the talent which 
appears in the specimen, we shall make a magnificent book of the vellum 
copy.' In a subsequent note to Savage, likewise in Mr. Farnum's pos- 
session, he wrote : — ' I give up the vellum copy not from a supposition 
of your want of skill to execute it, but from various causes which I 
will state hereafter. We shall now go on more smoothly. ' Long after 
he had abandoned the copy he referred to these signatures in a foot- 
note to his Bibliomania, more harshly, it seems to us, than the truth 


justified ; for, notwithstanding what he had written to Savage, he spoke 
of them as follows :— ' The censure which is here thrown out upon 
others reaches my own doors : for I attempted to execute a single copy 
of my Typographical Antiquities upon vellum, with every possible 
attention to printing and to the material upon which it was to be 
executed. But I failed in every point ; and this single wretched looking 
book, had I persevered in executing my design, would have cost me 
about seventy-five guineas ! ' " 

The originals of the two letters referred to above will be found in 
the first volume of the " Typographical Antiquities," and Dibdin also 
says, speaking of the vellum copy— " The blooming capital is rather 
too faintly struck off." 

III. Dibdin. A Collection of Wood Engravings, etc., got- 
ten together by Dibdin and Savage for the former's 
intended "Disquisition on Early Engraving and Orna- 
mental Printing," consisting of a careful and judicious 
selection of wood engravings, both plain and colored, by 
the best masters of the art, and a large portion of which 
are proofs and many are on India paper ; also at the end 
of the same are some pages of Ames's Preface and Ac- 
count of the " Life of William Caxton," on India paper, 
PROBABLY unique, as Well as ornamental alphabets and the 
VERY RARE mczzotints of Joseph Ames, Thomas Martin 
and William Herbert, and two of " John Moore, Bishop 
of Ely," one before all letters, the last being excess- 
ively rare. The whole bound in i vol. Folio, half 
vellum, uncut, uniform with the above. 

This very remarkable and unique collection of wood engravings has 
the following history attached to it and which is told by Gen. Horatio 
Rogers in his account of Mr. Famum's Library : — -"But by far the most 
valuable of this fine set of Dibdin is a unique copy, of which we have 
not yet spoken. Dibdin projected a ' Disquisition on Early Engraving 
and Ornamental Printing,' and though he never got so far as the 
actual composition of the work, still, with the assistance of Savage, 
the printer, he gathered much material for it in the form of a collection 
of numerous title-pages of early printers and many wood engravings. 
Among its artistic treasures Germany is represented by Albert Durer, 
Hans Burgkmair, Lucas Cranach, Hans Schaeflein, Henry Voghter, 
James Kobel, Gabriel Schnellbotz, Louis Businck, and others ; Hol- 
land and the Low Countries by John Walther van Assen, Henry Golt- 
zius, Abraham Bloemaert, Anthony Sallaerts, and Christopher van 
Sichem ; — but it is idle to attempt to enumerate the artists whose cuts 

- Dibdin had gathered together for the purpose of illustrating his work. 
Suffice it to say that the collection includes cuts of many of the most 


famous wood engravers from the time of Albert Durer to that of 
Thomas Bewick. The whole, constituting a most remarkable collec- 
tion, are mounted, or inlaid, in a folio volume. This interesting vol- 
ume has been inspected by various engravers of this country, and has 
awakened much interest. It is a matter of surprise that the rich and 
appreciative collectors of literary rarities in England allowed it to cross 
the Atlantic.'' 

Together 6 vols. Folio, uniform, half vellum, uncut. 
This UNIQUE lot of six volumes belonged in their entirety to Dibdin's 
friend and printer WiUiam Savage, and a portion — namely, II. and III. 
above— to Dibdin himself. 

274 Dibdin (Thomas Frognall). Bibliographical Works, 
Twenty-four volumes, comprising: — 
I. The Bibliographical Decameron; or, Ten Days' Pleas- 
ant Discourse upon Illuminated Manuscripts and Subjects 
connected with Early Engraving, Typography and Biblio- 
graphy. With numerous plates, facsimiles, and steel vignettes, 
many on India paper. 3 vols. 4to, handsomely bound 
in smooth polished sage morocco extra, with crest, quar- 
tered shield and motto on the sides, gilt inside with leather 
joints and vellum ends, by C. Lewis, and uniform with the 
rest of this lot. 

London, Printed for the author by W. Bulmer 6^ Co., 

Shakespeare Press, 181 7 
Large paper and a magnificent copy. Only 50 copies printed. 
With four extra proof plates, including the very rare and costly engrav- 
ing of the " Presentation in the Temple by F. Veronesi, drawn and 
engraved by G. R. Lewis," of the 26th illumination see Vol. 1, 
CLII. Of this Lowndes states — " An additional plate from a missal 
executed by Francis Veronese in Mr. Esdaile's Collection was after- 
wards published by Mr. G. Lewis, which was originally intended for 
the work but not executed in time." 

The same authority says — " This is in fact a continuation of the 
Bibliomania, the same characters being introduced in the dialogues. 
From the information which this work contains, and the splendor of 
the decorations and printing, it will ever be considered as a model of 
excellence and good taste in typography and the arts. Both the 
copper-plates and the woodcuts which embellished the work have 
been destroyed." 

" Overtures were made for its republication in French, but it was 
too late. The various blocks from which the engravings were made had 
been destroyed by the author and his friends. Although a thorough- 
paced bibliomaniac, we have no sympathy with such barbarous waste." 
— Allibone. 
The " beautiful specimen" of printing in gold, "glittering like the 


sun," missing in many copies, will be found in its place on page 417, 
Vol. II. 

Opposite page 435 of Vol. 3 will be also discovered a proof before 
letters of the extremely rare " private plate of Mr. Thomas Payne, 
Bookseller, in spectacles, which was destroyed," and of which only 25 
were printed as well as the regulation portrait of that bibliopolist. 
Concerning the rare ebony-spectacled portrait of "Honest Tom" 
Payne, "the English bookseller," Dibdin relates:—" A pleasing tale 
may be told about the said portrait. It fias preceded by one in the 
line manner, by the same artist from a different original, in which 
our Thomas is introduced amidst a sportive group of relatives and 
friends, playing a game at whist, with his cards in his left-hand; 
looking sharply through an ebony pair of spectacles as his opponent is 
drawing out the ace of trumps! Instead of cards, I caused a book to 
be put in his hand; but Mr. T. Payne, that now is, finding a better 
likeness of his father in the original from which the above was taken, 
offered to furnish the plate here published at his own expense. There 
was no need, however, of such waste of money. Twenty-five copies of the 
original, ebony-spectacled engraved portrait — which have been eagerly 
snapped up by perch-like collectors— have reimbursed this extra expense: 
and \^\5 first plate is now broken UP." Opposite page 388 is a proof 
impression of the rare line engraving of Lord Spencer, before letters, 
and facing the title is a proof impression of Meyer's portrait of 

' ' The dialogue (of the Bibliographical Decameron) is cleverly sus- 
tained, and the occasional Socratic form affords opportunity for 
numerous sallies of wit, while the information conveyed is of more 
value than that contained in any other of the doctor's works which 
affect greater sincerity." 

The late Mr. Freeling a distinguished book collector, enthusiasti- 
cally remarks: — " If the gods could read, they would never be without 
a copy of the Decameron in their side pocket! " 

" One of the most beautiful as well as one of the most instructive 
books in the language. " — Allibone. 

" The volumes not only exceed my expectations but even my 
imagination. Without a rival in the whole history of Typography." 
— Isaac Disraeli. 
II. Dibdin. Reminiscences of a Literary Life with Anec- 
dotes of Books and Book Collectors by the Reverend 
Thos. Frognall Dibdin, D.D. With portraits and plates. 
2 vols, imperial 8vo, elegantly bound by Hayday, to match 
the above and following volumes of lot 274, with gilt edges. 

London, John Major, 1836 

Large paper, of which only 39 copies were printed. The above 
described copy has the very rare subsequently published index in large 
paper and the vignette opposite page 974 on India paper. 


Horatio Rogers thus refers to Mr. Farnum's copy in his "Providence 
Libraries'': — " His large paper copy of Reminiscences of a Literary 
Life contains the rare Index, likewise on large paper, notwithstanding 
the statement in the Hosmer Catalogue that it was ' only printed on small 
paper.' The Catalogue of the Library of Zelotes Hosmer, prepared for 
the sale which took place in 1861, contained this note to a large paper 
copy of Dibdin's Reminiscences of a Literary Life (Lot No. 301): 
' Containing the Index, very rare, and only printed on small paper. 
This is inlaid and bound with the large paper copy; also a long letter 
to Dawson Turner, whose copy this was. ' " 

' ' A most laudable storehouse of biographical and bibliographical 
anecdote.'' — Alltbone. 

III. DiBDiN. Bibliomania, or Book-Madness ; a Biblio- 
graphical Romance. Ne'w Edition, edited by Walmsley, 
with a Supplement, and Key to the assumed characters in 
the Drama. Steel front, and wood engravings. 2 vols, 4to, 
superbly bound in morocco extra, gilt edges, uniform -with 
the other volumes of this set, but only the top edge gilt, 
by Matthews London, 1842 

Large paper, only 55 copies printed. Best Edition and Scarce. 
To this improved edition is added Preliminary Observations, a Sup- 
plement continuing the work, a Key to the Characters, and a reprint 
of the First Edition of 1809. 

The first volume of this copy of the " Bibliomania" has the follow- 
ing letter of T. F. Dibdin to Ithuriel Towne of New York inserted. 
Horatio Rogers writes in his work: — " Another of Dibdin's autograph 
letters in Mr. Farnum's possession, is interesting because of the refer- 
ences in it to his own works, and especially to his Reminiscences of a 
Literary Life, then about to be published. It is addressed to Ithuriel 
Towne of New York, who had paid sixty guineas for an illustrated 
Bibliomania, alluded to in a foot-note to the first volume of the 
Reminiscences, and which sold for $720 at the John Allan sale in 
1864. The letter is as follows: — 

' 7 'Wyndham St., 

' Bryanston Sqr. 

■ April 3, 1835 
' Dear Sir: — I beg you to accept my very best thanks for all the 
kind and all the honourable testimonies contained in your letter of 
February last, in favor of my humble lucubrations. That they have 
afforded you a rational gratification, is matter of sincere pleasure to 
their author. Will you, however, forgive my remarking that you are 
much behind hand in your number of the volumes which have issued 
from the same prolific pen ? But to that gallantry of spirit which hesi- 
tates not to sacrifice 60 guineas for an illustrated copy of the Biblio- 
mania upon large paper, everything is obtainable. Go on, dear Sir, 


and put the finishing stroke to your spirit of courageous enterprise. 
Possess the Decameron (the most beautiful, as Mr. Adiard will tell you, 
of all bibliographical books), the Tour, the Spencer Library, and 
above all, for utility, the Library Companion. As to the small rarer 
pieces I will confer with your honest agent, Mr. Evans, and together, 
we must get them at reasonable prices. The Typographical Antiqui- 
ties in 4 vols, is reasonable and common — as an unfinished work. ■ I 
transmit you a notice of a new work — in which you will observe j/oar 
name to be down — from authority ; but I will be frank and tell you, 
that 1 have reserved for you a large paper copy — ;^io, loj'.— subject to 
your rejection or possession. 'Twill be an immensely scarce work ; 
and perhaps my last performance. And now allow me to thank you, 
which I do very sincerely, for the splendid and acceptable present of 
the proofs of your countrymen's skill in the art of engraving. The 
specimens are most creditable to them. In return as soon as the 
" Reminiscences" are published, in September, I will send you a copy 
of my Lent Lectures on large paper, of which I shall beg your accept, 
ance. Your country is a young country but the infant is Hercules- 
Farewell, dear Sir, and accept the assurance of my respect and esteem. 

' Very much and truly, 

' T. F. DiBDIN.'" 

Lowndes thus speaks of the Bibliomania: — "The Bibliomania is 
written in dialogues or conversations, the characters introduced are 
well-known book collectors of the author's acquaintance. The great 
value of the work is in the notes, which abound with anecdotes of 
Books and Book Collectors, and an account of the rarer articles in 
their collections, and the prices at which they were sold, extracted 
from the sale catalogues. This work has in a great degree given a 
stimulus to the collecting of our early literature, and bibliography 
in this country, on which subjects it will be always consulted as an 
authority. — The characters personified are Aurelius, G. Chalmers, 
Esq. ; Atticus, Richard Heber, Esq.; Alfonso, Mr. Morell ; Bernardo, 
J. Haslewood, Esq.; Gonzalo, J. Dent, Esq.; Hortensius, W. Bol- 
land, Esq.; Leontes, J. Bindley, Esq.; Lepidus, Dr. Cosset ; Lysander 
and Rosicrusius, the Author; Lorenzo, Sir M. M. Sykes, Bart.; 
Lavinia's husband, J. Harrison, Esq.; Lisardo, R. Heathcote, Esq.; 
Marcellus, Edmond Malone, Esq. ; Mustapha, Mr. W. Gardiner ; 

Menander, Tom Warton ; Malvolio, ; Menaleus, Rev. H. 

Drury ; Mercurii, Foss, Triphook, and Griffiths ; Nicas, G. Shepherd, 
Esq.; Narcotus, Rev. J. Jones ; Orlando, M. Wodhull, Esq.; Pros- 
pero, F. Douce, Esq.; Philemon, J. Barwise, Esq.; Phormio,'R.&v. 
H. Vernon; Quisquilius, G. Baker, Esq.; Rinaldo, Mr. Edwards; 
Sir Tristram, Sir Walter Scott, Bart.; Sycorax, Joseph Ritson ; Ul- 
pian, E. V. Utterson, Esq. Some copies have the words 'Book 
Madaess' in the title-page, printed in red. It was published ati/. is., 
and has bri/Ught 8/. 8.f. Eighteen copies only were printed upbn 
LARGE PAPER, in two Volumes imperial octavo, in which was inserted 


a portrait of the author, in a clerical habit, engraved by Freeman after 
Masquerier, astatis xxxv. ; the plate was destroyed after twenty-five 
impressions were taken off. These copies were charged lo/. loj. , 
and have since been sold for 52/. \os. But since the enlarged edition, 
published in 1842 by Mr. Bohn, these prices have receded . " 

" You have contrived to strew flowers over a path which, in other 
hands, would have proved a very dull one ; and all Bibliomanes must 
remember you long, as he who first united their antiquarian details 
with good-humored raillery and cheerfulness." — Sir Walter Scott 
to Dr. Dibdin. 

IV. Dibdin. The Library Companion ; or, The Young 
Man's Guide, and the Old Man's Comfort, in the Choice 
of a Library. By the Rev. T. F. Dibdin. 2 vols, royal 
8vo, bound uniformly with the remainder of the volumes 
of lot 274 by Matthews, but stilted to match in height, 
and the top edges gilt. London, 1825 

Large paper. Very scarce, and second edition published at 
5/. 5j. With original MS. note on the fly-leaf by (?) Dr. Dibdin : — 
"V. E. ICing, Rear Admiral 1825. For the Revd. Russell Richards, 
with ' Dibdin's Reminiscences.' " There is also loose in this work a 
four-page MS. description of a set of 54 vols, of Dibdin, with memo- 
randum by " C. B. Richardson." 

Lowndes says ; — " This work contains much curious and important 
bibliographical information not elsewhere to be found, and will at all 
times be consulted, as a work of reference, by the Bibliographer, 
Biographer and Historian. It is only the first portion ; a second 
volume was to have appeared. Large paper, published at 5/. Jj. 
Dent, pt. i. 611, morocco, 2/. 14!'. Second edition (with a few cor- 
rections, but omitting the Cracherode breeches story, &c.), Lond. 
1825, Svo. Published at i/. is. Large paper at 5/. 5J. A post- 
script, containing a reply to the critiques on this work in the British 
Critic, Westminster and Quarterly Reviews, of which a few copies only 
were printed for private distribution. Svo. pp. 36." 

V. Dibdin. Bibliographical, Antiquarian, and Pic- 
turesque Tour in France and Germany. With fine 
impressions of the numerous beautiful engravings ; the vig- 
nettes, by Lewis, on India paper. 3 vols. 4to, morocco 
extra, gilt edges by Hayday to match the rest of lot 274. 

London, 1821 

Large paper. Only 100 copies printed. With the vignettes on 

India paper. First edition, and superior to the second of 1829, as 

it's abridged and omits — "all the original plates excepting five." 

" For these volumes $25,000 waspaidfor engraving alone. One of 

the most handsome that ever came from the British Press." — Scott, 


" One of the most beautiful and covetable books of modern times." 


" The most splendid publication which in my days I have seen." — 

The bibliographer Lowndes states of the 1821 original edition; — 
"This work contains much curious information respecting the MSS. 
and rare works in public and private libraries abroad. It is printed 
and embellished in the same style of excellence as the Doctor's other 
works. A private plate of Diana of Poictiers is inserted in some 
copies, at p. 478 of Vol. 2, engraved by Thompson from a picture by 
Primaticcio, formerly in the collection of Qaintin Craufurd, now in 
Earl Spencer's. This plate was destroyed after fifty impressions 
were taken off. Another plate of the Comte de Brienne was engraved 
as an additional illustration at p. 468 of Vol. 2. Also a View of the 
Prater at Vienna, engraved by Corbould, from a drawing by G. Lewis, 
at vol. 2, p. 469. An excellent critique on the work appeared in the 
New Edinburgh Review. Jadis, 124, with portrait inserted, morocco, 
15/. \is Dent, pt, i. 6og, g/. i^s. Nassau, pt. i. 968, russia, 
14/. i^s. Large paper, in 410, 100 copies printed. Drury, 1133, 
with numerous illustrations, morocco, 47/. 5J. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. 
i. 962, 21/. Brockett, mi, boards, 18/. its. Lang, 694, 21/. loj.'' 

The three very rare plates referred to above will be found in the 
following volume. 

VI. DiBDiN. A Series of Groups, Illustrating the Physi- 
ognomy, Manners, and Character of the People of France 
and Germany. By George Lewis. Containing sixty 
plates suitable to illustrate the Original Edition of the Tour 
in France and Germany. Bound uniformly by Matthews 
to match the other vols, of lot 274, and lettered "Dibdin's 
Antiquarian and Picturesque Tour. Vol. IV. Illustra- 
tions." London, 1823 
Largest paper. Genuine India Proof Impressions. Very 
SCARCE in this size. 

With the above are bound up Cotman's "Architectural Illustra- 
tions of Normandy," inlaid to size and India paper impressions, as 
well as the three extremely rare plates mentioned above. 

These are — I. J. Thomson's " Diane de Poictiers, from an original 
painting supposed to be by Primitaccio, late in the Collection of 
Quintin Craufurd, Esq., and now in that of Earl Spencer at Althorp," 
of which only 50 were printed; II. "Comte de Brienne, Grand 
Master of the Ceremonies to Francis the rst, etc., from an original 
painting in the Collection of the late Quintin Craufurd, Esq., en- 
graved by S. Freeman"; and III. "The Prater, Vienna, G. Lewis, 
Del., G. Corbould, Sculp." The volume also has theportrait of "M. V. 
F. Lamouroux, J. S. Cotman, delnt." 


Horatio Rogers says: — "It likewise contains one of the prints of 
Diana of Poictiers, the plate having been destroyed after seventy- five 
(query fifty) impressions had been taken off. ' I learn,' says Dibdin in 
a foot-note to his Reminiscences, 'that 3/. 13^. td. has been given for 
a single impression of this most original and fascinaiirg portrait.' " 

VII. Dibdin. A Bibliographical Antiquarian and Pictur- 
esque Tour in the Northern Counties of England and in 
Scotland. By the Rev. Thomas Frognall Dibdin, D.D. 
3 vols. 4to. Bound by Hayday to match the remainder 
of lot 274. 

'LoxiAovi, printed for the Author, MDCCCXXXVIII. 

Large paper. 100 copies printed. "With the vignette cuts on 
India paper as well as some of the plates. 

In this work the author concluded his tours. It is an essential 
companion to France and Germany; and, as it describes some collec- 
tions that have ceased to exist, possesses an historical interest. 

VIII. Dibdin. More (Sir T.). Utopia, translated by 
Robinson, with copious Notes (including the whole of Dr. 
Warner's) and a Bibliographical introduction by Dr. 
T. F. Dibdin. Portrait and wood engravings on the title 
and throughout the volume, with the rare plate of the 
More Family. Small 4to. Bound by Matthews to match 
the other volumes of the set with the top edge gilt, 
others uncut. Large paper. London, 1808 

' ' Large Paper. Forty copies only printed ; with the Private 
Plate of 'The Family of Sir Thomas More, ' which is not in the 
small paper copies." — Menzies's Catalogue, " prepared by ]o^'E¥YL 

"The Romance of the Utopia has a very common fate upon it — 
to be more known and admired all the world over than here at home." 
— Bp. Burnet. 

' ' When the Utopia of Sir Thomas More was first pubUshed it 
occasioned a pleasant mistake. This political romance represents a 
perfect, but visionary republic, in an island supposed to have been 
newly discovered in America. ' As this was the age of discovery, ' 
says Granger, ' the learned Budeeus, and others, took it for genuine 
history; and considered it as highly expedient that missionaries should 
be sent thither, in order to convert so wise a nation to Christianity.'' 
— D'IsRAELi's Curiosities of Literature. 

IX. Dibdin. Bibliotheca Spenceriana; or a Descriptive 
Catalogue of the Books printed in the Fifteenth Century, 
and of many Valuable First Editions, in the Library of 
George John, Earl Spencer, K.G., etc. etc. etc. By the 


Reverend Thomas Frognall Dibdin. Fine quartered 
coat of arms of the Spencer Family by Sir Isaac Heard, 
with numerous other engravings, facsimiles, etc. 4 vols, 
imperial 8vo. Bound uniformly, by Matthews, with the 
rest of lot 274 and with top edges gilt. 

London, printed for the Author, 1814 15 

A SPLENDID COPY and with Nos. X. and XI. of lot 274, make a 
handsome and uniform library set of these important works. The 
seven volumes complete were published in boards at twenty guineas. 
In a recent catalogue Henry Sotheran & Co., the celebrated biblio- 
poles of London and Manchester, England, asked £44 los. for a 
large paper copy of the " Bibliotheca Spenceriana." 

The duplicate of p. 509, Vol. III., containing the beautifully 
engraved figure of Hesiod, printed after the volume was issued, and 
wanting in many copies, is in its place in this. 

' ' This catalogue contains only the works printed in the fifteenth 
century and the Editiones Principes. It is compiled with the greatest 
care and industry, and those who have had occasion to consult its 
pages, can testify to its accuracy and great utility. The collection is 
the finest private one in Europe; the catalogue will ever be regarded 
as of the first importance to the theologian, the historian and the 
critic, and as a perfect model for the bibliographer. " — Lowndes. 

X. Dibdin. ^des Althorpian^; or, An Account of the 

Mansion, Books and Pictures at Althorp, the Residence of 

George John, Earl Spencer, K.G., to which is added 

a Supplement to the Bibliotheca Spenceriana. With 32 

beautiful engravings of the most important pictures in the 

gallery, and charming woodcuts on India paper, a systematic 

Catalogue of Editions of the Scriptures, and an Account 

of the Aldine Editions. 2 vols, imperial 8vo. Bound by 

Matthews uniformly in morocco, gilt tops, trimmed edges, 

to correspond with the set. London, 1822 

A very fine copy of this magnificent work. Mr. Farnum states that 

— "Mr. Welf ord considers the impressions of the plates in the ' Althorp- 

ianffi ' the finest he ever saw. 

See the author's Reminiscences, II., 557-94, for the interesting 
account of the publication of this work, where it appears that the cost 
of engraving the portraits was upwards of ;^2,ooo. 

" This work is intended as a Supplement to the Bibliotheca Spen- 
ceriana, forming Vols. 5 and 6. It contains an account of the Ances- 
tors of Earl Spencer, a history of the mansion, with an account of 
the pictures, and 32 engravings of the most important in the gallery, 
a systematic catalogue of editions of the Scriptures, an account of the 
Aldine editions, not contained in the former volumes. A supplement 
to the works printed in the fifteenth century." — Lowndes. 


XI. DiBDiN. A Descriptive Catalogue of the Books printed 
in the Fifteenth Century, lately forming Part of the 
Library of the Duke Di Cassano Serra, and now the 
Property of George John, Earl Spencer, K.G. With a 
General Index of Authors and Editions contained in the 
present Volume and in the Bibliotheca Spenceriana and 
^des Althorpianas. Imperial 8vo. Bound uniformly by 
Matthews with the other volumes of the set in morocco, 
with the top edge gilt. 

'LovAon, printed for the Author, 1823 
This forms another — the third and last — supplemental volume to 
the "Bibliotheca Spenceriana," with an index to the seven vol- 
umes, and completes that virork. 

This series of seven volumes will always be a favorite with the 
collectors of rare books, etc. , because they describe an actual col- 
lection of books which will probably never be dispersed. See Home's 
Bibl., II. 533. 

" This forms the seventh volume of the Bibliotheca Spenceriana, and 
contains many rare and curious articles printed in the fifteenth cen- 
tury, not described in the former volumes. The author in the preface 
states ' that the descriptions contained in the seven volumes occupy 
nearly 3,000 pages,' and adds, ' When the Study of Bibliography 
shall be more generally cultivated, its uses will be more generally 
acknowledged. It will be found to rank among those branches of 
antiquarian research, which are as conducive to correct taste and use- 
ful intelligence as any other. I have done everything in my power to 
establish, on a firm foundation, the celebrity of a Library, of which 
the remembrance can only perish with every other record of individual 
fame.' " — Lowndes. 
Together one lot of 24 vols., making a superb and magnifi- 
cent set hardly to be equalled and of which all the volumes 
are large paper copies with the exception of the " Bibli- 
otheca Spenceriana," 7 vols., which are small paper but 
range in height with the other 17 vols. The whole uni- 
formly bound in the finest possible morocco binding — 
polished, sage colored, with heavy tooling on the back, 
sides and insides, with leather joints, mostly gilt edges all 
round and a few gilt top edges only, the others trimmed 
or uncut — the choice example of Charles Lewis's binding, 
the above described " BibHographical Decameron " [minus 
the coats of arms on the sides and crests on the backs] 
being taken by the celebrated Hayday of London and 
Matthews of New York as the patterns from which the 


remainder of the set were bound by them. Of this 
remarkable set of 24 vols., with its beautiful pages, the 
brilliant impressions of its engravings [including the rare 
and costly inserted plates], and its superb reliure can be 
employed the same language which the preparer of the 
Menzies Catalogue used in describing that set—" In fine, 
we do not hesitate to state, that, taking the collection 
volume for volume, leaf for leaf, and plate for plate, its 
purity and beauty of condition cannot be excelled, if 
indeed equalled, by any other, either in, or out of, the 
United States. It may here be remarked that no part of 
the set has been subjected to the process of washing, as the 
crisp and firm texture of each and every leaf, throughout, 
will sufficiently testify." 

275 DiBDiN. Bibliographical, Antiquarian and Pictur- 
esque Tour in France and Germany. Second Edition. 
With portraits and numerous highly-finished plates, steel vig- 
nettes on India paper and many woodcuts, also numerous in- 
serted and mounted illustrations. 3 vols, extended to 8, 8vo, 
handsomely bound by Zaehnsdorf in full red morocco 
elegant, bevelled sides, gilt edges. 

London, Robert Jennings and John Major, 1829 
Unique and extraordinary extra illustrated copy, containing about 
600 inserted plates, consisting of portraits, views, etc., etc. The por- 
traits consist of rare and very scarce plates of royal and noble person- 
ages, authors, statesmen, artists, churchmen, soldiers and miscellaneous 
persons, of which a five-page MS. list is inserted. Some of the por- 
traits and views are colored, and on page 370 of Vol. 8 is an illuminated 
portrait of S. Francois Xavier on vellum. There are also— a very rare 
Bartolozzi before letters of "Hebe," after Cipriani; a fine por- 
trait of Hollar, engraved by himself; a proof impression of Del- 
VAUx's exquisite portrait of Gessner; an original title-page to a rare 
edition of " Terence," engraved by Wm. Marshall; and a number of 
views from Turner's " Rivers of France ' — original impressions, now 
so scarce. Many of the engravings are of great rarity. 

The "Tour in France and Germany" is a work of exhaustless 
attraction for all lovers of the picturesque, and of bibliographical and 
antiquarian lore, and Lowndes remarks of it — " This work contains 
much curious information respecting the MSS. and Rare Works in 
public and private Libraries abroad. It is printed and embellished in 
the same style of excellence as Dibdin's other works." 

" A work calculated to have as intoxicating an effect on the imagin- 
ation of literary antiquaries as the adventures of the heroes of the 



Round Table on all true knights, or the tales of the early American 
voyagers on the ardent spirits of their age. It has not passed, how- 
ever, without some hostile (though unfounded) remarks from the 
printers, binders, and librarians of France. Foremost among his an- 
tagonists stands M. Crapelet, Imfrimeur, who has not only thrown off 
a hundred copies of Mr. Dibdin's Thirtieth ' Letter, avecdes Notes,' but 
has also printed for M. Licquet his version of the Ninth ' Letter, 
avec des Notes' likewise, and the bookbinder, Lesne's Epistle to the 
English Bibliographer. M. Crapelet is offended with Mr. Dibdin's cari- 
cature of the ' Boulevards Italiens' with his request to have a private 
plate of 'Madame son Epouse' (and still more, with his wishing to 
have it done at his own expense), with his description of a Ccena Deum 
at Mr. Crapelet's house, with his slily caricaturing or abusing the 
younger Brunet (car il ne d'ecrit rien de sang f raid), with his vaunting 
the superiority of English charities over others in his description of 
those of Mme. Truettel, at Groslay, near Montmorency, and with his 
having let out his name as the author of the ' Souvenirs de Londres. ' 
Mr. Dibdin replied to him satisfactorily in a small brochure entitled 
' A Rowland for an Oliver,' of which only thirty-six copies were 
printed. M. Licquet is now head librarian of the public Library of 
Rouen; and M. Peignot, who fills the same office at Dijon, a Dibdino 
Stat. His Two Letters are printed by Renouard. Last and least in 
size, but greatest in virulence and even insanity of attack, is Lesne, 
who brings both horse and foot to the encounter, and assaults with a 
mixture of verse and prose." — Wrangham. 

276 Dibdin. — A'Kempis (T.). The Imitation of Jesus Christ. 

Translated from the Latin. Originally ascribed to Thomas 
A'Kempis; with an Introduction and Notes by the Rev. 
Thomas Frognall Dibdin, D.D. Imperial 8vo, cloth, 
uncut. 'London, Major and Pickering, 1828 

Large paper, only 50 copies printed, and extremely scarce. With 
5 vignette plates. Proofs on India Paper in the text, and a loose 
plate of the " Salvator Mundi," after Guercino, to face the title. Rici's 
copy sold in 1870 for $67.50. 

277 Dibdin. A'Kempis — Of the Imitation of Jesus Christ. 

Translated from the Latin Original ascribed to Thomas 
A'Kempis, by T. F. Dibdin, D.D. Frontispiece after 
Guercino, and rubricated title. Svo, purple morocco, gilt 
edges. London, W. Pickering, 185 1 

Printed by " C. Whittingham, Chiswick." 

" This is the most excellent book which ever came from the hand of 
man : the Gospel being of Divine Original." - Fontenelle. 

278 Dibdin. The Bibliomania; or Book Madness ; containing 

some account of the History, Symptoms, and Cure of this 


fatal Disease. In an epistle addressed to Richard Heber, 
Esq. 8vo, boards, uncut. London, 1809 

First Edition of this amusing and instructive book, now very 
RARE. The great value of this work is in the Notes, wrhich abound 
with anecdotes of books and book collectors, and an account of the 
rarer articles in their collections, and the prices at which they were sold. 

"I have not yet recovered from the delightful delirium into which 
your ' Bibliomania ' has completely thrown me. Your book, to my 
taste, is one of the most extraordinary gratifications I have enjoyed 
for many years. " — Isaac Disraeli. 

279 DiBDiN. Bibliomania, or Book- Madness. Reprint of 

THE First Editon. 4to, sewed, uncut. London, 1809 
Large paper, on heavy paper. " Privately reprinted for the Club 

of Odd Sticks, 1864," to the number of 40 quarto and 57 royal octavo, 
A most interesting supplement to any collection of Dibdiniana, and 

exhibiting the influence and progress of the disease in America. 

280 DiBDiN. Bibliomania; or Book-Madness: A Bibliographical 

Romance, in Six Parts. Illustrated with Cuts. Thick 8vo, 
calf gilt, sprinkled edges. 

'London, Printed for the Author, 181 1 

Very rare Second edition, with MS. Notes at the end. 

' ' It would now be useless to pass an encomium on this work, as its 
merits are so fully established as to have more than doubled the orig- 
inal price of a volume now with difSculty to be obtained. — Gentle- 

281 DiBDiN. Bibhophobia. Remarks on the present languid and 

depressed state of literature and the book trade, in a letter 
addressed to the author of the " Bibliomania." By Mer- 
curius Rusticus. With notes by Cato Parvus. 8vo, 
boards. London, Henry Bohn, 1832 

Large paper. One hundred copies only printed for "those whom 
it may concern." The above copy has a loose duplicate title-page. 

" Fear is the order of the day. To those very natural and long- 
established fears of Bailiffs and Tax-Gatherers, must now be added the 
fear of Reform, of Cholera, and of Books." — P. 6. 

282 DiBDiN. Poems. Vignette. 8vo, half morocco, top edge 

gilt. London, Printed for the Author, iig-j 

Very scarce; having been suppressed by the author. This copy has 

Notes in John Allan's handwriting. He quotes — "The Duke of 

York's copy sold for i6j-. at Brockett's £1 2s., and Bindley's^fi iSj.'' 
In the first edition of the Bibliomania is a curious note respecting 

these Poems, from which it appears that 500 copies were printed, the 

major part of which were destroyed. 

"■ My only consolation is' (says the author), 'that the volume is 

exceedingly rare! ' " — Lowndes. 


283 DiBDiN. Bibliography. A Poem in six books. With pre- 

face and notes. 8vo, boards, uncut. London, 181 2 

Very rare. Fifty copies only privately printed, not published, the 
greater part of which were destroyed by the author. 

" There is no title-page to this effusion from the pen of Dr. Dibdin." 
— Martin. 

284 Dibdin. Specimen Bibliothecse Britannicse. Specimen of a 

Digested Catalogue of Rare, Curious, and Useful Books in 
the English Language all appertaining to British Literature 
and Antiquities. 8vo, half morocco, gilt edges. 

London, 1808 

Forty copies only were privately printed, not published. 

285 [Dibdin.] The Director. A Weekly Literary Journal, con- 

taining Essays on Subjects of Literature, the Fine Arts and 
Manners, Bibliographiana, &c. 2 vols, in i. Svo, calf. 

London, Longman, 1807 

Contains essays on literature and the fine arts, bibliographiana, 

accounts of rare and curious books and book sales, sketches of modern 

writers, eminent ancient artists, &c., by T. F. Dibdin, Sir H. Davy, 

and Sir Thos. Bernard. With title-page to Vol. 2 supplied. 

286 Dickens (Charles). A Christmas Carol in Prose. Being a 

Ghost Story of Christmas. With illustrations by S. Ey- 
TiNGEj/n, engraved by A. V. S. Anthony. 4to, cloth, 
gilt. Boston, 1869 

With letter inserted of Anthony, the engraver, to Mr. Famum 
respecting W. J. Linton, the celebrated British engraver. 

287 Dickens. A Pickwickian Pilgrimage, by John R. G. Has- 

SARD. i6mo, cloth. Boston, 1881 

John R. G. Hassard is a member of the " New York Tribune " edi- 
torial staff. He has written other captivating volumes. 

288 Dictionary of Musicians from the Earliest Ages to the 

Present Time. 2 vols. 8vo, half russia gilt. London, 1825 
Comprising — " the most important biographical contents of the works 
of Gerber, Choron, and Fayolle, Count Orloff, Dr. Burney, Sir John 
Hawkins, etc., etc., together with upwards of a hundred original 
memoirs of the most eminent living musicians and a summary of the 
history of music." 


289 [DiLKS.] Old English Plays. Being a Selection from 

the Early Dramatic Writers. 6 vols. 8vo, half morocco, 
top edges gilt, others uncut. 

London, Whittingham and Rowland, 18 14 
Large paper and a fine copy. A desirable addition to Dodsley's 

290 D'IsRAELi (Isaac). Amenities of Literature, consisting 

of Sketches and Characters of English Literature. New 
edition, edited by his Son, the Right Hon. B. D'Israeli. 
2 vols. 8vo, half morocco, uncut, top edges gilt, Roxburghe 
style. Boston, 1864 

Large paper. Only 100 copies privately printed at the Riverside 
Press, uniform with the following lot. 

" The nick-nacks of literature collected in Mr. Disraeli's cabinet were 
selected from sources not generally accessible to ordinary readers. 
These volumes are not only admirably adapted to minister to the amuse- 
ment of the lounger and refined trifler, but they have higher capacities, 
as curious and authentic pictures of the manners of ruder times, and 
records of the progress of letters from their rise in the dark middle ages 
to almost the present era. " 

291 D'Israeli. Curiosities of Literature, with a View of 

the Life and Writings of the Author, by his Son. Portrait. 
4 vols. 8vo, half Roxburghe morocco, uncut. 

Boston, Riverside Press, 1864 
Large paper. Only 100 copies privately printed . 

292 D'Israeli. Literary Character, or History of Men of Genius 

and Calamities and Quarrels of Authors. 2 vols, crown 
8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1859 

293 [D'Israeli (I.).J Flim-Flams ! or. The Life and Errors of 

my Uncle and his Friends. Plates by Dagley. 3 vols, 
post 8vo, old calf. London, 1805 

Printed by C. Whittingham. The above copy has the autograph 
signatures of Lord Charles Augustus Fitz-Roy on the titles. 

294 DoDD (Charles R.). A Manual of Dignities, Privilege and 

Precedence : including Lists of the Great Public Function- 
aries from the Revolution to the Present Time. Cuts. 
Thick post 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1843 

By the author of Dodd's Peerage. 

29s DoDSLEY (R.). Old [English] Plays ; Select Collection of, 
with additional Notes and Corrections by Reed, Gil- 
christ [and J. P. Collier]. 8vo. Together 13 vols. 


Uniformly bound in yellow sprinkled calf, gilt, contents 
lettered, marbled edges, with the 13th volume bound to 
match, and stilted to the same size as the large paper 
12 vols. London, 1825-33 

Best edition on large paper, with the rare thirteenth 


In a foot-note to his account of the Farnum Library, Mr. Horatio 
Rogers says : — "It is very difficult to pick up a perfect large paper 
copy of the edition of ' Dodsley's Old Plays' in twelve volumes, pub- 
lished by Septimus Prowett in 1825-27, with a supplemental volume 
issued by William Pickering in 1833. One reason is that, after it had 
become scarce, extra sets were made up, as far as possible, from 
sheets left over, lacking signatures being supplied by printing new 
ones, which but imperfectly matched the original. Another reason is 
that the time of issuing the set stretched over several years. Mr. 
Farnum in making up his set collected no less than three different 
copies before securing a perfect one. The writer experienced almost 
as much difficulty in making up an uncut copy on small paper. This 
edition will probably always continue to be highly prized . The edition 
recently issued, and edited by Hazlitt, will scarcely supplant it as Mr. 
Hazlitt has omitted some plays that have recently appeared in the 
collected works of their authors, but which are to be found in the 
Prowett edition : he has also added some plays not to be found in 

This valuable work contains sixty of our best and scarcest Early Plays, 
beginning with the first Dramatic performances, entitled ' ' Moralities 
or Mysteries.'' Interspersed with much valuable information respect- 
ing our early Drama and Poetry. 

296 Donne (John, D.D., Dean of St. Paul's). Devotions with 

Two Sermons. To which is Prefixed his Life by Izaac 
Walton. Engraved front. i6mo, cloth. 

London, William Pickering, 1840 
Printed by C. Whittingham. Dryden called Donne — "the greatest 
wit, though not the greatest poet, of our nation." 

297 DoRAN (Dr.). Annals of the Stage, from Thomas Bet- 

TERTON to Edmund Kean. Actors, Authors, Audiences, 
with numerous portraits, etc. 2 vols, 4to, cloth, uncut. 

N. Y., /. Widdleton, 1865 

Large paper ; only 161 copies printed, above being No. 2g. 

' ' His [Doran's] literary bent was manifested at the age of fifteen, 
when he produced the melodrama of ' The Wandering Jew, ' which was 
first played at the Surrey Theatre in 1822, for Tom Blanchard's benefit.'' 



298 DoRB (Gustave). Adventures of Baron Munchausen. 

A New and Revised Edition, with an Introduction by T. 
Teignmouth Shore, M.A. Illustrated by Gustave 
Dor£. 4to, half scarlet morocco, gilt edges. London, n. d. 

Original Edition. Baron Munchausen not only told the most 
extraordinary stories in the body of his work, but concealed his name. 
It has been settled by recent investigations that the author was Pro- 
fessor F. E . Raspe, who ran away from Cassel because he had been 
caught in stealing articles from the cabinet of antiquities there. His 
famous tales were likewise generally abstracted from the old Greek 
story writers. 

299 Dor^. Dante Alighieri. L'Enfer, traduction Francaise 

de Pier Angelo Fiorentino, accompagn^e du Texte 
Italien. Illustrated with the marvellous designs of Gustave 
DoR^. Large" 4to, half morocco, gilt, cloth sides, gilt edges. 
(A few pp. loose.) Paris, Hachette, 1862 

Genuine first French edition, with brilliant impressions of the wood 
engravings illustrating this wonderful book. 

Full of the loftiest imaginative insight — the tenderest gaze of fancy. 

' ' The most Dantesque work on Dante that was ever produced. " — 
London Times, 

300 DoRE. Cervantes. L'Ingenieux Hidalgo Don Qui- 


Saavedra. Traduction de Louis Viardot. Illustrated 
with upwards of 360 large illustrations and vignettes by 
DoR^, engraved by Pisan. Large 4to, cloth, uncut. 

Paris, Hachette, 1863 

Original French edition, with the first impressions of the illustra- 

These wonderful illustrations by Dore are distinguished by rich 
humor, startling Rembrandt-like effects of light and shade, bold deal- 
ings with form, and true studies of the human figure. 

301 DoRE. La Sainte Bible selon la Vulgate. Traduction 

Nouvelle avec les Dessins de Gustave Dor^. Illustrated 
with original impressions of the wood engravings after the 
remarkable designs of Gustave DoRifi. 2 vols, large 4to, 
cloth, uncut. Tours, Alfred Mame et Fits, editeurs, 1866 
Genuine First and French edition of Dore's magnificent Bible, with 
superb impressions of his illustrations to the Holy Scriptures. 

302 DoRE. The Same. Specimen Part of the English Edition. 



303 DORE (J. R). Old Bibles, or an Account of the Various 

Versions of the English Bible. i6mo, cloth, uncut. 

London, Pickering, 1876 

" The hole byble was long before Wydiffe's days by vertuous and 

well learned men, translated into the English tong ; and by good and 

godly people with devotion, and soberness, well and reverendly red." 

— Sir Thomas More. 

304 Downing (A. J.). Treatise on Theory and Practice of 

Landscape Gardening, adapted to North America, with a 
View to the Improvement of Country Residences, etc. 
Illustrated. Royal 8vo, cloth. N. Y., 1844 

With remarks on Rural Architecture. 

305 Doyle (J. E.). Chronicles of England, from b. c. 55 to 

A. D. 1485. Written and illustrated by J. E. Doyle. 
Printed on thick-toned paper, and embellished with 81 
colored engravings of remarkable events. Thick 4to, 
cloth, bevelled sides, gilt edges. London, Longmans, 1864 
Very scarce. The designs were engraved and printed in colors by 
Edmund Evans. 

306 Drake (Nathan). Essays and Literary Hours, being: — 

I. Drake. Essays, Biographical, Critical, and Historical, 
illustrative of the Rambler, Adventurer, and Idler. 
Portrait and view. 2 vols. London, 18 10 

II. Drake. Essays illustrative of the Tatler, Spectator, 
and Guardian. Portraits, etc. 3 vols. 

London, C. Whittingham, 1805 

III. Drake. Literary Hours. 3 vols. London, 1820 
Together 8 vols, uniform half morocco gilt, top 


Large paper. The copy of the " Literary Hours" is from the 
Library of J. G. Percival, and has his autograph signature. "If I ' 
were called to name the writer in the lighter walks of English litera- 
ture, who, by his essays and ingenious illustrations of our standard 
authors, is most calculated to refine the taste and to excite an ardent 
taste for reading and literary pursuits, I should name Dr. Nathan 
Drake . ' ' — Cleveland . 

307 Drake. The Gleaner : A Series of Periodical Essays ; 

Selected and Arranged from Scarce or Neglected Volumes, 

with an Introduction and Notes. 4 vols. 8vo, half calf 

gilt. London, 18 11 

The Gleaner is a collection of essays selected from authors not in- 


eluded in the British Essayists. Dr. AUibone writes as follows respect- 
ing Nathan Drake's works — " We have been surprised and mortified 
to notice the shameful ignorance prevailing in America respecting the 
publications of this eminent writer." 

308 Drake (Samuel G.). The History and Antiquities of Bos- 

ton, from its settlement in 1630 to the year 1770. With 
Notes, Critical and Illustrative. Engraved portraits, views, 
facsimiles, etc., with India proof portrait of the Author, 
maps, and numerous woodcuts of coats of arms. Folio, half 
morocco, cloth sides, marbled edge. 

Boston, published by the Author, 1857 
Large paper. " Of this edition (in folio) only loi copies printed," 
The above copy is — " No. 63 (signed) Laura M. Crane." 

"One hundred copies only printed ; with the extra title-page, and 
the scarce and fine portrait of the author from a private plate. This 
splendid set contains one hundred and six additional illustrations, many 
of which are scarce, including several proofs on India paper."— _/i?j«^A 
J. Cooke Catalogue. 

309 Drake. Book of the Indians ; or Biography and History of 

the Indians of North America, from its First Discovery to 
the Year 1841. Plates, portraits and maps. Royal 8vo, 
cloth, uncut. Boston, 1841 

Very scarce. The best and eighth edition, with large additions 
and corrections. 

" It is the result of a lifetime of labor, by one who spared no pains 
to be at the same time faithful to the completeness and truthfulness of 
history." — Thomas W. Field Catalogue. 

310 Drayton (Michael). Poetical Works complete, with Life, 

etc. Portrait. 4 vols. 8vo, calf gilt, citron edges, by 
Hayday. London, 1753 

Very scarce and a splendid copy of the best edition of Drayton. 

Dibdin, on page 726 of the " Library Companion," says — "A third 
and now scarce impression is that of 1753, 8vo, 4 vols. . . . These 
editions contain notes upon the Polyolbion; notes full of curious and 
erudite matters relating to the history and topography of our country. " 

" In Drayton's works we may discern the liveliness of Spenser, the 
happy power of Shakspeare, and all the skill of Ben Jonson." 

311 Drummond (William, of Hawthornden). Poetical Works, 

edited by Turnbull. Post 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, John Russell Smith, 1856 
"The Sonnets of Drummond," says Hallam, "are polished and 
elegant, free from conceit and bad taste, and in pure unblemished 
EngHsh. " 


312 Dryden (John). Complete Works, now first collected. 

Illustrated with Notes, Critical, Historical and Explana- 
tory, and a Life of the Author by Sir Walter Scott. 
Fine portrait. 18 vols. 8vo, elegantly bound in calf gilt, 
sprinkled edges. London, 1808 

A superb copy. 

" The public voice lias assigned to Dryden the first place in the sec- 
ond rank of our poets — no mean station in a table of intellectual pre- 
cedency so rich in illustrious names. It is allowed that even of the 
few who were his superiors in genius, none has exercised a more exten- 
sive or permanent influence on the national habits of thought and 
expression. His manner is almost perfect. Magnificent versification 
and ingenious combinations rarely harmonize with expressions of deep 
feeling ; in Juvenal and Dryden, alone, we have the sparkle and the 
heat together." — Macaulay. 

313 DuYCKiNCK (Evert A. and George L.). Cyclopedia of 

American Literature; embracing Personal and Critical 
Notices of Authors, and Selections from their Writings. 
From the earliest period to the present day. With por- 
traits, autographs and other illustrations. 2 vols, royal 8vo, 
cloth. N. Y., 1856 

This first edition is printed on thicker paper than that of a later 
date. The work contains personal and critical notices of authors and 
selections from their writings, with 225 woodcut portraits, 425 fac- 
simile autographs, and 75 views of colleges, etc. 

" It well deserves a place in every American library." — Allibone. 

314 DuNCKER (Professor Max). The History of Antiquity, 

from the German, by Evelyn Abbott, M.A. Vols, i to 
5 inclusive. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, Bentley, 1877-81 
Each volume of the above is sold separately by the. publishers at 
a guinea per volume. In the preface to his work Professor Duncker 
states : — ' ' My narrative embraces those independent civilizations of 
the ancient East which came to exercise a mutual influence on each 
other. First we follow the kingdom on the Nile and the kingdoms of 
Hither Asia as far as the point where the nations of Iran began to 
influence their destinies. Then I attempt to set forth the peculiar 
development of the Aryan tribes in the valleys of the Indus and the 
Ganges, down to the times of Chandragupta and Afoka. Then fol- 
lows the history of the Bactrians, the Medes, and the Persians, until 
the period when the nations of the table-land of Irana were united by 
Darius with the countries of Western Asia, when Aryan life and Aryan 
civilization have gained supremacy over the whole region from Ceylon 
to the Nile and the Hellespont. The forms of life among the king- 
doms of Asia are finally brought face to face with the more youthful 


civilization attained by the Hellenes in their mountain cantons. This 
new development we follow down to the first great shock when East 
and West met in conflict, and the Achaemenids sought to crush the 
Hellenes under the weight of Asia. With the failure of this attempt 
my history of the ancient world concludes." 

315 DuNLOP (John). History of Fiction; being a Critical 

Account of the Most Celebrated Prose Works of Fiction 
from the Earliest Greek Romances to the Novels of the 
Present Age. Second edition. 3 vols, post 8vo, calf gilt 
(one back damaged). Edinburgh, 1816 

Best edition. This pleasant and esteemed work gives an analyt- 
ical account of the principal romances and works of fiction of all ages 
and countries, from the earliest writers of Greece and Rome (Heliodo- 
rus, Longus, Apuleius, etc.), down to the age of Boccaccio and Ban- 
dello, in Italy ; Cervantes, in Spain ; Rabelais, Le Sage and La Fon- 
taine, in France ; and Fielding and Smollett, in England ; with 
especial attention to the ancient Romances of Chivalry, Heroic and 
Pastoral Romances and Fairy Tales. 

316 DuNLOP. History of Roman Literature from Its Earliest 

Period to and during the Augustan Age. Elegant vignette 
heads. 3 vols. 8vo, calf, marbled edges. London, 1823-28 

A iine copy of this very scarce and valuable edition, and including 
the now rare third volume. 

317 DuRER (Albert). Passio Christi: the Little Passion of 

Albert Durer, edited by W. C. Prime. 37 wood engrav- 
ings by this celebrated master, exactly reproduced in facsimile 
from the rare originals, with portrait of Durer. Royal 
4to, cloth, uncut. 

N. Y., J. W. Bouton, 706 Broadway, 1868 

Printed on heavy, glazed paper, and a splendid example of J. W. 
Bouton's art publications. 

The Little Passion of Albert Durer, consisting of thirty-seven wood- 
cuts, has long been regarded as one of the most remarkable collections 
of illustrations known to the world. Complete sets of the entire series 
are excessively rare. The editions which have been published in 
modern times in Europe are defective, lacking more or less of the 
plates, and are of an inferior and unsatisfactory class of workman- 

318 Durer. His Life and Works, including Autobiographical 

Papers and Complete Catalogues, by W. B. Scott. Por- 
traits, etchings and woodcuts. Square 8vo, cloth, red edges. 

London, 1869 


319 DuRER. The History of the Life of Albrecht Durer, 

of Nurnberg. With a Translation of his Letters and Jour- 
nal and some Account of his Works. By Mrs. Charles 
Heaton. With numerous illustrations, full page. 4to, cloth, 
bevelled sides, gilt edges. London, 1870 

Ten of the 31 illustrations in the above, and which are mostly speci- 
mens of Durer's works, are reproductions by the autotype process. 

320 DwiGHT. History of the Hartford Convention: with a 

Review of the Policy of the United States Government, 
which led to the War of 1812. By Theodore Dwight, 
Secretary of the Convention. 8vo, cloth. N. Y., 1833 

321 Dyce (Rev. Alexander). Specimens of English Sonnets, 

selected, with Notes. Square i2mo, cloth, uncut. 

London, Pickering, 1833 
Scarce. Printed by C. Whittingham. 
" Mr. Dyce's notes are peculiarly delightful." — Literary Gazette. 

322 Dyer (Thomas H., LL.D.). Pompeii: its History, Build- 

ings and Antiquities. Map, plan, and -^oo woodcuts. 8vo, 
pohshed calf extra, marbled edges. London, 1871 

Third edition, and gives — "an account of the destruction of the 
city, with a full description of the remains, and of the recent excava- 
tions, and also an itinerary for visitors." 


323 If^^^ASTLAKE (C. L.). History of the Gothic 
Revival; an Attempt to show how the Taste for 
Mediaeval Architecture has since been encour- 
aged and developed. With 48 beautiful engrav- 

ings on wood. 4to, cloth gilt, bevelled sides, top edge gilt. 

London, 1872 
An attempt to show how the taste for mediseval architecture and 
sestheticism has been encouraged and developed, and of which Oscar 
Wilde is but a comparatively recent apostle. 

324 Edgeworth (Maria). Works, i. e. : — 

I. Edgeworth. Tales and Novels. With highly finished 
frontispieces and vignettes. 18 vols, foolscap 8vo, yellow 
calf extra, contents lettered, gilt top edges, others uncut, 
by R. W. Smith. London, Baldwin &= Cradock, 1832 

Best edition, including — Moral Tales, 2 vols ; Popular Tales, 2 vols; 
Belinda, 2 vols; Castle Rackrent and Irish Bulls; Tales of Fashion- 
able Life, 5 vols; Patronage, 3 vols; Ormond; Harrington and 
Thoughts on Bores; Leonard and Letters. 

II. Edgeworth. Helen, a Tale. 3 vols. 8vo, yellow calf 
extra, gilt top edges, others uncut and bound by R. W. 

Smith to match the " Tales and Novels." 

London, Bentley, 1834 
Second Edition. Never published precisely to match the above set 
of eighteen volumes. 

III. Edgeworth. A duplicate set of the 36 frontispieces 
and vignette titles on India paper to the 1832 edition of 
the " Tales and Novels " (some foxed). Royal 8vo, calf 
gilt, top edge gilt, others uncut (not uniformly bound with 
the preceding). London, Bentley, 1832 

Together 22 vols. Calf gilt, top edges gilt, others 
UNCUT. London, 1832-54 

Very Scarce. A beautiful set of the best and elegant edition. 
" She [Miss Edgeworth] is the author of works never to be for- 


gotten; of works which can never lose their standard value as ' English 
classics,' and deserve their honorable name more than half the dull and 
licentious trash bound up in our libraries under that title." — Edward 

325 Edwards (E., Librarimi). Libraries and Founders of 

Libraries. Royal 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1865 

Large paper, and 50 copies only printed on thick paper. Now 
out of print, and scarce. 

This valuable bibliographical work is in a large measure based upon 
documents hitherto unused, and upon personal examination of the prin- 
cipal collections which are described. 

325* Edwards. Memoirs of Libraries, including a Hand- 
book of Library Economy, with nwiterous engravings of 
early MSS. j facsimiles of types, bookbindings, etc. 2 
vols, royal 8vo, half morocco, top edge gilt, Roxburghe 

Large and thick paper. Only 50 copies printed. This impor- 
tant work was in preparation during upwards of thirteen years. 
Neither France nor Germany can boast of a work treating the subjects 
with a similar comprehensiveness, and in England the work has cer- 
tainly had no predecessor. 

326 Edwards (Edward). Anecdotes of Painters who have re- 

sided or been born in England (intended as a continuation 
of Walpole's Anecdotes of Painting). Illustrated with 
34 plates, portraits, etc. Royal 4to, half calf. 

London, 1808 

Large paper and very scarce. The author was teacher of Perspec- 
tive at the British Royal Academy. 

327 Ellis (George). Specimens of Early English Metrical 

Romances, Chiefly Written During the Early Part of the 
XlVth Century, with an Historical Introduction, intended 
to Illustrate the Rise and Progress of Romantic Com- 
position in France and England. 3 vols, crown 8vo, 
calf. London, 1805 

Large paper, cut down. With autograph of " Jas. Hamilton 
Stanhope " on the titles. 

Sir Walter Scott addressed the Fifth Canto of Marmion to EUis 
and in his "Diary" wrote : — "George Ellis was the first converser 
I ever saw. His patience and good-breeding made me often ashamed 
of myself, going off at once upon some favorite topic." 



328 Ellis, Percy and Southey's English Poetry, compris- 

ing :— 

I. Ellis (George). Specimens of Early English Poets, 
with Sketch of the Rise and Progress of Poetry and Lan- 
guage, and Glossary. Illuminated titles. London, 1845 

II. Percy (T.). Reliques of Ancient English Poetry, 
Old Ballads, Songs, etc., with some of later date, Notes 
and Glossary. 3 vols. Illuminated titles. London, 1S47 

III. SouTHEY (R.). Specimens of the Later English Poets, 
with Preliminary Notices. 3 vols. London, 1807 

Together 9 vols, post 8vo, uniform half smooth 


London, 1807-47 
A handsome uniformly bound set. Ellis's " Early English Poets " 
elicited Southey's Specimens and Percy's Reliques helps to make up a 
selection of early poetry which has no rival. 

329 Ellis (Sir Henry). Original I/Etters illustrative of 

English History, with Notes and Illustrations. Portraits, 
plates and facsimiles. 11 vols. 8vo, calf, gilt, marbled 
edges (the third series stilted). London, 1824-46 

The three series complete. ' ' With delight we recommend them 
for curious illustration ; for corrections of long-received historical 
theories ; development of famous characters ; discovery of new and 
important facts — in short, for everything that renders such a collection 
interesting in a country that is keenly alive to the value of such 

330 Emerson (George B.). A Report on the Trees and Shrubs 

growing Naturally in the Forests of Massachusetts. Nu- 
merous plates and illustrations. 2 vols, royal 8vo, cloth. 

Boston, 1878 
Most of the illustrations in the above volumes are colored. 
' ' Every page seems replete with interest, both of things old and new, 
rare and well known. We cheerfully recommend such a treatise as this 
to the friends of Horticulture, feeling that the style and manner in 
which the subject is treated will be pecuUarly interesting."— /<;«rKa/ (7/ 

331 Emory (Wm. H.). Report on U. S. and Mexican Boundary 

Survey. Maps and plates, some colored. 2 thick vols. 4to, 

cloth. Washington, 1857-59 

Contains some interesting particulars concerning the Pimo, Apache, 

Navajo and Maricopa Indians, with engravings of Indian Antiquities 

and portraits. 


332 Enfield (William, LL.D.). History of Philosophy from the 

Earliest Times, drawn up from Brucher's Historia Critica 
Philosophise. Folded diagram [soiled). 2 vols. 4to, sheep. 

London, 1791 
' ' A most valuable abridged translation of a very learned and admir- 
able work." — Lowndes. 

333 Engel (Carl). National Music : an Introduction to the 

Study of, with Researches into Popular Songs, Traditions 
and Customs. Frontispiece and music scores. 8vo, cloth, 
uncut. London, 1866 

" As regards the plan which I have adopted, it will be seen that this 
volume is confined chiefly to the study of National Songs." — Author's 

334 Erasmus ; His Life and Character as shewn in his Cor- 

respondence and Works, by R. B. Drummond. Portrait. 
2 vols, crown Svo, cloth. London, 1873 

■ ' A thoroughly well-digested work. Mr. Drummond has spared no 
pains in thinking out his plan, and in the proper marshalling of his 
facts, and the result is that we have an interesting work, written in a 
clear and sensible manner." 

335 Erasmus. In Praise of Folly, with Life and Epistle addressed 

to Sir Thomas More. Illustrated with many curious cuts, 
designed, drawn and etched by Hans Holbein, and portrait. 
i6mo, half bound, gilt top edge, others uncut. London, n. d. 
Reeves & Turner's Reprint. Isaac Disraeli states : — " Erasmus com- 
posed, to amuse himself when traveling, his panegyric on ' Moria ' or 
Folly, which was authorized by the pun he dedicated to Sir Thomas 
More." It is elsewhere stated, however, that he wrote " Laus Stulti- 
tise,'' of which the above is a translation, in eight days, while a guest 
of Sir Thomas More, in 1509. 

336 Erskine (Rt. Hon. Lord). Speeches when at the Bar 

against Constructive Treason, with Memoir by Lord 
Brougham. Edited by James Ridgeway. Portrait. 4 
vols. 8vo, calf. London, n. d. 

Best and third edition. 

" As an advocate in the forum I hold him (Erskine) to be without an 
equal in ancient or modern times." — Lord Campbell. 

337 Evelyn and Pepys's Diaries, with North's Lives, i. e. : 
I. Evelyn (J.). Diary, to which are added a Selection from 

his Familiar Letters, and the Private Correspondence 
between K. Charles I. and Sir E. Nicholas, and between 



Sir E. Hyde (afterwards Earl of Clarendon) and Sir 
R. Brown ; edited from the Original MSS. by William 
Bray, F.S.A. Portraits, views and sheet pedigree. 5 vols. 

London, 1827 

II. Pepys (Samuel). Memoirs of, comprising his Diary 
from 1659 to 1669, with a Selection from his Private Cor- 
respondence. Edited by Lord Braybrooke. Fine por- 
traits by Kneller, Lely, etc. 5 vols. Best edition. 

London, Colburn, 1828 

III. North (Roger). Lives of the Three Norths, with 
Historical and Biographical Illustrations and Notes by H. 
RoscoE. Fine portraits. 3 vols. London, 1826 

Together 13 vols. 8vo, uniformly bound in half calf 
gilt. London, 1826-28 

These are now scarce, and are the best editions of these delightful 
performances which give a rare insight into the manners and customs 
of the Courts of the Stuarts. The latter (Lives of the Norths) is ' ' one 
of the most delightful books in the world," and forms a continuation 
of Evelyn and Pepys's Diaries. 

They present a true and most interesting portraiture of the busy and 
important times of King Charles I., Oliver Cromwell, King Charles II., 
King James II. and King William. There are no books of their class 
in the language for which it is mpre desirable that the widest possible 
circulation should be obtained. 

338 Everett (Edward). Orations and Speeches on Various 

Occasions. Portrait on India paper. 3 vols, imperial 
8vo, cloth. Boston, Little and Brown, 1850-59 

Large paper. " If Webster is the Michael Angelo of American 
oratory, Everett is the Raphael." — Tuckerman. 

339 Everett (Edward). A Memorial of Edward Everett. 

2 portraits and view of his library inserted. 4to, sewed, 
uncut. Boston, Printed for the Society, MDCCCLXV. 

Large paper, and printed on Whatman's drawing paper, of which 
there were only 4 printed, the above being No. 4. But 75 copies in all 
were printed, and of these only fifteen copies were left uncut, 

340 EwALD (Heinrich). History of Israel to the Death of 

MosES, translated from the German ; edited with a Preface 
and an Appendix by Russell Martineau, M.A. 5 vols. 
8vo, cloth, uncut. London, Longmans, 1869-74 

The last three volumes are edited and translated by J. Estlin Car- 
penter, M.A. 


341 ||>-— »^ ilALCONER (William). Shipwreck : a Poem ; 
with a Life of the Author by J. S. Clarke. Il- 
lustrated with a series of engravings on steel, by 
FiTLER, after drawings by N. Pocock, the Marine 
8vo, elegantly bound in Spanish calf extra, gilt 

edges on red and inside borders. London, 181 1 

Large paper and printed on silk paper, of which only five copies 
were executed in this manner. 

S. C. Hall says — ' ' ' The Shipwreck ' has always been popular, and 
will remain so, while British sympathies are excited by those who 

' Sweep through the deep, 
While the stormy tempests blow.' 

' ' It contains several fine descriptions of scenery. The characters of 
the officers are drawn by a masterly pencil. The episode of Palemon 
and Anna is exquisitely wrought." 

342 Fau (Dr. J.) a7id Knox (Robert, M.D.). Anatomy of the 

External Forms of Man intended for the Use of Artists, 
Painters and Sculptors, 8vo, with separate quarto atlas of 
28 plates of nudes, from the life, anatomical studies, etc., 
mostly colored. Together 2 vols, cloth. 

London, Bailliere, 1849 

Very scarce. The great value of these anatomical studies is that 
the nudes are copied and colored from life and are not fancy idealistic 

343 Fairholt (F. W.). Tobacco : Its History and Associations. 

With 100 illustrations by the author. Crown 8vo, cloth, 
uncut. London, 1859 

Including — "an account of the plant and its manufacture, with its 
mode of use in all ages and countries. '' 


344 Farquhar. The Works of the late Ingenious Mr. George 

Farquhar: Containing all his Poems, Letters, Essays and 
Comedies. 2 vols. i2mo, elegantly bound in light yellow 
calf gilt, edges gilt. London, 1772 

Tenth and best edition, corrected. 

"Farquhar is a light and gay writer, less correct and less sparkling, 
but he has more ease, and, perhaps, fully as great a share of the vis 
comica. The two best and least exceptionable of his plays are the 
' Recruiting Officer ' and ' Beaux Stratagem ' I say the least excep- 
tionable ; for, in general, the tendency of both Congreve's and Farqu- 
har's plays is immoral." — Dr. Blair. 

345 Felkin (W.). History of the Machine- Wrought Hosiery 

and Lace Manufactures. Folding plates. Thick royal 
8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1867 

A handsome subscription book and of particular interest to collectors 
of fine laces. 

346 Fenn (J.). Paston Letters. Original Letters written during 

the Reigns of Henry VI., Edward IV., and Richard III., 
by various persons of rank or consequence ; with Notes 
Historical and Explanatory, edited by John Fenn. A 
new edition by A. Ramsay. 2 vols, bound in i, square 
8vo, half purple morocco gilt, top edge gilt, others uncut. 
London, Charles Knight Ss" Co., 1840 

A inost singular and valuable work, containing many curious anec- 
dotes relative to this turbulent and bloody, but hitherto dark, period of 
history, and elucidating not only public matters of state, but likewise 
the private matters of the age, etc. 

' ' A curious and unique collection of letters. They are an important 
testimony to the progressive condition of society, and come in as a. 
precious link in the chain of the moral history of England, which they 
alone at this period can supply. They stand indeed singly, as far as I 
know, in Europe." — Hallam. 

347 Fergusson (James). Historical Inquiry into the True 

Principles of Beauty in Art, more especially with ref- 
erence to Architecture. Part the First (all published). 
Colored frontispiece and numerous fine plates and wood en- 
gravings. Thick imperial 8vo, half morocco, top edge 
gilt. London, 1849 

Large paper. Only the above has ever been published of this 
valuable authority on art. 

348 Fergusson. History of Architecture; in all Countries, 

from the earliest time to the present day, including Modern 


Styles of Architecture, as well as Indian and Eastern 
Architecture. With nearly 1,500 engravings. 4 vols, thick 
8vo, half bound, gilt tops, other edges uncut. 

London, 1873-76 
Complete as far as published. 

" Mr. Fergusson's beautiful and most popular books have superseded 
all other Histories of Architecture. It is not only that the extraord- 
inary abundance of his illustrations gives him a special advantage over 
all his rivals or predecessors, but no other writer has ever had so firm a 
grasp of his subject, or has been so well qualified to deal with it in all 
its branches." — Saturday Review. 

349 Fergusson. Rude Stone Monuments in all Countries, 

their Age and Uses. With 234 illustrations. 8vo, cloth, 
bevelled sides, uncut edges. London, 1872 

" One gathers from the book a certainty that the author is profoundly 
acquainted with his subject, and a disposition to accept his theories. 
— Spectator. 

350 [Ferrier (Mary).] Novels, i. ^.— Destiny, 2 vols. ; Marriage, 

2 vols.; Inheritance, 2 vols. Together 6 vols. i6mo, 
fresh uniform cloth, uncut. London, 1881-82 

AUibone tells us Miss Ferrier, — " was the daughter of James Fer- 
rier, of Edinburgh, one of Walter Scott's brethren of the clerk's table. 
She was the authoress of three excellent novels. . . . She was a 
favorite guest at Abbotsford, and her society tended to cheer the mel- 
ancholy hours which clouded the last months of the life of the great 

351 Fichte (Johann Gottlieb). Popular Works — The Nature of 

the Scholar, the Vocation of Man and the Doctrine of 
Religion. 8vo, cloth. London, 1873 

" His theoretic philosophy has already departed ; but the man, 
Fichte, will ever be cherished as one of the noblest of his race." 

352 Fichte, by Robert Adamson, M.A. Portrait. i6mo, 

cloth. Phila., 1881 

353 Fielding (Henry). Works ; with an Essay on his Life and 

Genius by Arthur Murphy. 10 vols. 8vo, half calf gilt. 

London, 1821 
A very clean copy of this best and scarce edition. 
' ' What a master of composition Fielding was ! Upon my word, I 
think the CEdipus Tyrannus, the Alchemist, and Tom Jones, the three 
most perfect plots ever planned ; and how charming, how wholesome 
Fielding always is! To take him up after Richardson is like emerging 
from a sick room heated by stoves into an open lawn on a breezy day 
in May." — Coleridge. 


354 FiGuiER (L.). World before the Deluge. Illustrated by 

208 engravings and 25 full-page Ideal landscapes of the 
Ancient World by ^lo-ia. Cloth, uncut. London, 1865 

Translated from the " Fourth French Edition " by " W. S. O." 

355 FiGuiER. The To-Morrow of Death ; or, the Future Life 

According to Science. i2mo, cloth. Boston, 1872 

Translated from the French by S. R. Crocker. 

356 Fisher. Drawing-Room ScrapBook for the Years 1844 and 

1845. With steel plates and engraved vignette titles. 2 vols. 
4to, cloth (covers loose). London, Fisher, 1844-45 

357 Fisher (George P., Z'.Z'.). The Reformation. 8vo, cloth. 

N. Y., 1874 
This author is " Professor of Ecclesiastical History in Yale College." 

358 Flaxman (John, Sculptor, R.A.). Compositions from the 

Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise of Dante, no outline 
engravings by T. Piroli, with quotations in Italian and 
English. Large oblong 4to, half morocco. London, 1807 
" The publication of these great works, combining the richest variety 
of invention, with the most classical correctness, and all the grace of 
simplicity, has made the beauties of Art familiar in every library in the 
kingdom." — Quarterly Review. 

359 Flaxman. Lectures on Sculpture, delivered before the 

Royar Academy, with Life. Fifty-two plates by Lane, etc., 
and portrait. Royal 8vo, cloth, uncut (title and front, 
foxed). London, 1829 

Very scarce. " These Lectures, as literary compositions, con- 
taining a clear and commanding view of sculpture, ancient and mod- 
ern — abundant in just sentiments and wise remarks, and such profes- 
sional precepts as only experience can supply — merit more regard 
than they have as yet received. The account of the Gothic sculpture 
in England is as rich as a chapter of old romance, and infinitely more 
interesting. The whole of the ' Lectures on Beauty and Compo- 
sition,' ought to be familiar to the mind of every student." — Allan 

360 Flint (Robert). Anti-Theistic Theories. Crown 8vo, cloth, 

uncut. Edinburgh and London, 1879 

The Baird Lectures for 1877. 

361 Foote (Samuel). The Dramatic Works of, to which is Pre- 

fixed a Life of the Author. 2 vols. i2mo, elegantly bound 

in light yellow calf gilt, edges gilt. London, 1797 

Rare and a handsome copy. " As yet no complete edition of this 


celebrated writer's dramatic pieces has appeared, but the plays, having 
been nearly all printed separately in 8vo, are sometimes collected." — 

362 Ford (John). Works, with Notes Critical and Explanatory 

by William Gifford. New Edition carefully Revised 
with Additions to the Text and to the Notes by Rev. 
Alexander Dyce. 3 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, James Toovey, 1869 
Large paper. " Ford has few equals. It is greatly to be de- 
plored that his taste was as bad as his genius was splendid, and that 
his licentiousness disgusts even while his imagination charms." — 

363 Ford. Dramatic Works of John Ford. With Notes Crit- 

ical and Explanatory by W. Gifford: to which is added 
Fame's Memorial and Verses to the Memory of Ben Jon- 
SON. 2 vols. 8vo, calf extra. London, 1827 

Best edition and very scarce. 

"I know," says Gifford, "few things more difficult to account 
for than the deep and lasting impression made by the more tragic por- 
tions of Ford's poetry." 

364 Ford. Fame's Memorial, an Elegy upon the Earl of 

Devonshire, Ob. 3d Ap. 1606, by John Ford. Ed- 
ited by Joseph Haslewood. 8vo, paper, uncut. 

Kent, Lee Priory, 181 9 
Rare. Only 100 copies printed at Sir Egerton Brydges's — " private 
press of Lee Priory, by John Warwick." 

365 Ford (R.). A Hand-Book for Travellers in Spain, and 

Readers at Home. With Notices on Spanish History, 
Maps. 2 vols. i2mo, cloth. London, Murray, 1845 

Very scarce and original ediiion. 

" A cyclopaedia of learning in all matters pertaining to the Penin- 
sula, the Hand-Book (t. e. , the above) deserves my gratitude, not only 
as the most delightful of travelling companions, but as the principal 
pioneer of ray researches in the artistic history of Spain. . . . 
Yielding to the mistaken wish of his publisher that the volume should 
be rendered cheaper and more portable ' many are the Wild Iberian 
flowers,' says the author in his second edition (p. LVL), which has 
been rooted out and more are the old stones of antiquity which have 
been removed." — Stirling's " Artists of Spain." 

366 Forrest (Edwin). Catalogue of the Library of, compiled 

by Joseph Sabin. 8vo, sewed, uncut. Phila., 1S63 

Privately Printed, and 175 copies only. Fine proof Portrait 

by J. Sartain, and an interesting Autograph letter of Mr. 


Forrest inserted, in which he writes, February 6, 1856, to Geo. W. 
Vesey, Esq. , saying — ' ' The Committee of the Forrest Light Guard, 
had no authority whatever to intimate to you that I would become re- 
sponsible in any sum for the use of the Ball Room. Respectfully, Edwin 

367 FoRSTER (John). Sir John Eliot, a Biography, 1590-1632. 

Fine portraits. 2 vols, thick 8vo, half calf, gilt marbled 
sides and edges. London, 1864 

One of Forster's expensive books and — "of the very highest value 
to what we term our political literature." — London Morning Chronicle. 

368 FoRSTER. Arrest of the Five Members by Charles the 

First. A Chapter of English History Rewritten. Crown 
8vo, half calf, gilt. London, i860 

A life-like account by an English political radical, of a few of the 
crimes which brought ' the head of the tyrant Charles Stuart to the 
headsman's block. 

369 Foss (E.). Judges of England, with Sketches of their 

Lives, and Notices connected with the Courts of West- 
minster from the time of the Conquest to the Reign of 
Queen Victoria [1864]. 9 vols. 8vo, calf extra, marbled 
edges. London, 1848-64 

Complete and best edition. 

"He [Foss] has written a book which has added more to our knowl- 
edge of legal history than any single book published since Madox's 
' History of the Exchequer.' " — Gentleman! s Magazine. 

370 Four Old Plays — Three Interludes: Thersyte's Jack 

Jugler and Heywood's Pardoner and Frere; and Jocasta, 
a Tragedy by Gascoigne and Kinwelmarsh. Crown 
8vo, cloth, uncut. Cambridge, George Nichols, 1848 

With an introduction and notes by " F. J. C." 

371 Fox (Hon. C. J.). A History of the Early Part of the Reign 

of James the Second, with an Introductory Chapter; to 
which is added an Appendix. Portrait of Fox and /\h por- 
traits inserted. Royal 4to, morocco gilt, edges gilt. 

London, Bulmer, 1808 

Unique and Royal Paper. Fifty copies only printed in this size. 

This handsome volume belonged to the late John Allan and has 46 

extra portraits inserted, some very scarce, in illustration of the text. 

Fonthill, £^ 3J. ; White Knight's, £',, without extra plates. 

" The topmost step (of authorship) may be considered as 

the tender of the leading booksellers of the day to become purchasers 


of Mr. Fox's Historical work, when Mr. Miller was the fortunate ad- 
venturer at the price of FOUR THOUSAND GUINEAS." 

' ' Five thousand copies of a quarto volume, with five hundred more 
upon a larger paper, and yet another two hundred and fifty of an ele- 
phantine size It was doubtless the boldest experiment ever 

made with a large paper speculation; but it succeeded." — Dibdin's 
Rem iniscences. 

372 Fox. Memorials and Correspondence of Charles James 

Fox. Edited by Lord John Russell. 4 vols. 8vo, half 
calf extra, marbled edges. London, 1853-7 

The historical value and interest of this work cannot be overrated. 
It embodies a complete picture of the career of this celebrated states- 
man, chiefly given in his own words, with an abundance of anecdotes 
and recollections of his celebrated contemporaries. 

373 Fox. Life and Times of Charles James Fox, by Lord 

John Russell (including many extracts from his Speeches). 
Portrait. 2 vols. Svo, cloth, uncut. London, 1859 

In the history of the life of the great leader who took so prominent a 
part in the main discussions of the House of Commons, from 1775 to 
1806, there is necessarily much that is instructive and interesting, and 
which throws additional light on this important period of our history. 

374 Fox. Speeches of the Right Honorable Charles James 

Fox in the House of Commons. 6 vols. Svo, tree marbled 
calf extra, marbled edges a la Riviere. London, 1815 

A beautiful copy of this now very scarce work. 

375 Fox. The Early History of Charles James Fox. Svo, 

cloth, bevelled sides, top edges gilt, others uncut. 

N. Y., iSSo 
The distinguished author is a nephew of Lord Macaulay and the 
biographer of the great historian. 

376 FoxE (John). Acts and Monuments of the Church, with 

Universal History of the same ; with Preliminary Disserta- 
tion by Rev. George Townsend. Edited by Rev. Ste- 
phen Reed Cattley. Portrait and engravings. 8 vols. 
Svo. Elegantly bound in tree marbled calf extra, gilt top 
edges, others uncut, d, la Riviere. London, 1837-41 

An elegant copy, uncut, of this best and scarce edition of this great 
work. " The Book of Martyrs was, and yet is, one of the most extra- 
ordinary and Popular Church Histories in the world."— Dibdin. 

377 FoxE. — Martyrologia ; or, Records of Religious Persecu- 

tion: being a New and Comprehensive Book of Martyrs of 
Ancient and Modern Times, compiled partly from the Acts 



and Monuments of John Foxe, and partly from other 
Genuine and Authentic Documents printed and in manu- 
script. Plates. 3 vols. 8vo, half calf gilt, marbled sides 
and edges. London, 1848-51 

The best Library edition of this very Protestant work. 

378 Franklin (Benjamin). Works, containing several Politi- 

cal and Historical Tracts not included in any former edi- 
tion, and many Letters, Official and Private, not hitherto 
published, with Notes, and a Life of the Author, by Jared 
Sparks. Portraits and facsimiles. 10 vols, imperial 8vo, 
half purple morocco gilt, marbled sides. Boston, 1836-40 

Large paper and very scarce. 

This work is printed uniformly with the Writings of Washing- 
ton. The whole of the first volume is taken up with an original Life 
OF Franklin, containing many new particulars respecting the political 
transactions of Franklin in the course of his long residence in Europe. 
The researches of the editor in the public archives of England and 
France brought into his possession a mass of valuable materials on this 
subject which had not hitherto been published. No pains were spared 
to procure, from every source, whatever could give truth and interest to 
the narrative of his life. 

The work embraces a complete collection of Dr. Franklin's writings, 
methodically arranged, carefully revised, and illustrated with occasional 
notes and explanations. 

379 Franklin. Political, Miscellaneous and Philosophical 

Pieces. Portrait and plates. 8vo, half morocco, cloth 
sides. London, J. Johnson, 1779 

The Rare first edition of Franklin's "Miscellanies." " In 1779 
another collection was published in London, consisting of ' Political, 
Miscellaneous and Philosophical Pieces.' These, few of which were in 
print before, were edited by Benjamin Vaughan, an intimate friend and 
correspondent of the author." — Allibone. 

380 Franklin. Letters to Benjamin Franklin, from his 

Family and Friends, 1751-1790. 4to, calf gilt, top edge 

gilt. N. Y., C. B. Richardson, 1859 

Large paper. Only 10 copies were printed in 4to, and 250 in royal 

8vo. John Allan's copy, with three inserted portraits, and that of " S. 

Bache" on India paper. 

381 Franklin. Charter, Laws, and Catalogue of Books of the 

Library Company of Philadelphia. 8vo, half morocco, top 
edge gilt, others uncut. 

Phila., printed by B. Franklin and D. Hall, 1764 
Rare. A fine clean example of Benjamin Franklin's typography. 


The last two pages (j. e., 149-50) are "A list of the present members 
of the Library Company of Philadelphia, February, 1765," the name 
of "Benjamin Franklin" standing at the head of the letter " F." 

382 Franklin. — Parton (Jas.). Life and Times of Benjamin 

Franklin. Portraits on India paper — beautifully printed 
by Alvord. 2 vols, imperial 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

N. Y., 1865 

Large paper. Only 100 copies printed. 

" A living and animated portrait of his great subject, full of interest 
and instruction." — North American Review. 

383 Freeman (Edward A.). Works, i. e.: — 

I. Freeman. History of the Norman Conquest of England, 
Its Causes and Its Results. 5 vols, thick 8vo. 

Oxford, at the Clarendon Press, 1869-76 

II. Freeman. Reign of William Rufus and the Accession 
of Henry the First. 2 vols. Oxford, 1882 

, III. Freeman. Historical Geography of Europe, with 
colored maps in separate volume. 2 vols. London, 188 1 

IV. Freeman. Comparative Politics with the Unity of 
History. N. Y. [London], 1874 

Together 10 vols. 8vo, cloth. Oxford, etc., 1869-82 

The historical works of Prof. Freeman must be considered in many 
particulars superior to those of either Macaulay or Froude. 

"He never touches a question without adding to our comprehension 
of it, without leaving the impression of an ample knowledge, and a 
clear and powerful understanding." — Saturday Review. 

384 Fremont (J. C). The Exploring Expedition to the Rocky 

Mountains in the Year 1842 and to Oregon and North 
Carolina in the Years 1843-44. Maps and plates. Thick 
8vo, cloth. Washington, 1845 

This report of the " Pathfinder of the Rocky Mountains" is now 

385 Freneau (Philip). Poems, chiefly illustrative of the Events 

and Actors in the American War of Independence. Post 
8vo, cloth, uncut. London, John Russell Smith, 1861 

Reprinted from the rare edition printed at Philadelphia in 1786. 

Freneau enjoyed the friendship of Adams, Franklin, Jefferson, 
Madison and Monroe, and the last three were his constant correspon- 
dents while they lived. His patriotic songs and ballads, which were 
superior to any metrical compositions then written in America, were 
everywhere sung with enthusiasm. 


386 Frere. The Works of John Hookham Frere in Verse 

and Prose, Memoir by Sir Bartle Frere. Portraits. 2 
vols. 8vo, uncut. London, Pickering, 1872 

Comprises his Contributions to the Microcosm and Anti-Jacobin, 
also Poems, Translations and miscellaneous pieces. 

" Frere is so perfect a master of the ancient style of composition, 
that I would rather have his suffrage than that of a whole synod of 
your regular antiquaries." — Sir W. Scott. 

387 Froissart and Monstrelet's Chronicles, /. e. : 

I. Froissart (Sir John). Chronicles of France, England, 
Spain, etc., from the latter part of the Reign of Edward 
II. to the Coronation of Henry IV., translated by Thos. 
JOHNES. PVitA engravings traced from original illuminations, 
12 vols. 8vo. Elegantly bound in half calf gilt, citron 
edges, to match the " Monstrelet" below. London, 1805 

Best edition scarce. 

" I rejoice you have met with Froissart; he is the Herodotus of a 
barbarous age ; had he but had the luck of writing in as good a 
language he might have been immortal ! His locomotive disposition (for 
then there was no other way of learning things), his simple curiosity, 
his religious credulity, were much like those of the old Grecian." — 
Gray's Letters. 

Sir Walter Scott, in his " Tales of My Landlord," thus speaks of 
the above: — "Did you ever read Froissart? " " No," said Morton. 
"I have half a mind," said Claverhouse, "to contrive you should 
have six months' imprisonment in order to procure you that pleasure. 
His chapters inspire me with more enthusiasm than even poetry itself." 

II. Monstrelet (Enguerrand de). Chronicles; contain- 
ing an Account of the cruel Civil Wars between the 
Houses of Orleans and Burgundy; of the Possession of 
Paris and Normandy by the English; their Expulsion 
thence ; and of other Memorable Events that hap- 
pened in the Kingdom of France, as well as in other 
Countries, etc., and beginning at the Year 1400 where that 
of Sir John Froissart finishes. Translated by Thomas 
JOHNES. Numerous engravings traced from illuminations. 
12 vols. 8vo. Uniformly bound in half calf, citron edges, 
with the above described copy of " Froissart " and of 
which it is the continuation. London, 1810 

Best edition, and it should be noted that although the title-page 
states " complete in thirteen volumes," it is really so in twelve, vide 

Thomas Johnes, the translator of Froissart and Monstrelet, was a 


bibliophilistic friend of T. F. Dibdin, who gives a most eulogistic 
account of liis grand library. Allibone says — " In 1807 the splendid 
mansion of Col. Johnes with much of its valuable contents was 
destroyed by fire: the loss amounted to ;if70,ooo. The energetic 
Bibliomaniac was not, however, to be discouraged, and built and 
adorned a new edifice. Evelyn would have been delighted with the 
colonel, for he planted above three millions of trees on his Cardigan- 
shire estates." 

III. [Froissart.J Illuminated Illustrations to Froissart. 
Selected from the MS. in the Bibliotheque Royale, Paris, 
and from other Sources. By H. N. Humphreys, Esq. 
Being 74 illustrations beautifully illuminated in gold 
AND colors. 4to, 2 parts in i vol. half crushed red levant 
morocco, gilt top edge, others uncut. 

London, W. Smith, 1844-45 

Very SCARCE. This set of "Illuminated Illustrations" con- 
tains beautiful impressions of the seventy-two Illuminations in 
GOLD AND COLORS, of the FIRST ISSUE of 1844-45; published at twelve 
guineas. In consequence of the wear of the stones the subsequent 
issues are defaced and undesirable. 

These superb illuminations to Froissart have now become very 
scarce, in consequence, of the greater part of the edition having been 
destroyed by fire in London. 

Together 25 vols. 4T0 and 8vo, handsomely half 
BOUND. London, 1805-45 

A most desirable set, with the rare illuminated plates which should 
always accompany the best edition of Froissart's Chronicles. 

388 Froude (James Anthony). History of England from the 

Fall of WoLSEY to the Death of Elizabeth. 12 vols. 
8vo, cloth, uncut (6), and half calf (6). London, 18587-70 

Rufus Choate's copy and with his autograph. 

" Mr. Froude is no common writer; his style is vivid and emphatic; 
he touches some of the most secret springs of the heart's passions; he 
enchains our sympathies. " — John Bull. 

389 Fuller (Thomas). Church History of Britain, from the 

Birth of Jesus Christ until 1648. A new edition by the 
Rev. J. S. Brewer, M.A. Eiigravings of arms, etc. 6 
vols. 8vo. Bound by Hayday in polished calf extra, mar- 
bled edges. Oxiovd, at the University Press, 1845 

A beautiful copy and a fine specimen of Hayday's binding. 

The works of this eminent writer are remarkable as having been 
written by him during twenty years of continual removal from place 
to place forced upon him by the cruel severity of the times. 

The " Church History " contains many interesting memorials, thf 


result of long, active and extended research. It is a book never yet 
superseded and no well-finished library of English History is complete 
without it. 
390 Fuller. History of the Holy War, and Fuller's 
Holy and Profane States. 2 vols, post 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, Pickering, 1840 
Printed by Charles Whittingham at the Chiswick Press. 
" Fuller was incomparably the most sensible, the least prejudiced, 
great man of an age that boasted a galaxy of great men. . . In 
all his numerous volumes on so many different subjects, you 
will hardly find a page in which some one sentence out of every three 
does not deserve to be quoted for itself as a motto or as a maxim." — 
S. T. Coleridge. 


AIMAR (Geoffrey). The Anglo-Norman Met- 
rical Chronicle of. Printed for the First Time 
in its entirety, from the MS. in the British 
Museum. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, J. Russell Smith, 1850 

Scarce. The only complete edition of the Chronicle of this dis- 
tinguished trouvere of the reign of King Stephen, and published at I2J. 
by the Caxton Society, whose publications were limited to 110 copies, 
and which were only sold in sets. This edition of ' ' Gaimar's 
Chronicle " was edited by Thomas Wright, with illustrative notes and 
an appendix containing the " Lay of Havelok," the " Legend of 
Ernulf " and the " Life of Her ward." 

392 Garrick. (David). Private Correspondence of, with the 

most celebrated Persons of his Time, both natives and 
foreigners ; now first published from the Originals, with 
Notes and Memoir. 2 vols, royal 4to, cloth, uncut. 

London, 183 1-2 
Large paper. This interesting work, edited by James Boaden, 
contains upwards of two thousand letters, comprising much of the 
secret history, scandal, etc. , of the time in which Garrick lived. This 
is a different work to the life of the great actor by Thomas Davies, the 
discontented bookseller who foolishly turned actor, and whom Church- 
ill's unmerciful, yet just ridicule, drove from the stage : — 
" With him came mighty Davies ; — on my life 
That Davies has a very pretty wife ! 
Statesman all over, — in plots famous grown, — 
He mouths a sentence as curs mouth a bone.'' 

393 Gay (John). Fables, with Life. Stockdale's fine edi- 

tion, printed in large eype. 10 plates, iJ)' Blake, Audinet, 
Wilson, etc., and inserted portrait. 2 vols, in i, imperial 
8vo, calf. London, 1793 

Largest paper. Very clean, and with proof impressions of the 

"Gay's Fables are certainly a work of great merit, both as to the 
quantity of invention implied and as to the elegance and facility of the 
execution. "■ — H azlitt. 


394 Gay (John). Fables, with the Life of the Author. Em- 

bellished with seventy elegant engravings. i6mo, calf. 

'London, printed by C. Whittingham, 1808 
" Jolie edition," — Brunet. 

395 Gell (Sir Wm.) and Gandy (John P.). Pompeiana. The 

Topography, Edifices, and Ornaments of Pompeii, with 

beautiful line engravings by Goodall, Cooke, Heath, 

Pye, etc. Royal 8vo, cloth gilt. London, 1852 

" I leave Topography to classic Gell." — Byron's " English Bards." 

This is the most satisfactory work ever published on Pompeii. It 

gives in a small compass the result of the excavations for many years, 

from the commencement of operations in 1748. 

396 Gems of European Art, the Best Pictures of the Best 

Schools, with Descriptions by S. C. Hall. 90 large and 
beautiful line engravings by first-rate artists. 2 vols., imperial 
4to, half morocco. London, George Virtue, 1846 

Large paper. A beautiful drawing-room table book of a superior 
class, comprising the finest pictures by Wilkie, Cal'lcott, Delaroche, 
and other modem painters, as well as by Murillo, Claude, and other old 

397 Gent. Life of Thomas Gent, Printer of York, written by 

himself. Fine portrait, engraved by K\jG.Yoyi. 8vo, cloth. 

London, 1832 
Large paper. The author of this curious and hitherto unpublished 
piece of Autobiography is well known by the several works of which he 
was the author as well as printer. The narrative is full, written in an 
easy and unaffected style, interspersed with several pieces of Poetry ; 
and from the number of adventures he went through in early life, and 
the characters and stories incidentally introduced, is extremely amusing. 
His occupation as a printer necessarily introduced him to the acquaint- 
ance of many literary men, and his book abounds with notices of 
Authors, Printers, etc. , of the times in which he lived ; among others 
occur the names of Bishop Atterbury, with whom he relates a singular 
interview ; Brown Willis, and Dr. Drake, the historian of York, etc. The 
book requires no encomium to those who have read Sou they 's " Doctor." 

398 Gessner (S.). The Death of Abel : a Poem in Five Cantos 

from the German, with Occasional Notes by W. C. Oul- 
ton. With engravings by Kennerley, after the exquisite 
designs of R. W. Satchwell {some foxed). Royal 8vo. 
Curiously bound in russia gilt, panelled sides, marbled 
edges. London, 1811 

Lowndes does not mention this translation of Gessner's " Death of 
Abel," but he states — " the works of this distinguished German poet 
have been translated into almost every European tongue." 


399 Gesta Romanorum ; or, Entertaining Moral Stories, in- 

vented by the Monks as a Fireside Recreation. Translated 
and edited from the Latin by Charles Swan. 2 vols, 
post 8vo, calf, uncut. London, 1824 

Shakespeare, Chaucer, and others, are said to have taken many of 
their plots from this celebrated work. 

" They [the Monks] might be disposed occasionally to recreate their 
minds with subjects of a light and amusing nature ; and what could be 
more innocent or delightful than the stories of the Gesta Romanorum ?" 
— Douce. 

400 Geste (Edmund, S. T. P.). Life and Character of, by 

Henry Geast Dugdale. Portrait [foxed, also title). 
8vo, cloth, uncut. London, W. Pickering, 1840 

Bishop Geste was the principal compiler of the liturgy of the Church 
of England. 

401 Gibbon (Edward). Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, 

with Notes by Milman and Guizot. Edited by William 
Smith, LL.D. Portrait and maps. 8 vols. 8vo, cloth, 
uncut. London, Murray, 1862 

' ' Gibbon's History is such an assemblage of merits that it must 
always be considered as one of the most extraordinary monuments of 
the literary powers of a single mind." — Prof. Smyth's Lectures on 
Modern History. 

402 Gibbon. Miscellaneous Works ; with Memoirs of his 

Life and Writings, by himself ; and Notes and Narration 
by Lord Sheffield. Portraits and plates. 5 vols, royal 
8vo. London, 1814 

Large and thick paper. Best edition. Scarce. Includes Gib- 
bon's Correspondence with many eminent persons, journal of his 
studies, remarks on the books read, antiquities of the house of 
Brunswick, and numerous dissertations, historical, geographical, and 

403 GiFFORD (WiUiam). The Baviad and Maeviad. i2mo, half 

calf gilt. London, 181 1 

Best edition of this famous satire, with the trial for libel of the 
author on John Williams, ' ' Anthony Pasquin, " who was nonsuited, as 
the big majority of all bringers of such suits should be, and who, as a 
rule, only do so to court advertisement and obtain notoriety as pabulum 
for their bumptious conceit. The alleged libelled one was himself not 
only a champion Munchausen and slanderer, but a libeller also, for 
after he left England for his country's good, and came like many an- 
other of his tribe to America, Anthony Pasquin grossly abused Alex- 
ander Hamilton and others in cold type. 


404 Gladstone (W. E.). Studies on Homer and the Homeric 

Age. 3 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. Oxford, 1858 

This valuable work of the Prime Minister of Great Britain is now 
very scarce. 

405 Gladstone. Juventus Mundi, the Gods and Men of the 

Heroic Age. Vignette on title by Jeens, and colored plan. 
Crown 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1869 

406 Godwin, (W.). History of the Commonwealth of En- 

gland from its (!)ommencement to the Restoration of 
Charles II. 4 vols. 8vo, calf gilt. London, 1824 

Scarce. By the author of " Political Justice,'' the husband of 
Mary Wolstonecraft, and father-in-law of Percy Bysshe Shelley. 

' ' I cannot but consider the author of Political Justice as a philoso- 
phical reasoner of no ordinary stamp or pretensions. That work, what- 
ever its defects may be, is distinguished by the most acute and severe 
logic, and by the utmost boldness of thinking, founded on a love and 
conviction of truth." — Hazlitt. 

407 Goethe (Johann Wolfgang von). Faust, a Tragedy. 

Translated in the Original Metre by Bayard Taylor. 
2 vols. 4to, half morocco, bevelled sides, top edges gilt, 
others uncut. Boston, 1871 

With original MS. letter inserted from the distinguished translator. 
In Faust, Goethe has embodied the results of his mature and infinitely 
varied experience, with his ripest, richest, and profoundest thoughts ; 
the whole being wrought out with admirable skill, and everywhere illu- 
mined, so to speak, with passages of the most exquisite poetry, touch- 
ing in turn every chord of the human heart. 

" It can be safely maintained that the rich and varied music of 
' Faust ' has never before been as faithfully represented to English 
ears." — Saturday Review. 

408 Goethe. Reynard the Fox, after the German Version of 
Goethe, by Thomas James Arnold, Esq. With illustra- 
tions after Kaulbach, including " the Priest's Catastrophe." 
4to, cloth, gilt edges. N. Y. [London], i860 

Eaulbach has portrayed the expression of brute physiognomy with a 
force and felicity hitherto unequalled in design as unsurpassed in excel- 
lence. His series of engravings, illustrating Reynard, very far surpass 
anything before achieved of a similar nature. In Vedder's Preface, 
these illustrations are yet more highly praised: " Even the German 
Shakespeare, Goethe," he says, " has made it the subject of a great 
poem ; and kindred genius, in the person of Kaulbach, has illustrated 
the work by the finest series of pictorial embellishments with which a 
book was ever adorned." 


409 Goethe. Reynard the Fox, after the German Version of 

Goethe, by Thomas James Arnold, Esq. With elegant 
steel plates, after Joseph Wolf's spirited designs, and en- 
graved title. 4to. Tree marbled calf extra, marbled 
edges by Riviere. London, Nattali and Bond, 1855 

This copy has the engraved title-page of— " William Pickering, 1853." 

410 Goethe. Life and Works, with Sketches of his Age and 

Contemporaries, by G. H. Lewes. Portrait. 8vo, cloth. 

London, 1864 
Second edition, partly rewritten. Each of the most powerful im- 
pulses by which, in turn, the social and intellectual life of Germany in 
turn was governed, found in Goethe its earliest and also its most 
striking representative ; and while he interpreted the tendencies of the 
age with felicitous intuition, and prefigured their results with wonder- 
ful richness of imagination, he gained a firm hold on popular feeling 
through that very coldness and practicality of moral sentiment which 
always kept him, from an ethical point of view, on a level with the world 
around him. 

411 Goethe. Life and Times, by Hermann Grimm. Trans- 

lated by Sarah Holland Adams. Portrait. 8vo, cloth. 

Boston, 1880 

412 Goldsmith (Oliver). Complete Works. Edited by 

Peter Cunningham. Vignette titles and frontispiece. 4 
vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, Murray, 1854 

Best and Library edition. 

" In point of elegance and brilliancy of type all that the most luxuri- 
ous bibliomaniac can wish, and just such books as the lover of good 
literature would wish to put upon his shelves." — Literary Gazette. 

" Mr. Cunningham, whose scrupulous exactness is generally known, 
has furnished the first complete and accurate reprint of Goldsmith. 
Numerous errors which had crept into previous editions are corrected, 
omitted passages are restored, and entire pieces have been added." 
— Quarterly Review. 

413 GoLOWNiN (Capt, R.N.). Recollections of Japan. 8vo, 

boards, uncut. London, 1819 

Comprising — ' ' a particular account of the religion, language, govern- 
ment, laws, and manners of the people." 

414 GowER (J.). CoNFESSio Amantis. Edited and collated 

with the best MSS. by Dr. Pauli. Finely printed in large 

antique type by Whittingham. 3 vols. 8vo, calf antique, 

bevelled sides, red edges. London, Bell and Daldy, 1857 

A beautiful edition of these famous old metrical tales which delighted 

the readers of the Middle Ages. The first edition was printed by 



415 Grahame (James, LL.D.). The History of the United 

States of North America, from the Plantation of the 
British Colonies till their Revolt and Declaration of Inde- 
pendence. Portrait. 4 vols. 8vo, cloth (two leaves Vol. 
4 wanting). Boston, 1845 

" Mr. Graham has published the best book that has anywhere ap- 
peared upon the History of the United States. He has corrected the 
mistakes, whether of error or malignity, which his predecessors in the 
same labors had committed." — North American Review. 

416 Granger (Rev. J.). Biographical History of England, 

from Egbert the Great to the Revolution, enlarged with 
more than 400 additional Lives, by Caulfield. Illustrated 
by several hundred fine portraits, including Richardson's ex- 
tensive series, many portraits and autographs from Thane's 
work, and other engravings. 6 vols, royal Svo, half calf, 
top edges marbled, others uncut. London, 1824 

Best edition. Fine impressions of the portraits. 
That erudite literary authority and book lover, S. Austin Allibone, 
speaks as follows respecting the results of ' ' Grangerism," which among 
us is, in these days, known as the " demoralizing " habit of " Nassau- 
ing ": — " The publication of Granger's work excited an eager compe- 
tition for portraits, and, unfortunately, many of his disciples carried 
their zeal to the highly censurable extreme of mutilating valuable works 
for the sake of the portraits which they contained. Rowes Mores, in 
his criticism upon Ames's ' Catalogue of English Heads,' is loud in his 
complaint of these mutilators, often depredators — ' If this gou( for 
prints and thieving continues, let private owners and public libraries 
look well to their books, for there will not remain a valuable book un- 
garbled by their coinnoseuring villainy, for neither honesty nor oaths 
restrain them.' " 

417 Grattan (Rt. Hon. Henry). Life and Times, by his Son, 

Henry Grattan, M.P. Portraits. 5 vols. Svo, cloth, 
uncut. London, Colburn, 1839 

Published at £3 10s. 

" He was a man of singular candor, and of great moderation ; and, 
from his entrance into public life to the close of his illustrious career, 
gave signal proofs of his moderation, of his extreme forbearance, nay, 
of his gentleness." — Brougham. 

418 Gray (Thomas). Poetical Works. Fcap. Svo, calf gilt, 

top edge gilt, others trimmed. London, 1S5S 

A beautiful copy of the Chiswick reprint of Pickering's Aldine edi- 
tion, edited by Mitford, which is the most complete edition, containing 
many pieces never before printed. 

" Had Gray written nothing but his ' Elegy,' high as he stands, I am 
not sure that he would not stand higher. " — Byron. 


4T9 Gray. Six Poems of, printed with large type on one 
side only, with fine engravings from the designs of R. 
Bentley — fine impressions {some foxed). Impl. 4to, old 
calf gilt. London, Dodsley, 1753 

Large and thick paper. Bentiey was the friend of Horace Wal- 

"The poems and the plates recommended each other so well that 
the whole impression was soon bought up." — Dr. Johnson. 

420 Greene. Life of Nathaniel Greene, Major-General in 

the Army of the Revolution. By George Washington 
Greene. Portrait and map. 3 vols, cloth. 

N. Y., 1867-71 
The author's grandfather was the subject of this valuable work. 

421 Greene (Robert). Dramatic Works, to which are added 

his Poems, with some Account of the Author, and Notes by 
the Rev. Alexander Dyce. 2 vols, crown 8vo, tree calf 
extra, by Riviere. London, W. Pickering, 1831 

Very scarce, and a beautiful copy. Only 250 copies printed and 
by C. Whittingham. 

AUibone says — " Greene was a boon companion with the dissipated 
wits of the day, deserted a lovely wife, lived a profligate life, occasion- 
ally chequered with partial repentance, and died of a surfeit of pickled 
herrings and Rhenish wine," but adds — " as an author, Greene's merits 
are undoubtedly considerable, and it is greatly to be regretted that he 
was not always in the moral vein, which presents so striking a contrast 
to his loose habits." 

422 Grenville Papers. Correspondence [and Diaries] of 

Rich. Grenville, Earl Temple, and of the Rt. Hon. G. 
Grenville, their Friends and Contemporaries, edited from 
the original MSS. by W. J. Smith. 4 vols. 8vo, cloth, 
uncut. London, 1852-3 

' ' In the third volume will be found some matter offered as evidence 
that Lord Temple was the author of ' Junius.' " — Allibone. 

423 Greville Memoirs. A Journal of the Reigns of King 

George IV. and King William IV. By the late Charles 
C. F. Greville, Esq., Clerk of the Council to those 
Sovereigns. Edited by Henry Reeve. 3 vols. 8vo, 
cloth, uncut. London, 1874 

" No equally important contribution to the political history of the 
last generation has been made by any previous writer. As a man of 
rank and fashion, Mr. Greville associated, on terms of equality, with 
all the statesmen of his time." — Saturday Review. 



424 [Griffiths (A. F.).] Bibliotheca Anglo-Poetica ; or a 

Descriptive Catalogue of a rare and rich Collection of 
Early English Poetry ; in the Possession of Longman, 
Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown. Illustrated by Occasional 
Extracts and Remarks, Critical and Biographical. 8vo, 
half morocco, top edge gilt. London, 1815 

Unique. Very rare, large paper, and of which only 50 copies 
were printed. John Allan's copy and sold at his sale for |ioo. Nassau's 
copy, without plates, brought £'}, 5j. The above is illustrated with 50 
inserted portraits, many of which are very rare. 

This extraordinary collection of Old English Poetry formed part of 
the extensive Library of Thomas Hill, and was sold by him to Messrs. 
Longman & Co. , who employed A. F. Griffiths to make out the Cata- 
logue. The initial at the beginning of each letter have very neat wood- 
cuts of the poets from rare prints. Thomas Hill was the " Hull " of 
Theodore Hook in his " Gilbert Gurney.'' 

' ' Deserving a place in every good library, from the interest- 
ing information which it affords of the works of our early poets." — 

425 Griswold (R. W.). The Republican Court, or American 

Society in the Days of Washington. By Rurus Wilmot 
Griswold. With twenty-one portraits of Distinguished 
Women, engraved frorn Original Pictures by Woolaston, 
Copley, Gainsborough, Stuart, Trumbull, Pine, 
Malbone, and other contemporary painters. 4to, morocco 
elegant, bevelled sides, gilt edges. 

N. Y., D. Appleton &• Co., MDCCCLV. 
A superb copy, with broad, wide margins, almost the appearance of a 
large paper copy, and with excellent impressions of the handsome 

' ' In this sumptuously printed and richly illustrated work, a view of 
American society in the days of the Father of the Republic is presented 
for the most part from original materials consisting of private cor- 
respondence, etc. " — Allibone. 

426 [Grose (F.).] Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue. 

1785. i2mo, half morocco, gilt top edge, others uncut. 

[London, 1869] 
This is a genuine unmutilated reprint of the much-sought-after 
First Edition oi Capt. Francis Grose's "Classical Dictionary of the 
Vulgar Tongue," and contains words and explanations which in the 
later editions have been either omitted or softened. It is said of the 
author that his literary acquirements were far exceeded by his good 
humor, his conviviality and his friendship . 


427 Grote (George). History of Greece, from the Earliest 

Period to the Close of the Generation Contemporary with 
Alexander the Great. Maps and plans, and fine por- 
trait. 12 vols. 8vo, half calf extra. London, 1846-56 

RUFUS Choate's copy, with his autograph. 

"A great literary undertaking, equally notable, whether we regard it 
as an accession to what is of standard value in our language, or an 
honorable monument of what English scholarship can do." — Athe- 

428 Grote. Plato, and other Companions of Socrates. 

3 vols. 8vo, elegantly bound in vellum extra gilt, bevelled 
sides and red edges by Hayday. 

London, John Murray, 1865 
Intended as a supplement and sequel to the History of Greece by 
the same author. 

"He has composed an Encyclopaedia of Platonic Erudition, 
adapted for the English reader, and put together with so much ani- 
mation as to make the whole a fascinating book." — Reader. 

429 Grote. Personal Life of George Grote compiled from 

Family Documents, Private Memoranda and Original Let- 
ters to and from Various Friends, by Mrs. Grote, portrait 
and facsimile; — -also Minor Works of George Grote, with 
Critical Remarks on his Intellectual Character, Writings 
and Speeches, by Alexander Bain, portrait. Together 
2 vols. 8vo, uniform cloth, uncut. London, Murray, 1873 

430 Gruner (Lewis). The Good Shunammite (II. Kings, Chap. 

iv., v., viii.). Exquisitely illuminated in gold and colors on 
every page, with six miniatures after medieval examples. 
Small 4to, elegantly bound by Hayday in smooth maroon 
morocco, bevelled sides, gilt edges. 

London, Longmans, 1847 
An elegant volume and thoroughly in the spirit of the old Monkish 

431 Guest (Edwin, M.A). A History of English Rhythms. 

2 vols. 8vo, half morocco, top edge gilt, others trimmed. 

London, W. Pickering, 1838 

Very scarce. 

432 GuiLLEMiN (A.). The Heavens. An Illustrated Hand- 

book of Popular Astronomy, edited by J. N. Lockyer. 
With ^() plates and numerous woodcuts. Royal 8vo, cloth, 
uncut. London, Bentley, 1868 



433 GuizoT (F.). History of Civilization. Translated by 

William Hazlitt. Portraits. 3 vols, post 8vo, half 
calf gilt (one cover loose). London, 1846 

434 GuizoT (F.). Memoirs of a Minister of State from the 

year 1840. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1864 

435 GuizoT. Monk, or the Fall of the Republic and the Resto- 

ration of the Monarchy in England in 1660. Portraits. 

Crown 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1866 

Translated from the French by Andrew R. Scoble. To this vol- 
ume is added — " Biographic Studies on the English Revolution; or, 
Monk's Contemporaries." 

436 GuRNEY. — Mrs. Gurney's Apology [for her adultery] in 

Justification of Mrs. 's Friendship. Royal 8vo, 

boards, uncut. Phila., Brotherhead, i860 

Very rare. " Mrs. Gurney is thus allied by descent and marriage 

with families of the first note, both in Europe and America, and holds 

in her own right an almost princely fortune After 

thirteen years of married life she voluntarily renounced her husband, 
her children and her family, not in any moment of passion, but 
through a calm conviction of reason, as she herself states, and left 
England the mistress of a common groom from her stables." — Preface. 

437 Gutenberg (J.). John Gutenberg, First Master Printer, 

His Acts, and most remarkable Discourses, and his Death. 
From the German, by C. W. 4to, half olive morocco, gilt 
top, other edges uncut. London, Triibner &• Co., i860 

Privately Printed, and only 100 copies. 

" Only a few copies allowed to be sold by the book-loving amateur 
who has produced this beautiful volume for presentation to his 



ADLEY (James). Introduction to Roman Law. 
i2mo, cloth. N. Y., 1873 

This valuable little volume gives a good account of the 
Code of Justinian. 

440 Hall (Rev. Robert). Works complete, with Life by Dr. 

O. Gregory, and Observations on his Character as a 
Preacher, by John Foster. Portrait. 6 vols. 8vo, calf 
gilt, marbled edges. London, 1853 

Best edition. " Mr. Hall, like Bishop Taylor, has the eloquence 
of an orator, the fancy of a poet, the acuteness of a schoolman, the 
profoundness of a philosopher, and the piety of a saint." — Parr. 

441 Hall (S. C). Book of Gems ; or, the Poets and Artists of 

Great Britain. Elegantly illustrated with exquisite engrav- 
ings after Turner, Landseer, Maclise, Roberts, etc. 3 
vols. 8vo, elegantly bound in crushed purple morocco extra 
gilt, bevelled sides, leather joints, handsome inside tooling, 
top edges gilt, by Matthews. London, 1836-8 

The scarce first edition. 

The above is claimed to be the finest piece of binding ever turned 
out by Matthews. 

A perfect gem in illustration, and one of the books issued at the 
time when steel engraving (at its zenith) was diffusing its charms 
through such works as Rogers's Italy and Poems, Campbell's Poems, 
Watts's Lyrics, Byron's Childe Harold. 

442 Hall. Book of British Ballads. Illustrated by several hun- 

dred beautiful woodcut engravings on every page by the first 
Artists. Morocco elegant, gilt edges. London, 1853 

Early edition, very scarce. 

It is scarcely possible to imagine a more attractive volume. The 
decorations are of the very highest class from designs by Creswick, 
Gilbert, Franklin, Corbould, etc. 

443 Hall (Mrs. Matthew). Queens before the Conquest. 

Fronts. 2 vols, small 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1854 

What Miss Strickland has achieved for English Queens since the 
Norman era, has been accomplished by Mrs. Hall on behalf of the 
royal ladies who, as wives of Saxon Kings, have influenced the des- 
tinies of Britain. 



444 Hall (Mr. and Mrs. S. C). Ireland, its Scenery, Legends, 

Tales, etc. With 500 beautiful engravings on steel and 
wood by Creswick, Harvey, etc. 3 vols. 4to, tree calf gilt 
extra, marbled edges by Riviere. 

London, How and Parsons, 1841 
A handsome copy of the first issue. 

" The Irish sketches of this lady [Mrs. S. C. Hall] resemble Miss 
Mitford's beautiful English Sketches in 'Our Village,' but they are far 
more vigorous and picturesque and bright." — Blackwood' s Maganine. 

445 Hall (Mrs. S. C). Pilgrimages to English Shrines. With 

notes as well as many illustrations by F. W. Fairholt, 
F.S.A. 2 vols. 4to, half morocco gilt. 

London, Hall, Virtue &= Co., 1850-53 
Very scarce, both the first and second series. 

446 Hallam (Henry). Works, i. e. — I. Introduction to Litera- 

ture of Europe, 3 vols. ; II. Constitutional History of Eng- 
land, 3 vols.; III. State of Europe during Middle Ages, 3 
vols. Together 9 vols. Svo, bright new uniform half calf 
gilt, contents lettered, marbled sides and edges. 

Boston and London, 1853-54 

" Mr. Hallam is, on the whole, far better qualified than any other 
writer for the office which he has undertaken. He has great industry 
and great acuteness; his knowledge is extensive, various and pro- 
found; his mind is equally distinguished by the amplitude of its grasp, 
and by the delicacy of its tact. " — Macaulay. 

447 Halliwell (J. O.). Dictionary of Archaic and Pro- 

vincial Words, Obsolete Phrases, Proverbs, and Ancient 
Customs, from the XlVth Century. 2 vols. 4to, half mor- 

Brixton 'H\\\, printed for private circulation only, 1852 
Large paper, only 112 copies printed for Students and Collectors 
of Old Words and Provincialisms. An indispensable book to the 
reader of our old Poets, Dramatists, Theologians, and other writers, 
whose works abound with allusions of which explanations are not to be 
found in ordinary dictionaries. 

448 Halliwell. A Dictionary of Old English Plays, exist- 

ing either in print or in manuscript, from the earliest 
times to the close of the Seventeenth Century; including 
also Notices of Latin Plays written by English Authors, 
during the same period. Svo, cloth, uncut. 

London, John Russell Smith, i860 
Large and thick paper. This work was — ' ' not intended to sup- 



ply the place of the valuable introductions of Gifford, Dyce or Collier; 
but rather to furnish brief, useful notes respecting the miscellaneous 
early English dramas.'' 

449 Hamconius. — Martini Hamconii | Frisia | sev | de viris 

rebvsqve | Frisiae illustribvs | libri dvo | opus ab Authore 
recognitum, auctum, et Imaginibus Re- | gum Potesta- 
tum, ac Principum exornatum | etc. Illustrated with nu- 
merous portraits, on the corners of which are heraldic bear- 
ings. 4to, old calf. Frankerse, 1620 
Rare. From the Towneley library, with the armorial book-plate of 
" John Towneley, Esq." Not mentioned in Brunet, who, however, 
gives an account of his curious poem on Catholicity and Calvinism, in 
which every word in the goo verses commence with the letter " C." 

450 Hamerton (P. G.). The Graphic Arts. A Treatise on 

THE Varieties of Drawing, Painting, and Engraving, 
in comparison with each other and with Nature. With 54 
illustrations after Ancient and Modern Masters — Raphael, 
Maclise, Turner, Leigh, Mulready, Harding, Hol- 
bein, DuRER, Bewick, Titian, Hollar, Rembrandt, 
Holt, Hurst, Delanne, Visscher, Strange, etc., repro- 
duced in facsimile. Thick 4to, vellum gilt, uncut. 

N. Y., Macmillan [London], 1882 

Large paper, uncut, and limited edition of 350 copies, printed on 
THICK PAPER, with the plates on India paper. 

Mr. Hamerton has enjoyed exceptional opportunities for gathering 
the experience and information necessary to a work like the above. 
Aided by the confidence of the most distinguished artists of his time, 
Mr. Hamerton does not write from the limited experience of one man, 
but expresses what may be fairly considered to be the state of existing 
knowledge. Besides this, his peculiar work as Editor of The Portfolio 
has brought him into the closest contact with black and white art in 
all its reproducible forms, and made him minutely acquainted with 
various processes of reproduction, and their respective merits. Such a 
work as ' ' The Graphic Arts " necessarily required illustration. The 
pubHshers spared neither trouble nor expense in illustrating it as com- 
pletely as the present very advanced state of the printed arts would 
permit. All kinds of engraving, and most kinds of drawing, are 
represented, either by the best living masters or by the most able of 
their younger brethren ; and with regard to the dead, their best works 
are reproduced in very close facsimile. 

451 Hamerton. The Unknown River, an Etcher's Voyage of 

Discovery. With 37 illustrations on India paper, etched from 
nature by the author . 410, cloth gilt, edges gilt. 

London, Seeley, 187 1 


452 Hamerton. The Sylvan Year. Leaves from the Note- 

book of Raoul Dubois, with 20 etchings by the author and 
other artists. 4to, new cloth, gilt, bevelled sides, gilt 
edges. Boston [London], 1876 

453 Hamerton. Chapters on Amimals. Illustrated by 20 ex- 

quisite etchings by J. Veyrassat and Karl Bodmer. 
Square 8vo, cloth extra. Boston [London], 1874 

454 Hamilton (Alexander). Works, comprising his Corres- 

pondence, and his Political and Official Writings, exclusive 
of the Federalist, published from the Original Manuscripts 
deposited in the Department of State. Edited by John C. 
Hamilton. Portrait. 7 vols. 8vo, cloth. N.Y., 1850-51 
Very scarce. ' ' The name of Hamilton would have honored Greece in 
the age of Aristides. May Heaven, the guardian of our liberty, grant 
that our country may be fruitful of Hamiltons, and faithful to their 
glory." — Fisher Ames. 

455 Hamilton. The Life of, by his son John C. Hamilton. 

Portrait. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. N. Y., 1834-40 

"A national work." — Hawks. 

456 Hamilton, Madison and Jay. Fcederalist (The). A 

Collection of Essays, written in favor of the New Constitu- 
tion, as agreed upon by the Fcederal Convention, Septem- 
ber 17, 1787. Reprinted from the Original Text, with an 
Historical Introduction and Notes, by Heney B. Dawson. 
Vol. I. Portrait on India. FAF^R. Imp. 8vo, paper, uncut. 

Morrisania, 1864 

Large paper. No. 115, of which 250 copies were issued. The 
second volume is not yet published; but the text of the work is com- 
plete in this volume. 

"It ought to be familiar to the statesmen of every nation. " — De 


457 Hamilton, Madison and Jay. Federalist (The). A 

Commentary on the Constitution. Edited by John C. 
Hamilton. 2 vols. imp. 8vo, cloth, uncut. Phila., 1865 
Large paper. One hundred copies only printed in this size. 

458 Hamilton (County Anthony). Fairy Tales and Romances. 

Portrait. Post 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1849 

The ' ' Memoirs of Grammont " are universally admitted to be among 
the most witty and entertaining that have ever been written. It was 
described by Gibbon as " a classic work, the delight of every man and 
woman of taste," praised and edited by Sir Walter Scott, printed in 


almost every language and every form, and found in every good his- 
torical library. Some have said that it is too much imbued with the 
spirit of Charles II.'s days to suit the severer code of the present age. 
But the reasons which would keep these volumes away from the great 
mass of readers would be equally applicable to nearly all writers of 
Charles II.'s period, and to Pepys as well as Ariosto, La Fontaine, 
Beaumont, Fletcher, Massinger, Hope, and even Shakespeare. 

459 Hamor (Raphe). A Trve Discovrse of the Present Estate 

of Virginia; and the Successe of the Affaires there till the 
i8 of lune, 1614. . . . Written by Raphe Hamor 
the yonger, late Secretarie in that Colony. 4to, sewed, 
uncut. [London, 1615.] Albany, Reprinted, i860 

Large paper, and of which only 200 copies were reprinted for Dr. 
Charles G. Barney, of Richmond, Va. A beautiful and accurate 

460 Hampden (John). Memorials of, His Party and His Times. 

By Lord Nugent. 12 steel portraits. Post Svo, cloth. 

London, i860 
This work occasioned Lord Macaulay's grand Essay on Hampden. 
Robert Southey also reviewed this work in the Quarterly Review. 

461 Hand-Book of Proverbs ; comprising Ray's English 

Proverbs, with Index, etc., by Bohn. Post Svo, cloth, 
uncut. London, 1855 

Compiled by Henry G. Bohn^ the London second-hand bookseller, 
who was proud of the honor of having been a " bookseller's salesman." 
He had no arrogant conceit. 

462 Hansard (G. A.). The Book of Archery, being the com- 

plete history and practice of the art, ancient and modern, 
interspersed with numerous interesting anecdotes. Numerous 
steel plates and vignette title, after Stephanoff. Svo, green 
calf extra, top edge gilt, others uncut. 

London, Bohn, 1841-45 
The best work on this interesting sport. 

" The pictorial embellishments are some of the most beautiful we 
have ever seen." — Art Union. 

463 Harington (Sir J.). Nugae Antique, being a Miscellaneous 

Collection of Original Papers in Prose and Verse, written 
in the Reigns of Henry VIIL, Edward VI., Mary, Eliza- 
beth and James I. Selected from Authentic Remains by 
the late Henry Harington, M.A., and Newly Arranged 


with Illustrative Notes by Thomas Park, F.S.A. 2 vols. 
8vo, calf. London, 1804 

Best edition of this valuable work for the Shakespearean studeilt. 
Allibone says Sir John Harington — " was a great favorite with his god- 
mother Queen Elizabeth, although temporarily banished from Court 
for writing a witty work upon an objectionable theme, entitled ' The 
Metamorphosis of Ajax,' London, 1596, 8vo. A license was refused 
for printing the work, yet it nevertheless went through three impres- 

464 Harris (Thaddeus William). A Treatise on Some of the 

Insects injurious to Vegetation. A new Edition, Enlarged 
and Improved, with Additions from the Author's Manu- 
scripts and Original Notes. Edited by Charles L. Flint. 
Illustrated by colored plates and numerous wood engrav- 
ings drawn from nature under the supervision of Professor 
Agassiz. Royal 8vo, cloth, red edges. Boston, 1862 

Large paper. 500 copies printed. 

' ' The late Dr. Thaddeus William Harris was one of the commis- 
sioners appointed for the Zoological and Botanical Survey of Massa- 
chusetts while I was Governor of the State, in 1837. The entomo- 
logical department was entrusted to him ; and in this country he had, 
at the time, no superior, if he had an equal, which I doubt." — Edward 

465 Harris (Capt. William Cornwallis). The Wild Sports of 

Southern Africa ; being the Narrative of a Hunting Expe- 
dition from the Cape of Good Hope. Illustrated with 
numerous colored plates. 4to, cloth, gilt edges. 

London, 1852 

' ' The Zoologist will find in this book many valuable accounts of the 
habits of animals of the greatest rarity ; and the sportsman will read 
of scenes of the most stirring description, and of shots which leave 
nothing more to be wished from " eye, hand, lead and gunpowder.' " — 
London Quarterly Review. 

466 Harleian Miscellany ; a Collection of Scarce, Curious, 

and Entertaining Pamphlets and Tracts, as well in Manu- 
script as Print, selected from the Library of the Earl 
OF Oxford, with the Supplement and large Additions and 
Notes by T. Park. 10 vols, royal 4to, calf, gilt, marbled 
ends and edges. London, 1808-13 

Best edition. Scarce. Rufus Choate's copy bearing his auto- 
graph on the fly-leaves. 

Gough asserts that the number of pamphlets in the Harleian Library 
was computed to be 400,000, From this vast treasure the jndefatiga- 


ble Oldys extracted between 600 and 700, which were published as the 
' ' Harleian Miscellany. " 

' ' This valuable political, historical and antiquarian work, an indis- 
pensable auxiliary in the illustration of the Literature, Manners, etc. , of 
the British, contains between 600 and 700 rare and curious tracts." — 

" To the importance of this collection of Tracts and Papers for 
elucidating many historical occurrences, no person who feels inter- 
ested in the discovery of truth can be inattentive. I hardly know of 
any one collection, or set of volumes, likely to be productive of more 
varied entertainment, especially if the reader have a philological 
turn."— Dr. Dibdin. 

467 Haslewood (Joseph). Reprints, i. e. : — 

I. Painter's Palace of Pleasure, beautified, adorned, 
and furnished with Pleasant Histories, and excellent 
Novels, edited by Haslewood. 3 vols. London, 18 13 

Only 165 printed ; published at ;f 10 lOs. each set. 

The Palace of Pleasure is, without doubt, not only one of the earUest, 
but one of the most valuable selection of tales published during Queen 
Elizabeth's reign. 

" The favorite book of the immortal Shakespeare." 

II. Mirror for Magistrates, edited with Historical Notes, 
etc., by Haslewood. 3 vols. London, 1813 

Only 150 copies printed. 

The popularity of this work, and its influence on English National 
Poetry throughout the reigns of Eliz.abeth and James I. were very con- 
siderable. The excellent notes of the editor render this edition most 
valuable and interesting. 

" 'This work,' says Wharton, 'suggested scenes to Shakespeare, 
and was the origin of our historical plays. ' It is the joint production 
of William Baldwin, Thomas Sackville and George Ferrars. Baldwin, 
a schoolmaster and divine, is the chief author. (For George Ferrars, 
see page 41.) Thomas Sackville, Earl of Dorset, born 1536, died 
1608, ' was not more distinguished for his high official position — 
Lord High Treasurer of England — than for the excellence of his poeti- 
cal composition. ... Of this grand work, which ' illuminates 
with no common lustre that interval of darkness which occupies the 
annals of Enghsh poetry from Surrey to Spencer,' we had intended to 
give an account, but to do justice to the subject requires far more 
space than we can afford." — S. Austin Allibone. 

Together 6 vols. 4T0. Elegantly bound by Riviere in 


MARBLE. London, 1813 

Large paper. A splendid set, and believed to be the finest copy 
in America. 



468 Haslewood. Ancient Critical Essays upon English 

Poets and Poesy, containing reprints of the Rare Works 
of Puttenham, Gascoigne, Harvey, Spenser, K. James, 
Webb, Harington, Meres, Campion, Daniel and Bol- 
ton, edited by Joseph Haslewood. 2 vols. 4to, half 
morocco, uncut. London, 1811-15 

Fine, uncut copy. Only 200 copies were printed of the first 
volume and 220 of the second. Most of the copies of the second 
volume were destroyed by fire. Published at £fi bs. 

469 Haweis (H. R.). Music and Morals. \\. Philosophical : 

Music, Emotion and Morals ; 2. Biographical : Ambrose 
to Mendelssohn ; 3. Instrumental . Violins, Pianofortes 
and Bells ; 4. Critical : Music in England.] Illustrations. 
8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 187 1 

" Mr. Haweis writes not only fearlessly, but with remarkable fresh- 
ness and vigour. In all that he says we perceive a transparent honesty 
and singleness of purpose." — Saturday Review. 

470 Hawkins (Sir John). General History of the Science and 

Practice of Music. With 5 1 portraits, and numerous en- 
gravings of musical instruments^, many pieces of old music, etc. 
5 vols. 4to, calf. London, 1776 

A very esteemed work. The above copy belonged to H. R. H. 
Princess Sophia of England, and has her book-plate. Harwood's 
copy fetched, 1858, at Sotheby's, £b ^s. dd. 

471 Hawkins (Thomas). Origin of the English Drama, illus- 

trated in its various Species, viz. : — Mystery, Morality, Tra- 
gedy and Comedy by Specimens from our Earliest Writers, 
with Explanatory Notes. 3 vols, crown 8vo, elegantly 
bound in yellow calf gilt, gilt edges. Oxford, 1773 

Very scarce. A catalogue of the contents of these volumes — also 
of ' ' Dodsley's Collection of Old Plays — will be found in Harris's ' Cata- 
logue of the Royal Institution.'" 

472 Haydon (Benjamin Robert, historical painter). Life of, 

from His Autobiography and Journals. Edited and 
compiled by Tom Taylor. Second edition. 3 vols, crown 
8vo, half morocco gilt, top edges gilt, others uncut. 

London, 1853 

A remarkable book relative to a remarkable man, who, like Chattertoa, 
perished in his pride. 


473 Hazlitt (William). Works, viz. : — 

I. Hazlitt. Table Talk, Original Essays on Men and 
Manners. 2 vols. London, 1845-46 

II. Hazlitt. Criticisms on Art, and Sketches of Picture 
Galleries of England. 2 vols. London, 1843-44 

III. Hazlitt. Plain Speaker, Opinions on Books, Men and 
Things. 2 vols. London, 185 1 

With autograph of " Richard Grant White." 

IV. Hazlitt. Criticisms and Dramatic Essays on the En- 
glish Stage. London, 1851 

V. Hazlitt. Characters of Shakespeare's Plays. 

London, 1848 

VI. Hazlitt. Lectures on the Dramatic Literature of the 
Age of Elizabeth. London, 1840 

VII. Hazlitt. Lectures on the English Poets. 

London, 1841 

VIII. Hazlitt. Lectures on the Comic Writers. 

London, 1841 

IX. Hazlitt. Round Table, Literature, Men and Manners. 

London, 1841 

X. Hazlitt. Winterslow — Essays and Characters. 

London, 1850 
Together 13 vols. i6mo, cloth, uncut. London, 1840-51 
A desirable set of the best editions of Hazlitt's works, collected and 
edited by his son- 

Hazlitt — ' ' possessed in a very eminent degree what we are inclined 
to believe the most important requisite for true criticism, — agreat na- 
tural relish for all the phases of intellectual life and action." — TuCKER- 

474 [Hazlitt. j Liber Amoris; or, the New Pygmalion [by 

William Hazlitt.] Engraved with vignette head (loose 
and soiled). i2mo, boards. London, John Hunt, 1823 

Rare. This little volume is an account of the strange love infatu- 
ation of William Hazlitt, which eventually caused his death. Hazlitt 
had formed a strong attachment to the housekeeper's daughter at the 
house in which he had his chambers, and by whom he was deceived. 
The title of this extraordinary work is adorned with a medallion portrait 
of the individual. It was rigidly suppressed by the author's friends. 

' ' Hazlitt had published a little book which was universally laughed 
at, but which in one view of it greatly raised him in my opinion by 
showing him to be capable of stronger and more agitating passions than 



I believed to be within the range of his nature — his ' Liber Amoris, or 

the Modern Pygmalion' It bore upon its title-page an 

engraved copy of a female figure, by what painter I forget at this mo- 
ment, but I think by Titian — which, as Hazlitt imagined, closely re- 
sembled the object of his present adoration." — De Quincey, " Recol- 
lections of Charles Lamb." 

475 Hazlitt (Wm. Carew, grandson of the preceding). English 

Proverbs and Proverbial Phrases collected from the Most 
Authentic Sources, Alphabetically Arranged and Annotated 
by W. Carew Hazlitt. Royal 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, John Russell Smith, 1869 

Printed at the Chiswick Press. "The impression of this book is 
limited to 350 copies, of which 50 are on large paper. Whittingham 
and WiLKlNS." 

476 Hazlitt. Hand-Book to the Popular, Poetical and Dra- 

matic Literature of Great Britain, from the Invention of 
Printing to the Restoration. By W. Carew Hazlitt. 
Thick 8vo, half morocco, all edges uncut. 

London, John Russell Smith, 1867 

A thick volume of 704 pages, including the " Post-Prsefatio." 
This bibliographical work, which was an eight or nine years' 
labor of love to the author, brings together a large variety of fresh 
information and very numerous and important notices of undescribed 
works and editions in early English and Scottish literature. One 
branch of early English literature which, in existing works of refer- 
ence, has been very superficially treated, receives peculiar attention, 
and a new prominence to which it was fairly entitled. The author 
stated before the publication of this work; — " I refer to our popular 
literature in the strict sense of that term, and to our folk lore, 
which are bound together by very intimate ties. I shall not scruple 
to give a large space to Tom Thumb and Robin GooDFELLOVif; for 
my purposes, these two heroes are worth more than a cart-load of 
tracts, political and polemical. I purpose to enter at large into the 
bibliographical history of all our romances of chivalry, all our jest- 
books, all our drolleries, and all our old story-books." 

477 Hazlitt. Remains of the Early Popular Poetry of 

England, with Notes, etc., by W. C. Hazlitt. Crown 
8vo, cloth, uncut. London, Russell Smith, 1864 

Large paper. 

' ' The largest and most important assemblage of the early popular 
poetry of England which has ever been submitted to the public." — 


478 Hearne (Thomas, M.A.). Chronicles, comprising— Robert 

OF Gloucester's Metrical Chronicle of England, with a 
Preface, Notes, Glossary, and an Appendix by Hearne, 2 
vols.; and Peter Langtoft's Metrical Chronicle of 
England, to which are added a Preface, a Glossary, and 
other curious Papers, by Hearne, 2 vols. Together 4 
vols, royal 8vo, calf. London, Bagster, 18 10 

Containing tlie most extensive glossary of early English literature 
extant. It not only refers to the work itself, but gives many long 
extracts from unpublished contemporary manuscripts. 

479 Heaton (Mrs. Charles). A Concise History of Painting. 

With illustrations in permanent photography. Crown 8vo, 
cloth. London, 1873 

480 Heine (Heinrich). Poems Complete — Translated in Original 

Metre with Life by E. A. Bowring. Post 8vo, cloth. 

London, 1861 
Regarding Heine as a wit and humorist alone, his sayings and 
opinions have a charm unrivalled in the history of literature. We 
believe it was M. Thiers who said that he was the wittiest Frenchman 
since Voltaire, and, in his power of the application of wit, and in his 
readiness with it, he certainly was as universal as that extraordinary 
spirit; while, as respecting his humor, he could be in tones as tender 
as Sterne, and as savage and grave as Swift. 

481 Helps (Arthur). The Spanish Conquest in America and 

its Relation to the History of Slavery and to the Govern- 
ment of Colonies. 4 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1855-61 

" The whole of this noble work is devoted to a history of the rela- 
tions of the Indians of America to its Spanish invaders; and the effect 
of their occupation and conquest upon the population, religion and 
manners of the aborigines. The various narratives and histories, 
which describe the awful destruction of many Indian nations by the 
Spaniards, are criticized with true philosophical acumen, and the 
veracity and capability of their authors fairly examined." — T. W. 

482 Helps. Friends in Council. 2 vols, post 8vo, purple 

morocco elegant, edges gilt by Westleys. 

London, Wm. Pickering, 1851 

Scarce. A beautiful copy of Pickering's edition. Handsomely 
printed by C. Whittingham at Chiswick. 

" A more pleasant book we have never read." — British Quarterly 


483 Hemans (Mrs.). Poetical Works, complete, with Life by 

her Sister. Portraits and vignettes. 7 vols, foolscap 8vo, 
half morocco elegant, gilt edges. Edinburgh, 1840-44 

Best EDITION. " By far the most popular of our poetesses, alike 
at home and beyond the Atlantic." — MoiR. 

484 Herbert (G.). Works in Verse and Prose. Pickering's 

handsome library edition, printed in large antique type, by 
Whittingham. With fine portrait. 2 vols. 8vo, purple 
morocco antique bevelled sides and gilt edges. 

London, Pickering, 1853 
Large paper. Only an edition of 250 copies was printed. 
This edition contains the Proverbs, and many pieces never before 
printed, with Notes by S. T. Coleridge, and Life by his first biographer, 
Barnabas Oley. 

' ' I pored over him all day long ; and, though I found not here what 
I might have found, — a cure for my malady, — yet it never seemed so 
much alleviated as while I was reading him." — Cowper. 

485 Herculaneum et PoMPjfii ; Recueil g:en£ral des Pein- 

tures, Bronzes, Mosaiques, etc., d^couverts jusqu'a ce 
jour et reproduits, d'apres tous les ouvrages publics jusqu'a 
present, avec un Texte explicatif par M. Barre. With 700 
fine engravings by H. Roux, aine. 8 vols, imperial 8vo, 
half red morocco gilt, top edge gilt, other edges uncut. 

Paris, Didot, 1861-62 
This is the most complete work on the discoveries at Herculaneum 
and Pompeii, exhibiting all the paintings, bronzes, miniatures, etc., 
hitherto published in rare or expensive works, with the addition of 
many others which have not previously appeared. The eighth volume, 
containing the " Musee Secret," is curious and uncommon ; exhibiting 
the lascivious indulgences of the ardent Pompeians as depicted upon the 
walls of their baths and private apartments. 

' ' We need not regret the departure of those times when modesty had 
no cloak ; when, like the brute, man and woman stood before each 
other unabashed at their nakedness . The facility of enjoyment gave 
birth to satiety and disgust. A frightful corruption of morals was the 
inevitable consequence of this state of things, for excess of debauchery 
could alone reanimate desire, the prime mover of enjoyment. Eternal 
glory to the religion which, overturning these impure idols into the mire, 
and unrolling the code of chastity before our eyes, has made our sensa- 
tions purer and our pleasures keener." — Fanin. 

486 Herndon (W. L.) and Gibbon (L.). Exploration of the 

Valley of the Amazon. Plates, maps, etc. 2 vols. (Parts i 
and 2) 8vo, cloth. Washington, 1854 

Of this popular work 40,000 copies were printed. 


487 Herrick (R.). Hesperides, or the Works both Humane 

and Divine of Robert Herrick, Esq. Portrait. 2 vols, 
post 8vo, half morocco. London, Wm. Pickering, 1846 

Very scarce. Printed by C. W. Whittingham, Chiswick. 

" Horace 
He was but a sour ass, 
And good for nothing but lyric ; 
There's but one to be found 
In all English ground 
Writes so well, who is bright Robert Herrick." 

—Notes upon Parnassus. 1658. 

488 HiLDRETH (Richard). History of the United States of 

America to the End of the Sixteenth Congress. 6 vols, 
royal 8vo, cloth, top edges gilt. N. Y., 1^49-52 

"I write undistorted by prejudice, uncolored by sentiment, neither 
tricked out in the gaudy tinsel of meretricious rhetoric, nor stretched, 
nor shortened, to suit the purposes of any partial political theory." — 

" By all competent critics in France, England and America, this 
careful and laborious work is now regarded as the only trustworthy and 
serious attempt yet made to tell the story of the rise and progress of the 
great Republic with historic dignity and honesty. '' —N. Y. World. 

489 Hindley (Charles). Old Book Collector's Miscellany ; 

or, a Collection of Readable Reprints of Literary Rarities, 
illustrative of the History, Literature, Manners, and Biog- 
raphy of the English Nation during the i6th and 17th 
Centuries. Facsimiles, etc. 4 vols. 8vo, half morocco, top 
edges gilt, others uncut, Roxburghe style. London, 1871-73 

" To carry out our term of 'Readable Reprints,' and, as no real 
service is being rendered to literature by retaining the orthography of 
the period at which the works were first published, the modern standard 
of spelling will be used throughout, with the exception of such words 
as would suffer by being altered, or the original sense in which they 
were used destroyed ; in these cases the primitive spelling will be 
retained. " — Preface. 

490 Historic Illustrations of the Bible, with Descriptions, 

EngUsh, French and German. The Four Series com- 
plete. With upwards of 120 highly-finished engravings. 
4 vols, in two. 4to, half morocco. London, Fisher, n. d. 
These volumes contain many of the finest Pictures of the Old and 
Modern Masters. 

491 Historical Magazine, and Notes and Queries concerning 

the Antiquities, History, and Biography of America. 
Plates. Vols, i to 8 inclusive. 4to, half morocco, cloth 
sides. Boston and N. Y., 1857-64 


492 Hitchcock (E.). Religion of Geology and Its Connected 

Sciences. Colored front. i2mo, cloth. Boston, 1851 

493 HoBBES (Thomas, of Malmesbury). English and Latin 

Works complete, collected and edited by Sir W. Moles- 
worth. Portrait. 16 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1839-45 
The only complete edition of the works of this celebrated writer, 
who will ever be regarded aj one of the master spirits of English lit- 

' ' Thomas Hobbes, in language more precise and luminous than has 
ever been employed by any other metaphysical writer." — Macaulay. 

494 Hogarth (William). Works, being 79 plates, engraved by 

Hogarth himself, and many of which are early proofs and 
original impressions, including the Harlot's Progress, Be- 
fore and After, etc., etc. (a few slightly damaged on the 
margins). Folio, old purple morocco gilt, edges gilt. 


This copy belo iged to David Roberts, the artist and President of 
the British Royal Academy. It has his visiting card with address 

This is an original set of Hogarth of extreme scarcity, and very 
different to the modern touched-up copies. The collection consists 
of the engravings, genuine impressions, sold by Mrs. Hogarth imme- 
diately after the death of her husband. 

' ' The anchor which held Hogarth fastest to the public favor was 
the sincere and deliberate belief — prevalent among the more serious 
of the substantial orders — that his works were in the highest degree 
moral, and that they contributed to the inculcation of virtue and 

piety The philosopher who ever preached the sturdy English 

virtues that have made us what we are." — Comhill Magazine, 

495 Hogarth. Biographical Anecdotes of, with a Catalogue 

of his Works, etc. [by John Nichols]. Engraved title 
front. 8vo, calf. 'LanAovi, John Nichols, x'j?>'-) 

" Best edition, with a knife-and-fork vignette on the title-page." — 

496 Hogarth. Five Days' Frolic ; or, Peregrinations by 

Land and Water. Illustrated by tinted drawings made by 
Hogarth and Scott during the journey. 4to, cloth gilt. 

London, n. d. 

A graphic and most extraordinary picture of the hearty English 
times in which these merry artists lived. 



497 Hogarth (George). Memoirs of the Musical Drama. Por- 

traits. 2 vols. 8vo, half calf, cloth sides. 

London, Bentley, 1838 

Best edition. From the library of the late W. E. Burton. The 
author was Charles Dickens's father-in-law. 

"He brings general scholarship and cultivation to his task, and has 
produced a very instructive as well as entertaining book." — Athe- 

498 Hogarth. Musical History, Biography and Criticism. 2 

vols. i6mo, half calf, cloth sides. London, Parker, 1838 
From the W. E. Burton Library. 

499 Hogg (Thos. Jefferson). Life of Percy Bysshe Shelley. 

Portrait. 2 thick vols, crown 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, Moxon, 1858 

Never completed, owing to the objections of the Shelley family. 
The book has become quite scarce, in consequence of its suppression in 
Great Britain. 

Shelley will be found to stand immeasurably higher than Byron. 
Whatever may have been the errors of his head, his heart appears, by 
the testimony of all who knew him, to have been eminently kind, gene- 
rous and unselfish. And if his conduct seems occasionally to contradict 
this view, it was a rare exception to the general rule ; while with Byron 
the reverse was true, pride and selfishness was the rule, disinterested- 
ness the exception. 

500 Holbein (Hans). Account of the Life and Works of, by 

R. N. WoRNUM. With steel portrait, fine wood engravings 
and 2 photographic portraits from the drawings by Holbein. 
Imperial 8vo, cloth, bevelled sides, all edges uncut. 

London, 1867 

With appendix containing Inventory of Pictures, Carvings, Embroid- 
eries, etc. , belonging to King Henry VIII. at the time of his decease, 
1517, and a Catalogue of Portraits by Holbein of English lords and 
ladies of the Court of King Henry VIII., in Her Majesty's collection 
at Windsor. 

501 Holbein and His Time. By Dr. Alfred Woltman, trans- 

lated by F. E. Bunnett. Handsomely printed on toned 
paper, and illustrated with upwards of c,o fine engravings on 
wood from original pictures by Holbein. Thick square 
8vo, cloth gilt, bevelled sides, gilt edges. 

London, Bentley, 1872 

A charming biography. 



502 Holbein. Icones Veteris Testamenti, with English Text. 

Illustrations of the Old Testament, engraved on wood from 
designs by Hans Holbein. i2mo, cloth, uncut. 

London, Wm. Pickering, 1830 

"Instead of figures of Venus and Diana, and libidinous forms of 

other goddesses, which only injure the mind by error, or poison it by 

depravity, [he has exhibited] subjects connected with holy writ, which 

point, finger-like, to the penetralia of Hagiography." — Frellon. 

503 Holbein. Dance of Death, with an Historical and Literary 

Introduction. 32 plates on India paper. Crown 8vo, 
cloth (pages loose). London, John Russell Smith, 1849 

*' The Grave's the Market Place where all men meet, 
Both rich and poor, as well as small and great, 
If life were merchandize that gold could buy, 
The rich would live, the poor alone would die." 

504 Holmes (Abiel, D.D.). The Annals of America, from the 

Discovery by Columbus in the year 1492 to the year 1826. 
Second Edition. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 

Cambridge, Hilliard and Brown, 1829 

Clean copy of the Best Edition. 

" One of the best works of the kind ever published. Everything of 
importance in the history of America is related in a concise manner, 
with copious and interesting notes and references to the original author- 
ities. It is out of print and scarce." — Rich. 

" Holmes's 'Annals' has now (1856) become a liber rarissimus, and 
can rarely be purchased." — Allibone. 

" It is the best repository of historical, chronological and biograph- 
ical knowledge respecting America that can be found embodied in one 
work." — Jared Sparks. 

505 Holy Bible, Old and New Testaments. Macklin's Mag- 

nificent Edition. Printed with exceedingly large and 
beautiful type by Bensley, and illustrated with the splendid 
series of engravings by the best English Artists {some slightly 
foxed). Fine impressions. 7 vols, royal folio, russia, gilt 
edges. London, Bensley, 1800 

This splendid edition, printed by the famous Bensley, was published 
at nearly £\oo without the binding. 850 copies only were printed and 
for subscribers. It exhibits the utmost perfection of both the arts of 
printing and engraving. " Thorpe, 1824, £yi ; Rivington, 1824, .,£■45." 

506 Homer. Works. I., The Iliad, translated by A. Pope, 

with the exquisite series of illustrations by Stothard, Fu- 
SELi, Westall, etc., 6 vols.; and II., Odyssey, translated 
by Pope, with the beautiful plates by Burney, Fuseli, 


Smirke, Singleton and Howard, 6 vols. Together 12 
vols, royal 8vo, elegantly bound in green morocco extra, 
gilt edges. London, 1805-06 

Large paper. Du Roveray's edition, printed by T. Bensley, and 
published at £,(i 6s. 

" But (thanks to Homer) since I live and thrive 
Indebted to no prince or peer alive." — 


507 Homer. The Iliad, Odyssey and Batrachomyomachia, 

of Homer, Prince of Poets, never before in any language 
truly translated with a Comment on some of his Chief 
Places ; done according to the Greek by George Chap- 
man, with Introduction and Notes by Richard Hooper, 
A.M. Portrait and engraved facsimile titles. 5 vols, post 
8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1857-65 

Printed by Whittingham at the Chiswick Press. Second and best 

" Chapman, when he lays aside the gravity of the philosopher and 
poet, discovers an unexpected comic vein distinguished by equal truth 
of nature and lively good humor. " — William Hazlitt. 

508 Homer. Iliad. Translated into English Accentuated Hex- 

ameters, by Sir John F. W. Herschel. 4to, cloth, 
uncut. London, 1866 

The author was the celebrated English astronomer and the only son 
of his more distinguished father. Sir William Herschel. 

509 Homer. Odyssey and Iliad, Translated into English by W. 

C. Bryant. 4 vols. 4to, cloth, bevelled sides, gilt top 
edges. Boston, 1870-2 

510 Homer. Burlesque Translation of Homer. Numerous en- 

gravings. 2 vols, in I. 8vo, half calf. London, 1797 

" A work full of humor, written by Thos. Bridges, but which often 
transgresses the bounds of decency. " — Lowndes. 

511 Homer. Iliad, Odyssey and Hymns. Literally Translated 

with Notes by Buckley. Portrait. 2 vols, post 8vo, 
cloth, uncut. London, 1857-60 

512 Homes of American Authors; comprising Anecdotal, 

Personal, and Descriptive Sketches, by Various Writers. 
Illustrated with views of their residences from original 
drawings, portraits, vignettes and facsimiles. 4to, cloth, 
top edge gilt, others uncut. N. Y., Putnam, 1853 

Scarce. First edition. 


513 Hone (William). Popular Works, viz.: — Every-Day Book, 2 

vols.; II., Table Book; III., Year Book. With several 
hundred woodcuts of old customs, remarkable characters, 
curiosities, etc. 4 vols. 8vo, half morocco, marbled sides 
and edges. London, 1826-32 

A fine set of the scarce original editions. 

" Reader, did you ever see Hone's Every-Day Book ? You cannot 
do better than buy it directly. . . You will meet with . . spirit telling 
descriptions of old customs, delightful woodcuts of old buildings, as 
well as many a fine secret learned among the woods and fields, and 
whispered by the ' season's difference. ' . . He has deserved well of the 
naturalist, the antiquarian, and the poet, by his Every-Day Book, and 
also by his Table Book." — Christopher North. 

514 Hone. Ancient Mysteries Described. Especially the En- 

glish Miracle Plays, founded on Apocryphal New Testa- 
ment Story, including Notices of Ecclesiastical Shows, the 
Festivals of Fools and Asses, the English Boy-Bishop, the 
Descent into Hell, the Lord Mayor's Show, the Guildhall 
Giants, Christmas Carols, etc. Copper and wood engrav- 
ings. 8vo, calf gilt. London, 1823 

Scarce. Original copy of the first edition, with colored ' ' Gog and 
Magog " plate. 

" Is it possible that the spells of apocrypha should juggle men into 
such strange mysteries ?" — Shakespeare. 

515 Hood (T.). Hood's Own; or, Laughter from Year to 

Year. Both series. With several hundred cuts from 
his own designs. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1846-61 

This popular work contains some of the humorist's best productions, 
including articles from his " Comic Annuals," and a graphic portrait of 
himself in his " Literary Reminiscences." 

516 Hooker (Sir W.). Journal of a Tour in Iceland, with Ap- 

pendix containing an Icelandic Flora, etc. Engravings 
and colored front. 8vo, half morocco, gilt. 

Yarmouth, " not published," 18 11 

Very scarce. Printed for private circulation only. 

" The travels of this author [Hooker], Mackenzie and Henderson 
would seem to leave nothing to be desired on the subject of this extra- 
ordinary island and its inhabitants." — Stevenson. 



517 HoRNE (T. Hartwell). Introduction to the Study of Bib- 

liography, with Memoir on the PubHc Libraries of the 
Ancients. Engraved facsimiles. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, hand- 
somely bound in brown russia gilt, edges gilt. 

London, 18 14 
Extremely scarce. Large paper, of which 50 copies were printed. 
This is one of the few copies printed on Whatman's vellura paper. 

The second volume contains a most complete list and description of 
works on bibliography and literary history. 

" On page 92, et seq., is a chapter on Mexican and North American 
picture writing. Prefaced is a memoii on the public libraries of the 
ancients. The most useful work of the kind in the English lan- 
guage.'' — Saein's Dictionary. 

518 HoRNE. Introduction to the Critical Study and Knowl- 

edge of the Holy Scriptures. Edited by Horne, Ayre 
and Tregelles. Facsimiles of Biblical MS. and maps. 
4 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1872 

This is a copy that should find a place on the shelves of the 
New York Thirteen Club library. It is the ' ' thirteenth (and best) 

519 HowiTT (William). Homes and Haunts of the most 

Eminent British Poets. Second Edition. Wood en- 
gravings. 2 vols. 8vo, calf gilt, marbled edges. 

London, 1847 
" An indissoluble sign of their existence has stamped itself on the 
abodes of all distinguished men, a sign which places all kindred spirits 
in communion with them." — The Citizen of Prague. 

520 HowiTT. Visits to Remarkable Places ; Old Halls, Battle 

Fields, and Scenes Illustrative of Striking Passages in 
English History and Poetry. Both Series. With numerous 
illustrations by Samuel Williams. 2 vols. 8vo, half mo- 
rocco, top edges gilt, others uncut. London, 1840 

Scarce. First edition of both series. 

"' A rich treat for all genuine lovers of literature, historical antiqui- 
ties, and natural scenery." — United Service Gazette. 

" His strength lies in a fresh and hearty appreciation of nature, of 
costume, and of character." — London Athenaum. 

521 HowiTT. Student Life of Germany. Numerous cuts and 

steel frontispiece. 8vo, calf gilt, marbled edges. 

London, 1841 

Scarce. First edition, many plates, woodcuts, music, etc. The 
best work on the subject. 



522 HuBER (V. A.). English Universities from the German. Ed- 

ited by Francis W. Newman. Portraits, views, plates and 
maps, some colored. 3 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, Wm. Pickering, 1843 
Some plates are generally wanting in this work. This copy is per- 

523 HuisH (Robert). The Public and Private Life of his late 

Excellent and Most Gracious Majesty George the Third, 
With portraits and other illustrations, with numerous added 
plates s in all, 121 portraits and 2 1 views. 2 vols. 4to, red 
morocco gilt. London, 1821 

Unique. With 142 plates in all, including the inlaid and inserted 
portraits and views. This copy was purchased at the John Allan 
sale. It contains many scurrilous anecdotes of the British court and 

" His work is most exact, and contains much solid information." — 

524 Hume (David.) Philosophical Works. Including all the 

Essays and Exhibiting the more Important Alterations 
and Correction in the Successive Editions published by 
the Author. Portrait. 4 vols. 8vo, elegantly bound in 
tree marbled calf extra. Edinburgh and Boston, 1854 

Best edition. 

" With the single exception of Bayle, he has carried the sceptical 
mode of reasoning farther than any other modern philosopher.'' — 
DuGALD Stewart. 

525 Humboldt. Life of Alexander von Humboldt, com- 

piled in Commemoration of the Centenary of his Birth. 
By J. Lowenberg, Robert Ave-Lallenant and Alfred 
Dove. Edited by Professor Karl Bruhus. Trans- 
lated from the German by Jane and Caroline 
Lassell. Portraits. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1873 
'■ My only conception of biography is that of historical truth." — 
William von Humboldt. 

526 Humphreys (H. Noel). History of the Art of Print- 

ing; Its Invention, and Progress to the Middle of the 
Sixteenth Century. With 105 plates, comprising fac- 
similes frotn the most remarkable Block-Books, and from all 
the important Typographical Monuments of Germany, Hoi- 


land, Italy, France, England, etc., including 44 facsimiles of 
the press of Caxton, Wynkyn de Worde, Pynson, and 
of the Earliest English and Foreign Bibles and Prayer- 
Books. Imperial 4to, cloth gilt, uncut. 

London, Bernard Quaritch, 1867 

No. 14 of the first issue of the limited edition of 300 numbered 

The illustrations to this work, unlike facsimiles produced by hand, 
must necessarily be absolute reproductions of their originals. They 
exceed one hundred in number, and frequently consist of represent- 
ations of entire pages from many of the most interesting books pro- 
duced by the early printers. Among them may be mentioned an entire 
folio page from the first printed Bible, the magnificent work of Gut- 
enberg, richly adorned with ornamental borderings by a contemporary 
German illuminator. An entire page from the celebrated Psalter of 
Schosffer, in which the large capitals are printed in colors, in rivalry 
with the illuminators of the time. Pages from the first books printed 
in Italy, France, Spain, Flanders and Holland, accompany the 
account of the introduction of the printing-press to those countries; 
and several such entire pages in facsimile illustrate the description of 
the works of William Caxton, the founder of the printing press in 
England. In addition to these and many illustrations of other kinds, 
vrill be found a very interesting and an abundant series of examples 
from the most richly decorated of the French " HoR^," and from the 
profusely illustrated German books produced in the first half of the 
sixteenth century. 

"No such book for typographical collectors and all interested in the 
progress of literature has ever appeared." — Welford. 

527 Hunt (Charles Havens). Life of Edward Living- 

ston, with an Introduction by George Bancroft. Por- 
trait on India paper. Imperial 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

N. Y., 1864 

Large paper; only 50 copies printed at the Riverside Press. 

"Few have discharged more fully than Mr. Livingston that debt 
which Bacon holds every one owes to his profession." — GiLPlN. 

528 Hunt (Leigh). Stories from the Italian Poets, with Lives 

of the Writers. 2 vols. i2mo, cloth, uncut. London, 1846 
Large paper. 

" Gossiping, graceful and searching." — Allan Cunningham. 

" He is, in truth, one of the pleasantest writers of his time — easy, 
colloquial, genial, humane, full of fine fancies and verbal niceties, 
possessing a loving if not a ' learned spirit,' with hardly a spice of bit- 
terness in his composition." - Whipple's Essays and Reviews. 



529 HusKissoN (Rt. Hon. Wm.). Speeches, with a Biographical 

Memoir. Portrait. 3 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, John Murray, 1831 
" The speeches of Mr. Huskisson ought to be the manual of finan- 
ciers.'' — London AthencEum. 

530 Huxley (T. H., LL.D.). Lay Sermons, Addresses, and 

Reviews. 8vo, cloth, uncut. N. Y,, 1870 



53^ ||^l!fr<*;l|HNE (W., Ph.D). Researches into the History 
of the Roman Constitution with an Appendix 
upon the Roman Knights. 8vo, cloth, trimmed. 
London, Wm. Pickering, 1853 
Printed by C. Whittingham. 


Missal executed in the middle of the Fourteenth Century. 
Being 54 pages of exquisite illuminations in gold and 
COLORS ON VELLUM — the gold of all the capital letters highly 
burnished and every page adorned with floriated borders. 
i6mo, calf. Scec, XIV. 

From the John Allan collection and with MS. notes on the fly- 
leaf by that bibliophile. 

An EXQUISITE specimen o£ the art of illumination in the 14th cen- 
tury. In a recent catalogue issued by a Broadway firm, the sum of 
ONE THOUSAND dollars is asked for a 15th century Flemish missal, 
with seven full-page miniatures and 13 elaborately illuminated letters. 
Other " Horse," or Hours, in the same catalogue, range from $800 to 
$125, and it is therein truthfully stated that — "the difficulty of pro- 
curing choice specimens of this sort is increasing very much, and 
prices will continue to advance." 

533 Imitations of Celebrated Authors, or Imaginary Reject- 

ed Authors. Crown Svo, cloth. London, Colburn, 1844 
Includes imitations of Lamb, Leigh Hunt, Jeffrey, Cobbett, Byron, 
Hazlitt, etc. 

534 Incidents of the Apostolic Age in Britain. i6mo, cloth, 

uncut. London, Wm. Pickering, 1844 

A handsome specimen of the press of " C. Whittingham, Chis- 
wick. " 



535 Inman (Thomas, M.D). Ancient Faiths Embodied in 

Ancient Names; or, an Attempt to trace the Religious 
Belief, Sacred Rites, and Holy Emblems of certain Nations, 
by an Interpretation of the Names given to Children by 
Priestly Authority, or assumed by Prophets, Kings, and 
Hierarchs. Profusely illustrated with engravings on wood. 
2 vols, thick 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1872-3 

"Dr. Inman's present attempt to trace the religious belief, sacred 
rites, and holy emblems of certain nations, has opened up to him 
many hitherto unexplored fields of research, or, at least, fields that 
have not been over-cultivated, and the result is a most curious and 
miscellaneous harvest of facts. The ideas on phallism developed in 
a former volume receive further extension in this. " — London Book- 

536 Irving (Washington). Life of George Washington. 

Copiously and beautifully illustrated by the addition of very 
numerous plates. 5 vols. 4to, half red morocco, gilt top. 

N. Y., Putnam, 1855-59 

Unique. Large paper copy. No. i of the i 10 copies printed 
IN quarto. 

This was the John Allan copy and was lot No. 1560 of that cata- 
logue, the compiler of which was the late eminent bibliographer, 
Joseph Sabin, and who was so overwhelmed with its unique 
BEAUTIES that he stated in a note — " It is impossible to do justice to 
this fine work in the limits of this Catalogue. It must be seen to be 

The FIVE volumes are copiously and beautifully illus- 
trated BY the addition OF 25O PORTRAITS AND PLATES, BESIDES 


Washington, many of which are exceedingly rare. 

Most of the engravings in these volumes are of great rarity, 
many are India proofs and where necessary have been care- 

537 Irving. The Life and Letters of Washington Irving. By 

his Nephew Pierre M. Irving. Profusely illustrated with 
numerous inserted engraved portraits and views, also photo- 
graphs. 4 vols. 4to, half morocco, uncut. 

N. Y., G. P. Putnam, 1862-64 
Unique and large paper copy, of which only 50 were printed. The 
inserted plates, portraits, etc., added to this extensively illustrated copy 
of the " Life of Washington Irving" were collected by the late John 
Allan. Among them are included many portraits and views of great 


538 Irving. Works. Complete, with his Life and Letters. 

Revised Edition. With all the celebrated illustrations by 
Darley, etc. 27 vols, square 8vo, half morocco, gilt, top 
edges gilt, others uncut. N. Y., 1860-63 

Large paper, Mount Vernon edition, of which size only 100 were 
beautifully printed, on tinted paper. 

This set includes — Life and Letters of Irving, 4 vols. ; Washington 
Irving [Memorial], vrith extra plates inserted, i860; Life and Voyages 
of Columbus, 3 vols. ; Life of Washington, 5 vols. ; Mahomet and His 
Successors, 2 vols. ; Bonneville's Adventures; Alhambra; Oliver Gold- 
smith; Astoria; Bracebridge Hall; Salmagundi; Crayon Miscellany; 
Tales of a Traveller; Knickerbocker's New York; Conquest of Granada; 
Sketch-Book; Wolfert's Roost. 

"The delight of childhood, the chivalric companion of refined 
womanhood, the solace of life at every period, his writings are an im- 
perishable legacy of grace and beauty to his countrymen." 

539 Irving. The Sketch-Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent. 

i2mo, cloth. N. Y., 1850 

540 Ives (J. C). Colorado River of the West. Maps and plates. 

4to, cloth. Washington, 1861 


This river, flowing between perpendicular walls a mile and a 
quarter in altitude, is not the only development of this exploration 
which excites our interest. Lieutenant Ives was the first to give us the 
results of an intelligent observer of the celebrated, yet almost mythical, 
fortified villages of the Moquis Indians. 

541 Italian Tales. Tales of Humor, Gallantry and Romance, 

Selected and Translated from the Italian. With sixteen 
illustrative drawings by George Cruikshank. Crown 8vo, 
half russia, gilt, marbled sides and edges. 

London, Charles Baldwyn, 1824 
Rare. First edition of the celebrated Italian Tales with the rare 
plate by George Cruikshank at page 58, and which was afterwards 
suppressed. This relates to a very nasty theme and was properly with- 



' ACKSON (Andrew). Life of, by James Parton. 
Portraits. 3 vols, royal 8vo, cloth. N. Y., i860 
Large paper. " He neither enriched himself by plunder 
or peculation, nor engrossed office for his family, or waged a 
moment' s war for ambition or conquest ; nor exercised a single new 
power, or betrayed an old one, nor filled station an hour but from the 
will of the people, or in conformity to the charter of their liberties." 

543 Jackson (J.). Treatise on Wood Engraving, Historical 

and Practical. With upwards of 300 illustrations engraved on 
W(?(7(/^ John Jackson. Imperial 8vo, half morocco, gilt 
top, uncut edges. London, Charles Knight, 1839 

Scarce. This is the original edition of this capital book and the 
above is a fine copy of this exceedingly beautiful and valuable work. 
The illustrations are very brilliant, and include the ' ' Map of Jeru- 
salem '' and the ' ' View on the Canal at Venice, " both in tint and not in 
all copies. 

" The history of Wood Engraving is a noble volume, unique in its 
way, and no library will be complete without it. Mr. Jackson's reputa- 
tion rests upon a firm basis — his name is attached to some of the 
brightest and best of modem engravings. He is one of the few living 
pupils of Bewick — and one who follows in the steps and supports the 
reputation of his celebrated master." — Polytechnic Journal. 

544 Jameson (Mrs. Anna). Beauties of the Court of Charles II. 

With a series of twenty-one portraits illustrating the Diaries 
of Pepys, Evelyn, Clarendon, and other contemporary 
writers, and after Sir Peter Lely, and other eminent 
Painters. Imperial 8vo, cloth gilt, edges gilt. London, 185 1 

India proofs of the charming series of engravings, including por- 
traits of Nell Gwyne, Duchess of Portsmouth, Lady Denham, Duchess 
of Devonshire, etc. , etc. Third edition enlarged . 

This interesting volume gives us many piquant ghmpses into the life 
and manners of the " Merry Monarch" and his courtiers, not to be 



obtained elsewhere. It forms an admirable companion to the diaries of 
Pepys and Evelyn, and all the contemporary historians. 

' ' An exquisite volume. It is the first time these lovely portraits have 
been produced in a style worthy of the beauty and interest of the sub- 
jects." — New Monthly Magazine. 

545 Jameson (Mrs. Anna). Art Works, viz.:— 

I. Legends of the Madonna, as represented in the Fine 
Arts. With 55 drawings by the author and 152 woodcuts. 

London, 1857 

Second and best edition. 

IL Legends of the Monastic Orders. Second edition 
enlarged. With 11 etchings by the author and 88 woodcuts. 

London, 1852 
Second and best edition. 

IIL Sacred and Legendary Art. Illustrated with 16 
etchings and numerous woodcuts. 2 vols. London, 1857 

Third and best edition. 

Together 4 vols. 4to. Uniformly and handsomely bound in 
morocco elegant, gilt inside tooling and gilt edges. 

London, 1852-57 

The best editions of Mrs. Jameson's works. These are the final forms 
they took in all cases. 

Eastlake, in his preface to " Kugler's Handbook of Italian Painting," 
truly remarks : — 

Some acquaintance with the legends and superstitions of the Middle 
Ages is necessary to the intelligence of many of the Italian and 
German works of art as the knowledge of heathen mythology is to 
explain the subjects of Greek vases and marbles. By a fortunate com- 
bination of artistic talent and appreciation with precision of thought, 
and a power of setting forth the older legends in poetical language, 
Mrs. Jameson was singularly qualified for the task she had undertaken. 
She at once succeeded in arousing an interest, and in supplying informa- 
tion in a condensed and agreeable form. 

" Mrs. Jameson's work would deserve a high place regarded only as 
a book of antiquarian inquiry. With admirable taste and judgment, 
both of pen and pencil, she has opened a curious branch of learning 
well-nigh forgotten among us — the vestiges of which, nevertheless, 
surround us on every side." — Edinburgh Review. 

546 Jameson. History of our Lord, as exemplified in Works 

of Art with that of His Types ; St. John Baptist and other 
Persons of the Old and New Testament. Continued and 
Completed by Lady Eastlake. With 31 etchings and 


281 wood engravings from paintings, mosaics and ancient 
ivory carvings. 2 vols. 4to, new morocco extra, gilt edges. 

London, 1865 
Best edition. " One of the most eloquent of our female writers; 
full of feeling and fancy ; a true enthusiast, with a glowing soul." — 
Christopher North. 

547 Jameson. Commonplace Book of Thoughts, Memorials and 

Fancies, Original and Selected. With illustrations and 
etchings, some tinted. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1854 
Large paper and best edition. In two parts— l. Ethics and 
Character; 2. Literature and Art. 

548 Jameson. Characteristics of Women : Moral, Poetical and 

Historical. With highly-finished illustrations after the 
author's designs. 2 vols. i2mo, half russia, gilt. 

London, 1833 
Second and best edition — corrected and enlarged. The later edition 
has only poor impressions and less than one-half the plates in this 

"Mrs. Jameson's Essays on the Female Characters of Shakespeare 
are among the best. It was right that this province of illustration 
should be reserved for a woman's hand." — Hallam. 

549 Jameson. The Same. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1858 

Large paper, uncut. 

" Two truly delightful volumes." — Christopher North. 

550 Jameson. Memoirs of the Early Italian Painters and of the 

Progress of Painting in Italy from Cimabue to Bassano — 
Revised. Numerous portraits and other illustrations. i2mo, 
cloth, uncut. London, 1859 

Uniform with Crowe and Calvacaselle's " Early Flemish Painters." 
"This useful work comprises upwards of thirty biographies." — 

551 Jamison (D. F.). The Life and Times of Bertrand du 

GuESCLiN : a History of the Fourteenth Century, by D. F. 
Jamison, of South Carolina. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

Charleston, John Russell, 1864 
The author was president of the convention in Charleston, S. C, 
which passed the ordinance of secession. This work was printed in 
London, and published during the blockade of the Southern Ports. 

552 Jardine (Sir W.). Naturalists' Library. With 1,200 colored 

plates, and numerous portraits and memoirs of Eminent 

Naturalists. 40 vols. fcap. 8vo, uniform half calf gilt, top 

edges gilt, others uncut. London, 1833-43 

Original edition. Sir W. Jardine's coadjutors in this admirable 


series were Swainson, Selby, Macgillivray, Waterhouse, Duncan, Hamil- 
ton, Smith and others. The work is divided as follows: — Mammalia, 
13 vols.: Icthyology, 6 vols.; Ornithology, 14 vols.; and Entomology, 
7 vols. 

An extremely desirable copy of this standard work, being an original 
subscription copy, with very early impressions of the beautifully colored 
plates before the erroneous numberings on some of the plates were cor- 

' ' We could hardly have thought that any new serial would have 
obtained our approbation so entirely as the ' Naturalists' Library!' but 
the price is so low, the colored plates so elegant, and the descriptions 
so very scientific and correct, that we cannot withhold from it our 
warmest praise ; the whole is a perfect bijou, and as valuable as pretty. " 
— Literary Gazette. 

553 Jarves (James Jackson). Art Studies: the Old Masters 

of Italy, Painting, etc. Beautifully printed on heavy toned 
paper, with 43 outline engravings of Altar Pieces, Groups, 
etc., selected from the Old Masters, 1200 to 15 17. Thick 
8vo, cloth. N. Y., 1 86 1 

Includes the Byzantine and best periods of art in Italy. 

The art works of Mr. Jarves have been commended in the highest 
terms by the London Atkenceum, the North American Review, and 
other high-class authorities of that order. 

554 Jefferson (Thomas). Writings: being his Autobio- 

graphy, Correspondence, Reports, Messages, Ad- 
dresses and other Writings, Official and Private. 
With Explanatory Notes, Tables of Contents and Indexes, 
by H. A. Washington. Portraits, views, facsimiles, etc. 
9 vols. 8vo, half morocco, bevelled sides, marbled edges. 

Phila., 1854 

The above work was compiled from the MSS. bequeathed to Thomas 
Jefferson Randolph, the author's grandson, and purchased by Congress 
in 1848. 

" After Washington and Franklin, there is no person who fills so 
eminent place among the great men of America as Jefferson." — 

555 Jennings (Geo. Henry). An Anecdotal History of the 

British Parliament, from the Earliest Periods to the Present 
Time. 8vo, cloth. N. Y., 1881 

With — " Notices of eminent parliamentary men and examples of 
their oratory." 

556 Jenyns (Soane). Works, including Several Pieces never 

before Published, to which are prefixed Short Sketches of 


the History of the Author's Family, and also of his Life, 
by Charles Nalson Cole, Esq. Steel portrait engraved 
by Heath after Reynolds. 4 vols, small 8vo, tree marble 
calf gilt, marbled edges. London, Cadell, 1793 

Very scarce. The history of Soane Jenyns's family given in this 
work may perhaps clear up the mystery of ' ' the millions of pounds 
sterling" waiting for the American and British Jenningses. 

557 Jerdan (William). Autobiography of, with Literary and 

Social Reminiscences, etc. Portraits and vignette titles. 4 
vols, post 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1852 

Mr. Jerdan was the editor of the " National Portrait Gallery," the 
author of the "Voyage to Isle of Elba," etc. 

Comprising the most interesting anecdotes, sketches and corres- 
pondence of the principal statesmen, poets, authors, artists, etc., of 
the age. 

558 Jesse (John Heneage). Historical and Biographical 

Writings, comprising: — 

I. Jesse. Memoirs of the Court of England from the Revo- 
lution in 1688 to the Death of George the Second. 
Plates. 3 vols. London, 1843 

■ ' This work presents in an agreeable form facts which have hitherto 
been known only to the laborious few." — London Times. 

II. Jesse. Memoirs of the Court of England during the Reign 
of the Stuarts, including the Protectorate. Plates. 4 
vols. London, 1840 

" One of the most interesting works that has issued from the press 
for many seasons." — London Atlas. 

III. Jesse. George Selwyn and his Contemporaries, with 
Memoirs and Notes. Plates. 4 vols. London, 1843 

" We do not know a more entertaining book than this." — London 

IV. Jesse. Memoirs of the Life and Reign of King George 
THE Third. 3 vols. London, 1867 

This work will propably remain for a long time the most desirable 
life of George III. 

V. Jesse. Memoirs of King Richard III. and some of his 
Contemporaries ; with an Historical Drama on the Battle 
of Bosworth. Fine portrait of 'Rich Avm. 8vo. 

London, 1862 
Should be of great interest to Shakespearean students and collectors. 


VI. Jesse. Memoirs of the Pretenders and their Adherents. 
Memoirs of the Chevalier, Prince Charles Edward, and 
their Adherents. Plates and facsimiles. 2 vols. 

London, 1845 

VII. Jesse. London and its Celebrities, and Literary and 
Historical Memoirs of London. Both series complete. 
Plates. 4 vols. London, 1847-50 

With the above is bound up the very scarce—" London: a Fragmen- 
tary Poem, by J. Heneage Jesse, London, 1847." 

" Full of curious matter, and will always be read and valued." — 
John Bull. 

The above making together 21 vols. 8vo. Elegantly 

and uniformly bound in yellow calf extra gilt, edges gilt by 

Zaehnsdorf. London, 1840-67 

A magnificent set of the above works by Mr. Jesse, and which have 

become very scarce. 

" We know of no series of books, that of Horace Walpole perhaps 
excepted, in which so much information is conveyed in so agreeable a 
manner as in this series of historical, anecdotical works.'' 

559 Jesse (Edward). Anecdotes of Dogs. Numerous beautiful 

steel engravings. 4to, uncut. London, ^^^Afey, 1846 

' ' Histories are more full of examples of the fidelity of dogs than of 
friends.'' — Pope. 

' ' The excellent, interesting and instructive volume before us. " — 
Gentleman's Magazine. 

560 John Bull and his Wonderful Lamp ; a new Reading of 

an Old Tale, by Homunculus. With illustrations designed 
by the author. Small 4to, boards, uncut. London, 1849 

The nom-de-plume " Homunculus " is neither given by Prof. John 
Edward Haynes in his valuable "Pseudonyms of Authors," nor by 
" Olphar Hamst " in the " Handbook of Fictitious Names." 

561 Johnson (Samuel). Life of, including a Journal of his 

Tour to the Hebrides. By James Boswell. — Croker's 
edition. To which are added Johnsoniana, or Anec- 
dotes by Hawkins, Piozzi, Reynolds and others. With 
Notes by various hands. Numerous steel portraits and 
plates {some foxed). 10 vols, post 8vo, half morocco. 

London, 1835 

Best and first edition of Murray's pretty issue. 

' ' We place Boswell's Johnson in our libraries as an enthusiast hangs 
up his Gerard Dow in his cabinet — to be gazed at again and again, 
to feed upon, and to devour." — Dibdin. 


562 Johnson. Lives of the most Eminent English Poets, with 

Critical Observations on their Works. With Notes Cor- 
rective and Explanatory by Peter Cunningham, F.S.A. 
3 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, John Murray, 1854 

Best library edition. " Johnson strips many a leaf from every 
laurel; still Johnson's is the finest critical work extant, and can never 
be read without instruction and delight."— Byron. 

563 Johnson. Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. Including 

a Journal of the Tour to Hebrides by James Boswell, 
Esq. A New Edition with Numerous Additions and 
Notes by John Wilson Croker, LL.D., F.R.S. Four 
portraits, one on India paper [some foxed). 5 vols. 8vo, 
tree marbled calf, extra, marbled edges. London, 1831 
Published at £'i- 

564 JoHNSONiANA ; or. Supplement to Boswell, being Anec- 

dotes and Sayings of Dr. Johnson [not included in Bos- 
well] . 45 highly-finished portraits, engravings, and auto- 
graphs by Finden. India proofs. 4to, elegantly bound in 
calf extra, marbled edges. London, John Murray, 1856 
Large paper, India proofs. Best edition, containing many hun- 
dred Anecdotes collected from a great variety of sources, edited by J. 
W. Croker. Some of the plates are slightly foxed. 

565 '^oiLHSon {]., Printer of the Lee Friory books). Typographi- 

cal and Literary Antiquities of Great Britain, including 
an Account of the Origin of Printing, Biographies of the 
English Printers from Caxton to the Seventeenth Cen- 
tury, Descriptions of Early-Printed Books, Ancient and 
Modern Alphabets. Portraits and printers' marks. 2 vols. 
Svo, half morocco extra, gilt top edges. London, 1824 

Largest paper and Roxburghe edition, of which 36 copies only 
were printed. Very scarce, with portraits of author and Caxton, 
also title-pages on India paper. Published at £/^ 4J-. Contains the 
essence of Dibdin's Typographical Antiquities, and other valuable 
works; the Printer's Instructor, etc. 

Allibone states that the author was assisted in its compilation by Drs. 
Dibdin, Wilkins, and Fry, the Rev. H. Baker, and others. He adds 
— " It is a valuable work." 

"This valuable work is too often regarded merely as a book for 
printers, whereas it contains more information respecting early printed 
books than is to be found in any other and more costly volumes. Its 
real compiler was Mr. Richard Thomson, Librarian of the London 
Institution, who was assisted by Dibdin, Wilkins, Baker, and other 


well-known bibliographers. It was issued in three different sizes, the 
largest being known as the Roxburghe Edition with India paper por- 
traits.'' — Sabin, 

566 Johnson (Capt. Charles). History of the Lives and Ac- 

tions of the Most Famous Highwayman, Street Robbers, 
Pirates, etc., etc. Engraved frontispiece and plates. 8vo, 
half morocco gilt, top edge gilt, others uncut. 

London, 1839 
Scarce. A tall copy. " This singular work." — Lowndes. 

567 JoiNViLLE (Sire de). Saint Louis, King of France. Trans- 

lated by James Hutton. Vignette title. i8mo, cloth, 
gilt edges. N. Y. [London], 1869 

Printed at the Chiswick Press by Whittingham. 
" A King, a Hero, and a Man." — Gibbon. 

The title of " DE JoiNVlLLE " is used by one of the Orleans princes, 
but the real heir to the honors and dignities of this ancient family 
is a direct and Uneal descendant of the brother of the Lord de Joinville 
and Vaucolour. The heir male to the titles of this noble house is a New 
York journalist, who, although Baron de Genneville, and Lord of Col- 
molyn by right, is contented to remain a comparatively unknown 
American citizen and litterateur, not believing in the pomp of heraldry 
or the boast of power. 

568 Jonson (Ben). Works. Complete, best Edition, with a 

Biographical Memoir and Notes, critical and explanatory, 
by William Gifford. Portrait. 9 vols, royal 8vo, yel- 
low calf gilt, and stamped on the sides with the arms — 
" Oxoniensis Academia." London, 1816 

Very rare. Large paper. This fine copy was an Oxford prize. 
It is the best edition, and is very scarce. 

" Best edition, by the ablest of modern commentators, through 
whose learned and generous labors Old Ben's forgotten works and 
injured character are restored to the merited admiration and esteem of 
the world." — ^J. Philip Kemble. 

" His parts were not so ready to run of themselves, as able to answer 
the spur ; so that it may be truly said of him, that he had an elaborate 
wit, wrought out by his own industry. — He would sit silent in learned 
company, and suck in {besides wine) their several humors into his ob- 
servation. What was ore in others, he was able to refne himself. 

' ' He was paramount in the dramatic part of poetry, and taught the 
stage an exact conformity to the laws of comedians. His comedies 
were above the Volge (which are only tickled with downright obscenity), 
and took not so well at the first stroke as at the rebound, when beheld 
the second time ; yea, they will endure reading so long as either inge- 
nuity or learning are fashionable in our nation." — Fuller's Worthies 
of England. 


569 JosEPHUs (Flavius). Genuine Works. Translated by Whis- 

TON and Revised by Burder. Portrait and plates (some 
foxed). 2 vols. 4to, sheep. Boston, 1821 

Whiston did his work so thoroughly that no other translator ever 
essayed the task. 

570 JossELYN (John). New England's Rarities Discovered : in 

Beasts, Birds, Fishes, Serpents, and Plants of that country, 
with Introduction and Notes by Edward Tuckerman, 
M.A., woodcuts J — also, Josselyn's Account of Two 
Voyages to New-England, wherein you have the setting 
out of a ship with the charges, the prices of all necessaries 
for furnishing a Planter and his Family at his first coming; 
a Description of the Country, Natives, and Creatures, etc., 
Lend. 1674. Together 2 vols. 4to, cloth,uncut. Boston, 1865 

Only 75 copies reprinted, medium quarto, of which the above are 
signed — " No. 8, Wm. Veazie." 

Not merely reprints. The copious, interesting, and valuable anno- 
tations lend a new value to the works . 

" The relation is curious and faithful ; when the author makes his 
own remarks, they are in the oddest uncouth expressions imaginable." 
— John Locke. 

571 Junius : Including letters by the same writer under 

other signatures, to which are added his confidential cor- 
respondence with Mr. Wilkes, and his private letters to 
Mr. WooDFALL, with a Preliminary Essay, Notes Fac- 
similes, etc., and loose inserted portraits. 3 vols. 8vo. Ele- 
gantly bound in russia extra gilt, edges gilt. London, 1812 
Best edition. Printed by H. Woodfall. 

' ' The style of Junius is a sort of metre, the law of which is a balance 
of thesis and antithesis. When he gets out of his aphorismic metre 
into a sentence of five or six lines long, nothing can exceed the sloven- 
liness of the English. Home Tooke and a long sentence seem the 
only two antagonists that were too much for him. Still the antithesis 
of Junius is a real antithesis of images or thought ; but the antithesis 
of Johnson is rarely more than verbal." — Coleridge. 

572 Joe Miller's Jests ; or, the Wit's Vade-Mecum. Being a 

Collection of the most Brilliant Jests, the Politest Repar- 
tees, etc. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top edge, others uncut. 
'Lond.or\., printed by T . Read, 1739. [London, 1865] 

Only a very few copies have been reproduced. A remarkable facsimile. 
The veritable Jirst edition of Joe Miller is one of the rarest books in 
the English language. It is to be regretted that the author did not 
employ expressions a little less coarse than he has done ; his wit and 
pungency, however, it is impossible to deny. 



ANE (E. K.). Arctic Explorations — the Second 
Grinnell Expedition in Search of Sir John 
Franklin. Illustrated by upwards of 300 en- 
gravings from sketches by the author. 2 vols. 8 vo, 
cloth. Phila., 1856 

" With a less energetic leader, the whole party would have perished. " 
—Sir John Richardson. 

574 Kant (Immanuel). Critique of Pure Reason in Commemo- 

ration of the Centenary of its First Publication. Trans- 
lated into English by F. Max Muller. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, 
uncut. London, 1881 

With an historical introduction by Ludwig Noir£. 

575 Kant. The Metaphysics of Ethics, translated with an Intro- 

duction and Appendix by J. W. Semple. 8vo, boards, 
uncut. Edinburgh, 1836 

576 Kant. Critick of Pure Reason, translated from the Origi- 

nal of Immanuel Kant. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, Wm. Pickering, 1838 

577 Kay (J.). A Series of Original Portraits and Carica- 

ture Etchings by the late John Kay, Miniature Painter, 
Edinburgh, with Biographical Sketches and Anecdotes. 
Upwards of over 350 very curious copper-plate engravings of 
portraits and caricatures of the principal celebrated and noto- 
rious characters, chiefly of Edinburgh, who lived during the 
latter part of the last and beginning of the present century. 
4 vols, imperial 8vo, half red morocco gilt, top edges gilt, 
others trimmed. Edinburgh, 1842 

Includes a complete collection of the original engravings issued by 
Kay, with others added, and which make, together with the letter- 
press, a remarkable, valuable and very interesting work. 

"The Works of the late John Kay illustrate an interesting epoch in 


the history of the Scottish Capital. Throughout the greater part of 
half a century this artist devoted himself with enthusiasm to his novel 
undertaking ; and while he contributed in no common degree to gratify 
and amuse the public of his own day, his graphic productions form a 
record which can not fail to prove acceptable in after times.'' — Vide 
" Introductory Notice " to the work. 

578 Keats (John). Poetical Works of John Keats, with a 

Memoir by Richard Monckton Milnes [Lord Hough- 
ton]. Illustrated by 120 designs, original and from the 
antique, drawn on wood by George Scharf, Jun., F.S.A., 
F.R.S.L., and steel portrait on India paper. 4to. Ele- 
gantly bound in turkey morocco extra, beautiful inside and 
outside hand tooling. London, Moxon, 1854 

Large paper, only 100 copies printed. 

' ' Time alone was wanting to complete a poet who already far sur- 
passed all his contemporaries in this country in the poet's most noble 
attributes. " — Landor. 

579 Keightley (T.). Fairy Mythology, illustrative of Romance 

and Superstition of Various Countries. Front, by Geo. 
Cruikshank [foxed). Post 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1850 
Allibone considers Keightley's preface to the above and to his 
" Life of Milton " among — " the most curious chapters of literary 

580 Kemble (J. M.). The Saxons in England: a History of 

the English Commonwealth, till the Period of the Norman 
Conquest. 2 vols. 8vo, polished calf extra, by F. Bed- 
ford. London, 1849 

John Mitchell Kemble, a nephew of John Philip Kemble the great 
English actor and the only brother of Frances Ann Kemble, celebrated 
both as an actress and as a poetess, was, according to Allibone — ' " one 
of the most eminent of Anglo-Saxon scholars. De Vericour in his 
"Historical Analysis of Christian Civilization '' claims the above 
volumes to be — "the best work, we believe, on the Anglo-Saxon 

581 King. Selections from the Early Ballad Poetry of England 

and Scotland. Edited by Richard John King, B.A. 
i6mo, elegantly bound in morocco, extra gilt, edges gilt. 

London, Wm. Pickering, 1842 

Scarce. A very choice specimen of binding and of printing by 
Charles Whittingham of Chiswick. 


582 King (Thomas Starr). The White Hills ; their Legends, 

Landscape and Poetry. With 60 illustrations engraved by 
Andrew from drawings by Wheelock. 4to, cloth. 

Boston, i860 
First edition, and bright impressions of the illustrations. 

583 KiNGSLEY (Charles). The Roman and the Teuton, a Series 

of Lectures delivered before the University of Cambridge. 
8vo, cloth, uncut. Cambridge and London, 1864 

" Mr. Kingsley has established himself among the finest prose 
writers of his age and country." — London Spectator. 

584 KiLiAN-DuFFL^us (Comelius). Prosopogrophia, | sive Vir- 

tvtvm, I Animi Corporis, Bo | norvm Externorvm | Vit- 
orvm et Affec | tvvm Variorvm | Delineatio | imaginibvs 
accvrate | expressa a Philippo Gallaeo | et Monochro- 
mate ab | eodem edita: | Distictus a Cornelio | Kiliano 
DuFFL^o I illustrate | . Being a collection of allegorical 
plates illustrative of the virtues and vices also of the four 
quarters of the globe, that of America being very curious. 
4to, calf gilt. [? Antwerp circa, 1570] 

Very Rare. To the above is added a collection of portraits by 
Philip Galle. Neither " Prosographia " nor these portraits are men- 
tioned by Brunet. 

585 KiLiAN (Lucas). Septem | Artivm | Liberalivm | Icones | a 

LucA Kiliano Aug. | Vind. aere | incisse | . Seven ex- 
quisite plates by Lucas Kilian representing the seven arts 
together -with engraved title — all mounted. 4to, bound in 
green morocco, gilt edges. 

Ex officina Dominici Custodis, 1606 
Very rare and not given by Brunet. 

586 [KiRBY (R. S.).J Wonderful and Scientific Museum; or, 

Magazine of Remarkable and Eccentric Characters ; in- 
cluding all the Curiosities of Nature and Art, etc. Pro- 
fusely illustrated 'with portraits of celebrated characters, etc., 
etc. 6 vols. 8vo, half calf gilt, marbled edges. 

London, 1803-20 

Fine Copy; scarce in such fine condition. 

An extraordinary collection illustrated with numerous curious plates 
of curious biographies, including those of the most remarkable misers, 
criminals, persons laboring under bodily deformity, or celebrated for 
extreme longevity, dwarfs, giants, etc. There are also many curious 
narratives of credulity and superstition. 


587 KisTLER (P. RoMANUS, O.S.B.). BasiHca das ist Herliche 

Kirchen des Frey Reichs Klosters St. Ulrich und Afra in 
Augsburg. Profusely illustrated with engravings., many 
full page and folded, engraved title, etc. Folio, vellum. 

Augsburg, 17 1 2 
Rare and not mentioned by Brunei. A volume of great interest to 
the student of ecclesiastical history, architecture, and decoration. 

588 Kit-Cat Club. Memoirs of the celebrated Persons com- 

posing the Kit-Cat Club; with a prefatory Account of the 
Origin of the Association. Illustrated with 48 portraits 
from the original paintings by Sir Godfrey Kneller. 
Folio, half russia (back broken). London, 1821 

Copies of this work are of extreme rarity. The biographies of the 
members of the Kit-Cat Club fill up a wide gap in the history of Eng- 
land in the i8th Century. All the portraits are guaranteed likenesses 
of the most eminent pohtical and literary persons of that time. 

The celebrated Association called the Kit-Cat Club was instituted 
about the year 1700, and consisted of the principal noblemen and 
gentry who opposed the arbitrary measures of Jame^ the Second and 
conduced to bring about the Revolution of 1688. 

" The Kit-Cat Club, generally mentioned as a set of wits, were, in 
reality, the Patriots that saved Britain." — Horace Walpole. 

589 Knapp (Samuel L.). Biographical Sketches of Eminent 

Lawyers, Statesmen and Men of Letters. 8vo, old calf. 

Boston, 182 1 
The author was a native of Massachusetts, editor of the ' ' Boston 
Monthly Magazine'' and wrote several other volumes besides the 
above, one of which was a defence of the Masonic order. 

590 Knight (Charles). Pictorial History oe England. 

Being a History of the People as well as a History of En- 
gland, from B. c. 55 to 1820, with the rare Index, by C. 
Knight, Prof. Craik, C. Macfarlane, etc., 9 vols.; also 
— Martineau's History of England During the Peace, 
1800-1846, 2 vols. Upwards of 2,000 engravings. To- 
gether II vols. Imperial 8vo, uniform half morocco gilt, 
with the exception of the rare " Index " in cloth. 

London, 1837-50 

RuFUS Choate's copy, with his autograph signature. 

Original copy, scarce. The impressions of the engravings in this 
lot are far superior to those usually seen. It is a different work from 
the Popular History. Hume, Smollett, Macaulay, etc. , are only par- 
tial — this is a complete, connected and readable History of England. 

"No topic that concerns the history of the English people has been 


omitted; that book of Mr. Knight's being, let us say here by the way, 
the best History extant, not only for, but also of, the People." — 
C. Dickens. 

591 Knight. London. [Being a Pictorial History of that City, 

ancient and modern.] With nearly 700 engravings of 
Buildings, Antiquities, Costumes, Curiosities, etc. 6 vols, 
imperial 8vo, half calf. 

London, Charles Knight, 184-144 
Original edition. A work of never ending interest from the 
varied information it contains. It consists of a series of 150 papers 
by the cleverest writers of the day, profusely illustrated. 

592 Knight. Pictorial Half-Hours, or Miscellanies of Art, 

with Illustrative Description. Profusely illustrated. 4 
vols, in 2. 4to, cloth, uncut. 

London, Charles Knight, n. d. 
Charles Knight may be placed in the front rank of the literary bene- 
factors of the nineteenth century. 

593 Knight (Samuel, D.D., Prebendary of Ely"). Lives of 

Co LET AND Erasmus, /. e.: — 

I. Knight. Life of Dr John Colet, Founder of St. 
Paul's School, with an account of the masters and scholars 
of that Foundation. Portrait and plates by Vertue. 

London, 1724 

II. Knight. Life of Erasmus, particularly that part spent 
in England. Portraits by Vertue and numerous plates. 

Cambridge, [1726] 
Together 2 vols. Svo. Superbly bound in red russia, gilt, 
bevelled sides, leather joints, dead gilt edges. 
Very rare; priced in a recent English catalogue at £'i i6s. 
Remarkably fine copies of these valuable books, which were com- 
mended by Dibdin in his " Library Companion'' for — "their embel- 
lishments ." 

594 Knowles (Jas. Sheridan). Dramatic Works. Portrait. 

3 vols. i2mo, cloth, uncut. London, Moxon, 1841 

" His dramas are full of impressive groupings, domestic incidents, 
the bustle of business, the activity of life: he subdues subject, scene, 
and language to the purpose and aim of his play." — Allan Cunning- 

595 Koran (The). With Explanatory Notes. To which is pre- 

fixed a Preliminary Discourse. Translated by George 


Sale. A New Edition with a Memoir of the Translator. 
View and folded pedigree. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 

London, 1825 

" The learned Sale, who first gave to the world a genuine translation 
of the Koran." — Disraeli. 

' ' The Koran contains the most sublime poetical passages, far sur- 
passing European poetry." — Byron. 

596 KuGLER. Hand-Book OF PAINTING. German, Flemish, 
and Dutch Schools, enlarged by D. Waagen, 2 vols.; the 
Italian Schools, edited by Sir Charles Eastlake, 2 vols. 
Profusely illustrated with outline plates. Together 4 vols. 
Svo, yellow calf gilt, marbled edges. 

London, Murray, 1855-60 
Fine uniform copies of these very beautiful books. 
" By far the best manual we are acquainted with." — London Eccle- 



ACROIX ET SERE. Le Moyen Age et la Re- 
NAissANCE,Histoire et Description des Mceurs et 
Usages, du Commerce et de I'lndustrie, des 
Sciences, des Arts, des Litteratures et des Beaux- 
Arts en Europe, A.D. 500-1600. Illustrated with upwards 
of 300 fine plates, many of which are executed in gold, sil- 
ver, AND COLORS, from curious, exquisitely beautiful, and 
singular objects of Middle- Age Art, illustrative of Ancient 
Costumes, Manners, Designs in Fresco Painting, Stained 
Glass, Missal, and other Illuminations, Furniture, Jewelry, 
Armor, etc. 5 vols. 4to, half red morocco gilt, top edges 
gilt. Paris, 1848-51 

Rare and a genuine original subscription copy of this most 
magnificent work and from the library of Thomas Willement, the 
writer on heraldry, stained glass, etc. , etc. It was published at 400 
francs, always maintained its price and now being entirely out of 
print and very scarce has rapidly risen to much greater value. The 
inferior reissue in two volumes imperial octavo has raised the price of 
the original. The engravings exhibit specimens of curious and beauti- 
ful objects in Mediaeval Art from all parts of Europe. There is, in- 
deed, no other publication giving such a faithful picture of everything 
connected with the Middle Ages, while as a drawing-room book none 
could surpass it in beauty and interest. 

Lacroix and Sere's " Moyen Age " is undoubtedly one of the most 
interesting as well as splendid works yet published on the Arts of the 
Middle Ages, to which it serves as a sort of encyclopedia. It exhibits 
choice specimens of architecture, sculpture, painting, furniture, 
stained glass, arms and armor, manuscripts, missals, tapestry, gold and 
silver work, etc. , etc. 

Referring to the works in Mr. Farnum's Library, with copies of 
Medieval illustrations, Mr. Horatio Rogers says : ' ' They are gor- 
geous volumes, and have the reputation of being some of the finest 
books ever issued. Not unlike in character are the original edition of 
Le Moyen Age by Lacroix, and Shaw's books relating to the Middle 
Ages, on large paper, viz. ; Illuminated Ornaments ; Dresses and Deco- 
rations ; Decorative Arts, Ecclesiastical and Civil, etc. The attractive- 


ness of this style of works, by reproducing the ornamentation of even 
old books alone, whether of letter or illustration, can well be under- 
stood by those not familiar with them by the following, which we take 
from an English writer, who, in speaking of a Gothic story of the 
fourteenth century, ' before the press vulgarized wonders, ' thus 
describes the class to which it belonged ; — ■' The scribe, the artist, and 
the binder, lavished their time and skill. Six years were not unfrequent- 
ly spent upon the internal decorations. The margin, in the place of 
canvas, was enriched with portraits, magnificent dresses, flowers and 
fruits. Letters of silver shone on a purple ground. Golden roses 
studded a covering of crimson velvet; the clasps of precious metal, 
richly chased, shut up the adventurous knights, and the radiant dam- 
sels in their splendid home.' " 

598 La Fontaine (Jean de). Fables. Translated by Elizur 

Wright. With the entire series of illustrations by Grand- 
viLLE, and with the fronts, and titles on India paper {one 

print mended). 2 vols, royal 8vo, calf extra, gilt edges. 

Boston, 1 84 1 
Tall copy. Very scarce, and sold in Fowle's sale for $36. 
' ' We have now read the entire work and are prepared to award it 
high praise." — North American Review. 

599 Laing (S.). Chronicle of the Kings of Norway, or 

Heimskringla, from the Earliest Period to the Twelfth 
Century, from the Icelandic of Snorro Sturleson. 3 
vols. 8vo, cloth. London, 1844 

" We owe all that is rational, certain, and connected in the ancient 
history of these vast countries to the writings of Snorro Sturleson." 

600 Lamartine (A. de). History of the Girondists. Transla- 

ted by H. T. Ryde. 3 portraits. 3 vols, post 8vo, cloth, 

uncut. London, 1847-48 

" Chez lui, en effet, c'est dans le poete que I'historien, Torateur, le 

pubhciste, le revolutionnaire se confondre. De la sa faiblesse et sa 


601 Lamb (Charles). Essays of Elia. Steel portrait. Thick 8vo, 

cloth, top edge gilt, others uncut. Boston, Wm. Veazie, i860 
Large paper. " Shakespeare himself might have read them and 
Hamlet have acted them ; for truly was our excellent friend [Lamb] of 
the genuine hue of Yorick."— Leigh Hunt. 

602 Lamb. Works. With portrait engraved by Yvm^s. 4 vols. 

post 8vo, half morocco gilt, marbled sides, top edges gilt. 

London, Edward Moxon, 1850 
With life and letters, edited by Talfourd. 
" Lamb's works will go down to the latest posterity by the side of 


Addison, Steele, Johnson, or still greater names, and so at length 
count more heads and hearts influenced than many works at first more 
widely popular. " — London Quarterly Review. 

603 Landon (Letitia Elizabeth). Poetical Works of. Fronts, by 

FiNDEN, Heath, etc. (two foxed slightly). 4 vols, post 8vo, 
morocco, gilt edges, by Hayday. London, 1844 

"The poems of L. E. L., of surpassing sweetness and pathos, 
rivalling those of Mrs. Norton herself in heart-rending sentiment, will 
long survive their unhappy author, and speak to the heart of generations 
to which her premature fate will be a lasting subject of commiseration." 
— Sir Archibald Alison. 

604 Landor (William Savage). Works, including the Imagin- 

ary Conversation, Poems, etc. 2 vols. 8vo, polished calf 
extra, marbled edges. London, Moxon, 1846 

Scarce and out of print. From the library of ' ' Henry Thomas 
Buckle,'' and with his armorial book-plates. 

" The difficulty of selecting from his works is the abundance; but I 
prefer the Hellenics, that charming volume, because few — very few — 
have given such present life to classic subjects." — Mitford. 

604* Landor. Walter Savage Landor, a Biography by 
John FoRSTER. Portraits and vignette fronts. 2 vols thick 
8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1869 

' ' Landor is strangely undervalued in England, usually ignored and 
sometimes savagely attacked in the Reviews .... but year after year 
the scholar must go back to Landor for a multitude of elegant sen- 
tences, for wisdom, wit and indignation that are unforgettable." — 

60s Lanman (Charles). Dictionary of the United States Con- 
gress, compiled as a Manual of Reference for the Legisla- 
tor and Statesman. 8vo, cloth. [Washington], 1864 

606 La Perouse (J. F. de). A Voyage round the World, per- 

formed In the Years 1785, 1786, 1787 and 1788. Under 
the Command of J. F. G. de la Perouse. Illustrated. 
2 vols. 4to, with separate large 4to volume of maps and 
charts. Together 3 vols, boards. London, 1799 

The narrative of the enterprising but ill-fated La Perouse is full of 
interest in all portions, but his relations of the peculiarities he observed 
in the natives of the northwest coast of North America are especially 
valuable in portraying their manners at that early day. 

607 Larwood (Jacob) and Hotten (John Camden). The His- 

tory of Signboards, from the Earliest Times to the Present 



Day. With colored front, and one hundred illustrations. 4to, 
half morocco, Roxburghe style, gilt top edge, others uncut. 

London, 1867 
Large paper edition of too copies only and with 72 extra illustra- 

The most curious illustrations on wood are given, showing the various 
old signs which were formerly hung from taverns and other houses. 
The frontispiece represents the famous sign of " The Man loaded with 
Mischief," in the colors of the original painting said to have been exe- 
cuted by Hogarth. 

608 Lathbury (Thomas, A.M.). History of the Nonjurers, 

their Controversies and Writings, with Remarks on some 
of the Rubrics of the Book of Common Prayer. Svo, cloth, 
uncut. London, Wm. Pickering, 1845 

With autograph letter of the author inserted. Lathbury wrote some 
nine volumes of an historical and controversial character. 

609 Layard (A. H.). Nineveh and its Remains, with an Ad- 

count of a Visit to the Chaldean Christians of Kurdistan 
and the Yezidis or Devil Worshipers, and an Enquiry into 
the Manners and Arts of the Ancient Assyrians, 2 vols.; 
also — Discoveries among the Ruins of Nineveh and Baby- 
lon by the same, 2 vols. Together 4 vols. Profusely 
illustrated with maps, plans and illustrations. 8vo, uniform 
half calf gilt. N. Y., 1849-53 

" The researches of no antiquary or traveller of modern times have 
excited so profound an interest as those of Austin Henry Layard, who 
has summoned the kings and people of Nineveh through three thousand 
years to give their testimony against the sceptics of our age in support 
of Divine Revelation." 

610 Lecky (W. E. H., M.A.). History of European Morals 

from Augustus to Charlemagne. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1869 

Lecky's writings and Buckle's should be read side by side. 

611 Lee (Major-General). Proceedings of a General Court 

Martial, held at Brunswick, in the State of New Jersey, by 
order of General Washington. Svo, half morocco, 
uncut. N. Y., 1864 

Only 100 copies privately printed and in Svo, of which the above is 
No. 81. 

612 Le Grand. Fabliaux ; or. Tales abridged from French 

Manuscripts of the 12th and 13th Centuries, Selected and 
Translated into EngUsh Verse by the late G. L. Way, with 


Preface, Notes and Appendix by the late G. Ellis, Esq. 
Woodcuts by Bewick. 2 vols, in i, 4to, russia, gilt. 

London, 1796-1800 

Rare. Large paper, first edition and brilliant impressions of 
Bewick's cuts. 

" Many of these tales have been translated in the happiest manner 
by the late Mr. Lewis Way.'' — Mitford. 

"The Fabliaux are as frequently revolting for their naked grossness, 
as they are interesting for the lively pictures which they present of 
life and manners. Yet these were the chosen literary pastimes of 
the fair and gay during the times of Chivalry." — SiR. W. Scott. 

613 Le Keux (J.). Memorials of Cambridge, its Universities 

and Public Buildings, with Descriptions by T. Wright and 
the Rev. H. L. Jones. Upwards of 150 highly-finished 
engravings of the Colleges, Halls, and Public Buildings, 
GOOD IMPRESSIONS. 2 vols. 4to, cloth, uncut. 

Oxford, 1845 
Large paper. A clean copy. One plate is, however, cut. The 
Cambridge Memorials are much scarcer than the Oxford . 

614 Le Keux. Memorials of Oxford, historical and descrip- 

tive accounts of the Colleges, Halls, Churches, etc., by 
James Ingram, D.D. With i^^ beautiful and highly- finished 
engravings by Le Keux, from drawings by Mackenzie, 
besides many fine woodcuts. 3 vols. 4to, green morocco 
extra, with tooled sides and gilt edges. London, 1834-7 
Large paper copy, with brilliant impressions of the plates. Very 
scarce in this size. A splendid copy of these handsome volumes. 

615 Le Sage (Alain Rene). Histoire de Gil Bias de Santillane. 

Illustrated with 24 engravings on India paper after 
Smirke's designs. 4 vols. 4to, half green morocco, mar- 
bled sides and edges. A Londres, 1809 

A Large paper copy of this elegant edition with the plates on 
India paper and which were afterwards used for Malkin's translation. 
Very scarce. 

" The fancy, the lightness, the spirit and the vivacity of the 
enchanting pen of Le Sage." — Walter Scott. 

616 Le Sage. Asmodeus; or, The Devil on Two Sticks, with 

Biographical Notice of the Author, by Jules Janin, trans- 
lated by Joseph Thomas— Original edition. Illustrated 
by Tony Johannot. Royal 8vo, cloth, gilt edges. 

London, n. d. 



617 Lessing (G. E.). Laocoon, with Preface and Notes by Sir 

Robert Phillimore, D.C.L. With Woodbury-type illus- 
trations. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1874 
The second title of Lessing's great work is " The Limits of Poetry 
and Painting.'' 

617* Lessing. Laocoon, with Remarks Illustrative of Various 
Points in the History of Ancient Art. Translated by 
Ellen Frothingham. i6mo, cloth. Boston, 1874 

618 Lewes (George Henry). The History of Philosophy from 

Thales to CoMTE. Third Edition. 2 vols, thick 8vo, 

cloth, uncut. London, 1867 

George Henry Lewes was one of the husbands of " George Eliot." 

619 Lewin (Thomas). Life and Epistles of St. Paul. Profusely 

illustrated by numerous full-page engravings and maps, also 
a large number of illustrations in the text. 2 vols. 4to, cloth 
gilt, bevelled sides. N. Y., 1875 

A rival work to that of Conybeare and Howson. 

620 Lewis (Right Hon. Sir George Cornewall). Works, /. e. : — 

I. Inquiry into Credibility of Early Roman History. 2 vols, 
cloth. Scarce. London, 1855 

II. Essays on Administrations of Great Britain, 1 783-1 830. 
Portrait. Cloth. London, 1864 

III. Letters to Various Friends, edited by his brother. 
Portrait. Cloth. London, 1870 

IV. Influence of Authority in Matters of Opinion. Boards. 

Very scarce. London, 1849 

V. Methods of Observing and Reasoning in Politics. 2 
vols, boards. Very scarce. London, 1852 

VI. Use and Abuse of Political Terms. Boards. 

Very scarce. London, 1832 

Together 8 vols. 8vo, cloth and boards. London, 1832-70 
Sir George Cornewall Lewis was the editor of the " Edinburgh 
Review," and also Chancellor of the Exchequer of Great Britain and 

621 Lichtenstein. The History of Holland House. By 
the Princess Marie Lichtenstein. Illustrated with 5 
steel portraits on India paper, 60 woodcuts and -^6 full-page 
photographs s embracing views of grounds and landscape sur- 


roundings, interior decorations, rare and curious miscellanea, 

etc., etc., contained in this magnificent mansion. 2 vols, 4to, 

half morocco, gilt tops, cloth sides. London, 1874 

Large paper, with many illustrations not in the small paper copies. 

A beautiful and entertaining work, founded on authentic information; 

giving not only an account of this celebrated House and its treasures of 

art, etc., but anecdotes of the many celebrated guests, both male and 

female, whose connection with it made it for a long series of years the 

headquarters of wit and beauty. 

622 Life of Man Symbolised by the Months of the Year in their 

Seasons and Phases ; with Passages selected from Ancient 
and Modern Authors, by R. Pigot. 25 full-page illustra- 
tions and many hundred marginal devices, decorative initial 
letters and tail-pieces, beautifully engraved on wood by John 
Leighton. 4to, morocco super extra, gilt edges, by T. 
AiTKEN. London, Longmans, 1866 

Richard Pigot also edited Cats and Fairlie's " Moral Emblems,'' an 
equally interesting and handsome volume. 

623 LiLLO (George). Dramatic Works {George Barnwell, with 

the Ballad, etc.), with Memoir of the author by Thomas 
Davies. 2 vols. i2mo, yellow calf extra, gilt edges. 

London, Wm. Lowndes, 1810 
Scarce. "He [Lillo] is a master of terrific but not of tender 
impressions. We feel a harshness and gloom in his genius, even while 
we are compelled to admire its force and originality." — Campbell. 

624 Lilly (John). Dramatic Works, with Notes and some ac- 

count of his Life and Writings, by F. W. Fairholt. 2 vols. 

crown 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, John Russell Smith, 1858 
Large paper, scarce and only 100 copies printed. " ' Lilly was a 
pedantic and affected writer with considerable talents, not indeed for the 
drama, but for the rude, verbose romance ' of those days, and which 
had a striking influence not only on our colloquial but written lan- 
guage.' — GiFFORD. His works are, however, valuable as exhibiting 
the manners of the age." — Lowndes. 

625 Lindley (John, Ph.D., F.R.S.). Pomologia Britannica ; or, 

Figures and Descriptions of the most important Varieties 
of Fruits cultivated in Great Britain. 152 most beauti- 
fully COLORED engravings by Mrs. Withers. 3 vols, 
royal 8vo, half morocco, gilt edges. London, 1841 

A very beautiful work, and published at ;^io loj-. The plates have 
all the appearance of highly-finished drawings. 

Lindley — " has published many very valuable botanical works which 
stand at the head of the literature of this department. "—Allibone. 



626 Lindsay (LorJ.). Sketches of the History of Christian Art. 

3 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, John Murray^ 1847 

Extremely scarce- "As a contribution to the history of art, 

his work is unquestionably the most valuable which has yet appeared 

in England. His research has been unwearied." — London Quarterly 


627 Linton (E. Lynn). Witch Stories. Crown Svo, cloth, 

uncut. London, 1861 

" Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live." — Exodus, xxii., 18. 

628 Lite (Henry, <?/ Zy/^-ffflw). The Light of Britayne : a 

Recorde of the honorable Originall and Antiquitie of 
Britaine. Woodcut portrait, etc., and every page ruled with 
carmine ink. 4to, morocco, extra gilt, top edge gilt, others 
uncut, by Pawson & Nicholson. 

1588; reprinted, London, 1814 

Rare. ' ' This impression consists of 107 copies on small paper, 
26 on large paper, 2 on vellum." 

629 LivERMORE (George). Historical Research Respecting the 

Opinions of the Founders of the Republic on Negroes as 
Slaves, as Citizens and as Soldiers. Read before the Mas- 
sachusetts Historical Society, August 14th, 1862. 410, 
cloth, top edge gilt, others uncut. Boston, 1862 

Large paper, only 50 copies privately printed and for presentation. 
MS. inscription in above — " With the respects of George Livermore." 

630 Locke (John). Works. The twelfth edition. Portrait and 

table. 9 vols. Svo, calf. London, 1824 

' ' All his contemporaries, and what is better, all the known actions 
of his life, testify that no one was more sincerely and constantly at- 
tached to truth, virtue, and the cause of human liberty. He loved 
and served this noble cause; he even had the honor of suffering for it, 
but without ever departing from the most perfect moderation." — 
Victor Cousin. 

631 LocKHART (J. G.). Ancient Spanish Ballads, Historical 

and Romantic. Translated by Lockhart. With 70 
beautiful illustrations by Roberts, Harvey, etc., and ele- 
gant illuminated borders, also ornaments in gold and colors 
by Owen Jones. 4to, cloth gilt, bevelled sides, gilt edges. 

London, John Murray, 1856 

' ' A more appropriately as well as beautifully embellished volume 
never was offered to the world." — Edinburgh Review. 

"All other translations fade away before them." — Allan Cun- 


632 Lodge (Edmund). Portraits of Illustrious Personages 

of Great Britain, with Biographical and Historical 
Memoirs. With 240 fine portraits, on a larger scale than 
in the subsequent editions (some foxed slightly). 4 vols, impe- 
rial folio, half morocco, extra gilt, top edge gilt, others un- 
cut. London, 1821-34 

The original splendid Subscription Edition on large 

The portraits are engraved on a larger scale than in the octavo edi- 
tion, and on copper instead of steel. These plates were destroyed 
immediately on the publication of a few copies of this original edition. 

A copy of this superb, very scarce and valuable edition, with India 
paper proofs, is priced in a recent catalogue of Sotheran, of London, 
at;fgo(j. c, $450). 

The above is a magnificent copy of this beautiful and interesting 
work, fully bears out Sir Walter Scott's eulogium as " a collection 
which at once satisfies the imagination and the understanding, show- 
ing us by the pencil how the most distinguished of our ancestors 
looked, moved, and dressed, and informs us by the pen how they 
thought, acted, lived, and died ." 

" These volumes contain not fewer than 240 portraits by the most 
celebrated artists, from original paintings in the possession of the 
nobility and gentry of this country. The plan was admirable, and 

the execution of it throughout is entitled to equal praise 

Such a union of various talents, such a gallery of illustrious dead, was 
scarcely ever before presented to the public, its colors almost as vivid 
and sparkling as if the originals occupied the canvas whence their 
copies were taken." — Diedin. 

633 Lodge. Illustrations of British History, Biography 

and Manners in the Reigns of Henry VIIL, Edward 
VI., Mary, Elizabeth and James I., exhibited in a Se- 
ries of Original Papers. Portrait and facsimiles. 3 vols. 
8vo, calf gilt. London, 1838 

Second edition, with additions, revised and corrected. 

A series of original papers, selected by the Norroy King at Arms 
from the MSS. of the Howard, Talbot and Cecil families, containing 
a variety of interesting pieces, and a great part of the correspondence 
of Elizabeth and her ministers with the Earl of Shrewsbury during 
the imprisonment of Mary, Queen of Scots. This work has been 
highly praised by Scott, Gifford, Egerton-Brydges, and others. The 
biographical notes and illustrations, Lowndes says, are masterly pieces 
of composition. 

634 Lodge. [Frondes Caducas.] A Fig for Momus : containing 

Pleasant varietie, included in Satyres, Eclogues and Epis- 



ties. By T. L. [/. e., Thomas Lodge], of Lincoln's 
Inne, Gent. Vignette title by Grace Boswell. 4to, 
half morocco, all edges uncut. 

London, Clement Knight, 15 95 
Rare. " Reprinted at the Auchinleck Press, by Alexander Bos- 
well, MDCCCXVII." Limited edition of 40 copies printed "at 
Auchinleck House, near Cumnock, Dumfrieshire, the seat of the 
late Sir Alexander Boswell, Bart., son of James Boswell, the Biogra- 
pher of Dr. Johnson."— Vide Lowndes. 

Lodge was a physician as well as a poet, and John Payne Collier 
states that his ' ' Fig for Momus " gives him priority over Hall as an 
English satirist. The Margarite Of America is — "A translation 
from the Spanish, by Lodge — ' being at sea four years before with 
Mr. Cavendish, in passing through the Straits of Magellan ' — many 
sonnets and metrical inscriptions are interspersed." 


graved Representations of the Ancient, Mediceval and Re- 
naissance objects in the possession of Lord Londesborough, 
from drawings by Fairholt, descriptions by T. Wright, 
Esq., F.S.A. With 46 fine plates, some colok^b, compris- 
ing nearly 200 engravings of Jewels, Gold Ornaments, Carv- 
ings, Armour, etc., and further illustrated by numerous wood- 
cuts in the text. Imperial 4to, cloth. 

London, Chapman S^ Hall, 1856-57 

This interesting collection of art treasures was brought together 
at great expense by the late Lord Londesborough. Collectors should 
possess themselves of the above most carefully executed Catalogue 
Raisonnee to guide their purchases. 

636 Long (S. P.). Art: Its Laws, and the Reasons for Them. 

Plates. Crown 8vo, cloth, bevelled sides. Boston, 1871 
"Collected, considered and arranged for general and educational 

637 Longfellow (H. W.). Poetical and Prose Works. 

Revised Edition. Portrait on India paper. 7 vols. 
i2mo, boards, uncut. Boston, 1866 

Large paper. No. 43 of — "one hundred copies printed" on 
toned paper at the University Press and uniform with the Riverside 
British Poets. 

Comprising — Poetical Works, 4 vols., and Prose Works, 3 vols. 

" Wherever I go, my national pride is gratified by hearing eloquent 
tributes to these authors [Stowe and Hawthorne] and to the poet 
Longfellow." — Grace Greenwood. 


638 Longfellow. The Building of the Ship. With illustra- 

tions. Small 4to, cloth, bevelled sides, gilt edges. 

Boston, 1870 
Printed with carmine borders at tlie Cambridge University Press 
and on toned paper. The engravings were cut by Anthony and Linton, 
from Gifford and Hennessey's designs. 

639 LossiNG (B. J.). The Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution; 

or. Illustrations, by Pen and Pencil, of the History,. Bio- 
graphy, Scenery, Relics, and Traditions of the War for 
Independence. With illuminated title and several hundred 
engravings on wood by Lossing and Barritt, chiefly from 
original sketches by the author. 2 vols, royal 8vo, half 
morocco. N. Y., 1851-52 

Very scarce. Original and first edition. A fine, clean copy, 
with two autograph letters of the author inserted, and also one of 
" Lewis Turner," Boston, 1767. 

' ' I have found it one of the most useful books of reference in my 
possession, for the period which is covered by it." — Everett. 

640 Lovelace (Richard). Lucasta. Poems. Edited, with Life 

and Notes, by W. C. Hazlitt. Portrait. Crown 8vo, 
half morocco, gilt top, uncut edges. 

London, J. R. Smith, 1864 
Large paper. " His pieces, which were light and easy .... were 
the offerings of gallantry and amusement." — HeADLEy. 

641 Lowndes (William Thomas). The Bibliographer's Manual 

of English Literature. New Edition Revised, Corrected 
and Enlarged by Henry G. Bohn. i i vols, inclusive of 
the Supplement, post 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1857-64 
There is no substitute for " The Bibliographer's Manual." Under- 
taken originally to supply an obvious desideratum felt by all readers 
and book-buyers, it forms at once a key to the riches of English litera- 
ture for the student, and a guide in the formation of a library for the 
collector. In its present enlarged form it comprises notices of up- 

Great Britain and Ireland, from the invention of printing to the date 
of its publication. 

642 Lubbock (Sir John, Bart., M.P.). Fifty Years of Science. 

8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1882 

Being the address delivered at York by Sir John Lubbock as Presi- 
dent of the British Association, August, 1S81. 

643 LtJBKE (Dr. W.). History of Art, translated by Bun- 

NETT. Illustrated by upwards of 400 engravings of archi- 


tecture, painting, sculpture, etc. 2 vols. 4to, cloth, top 
edges gilt, others uncut. London, 1868 

No student of this work will regret its purchase, or the labor 
bestowed upon it. It fills a vacant place in English art literature, and 
is a noble monument of patient research, vast knowledge, artistic 
power, and historical completeness. 

Contents — Origin and Early Beginnings of Art; Ancient Art of 
the East (Egyptian, Central, Eastern and Western Asia); Classic Art 
(Greek, Etruscan and Roman); Art of the Middle Ages (Early Chris- 
tian, Art of Islam, and Romanesque). 

643* LuBKE. History of Sculpture, from the Earliest Ages 
to the Present Time, translated by Bunnett. Illus- 
trated by 2\() fine wood engravings. 2 vols. 4to, cloth, top 
edges gilt, others uncut. London, 1872 

Comprises: Introduction on the Nature and Course of Development 
of Sculpture, with Treatises on Oriental and Greek Sculpture, the 
Ancient Sculpture of Italy and the Sculpture of the Middle Ages. 

644 LuBKE. Ecclesiastical Art in Germany during the 

Middle Ages, translated with Appendix by L. A. Wheat- 
ley. Illustrated with 184 engravings. Royal 8vo, half 
calf, gilt, marbled sides and edges. Edinburgh, 1877 

' ' To all interested in the study of ecclesiastical art, the appearance 
of this volume will be welcome, both on account of the vast research 
which it exhibits, and the number and evident utility of the illustra- 

645 Lyell (Sir Charles). Principles of Geology; or, the Modern 

Changes of the Earth and its Inhabitants. Illustrated 
with maps, plates and woodcuts. Thick 8vo, cloth, uncut. 
Ninth Edition. Boston, 1853 

646 Lyttelton (Lord) and Gladstone (W. E.). Translations 

by, Second Edition. 4to, half morocco, top edge gilt, 
others uncut, Roxburghe style. London, Quaritch, 1863 
Limited edition. With the Greek or Latin text on one page and 
the translation on the opposite. 

647 Lytton (Lord, Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton). Novels. 43 

vols, post 8vo, uniform cloth, uncut. 

London, Blackwood, 1859-66 
Best Library Edition, comprising: Alice, 2 vols.; Caxtons, 2 
vols.; Devereux, 2 vols. ; Disowned, 2 vols. ; Ernest Maltravers, 2 
vols.; Eugene Aram, 2 vols.; Godolphin; Harold, 2 vols. ; Last of 
the Barons, 2 vols. ; Last Days of Pompeii, 2 vols. ; Leila and Calderon; 
Lucretia, 2 vols. ; My Novel, 4 vols. ; Night and Morning, 2 vols. ; 


Paul Clifford, 2 vols.; Pelham, 2 vols.; Pilgrims of the Rhine; 
Rienzi, 2 vols.; Strange Story, 2 vols. ; What will he do with it?, 4 
vols. ; Zanoni, 2 vols. 

' ' In delineating the passion of love, and unfolding its sacred feelings, 
as well in his own as the opposite sex, he is unrivalled in English 
literature; Madame de Stael herself has not portrayed it with greater 
truth or beauty. In that respect he is greatly superior to Scott, who 
cared little for sentiment, and, when he did paint the tender feeling, 
did so from their external symptoms and from the observations of 
others only. Bulwer would seem to have drawn his pictures from a 
much purer and wider source — his own experience." — Archibald 
648 Lytton (Lord). Miscellaneous Prose Works [compris- 
ing Criticisms contributed to Reviews; Essays written in 
early youth, and Essays written in mature years, together 
with a few Essays not before published], 3 vols. 8vo, cloth, 
uncut. London, 1868 

" In these volumes are for the first time collected into one whole, 
miscellaneous criticisms and essays, written in different periods of 
life, from early life to the commencement of old age." — Preface. 



ABERLY (J.).] The Print Collector. An 
Introduction to the Knowledge necessary for 
forming a Collection of Ancient Prints, etc., and 
a Catalogue Raisonne of Books on Engravings 
and Prints. Illustrated with 56 inserted engravings, many 
very rare, including Rembrandt's portrait of Van Tol, 
the advocate. Small 4to, red morocco gilt, edges gilt. 

London, Saunders &" Ottley, 1844 
Unique. John Allan's copy, with numerous inserted prints by Rem- 
brandt and others, many of which are originals and very rare. Most of 
them are carefully inlaid. 

650 Macaulay (Lord). History of England, from the Acces- 
sion of James the Second, Best Edition, 5 vols., London, 
1849-61 ; — also — Critical and Historical Essays, Eighth 
Edition, 3 vols., London, 1854. Together 8 vols, cloth, 
uncut. London, 1849-61 

Best English octavo library edition. " There are no limits to his 
[Macaulay's] knowledge, on small subjects as well as great ; he is like 
a book in breeches." — Sydney Smith. 

' ' The success of the first two volumes of his ' History of England ' 
surpassed his most sanguine anticipations, and the reception of his 
third and fourth volumes, which are in every respect better constructed, 
more condensed and incomparably more useful, as the best Whig 
account of the reign of William the Third, was well calculated to sus- 
tain his expectations of lasting renown." — Athenaum. 

Macaulay. Lays of Ancient Rome. With steel portrait 
and illustrations, original and from the antique, drawn on 
wood by George Scharf, jun. 4to, half morocco, bevelled 
sides, gilt edges. Phila., 1864 

A BEAUTIFUL EDITION. Scharf 's illustrations to the above are partly 
original and partly selected from ancient monuments and the composi- 
tions of Raffaele, GiuUo Romano and Mantegna. 



652 McClellan (George B.). Army of the Potomac — Report 

of Maj.-Gen. George B. McClellan, Aug. 4, 1863, with 
an Account of the Campaign in Western Virginia. Map. 
Imperial 8vo, cloth, uncut. N. Y., Sheldon &' Co., 1864 

Large paper, uncut. Only 250 copies printed. 

653 McCreery (John). The Press, a Poem. Published as a 

Specimen of Typography. Numerous exquisite vignettes on 
wood. 4to, half morocco, gilt. 

Liverpool (Part i) and London (Part 2), 1803-27 

Both parts complete and the original editions. The woodcuts, after 

Thurston, were engraved by Bewick's pupils as specimens of their 

handicraft. They are very Bewickian, and in some cases superior to 

their master's work. 

McCreery was a native of Ireland, and first commenced business in 
Liverpool. On the publication of the above poem, he obtained the 
patronage of the most eminent literati of the day, and on his removal 
to London, was considered one of the first practical printers of that 

654 Mac Farlane (C). Lives of Banditti and Robbers in All 

Parts of the World. Vignette titles and other illustrations. 
2 vols. i2mo, half calf gilt, marbled sides. London, 1833 

AUibone calls Mac Farlane — " one of the most industrious of modern 

655 Mack AY (Charles). Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular De- 

lusions. Portraits. 3 vols. 8vo, half calf, gilt. London, 1841 
Best edition. ' ' We are not aware that the reader will find any- 
where such full and amusing accounts of those celebrated humbugs — 
the Mississippi Scheme, the South Sea Bubble, the Tulipmania, etc. — 
as in these entertaining volumes. " — The Scotsman. 

656 [Mackay.] Mormons. Latter-Day Saints. With Memoirs 

of the Life and Death of Joseph Smith, the American 

Mahomet. Illustrated. 8vo, morocco, embossed bevelled 

sides, gilt edges. London, 1852 

" In all writings he [Mackay] has one great purpose at heart from 

which he never deviates for a moment — the promotion of human virtue 

and human happiness. " — European Times. 

657 Mackenzie (Henry). Works Complete. Best Edition. Por- 

traits. 8 vols, small 8vo, half morocco. Edinburgh, 1808 
Comprising the Man of FeeUng, Man of the World, Julia de Rou- 
bigne. Papers from the Mirror and the Lounger, Poems, Dramatic 
Pieces, and other works. 

" Henry Mackenzie to whom we owe — in my opinion— the most 
exquisite pathetic fictions in our language." — Mackintosh. 


658 M'KiNNEY (T. L,) and Hall (James). History of the Indian 
Tribes of North America, with Biographical Sketches and 
Anecdotes of the Principal Chiefs. By Thomas L. M'Kin- 
NEY, late of the Indian Department, Washington, and 
James Hall, Esq., of Cincinnati. Embellished with 120 
portraits from the Indian Gallery in the Department of War, 
at Washington. 3 vols, folio, half green morocco extra, 
full gilt backs, edges gilt. 

Phila., Daniel Rice and J. G. Clarke, n. d. 

Fine copy of the original edition of this splendid work, now extremely 

As early as 1824, the practice was begun of taking portraits of the 
principal Indians who came to Washington, and depositing them in the 
War Department. Under the management of Col. M'Kinney, Super- 
intendent of Indian Affairs, the number rapidly increased, till a very 
interesting gallery was formed. They were chiefly painted by Mr. 
King, an artist of high repute, who was remarkably successful in 
transferring to his canvas the strong lineaments of the Indian coun- 
tenance. Col. M'Kinney conceived the plan of making this rare and 
curious collection more valuable to the world by publishing a series of 
engraved portraits exactly copied and colored from these paintings. 
With each portrait is connected a biographical sketch of the individual 
whom it is intended to represent, interspersed with anecdotes and nar- 
rations. The work contains also a historical account of the various 
Indian tribes within the borders of the United States. 

659 Madison (James). Selections from the Private Correspond- 

ence of James Madison, from 1813 to 1836. Published 
by J. C. McGuiRE, exclusively for private distribu- 
tion. 4to, half purple morocco, uncut. 

Washington, MDCCCLIX. 
Exceedingly scarce and a clean, uncut copy ; 201 copies only 
were printed. 

" To him (Madison) and Hamilton, I think, we are mainly indebted 
tor the Constitution of the United States; and in wisdom I have long 
been accustomed to place him before Jefferson." — Judge Story. 

660 Madison. Papers of James Madison, purchased by order 

of Congress, being his Correspondence and Report of De- 
bates during the Congress of the Confederation, and his 
Reports of Debates in the Federal Convention. 3 vols. 
8vo, half morocco (titles slightly foxed). N. Y., 1841 

Very scarce, containing much interesting and valuable matter not 
found elsewhere. 


66 1 Mahon (Lord). History of England, from the Peace of 

Utrecht to the Peace of Versailles, 17 13-1783, 7 vols.; — also, 
History, comprising the Reign of Queen Anne until the 
Peace of Utrecht, 1701-1713. Together 8 vols. 8vo, tree 
marbled calf extra, marbled sides and edges. 

London, 1853-70 

A very handsome set, with the binding almost equal to new. 

Lord Mahon's valuable history deals largely with the American Revo- 
lution, its causes, results, and elicited pamphlets by Jared Sparks and 
William B. Reed in reply to some of his statements. It is indispensable 
in an historical collection. 

662 Malory (Sir Thomas, Knt). La Mort d'Arthure. The 

History of King Arthur and of the Knights of the Round 
Table, with Introduction and Notes by Thomas Wright, 
M.A., F.S.A. 3 vols, crown 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1858 
Large paper . Only 100 copies printed. 

" Indisputably the best prose romance the language can boast." — 
Walter Scott. 

663 Manning (James). Life, Times and Correspondence of, 

by Reuben Aldridge Guild. Portrait. 8vo, cloth. 

Boston, 1864 
With an account of the early history of Brown University. 

664 Marco Polo. The Book of Ser Marco Polo, the Venetian, 

concerning the Kingdoms and Marvels of the East. Newly 
translated and edited with Notes, Maps and other Illustra- 
tions, by Colonel Henry Yule. Second Edition Re- 
vised. Numerous maps, plates, facsimiles and titles. 2 vols, 
royal 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1875 

664* Marco Polo. The Same. First Edition. 2 vols, royal 
8vo, cloth. London, 1871 

665 Margaret, Queen of Navarre. Heptameron, translated 

with Memoir by W. K. Kelly. Portrait. Post 8vo, cloth. 

London, 1855 
A companion volume to Boccaccio, so far as the nature and plot of 
the stories are concerned, though it does not possess his refined wit and 
delicate elegance. 

" Les nouvelles publiees sous le nom de Marguerite de Valois sont 
I'ouvrage d'une Societe qui se re'unissait chez cette princesse: il est 
probable que Bonaventure Des Perriers n'a pas ete etranger i leur com- 
position, et Marguerite elle-meme a y avoir une grande part." 


667 Marlowe (Christopher). Dramatic Worlcs, with Notes, and 

some Account of his Life and Writings, by the Rev. Alex- 
ander Dyce. 3 vols, crown 8vo, beautiful tree marbled 
calf extra d. la Riviere. London, William Pickering, 1850 
Best edition. Only 250 copies printed at the Chiswick Press. 
Very scarce. 

This edition is not a reprint of that of 1826, which abounds in the 
grossest errors, but is an entirely new text formed from a collation of 
the early editions. 

Marlowe was the only dramatic poet who obtained any degree of 
celebrity previous to the appearance of Shakespeare, 

668 Marryat (Joseph). Collections towards a History of 

Pottery and Porcelain, in the 15th, r6th, 17th and 
1 8th Centuries ; with a Description of the Manufacture, 
a Glossary, and a List of Monograms. With colored 
plates, and 240 woodcuts. 4to, half morocco, cloth sides. 

London, Murray, 1850 
Large paper, and only 25 copies issued, with all the illustrations on 
India paper. Published at £$ ^s. 
A fine copy of this magnificent book. 

669 Marston (John). Works of, Reprinted from the Original 

Editions, with Notes, and some Account of His Life and 
Writings, by J. O. Halliwell. 3 vols, post 8vo, yellow 
calf extra, gilt edges. London, John Russell Smith, 1856 
GifFord, in his edition of Ben Jonson, styles Marston ' ' the most scur- 
rilous, filthy, and obscene writer of his time ;'' on the other hand, Rev. 
P. Hall eulogizes him as " a poet of distinguished celebrity in his own 
day, no less admired for the versatility of his genius in tragedy and 
comedy, than dreaded for the poignancy of his satire ; in the former 
department, the colleague of Ben Jonson ; in the latter, the antagonist 
of Bishop Hall." 

670 Martin (Henri). The History of France from the Ear- 

liest Period to 1789. Translated from the 4th Paris Edi- 
tion by Mary L. Booth. Portraits. 4 vols, [all pub- 
lished], royal 8vo, cloth, uncut. Boston, 1865-66 

Large paper. 75 copies printed, No. 19, and signed " Mary L. 
Booth. " With duplicate title-pages. 

Comprises Age of Lewis XIIL, 1661-1715, and decline of the Mon- 
archy, 1715-1789. 

The above most valuable historical work obtained for its author in 
1844 from the " Academic des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres," and in 
1856 and 1859 from the "Academic Francaise," the Grand Prix 


" L'Histoire de France de M. H. Martin, qui allii heureusement au 


besoin d'exactitude dans les faits un sentiment philosophique tris 
eleve, demeure, sous toutes ces transformations, une des ceuvres les 
plus consciencieuses et les plus honorables du si^cle." — Vapereau. 

671 Martin (John). Bibliographical Catalogue of Privately- 

Printed Books. Front, and cuts. 8vo, half morocco gilt. 

London, 1834- 

This catalogue of books " privately printed " includes those of the 
Bannatyne, Maitland, and Roxburghe Clubs, and of the Private Presses 
at Darlington, Auchinleck, Lee Priory, Newcastle, Middle Hill, and 
Strawberry Hill. It contains much omitted in the second edition. 

672 Martin. The Same. Boards, uncut. [London], 1854 

Two hundred copies were only printed of this second edition. 

673 Martineau (Harriet). History of the Peace, being a 

History of England from 1816-1854, with an Introduction, 
1800-15. 4 vols, royal 8vo, cloth, uncut. Boston, 1864 
Large paper. Only 75 copies were printed in this size. 

674 Maskell (William). Holy Baptism. A Dissertation. 8vo, 

cloth, uncut. London, William Pickering, 1848 

Printed by C. Whittingham, Chiswick. 
' ' By whom was this Child baptized ? 

With what matter was this Child baptized ? 
With what words was this Child baptized ?" 

675 Massinger (Philip). Dramatic Works : with Notes, 

Critical and Explanatory. By W. Gifford. Portrait. 
4 vols, royal 8vo, calf extra gilt, marbled edges and con- 
tents lettered. London, Bulmer, 1813 
Large paper copy, extremely scarce. Second and best edition. 
A more perfect edition of an old poet than this was never issued from 
the press. 

" An author who delights and never satiates." — Draper. 
' ' Massinger, as a tragic writer, appears to me second only to Shaks- 
peare ; in the higher comedy I can hardly think him inferior to 
Jonson. " — Hallam. 

676 Mather (Increase). Remarkable Providences, with Preface 

by Offor. Portrait. Post 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, John Russell Smith, 1856 
A very singular collection of remarkable sea deliverances, accidents, 
remarkable phenomena, witchcraft, apparitions, etc., etc , connected 
mth inhabitants of New England, etc. , etc. A very amusing volume, 
conveying a faithful portrait of the state of society, when the doctrine 
of a peculiar providence and personal intercourse between this world 
and that which is unseen was fully believed. 


677 Mather (Cotton). Wonders of Invisible World, with 

Tryals of the New England Witches, by Increase Mather. 
Portrait. Post 8vo, cloth. 

London, John Russell Smith, 1862 
" His [Cotton Mather's] printed works will not convey to posterity, 
nor give to strangers, a just idea of the real worth and great learning 
of the man." — Colman. 

678 Maundeville (Sir J.). Voiage and Travaile, which 

treateth of the way to Hierusalem and the Marvayles of 
Inde. New edition, with Introduction by J. O. Halh- 
WELL. Facsimiles of the curious woodcuts. 8vo, cloth, 
uncut. London, 1839 

Best edition, published by Lumley. 

" The most ingenuous of voyagers has been considered as an idle 
fabulist ; the most cautious as credulous to fatuity." — Isaac Dis- 

679 Maurice (F. D.). Moral and Metaphysical Philo- 

sophy. New edition, with Preface. 2 thick vols. 8vo, half 
morocco, gilt top edges. London, 1872 

' ' All should consult the work of Mr. Maurice, the most philosophical 
writer of the day." — Garbett. 

680 Maury (M. F.). Physical Geography of the Sea. Maps. 

8vo, cloth. N. Y., 1856 

" Matter of more general or higher scientific importance than that 
contained in these Addenda [in 1856] is seldom gathered from any 
fields of research," — Preface. 

681 Mayhew (Henry). London Labor and the London 

Poor. With numerous portraits and street scenes from 
daguerreotypes. 4 vols. 8vo, cloth, gilt. 

London, n. d., and 1862 
The fourth or extra volume relates to prostitutes, thieves, swindlers, 
and beggars. 

682 Men and Manners in America. 8vo, cloth. Phila., 1833 

By Captain Thomas Hamilton, author of " Cyril Thornton," 

"He neither views America with the jaundiced eye of a bigoted 
Tory, nor the frantic partiality of an enthusiastic Democrat." — Black- 
wood's Magazine. 

683 Mennis and Smith. Musarum Delici^e, or the Muses' 

Recreation and Wit restored, also Wit's Recreation, with 
all the wood engravings, and inserted portrait of Mennis, to 


which are added Memoirs of Sir John Mennis and Dr. J. 
Smith. 2 vols. 8vo, half russia, cloth sides. London, 181 7 

Very rare. Only 150 copies were printed, and one very rarely 
occurs for sale. 

The sprightliness of the humor generally condones the indecency. 

' ' Of the Poets of the Restoration, there are none whose works are 
more rare than those of Sir John Mennis and Dr. James Smith. The 
small volume entitled ' Musarum Deliciae, or, The Muses' Recreation,' 
which contains the production of these two friends, was not accessible 
to Mr. Freeman when he compiled his ' Kentish Poets,' and has since 
become so rare that it is only found in the cabinets of the curious. A 
reprint of the ' Musarum Delicis,' together with several other kindred 
pieces of the period, appeared in 1817, forming two volumes of Facetite, 
edited by Mr. E. Dubois, author of ' The Wreath,' etc." 

684 Menzies (Wm.) Catalogue of Books, Manuscripts and 

Engravings, with price-list inserted in red ink. Royal 8vo, 
uncut. N. Y., 1875 

The late Joseph Sabin called this — "More than a catalogue — a care- 
ful bibliography of an interesting and important collection of Ameri- 
cana. '' It was compiled by its owner, Mr. Menzies, than whom there 
was never a more careful bibliographer. 

685 Merivale (Charles). History of the Romans under the 

Empire, with Index (separate). Maps. 7 vols. 8vo. 

London, 1852-62 

Library Edition, out of print. 

" Mr. Merivale's undertaking is nothing less than to bridge over no 
small portion of the interval between the interrupted work of Arnold 
and the commencement of Gibbon. He comes, therefore, between 
' mighty opposites !' It is no small praise that in this he proves him- 
self no unworthy successor to the two most gifted historians of Rome 
whom English literature has yet produced." — Edinburgh Review. 

686 Meyer (H. L.). British Birds and their Eggs, a complete 

History and Description of, illustrated by 422 finely exe- 
cuted PLATES OF Birds and of their Eggs, beauti- 
fully colored after Nature, complete. 7 vols. 8vo, 
half morocco, gilt edges. London, Willis &= Sotheran,\%i-] 

A Fine copy of the Second, Enlarged and best Edition of this 
beautiful work, which was published at ;^i8 i8j. 

This beautiful publication is the only complete History of British 
Birds and their Eggs with colored plates. 

687 MiDDLETON (T., contemporary of Shakespeare). Dramatic 

and other Works, now first Collected. With Life and 
Notes by the Rev. A. Dyce. Portrait on India paper and 



frontispiece. 5 vols. 8vo, elegantly bound in tree marble 
calf extra, inside borders and gilt edges by Riviere. 

London, 1840 
Large paper. Less than 30 copies were privately printed, Lumley 
says but 25. 

" Pre-eminently beautiful, many portions only inferior to Shakes- 
peare. Hitherto almost inaccessible from their rarity; averaging from 
£,10 to £'iO a play. " 

" Middleton, a very voluminous v?riter, lived in the time of K. 
Charles 1st and is supposed to have died after the publication of the 
Pageant for 1626."— Lowndes. 

688 Miller (George). History, Philosophically Illustrated from 

Fall of Roman Empire to French Revolution. Portrait. 
4 vols, post 8vo, yellow calf extra, marbled edges. 

London, 1849-52 
" What Montesquieu accomplished for the laws of Europe, Dr. Mil- 
ler has done for its history," — London Literary Gazette. 

689 Mills (Charles). Historical Works, comprising : — 

I. Mills. History of the Crusades for the recovery and pos- 
session of the Holy Land. Front, and map. 2 vols. 

London, 1820 

II. Mills. History of Chivalry ; or, Knighthood and its 
Times. Engraved titles {foxed). 2 vols. London, 1825 

III. Mills. History of Muhammedanism ; comprising the 
Life and Character of the Arabian Prophet, and accounts 
of the Empires founded by the Muhammedan Arms ; An 
Inquiry into the Theology, Morality, Laws, etc., of the 
Muselmans, and a view of the Present State and Extent 
of the Muhammedan Religion. London, 18 17 

Together 5 vols. 8vo, calf gilt, marbled edges. 

London, 1817-25 

"With equal learning, fidelity and elegance." — London Monthly 

690 MiLMAN (Henry Hart). History of Christianity from the 

birth of Christ to the Abolition of Paganism in the Roman 
Empire, 3 vols., London, 1840 ; — also, History of Later 
Christianity, including that of the Popes to the Pontificate 
of Nicholas V., 6 vols. London, 1854-55. Together 9 
vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, John Murray, 1840-55 
Original and best library edition. "A learned and luminous 
work." — Prescott. 


691 MiLMAN. Annals of St. Paul's Cathedral. Portrait, 

engravings and facsimiles. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1869 

692 Milman. Poetical Works. Portraitjrontispieces, vignette 

titles. 3 vols, post 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1839 

"The genius of Milman rises onus in the strongest and clearest 
light." — London Monthly Review. 

693 Milton (J.). The Works of John Milton in Verse and 

Prose. Printed from the Original Editions, with a Life of 
the Author. By the Rev. John Mitford. Portrait, fac- 
simile, sheet pedigree and rubricated title. 8 vols. 8vo, 
full calf elegant, gilt top edges, others uncut. 

London, William Pickering, 185 1 

Only 350 copies of this valuable and beautiful edition were printed; 
but Menzies's Catalogue states 500. It is now very scarce. 

The most beautiful reproduction of an old author ever published. 
The types used were cast expressly for this edition, in exact imitation 
of the original copies, and it was printed by Whittingham at the Chis- 
wick Press, on ancient wire-wove paper. 

" It may be doubted whether the Creator ever created one altogether 
so great as Milton, taking into one view at once his manly virtues, his 
superhuman genius, his zeal for truth, for true piety, for freedom, his 
eloquence in displaying it, his contempt of personal power, his glory 
and exultation in his country." — W. S. Landor. 

694 MiLTON. Poetical Works, with Notes of various Authors, 

Life and Illustrations, by the Rev. Henry J. Todd. 
Second edition, enlarged with extensive Verbal Index to 
the whole of Milton's Poetry. Portrait. 7 vols, royal 
8vo, calf gilt, marbled edges. London, 1809 

Large paper. Fine copy of the best edition. 

" As to the critical and useful editions of our bard, what has been 
said of Mr. Todd's ' Spenser' (a justly lauded edition) may be said of 
his ' Milton.' . . . With an incomparable index of words, — applicable 
to any edition. I consider a large paper copy of this performance 
as an indispensable ornament to a noble library." — T. F. DiBDiN. 

695 Milton. Poetical Works. Edited by Sir Egerton 

Brydges. With beautiful imaginative illustrations by J. M. 
W. Turner. 6 vols. i6mo, elegantly bound in smooth 
purple morocco, extra gilt, edges gilt. 

London, John Macrone, 1835 
Best edition of the Brydges Milton with early impressions of the 
Turner plates. " An excellent edition." — C. D. Cleveland. 


696 Milton. Paradise Lost, A Poem, in Twelve Books, The 

Author John Milton, and Paradise Regained, etc, from 
the Text of Thomas Newton, D.D. 2 vols, royal 8vo, 
half morocco, gilt top edges, others uncut. 

Birmingham, Printed by John Baskerville for 
Jane R. Tonson in London, 1758 
The eyes may share the pleasure of the mind in reading an author in 
such beautiful type. 

697 Milton. L'Allegro and II Penseroso. Illustrated with 

etchings on steel by Birket Foster — the letterpress mostly 
printed in carmine. Imperial Svo, morocco gilt, bevelled 
sides, gilt edges. London, David Bogue, 1855 

First edition, brilliant impressions, and printed on cardboard. 

698 Milton (John). L'Allegro and II Penseroso. With 30 

illustrations on wood by Jackson, Cooper, Williams, and 
others, designed expressly for the Art Union of London by 
CoRBOULD, Franklin, Armitage, Selous, Scharf, 
Warren, Ward, Roberts, Harding, etc. (some foxed). 
4to, boards (pages loose). London, 1848 

699 Minot (George Richards). Continuation of the History of 

the Province of Massachusetts Bay, from the Year 1748. 
With an Introductory Sketch of Events from its Original 
Settlement. 2 vols. Svo, sheep. 

Boston, Manning &' Loring, 17 98-1 803 
Very scarce. " The second volume was published in 1803, after the 
death of the author. It brings the history down to the year 1765, and 
was apparently intended as a continuation of Hutchinson." — Rich. 

700 Minutes | of the | Trial and Examination | of | Certain 

Persons, | in the | Province of New York, | Charged with 
being Engaged in a | Conspiracy against the Authority | 
of the Congress, | and | The Liberties of America. | Lon- 
don, Printed for J. Pew, M DCC LXXXVI. 4to, sewed, 
uncut. Phila., /. Campbell, 1865 

Large paper. No. 18 of the limited quarto reprint of 25 copies. 

In the preface to those " Minutes,'' it is stated that they were "dis- 
covered (on the late capture of New York by the British troops) among 
the papers of a person who appears to have been Secretary to the Com- 
mittee." They relate to a conspiracy against Congress, and particu- 
larly against Washington, whom the conspirators proposed to carry off. 
" A Mr. Matthews," says the Monthly Review, " who was prominent 
in the conspiracy, was condemned to suffer death, but Congress 


resolved to postpone the execution of the sentence, and ordered him 
to be carried into Connecticut, there to be imprisoned till further 
orders." The work contains some curious scandal about Washington 
and Mary Gibbons, " = girl from New Jersey, of whom General 
Washington was very fond, and whom he maintained genteely at a 
house near Mr. Skinner's." 

701 MoLiNOS the Quietist. By John Bigelow. i6mo, cloth, 

uncut. N. Y., 1S82 

The author was for some time associate editor and proprietor of the 
New York Evening Post. 

702 MoMMSEN (Theodor). History of Rome, from the Earliest 

Period to the End of the Republic, translated with the 
Author's sanction, and Additions by Prof. Dickson. 4 
vols. 8vo, tree marbled calf extra gilt, h la Riviere, marbled 
edges and ends. London, Bentley, 1868 

Best Library edition, entirely out of print and scarce. 

' ' This is the best history of the Roman Republic, taking the work 
on the whole ; the author's complete mastery of the subject, the variety 
of his gifts and acquirements, his graphic power in the delineation of 
natural and individual character, and the vivid interest which he inspires 
in every portion of his book. He is without an equal in his own 
sphere." — Edinburgh Review. 

" A work of the very highest merit ; its learning is exact and pro- 
found ; its narrative full of genius and skill ; its descriptions of men 
are admirably vivid. We wish to place on record our opinion that Dr. 
Mommsen's is by far the best history of the decline and fall of the 
Roman Commonwealth.'' — London Times. 

703 [MoNBODDO (Lord).] Origin and Progress of Language. 6 

vols. 8vo, boards, uncut. Edinburgh, 1774-92 

The second edition, with considerable additions and corrections. 

" Monboddo, among other strange fancies, considered that men 

were originally monkeys, and that a nation still existed with tails." — 


704 Montague (Lady Mary Wortley). Letters and Works. 

Edited by her Great- Grandson, Lord Wharncliffe. 
Best Library Edition. Portraits. 3 vols. 8vo, calf, gilt. 

London, 1837 

" This lady has been called 'the English Sevigne,' she seems to 
have anticipated her title ; for, in a letter to Lady Mar, she says — 
' The last pleasure that fell in my way, was Mme. Sevigne's Letters ; 
very pretty they are : but I assert, without the least vanity, that mine 
will be full as entertaining forty years hence. ' For an article relative 
to their authenticity, see Walpole, II., 180-182, App. No. IV." — 

' ' I have heard Dr. Johnson say that he never read but one book 


through from choice in his whole life, and that book was Lady Mary 
Wortley Montague's ' Letters.' " — Boswell. 

" Many of Lady Mary Wortley Montague's letters were destroyed 
by her daughter, who imagined that the family honor was lowered by 
an addition of them to literature. It would have mortified her lady- 
ship's daughter to have heard that her mother was the Sevigne of 
Britain. " — Disraeli. 
70s Montaigne (Michael de). Works, comprising his Essays, 
Journeys into Italy, and Letters, with Notes from all his 
Commentators and Biographical and Bibliographical Notes 
by Hazlitt. Portrait on India paper, and the illuminated 
titles. 4 vols. 8vo, half Roxburghe morocco, gilt top, uncut 
edges. Cambridge, Riverside Press, 1864 

Large paper copy, only 75 printed, of which four were destroyed 
by fire. 

A new and carefully revised edition by O. W. Wright. 
" No language possesses a more delightful essayist than Montaigne. " 
— Edinburgh Review. 

" Montaigne is the earliest classical writer in the French language, 
the first Tvhom. a gentleman is ashamed not to have read. No writer of 
the XVIth century has given so much delight." — Hallam. 

" Montaigne and Howell's Letters are my bed-side books. I like 
to hear them tell their old stories over and over again. I am informed 
that both of them tell coarse stories. I don't heed them, it was the 
custom of their time as it is of Highlanders and Hottentots to dispense 
with a part of dress which we all wear in cities." — W. M. Thackeray. 

706 MoNTALEMBERT (CouNT DEJ. Monks of the West, from St. 

Benedict to St. Bernard. Authorized translation. 7 
vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. Edinburgh, 1861-79 

" He details with graphic pen, the career of Benedict and Gregory 
the Great, the rise and development of the Benedictine Order in Gaul, 
the marvellous story of St. Radigund, and the History of the Institu- 
tion, under the Merovingian Kings ; he describes the Mission of the 
Irish Monks to the Continent, and the extraordinary career of St. Col- 
umbanus ; he details the Founding of the Irish and Scotian Church ; 
the Conflict with the revolting Paganism of Picts and Celts, with 
remarkable eloquence, and sustained rhetoric." 

707 Montgomery (James). Memoirs of the Life and Writings 

of, including his Select Correspondence, Remains in Prose 
and Verse, and Conversations, by Holland and Everett. 
Portraits and vignettes. 7 vols, crown 8vo, half calf gilt, 
marbled sides and edges. London, Longmans, 1854-56 

Published at £■>, 13^-. bd. in cloth. 

' ' Delicacy, tenderness, and a sacred feeling of the highest order mark 
the effusions of Montgomery's highly cultivated muse." — Dibdin. 


708 Moore (Thomas). Poetical Works. Collected by himself. 

Portrait, plates and vignette titles by Heath. 10 vols. fcap. 
8vo, purple morocco, gilt edges by Hayday. 

London, Longmans, 1853 
A charming copy of Moore's Poems, and uniformly printed with the 
favorite editions of Byron, Scott, Cowper, etc. 
"Ah, mourn not for Anacreon dead ; 
Ah, weep not for Anacreon fled ; 
The lyre still breathes he touch'd before, 
For we have an Anacreon Moore." — Erskine. 

709 MooRE. Memoir, Journal and Correspondence. Edited 

by Lord John Russell, complete, with Copious Index. 
Portraits and vignettes. 8 vols, crown 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1853-56 
An exceedingly interesting work, abounding with anecdotes and 
sketches of the principal literary and political persons of the present 

710 Moore. Irish Melodies. Illustrated by 'M.a.c'li?,^; every page 

ornamented with exquisitely beautiful engravings and borders. 
Small 4to, levant morocco extra, gilt sides and bevelled 
edges. London, Longmans, n. d. 

First issue. The entire text of this very elegant edition is engraved 
and printed on thicker paper than the later editions. 

711 Moore. Letters of Thomas Moore to his Music Pub- 

lisher, James Power (the publication of which was sup- 
pressed in London), with Letter from T. C. Croker, Esq. 
Steel plates. i2mo, cloth. N. Y., Redfield [1854] 

A copy of this book sold at Daniel's sale for £1. gj-. , it being asserted 
that not more than 20 copies existed. 

712 Moore. Songs and Ballads, and Sacred Songs. i2mo, 

smooth morocco, bevelled sides, gilt edges, by Hayday. 

London, 1849 

713 Moore. History of Ireland from the Earliest Kings 

down to its Last Chief. Vignette titles by Finden. 4 vols. 

fcap. 8vo, half calf, gilt. London, 1845 

"It is full of instruction and amusement, — an entertaining and 
melancholy volume, which Englishmen ought to be ashamed and Irish- 
men afraid to read. " — London Magazine. 

714 Moore. Paradise and the Peri. Exquisitely illuminated in 

gold and colors on stone by Albert Warren from the designs 
of Owen Jones and Henry Warren. Folio, cloth gilt, 
bevelled sides, gilt edges. London, Day and Son, n. d. 

A splendid specimen of printing in gold and colors. 



715 Moore (S. S.) and Jones (T. W.). The Traveller's Direc- 

tory from Philadelphia to New York and Washington. 
8vo, sheep, yellow edges. Phila., 1802 

With — ' ' an account of such remarkable objects as are generally inter- 
esting to travellers." 

716 MooRE. Songs of the Soldiers. Arranged and Edited by 

Frank Moore. Vignette title. 32010, half roan. 

N. Y., 1864 
The larger portion of the songs in this collection were submitted to 
the editor by soldiers in the Union Army. 

717 MoRDECAi (Major Alfred). Military Commission to Europe 

in 1855 and 1856. Plates. \\.o, cloth. Washington, i860 
" These books are beginning to be appreciated now that they are 
not so easily obtained and that they are beyond the misfortune of gratui- 
tous Congressional distribution." 

718 More (Hannah). Works, with a Memoir and Notes. En- 

graved titles and frontispieces. 1 1 vols, post 8vo, tree marble 
calf extra, marbled sides and edges by Riviere. 

London, 1853 

' ' How many have thanked God for the hour that first made them 
acquainted with Hannah More. She did perhaps as much real 
good in her generation as any woman that ever held the pen. It 
would be idle to dwell here on her works, so well known. They have 
established her name as a great moral writer, possessing a masterly 
command over the resources of our language, and devoting a keen wit 
and a lively fancy to the best and noblest of purposes." — Quarterly 

■Jig Morley (Henry). Memoirs of Bartholomew Fair. IVit^ 
upwards of 80 curious woodcuts, many facsimile drawings 
on wood by the Dalziels. 8vo, cloth, uncut, red top 
edge. London, 1859 

Out of print and scarce. A book full of curious information, not 
only on Bartholomew Fair, Smithfield, and its vicinity, but on old 
English sports, customs, etc. 

720 MoRLEY. Rousseau. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1873 

721 Morris (Gouverneur). Life of. With Selections from his 

Correspondence and Miscellaneous Papers, by Jared 
Sparks. Portrait. 3 vols. 8vo, boards. Boston, 1832 

' ' Mr. Sparks has brought to his task so much of intelligent re- 
search, so much historical anecdote and rich and various illustration, 
that his work is of real as it will be of lasting value." — Peabody. 


722 Motley (John Lathrop). Historical Works, comprising : 

I. Motley. Rise of the Dutch RepubUc, a History. 3 
vols. London, 1869 

" To all who speak the English language, the history of the great 
agony through which the Republic of Holland was ushered into life 
must have peculiar interest, for it is a portion of the records of the 
Anglo-Saxon race." 

II. Motley. History of the United Netherlands, from 1584 
to 1619, with a detailed Account of the Spanish Armada. 

• Portraits {some inserted). 4 vols. London, 1867-68 

III. Motley. Life and Death of John of Barneveld, 
Advocate of Holland, with a View of the Primary Causes 
and Movements of the Thirty Years' War. With illus- 
trations. London, 1874 

Together 9 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1867-74 

Handsome English library edition. 

" Mr. Motley's work is an important one, the result of profound 
research, sincere convictions, sound principles, and manly sentiments; 
and even those who are most familiar with the history of the period 
will find in it a fresh and vivid addition to their previous knowledge. 
It does honor to American literature, and would do honor to the litera- 
ture of any country in the world." — Edinburgh Review. 

723 Muller (K. O.). Ancient Art and Its Remains, a Manual 

of the Archaeology of Art. Translated from the German 
by John Leitch. 8vo, cloth. London, 1852 

The best edition of this valuable work, with the numerous additions 
by F. G. Welcker. 

724 Muller and Donaldson (J. W.). A History of the Litera- 

ture of Ancient Greece by K. O. Muller, and continued 
after the Author's Death by John William Donaldson. 
Portrait on India paper. 3 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1858 

" We close the volumes in admiration of the author's unwearied in- 
dustry and great knowledge." — London Monthly Magazine. 

725 Muller (Max, M.A.). Chips from a German Workshop. 

3 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1868-70 

726 Munsell's Historical Series, viz. : — 

I. Commissary Wilson's Orderly Book. Expedition of the 
British and Provincial Army, under Maj.-Gen. Amherst, 
against Ticonderoga and Crown Point, 1759. Map. 

Albany, 1857 



II. Narrative of the Causes which led to Philip's Indian 
War, of 1675 and 1676, by John Easton, of Rhode 
Island ; with other Documents concerning this Event in 
the Office of the Secretary of State of New York. Col- 
ored map. Albany, 1858 

III. Orderly Book of the Northern Army, at Ticonderoga and 
Mount Independence, from Oct. 17, 1776, to Jan. 8, 1777, 
with Biographical and Explanatory Notes. Portrait. 

Albany, 1859 

IV. Diary of the Siege of Detroit in the War with Pontiac. 
Also, a Narrative of the Principal Events of the Siege 
by Maj. Robert Rogers ; a Plan for conducting Indian 
Affairs by Col. Bradstreet. Albany, i860 

V. Obstructions to the Navigation of Hudson's River ; em- 
bracing the Minutes of the Street Committee appointed 
by the Provincial Convention of New York, July 13, 1776, 
and other Original Documents relating to the Subject. 
Map. Albany, i860 

VI. The Loyal Verses of Joseph Stansbury and Dr. Jona- 
than Odell, relating to the American Revolution. Now 
First Edited by Winthrop Sargent. Albany, i860 

VII. Orderly Book of Lieut.-Gen. John Burgoyne, from his 
Entry into the State of New York until his Surrender at 
Saratoga, loth Oct., 1777. Map and portraits. 

Albany, i860 

VIII. Early Voyages Up and Down the Mississippi, by Cave- 
lier, St. Cosme, Le Sueur, Gravier and Guignas. 
With an Introduction and Notes by J. G. Shea. 

Albany, 1861 

IX. & X. Proceedings of the Commissioners of Indian 
Affairs, appointed by Law for the Extinguishment of In- 
dian Titles in the State of New York. . . . With an In- 
troduction and Notes, by F. B. Hough. 3 maps. 2 vols. 

Albany, 1861 
Together 10 vols. 4T0, uniform half red morocco, top 
edges gilt, others uncut, by Matthews. 

Albany, J. Munsell, 1857-61 

A very choice set, bound by Matthews. These handsome volumes 
have rubricated titles and many initial letters in red. 



727 ll^fPkWllAPIER (Sir W. F. P.). History of the War 
IN THE Peninsula, and in the South of France, 
from 1807 to 1814. Portrait, plans of battles, etc. 
6 vols. 8vo, elegantly bound in tree marbled calf 

extra, by Riviere. London, 1835-40 

A beautiful copy of this now very scarce work and including the jus- 
tificatory pieces in reply to Gurwood, Alison, Sir Walter Scott, Lord 
Beresford, and the Quarterly Heview. 

' ' He has produced a work which for vivid beauty of narrative may 
vie, I have heard good judges say, with Caesar or Tacitus." — Allan 

728 Napoleon. — History of the Captivity of Napoleon at St. 

Helena; from the Letters and Journals of the Late Lieut. - 
Gen. Sir Hudson Lowe, and official Documents not before 
made Public. JVi't/i portrait and map. 3 vols. 8vo, cloth, 
uncut. London, John Murray, 1853 

This work contains a large number of curious facts relating to Na- 
poleon hitherto unknown, and endeavors to disprove many of the state- 
ments and accusations of the Emperor and his companions in exile. 

729 Napoleon. — Memoirs of Napoleon, His Court and Family 

by the Duchess D'Abrantes (Madame Junot). With 
16 steel portraits. 2 vols. 8vo, half calf, gilt. 

London, Bentley, 1836 

730 Napoleon. — Life of Napoleon Buonaparte, Emperor of 

the French, with a Preliminary View of the French Revo- 
lution by Sir Walter Scott. Portrait. 2 vols. 8vo, 
full bound, gilt. Exeter, 1827 

731 Napoleon. — Abbott (John S. C). History of Napoleon 

Bonaparte. Illustrated edition, with several hundred 
engravings. 2 vols, imperial 8vo, cloth. N. Y., 1855 

This historical romance may be read with advantage as a counterpoise 
to Sir Walter Scott's Life of Napoleon, for though the facts are dis- 
torted, the style is attractive. 

732 Napoleon. — Memoirs of the Life, Exile, and Correspondence 

of the Emperor, by Count de Las Casas. Portraits, etc. 
4 vols. i2mo, cloth. N. Y., 1855 


733 Nares (Robert). Glossary, or Collection of Words, Phrases, 

Names, and Allusions to Customs, Proverbs, etc., which re- 
quire Illustration, in the Works of English Authors, par- 
ticularly Shakespeare and his Contemporaries. 2 vols. 
8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1859 

The Glossary of Archdeacon Nares is by far the best and most use- 
ful work we possess for explaining and illustrating the obsolete language 
and the customs and manners of the i6th and 17th Centuries, and it is 
quite indispensable for the readers of the literature of the Elizabethan 
period. The additional words and examples in this new edition are 
distinguished from those in the original text by a f prefixed to each. 
The work contains between five and six thousand additional examples, 
the result of original research, not merely supplementary to Nares, but 
to all other compilations of the kind. 

734 Narragansett Club. Publications of the Narragan- 

SETT Club. First Series, Vols. I. to VI. [all pub- 
lished], i. e.: — 

I. Bibliographical Introduction to the Writings of Roger 
Williams, by Reuben Aldridge Guild, A.M.; A Key 
into the Language of America, edited by James Hammond 
Trumbull, A.M.; Letter of John Cotton, Mr. Cotton's 
Letter Examined and Answered, edited by Reuben Ald- 
ridge Guild, A.M., " Club Copy, No. 28," MDCCCLXVI. 

II. John Cotton's Answer to Roger Williams, edited by 
Rev. J. Lewis Dim an; [Also:] Queries of Highest Con- 
sideration, edited by Reuben Aldridge Guild, A.M., 
" Club Copy, No. 24," MDCCCLXVII. 

III. " The BLOUDYTenent of Persecution. Edited by Samuel 
L. Caldwell, "Club Copy, No. 25," MDCCCLXVIL 

IV. The Bloody Tenent yet more Bloody. Edited by 
Samuel L. Caldwell, " Club Copy, No. 6." MDCCCLXX. 

V. George Fox Digg'd out of his Burrowes. Edited by 
Rev. J. Lewis Diman, " Club Copy, No. 20," MDCCC- 

VI. Letters of Roger Williams, 1652 to 1632. Now 
first collected. Edited by John Russell Bartlett. 

Together 6 vols. 4T0, half bound, uncut. 

Providence, 1866-74 
Large paper. "It is asserted in the Menzies Catalogue, "pre- 


pared by Joseph Sabin," that there were— " 25 copies only printed, 
excepting as respects Vol. VI., of which 150 copies were struclc off." 
The above, however, are numbered as specified, and on the reverse of 
the title of Vol. 6 it is called " Subscriber's Edition, one hundred and 
sixty copies.'' 

735 National Portrait Gallery of Illustrious and Emi- 

nent Personages of the Nineteenth Century : with Me- 
moirs by Wm. Jerdan. Proofs on India paper. Vols. 
I, 2 and 3. Half morocco, top edges gilt, others uncut. 

London, 1830-32 
Uniformly printed with and forming a most desirable continuation to 
Lodge's Portraits. 

736 National Portrait Gallery of Distinguished Americans, 

33 parts {i. e., 1-17, 19-23, 25-35) containing 39 fine por- 
traits, engraved by A. B. Durand, J. W. Paradise, J. B. 
Longacre, etc. 8vo, sewed. Phila. and N. Y., v. d. 

The complete set, with 144 portraits, was published in numbers at $50. 

737 Naunton (Sir Robert). Fragmenta Regalia, or Observa- 

tions on the late Queen Elizabeth, her Times and 
Favorites. 8vo, calf gilt, top edge gilt, others uncut. 

London, 1824 
Large paper, of which only 50 copies were printed. 
This interesting volume commences with an account of Queen Eliza- 
beth, followed by those of Dudley Earl of Leicester, Earl of Sussex, 
Lord Burleigh, Sir P. Sidney, Sir F. Walsingham, Lord Willoughby, 
Sir Nicholas Bacon, Lord Norris, Sir John Packington, Sir Walter 
Raleigh, Sir Fulke Greville, the Earl of Essex, Lord Buckhurst, the 
poet ; Lord Mountjoy, Francis Vere, Earl of Oxford, Marquess of 
Worcester, and others. — See Retrospective Review, v. 303-14. 

" A fruit of his younger years ; yet was it in such high esteem, as 
an authentic collection of curious remarks, by the generality of men in 
place and business, that it was the constant practice of divers clerks, in 
parliament and term time, to transcribe copies of it for the use and ser- 
vice of the lovers of antiquity and state ; and these copies had the 
honor afterwards of being treasured up among the choicest manu- 
scripts. " — Fuller. 

738 Nelson. — Memoirs of the Life of Vice-Admiral Lord Vis- 

count Nelson, K.B., Duke of Bront£, etc., etc. By 
Thomas Joseph Pettigrew, F.R.S., F.S.A. Portraits, 
facsimiles, etc. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, Boone, 1849 
" The arm of Nelson casts its thunderbolts on every shore, and pre- 
served unscathed in the deep the ark of European freedom." — Alison. 



739 New England. Reprints of early New England 
Tracts : 

I. Mather. Early History of New England, being a rela- 
tion of hostile passages between the Indians and European 
Voyagers and First Settlers. By Increase Mather. 
With Notes by S. G. Drake. Boston, 1864 

II. Mather. The History of King Philip's War, by In- 
crease and Cotton Mather. With Introduction and 
Notes by S. G. Drake. Albany, 1862 

III. Church. The History of King Philip's War. By 
Benj. Church. With Introduction and Notes by Henry 
Martin Dexter. 2 vols. Boston, 1865 

Copy No. 29 of edition of 250 copies small 410 and 35 royal 4to. 

IV. Hubbard's History of the Indian Wars in New Eng- 
land. With Extensive Notes by Samuel G. Drake. 2 
vols. Roxbury, 1865 

Copy No. 103, of edition of 350 copies, of which 50 are on large 

V. Mourt's Relation or Journal of the Plantation at Ply- 
mouth, with an Introduction and Notes by Henry Mar- 
TYN Dexter. Boston, 1865 

Copy No. 29, of edition of 250 copies foolscap 4to and 35 royal 

VI. Church's History of Eastern Expeditions of 1689, 
1690, 1692, 1696 and 1704, against the Indians and 
French. With Introduction and Notes by H. M. Dexter. 
Map. Boston, 1867 

Edition of 250 copies small 4to and 35 royal 4to. 

VII. Lechford's Plain Dealing or News from New En- 
gland. With Introduction and Notes by J. Hammond 
Trumbull. Boston, 1867 

Copy No. 119 of edition of 285 copies, of which 35 are royal 410. 

Together 8 vols. 4T0, uniform half morocco gilt, 
uncut. v. p., V. d. 

Mostly large paper copies of these rare New England reprints. In- 
cluded in the above are a portion of the " Library of New England 
History." These volumes are the most elegant of their class. They 
are not mere reprints of the rare and valuable works whose titles they 
bear, as each work has a copious introduction, and is profusely annota- 
ted by an eminent New England scholar. 


740 New Testament in English, Translated by John Wycuffe 
circa MCCCCLXX now first printed from a Contemporary 
Manuscript Formerly in the Monastery of Sion, Middlesex, 
late in the Collection of Lea Wilson. Facsimile front, 
and handsomely printed, mostly in black letter. Small 4to. 
Divinity calf, bevelled sides, red edges. 

Printed at Chiswick by Charles Whittingham, for 
William Pickering, MDCCCXLVIII. 

Very rare. The version hitherto known as Wychffe's is of later 
date than this and differs greatly from it. This edition is most beauti- 
fully printed in old English black letter type, by Whittingham, and is a 
fine specimen of the Chiswick Press. It has an illuminated title and 
ornamental capitals. 

The above is not only the earliest version in English of the entire 
New Testament, but it is of much philological importance as illustrating 
the formation of our own mother tongue. 

' ' Wycliffe's Bible as translated from the Vulgate, had not so entirely 
shaken off the Latinity as our later versions . . .It was constantly 
striving to be English, and by striving became so, more and more." — 

741 New Testament, translated from the Greek Text of Tis- 

CHENDORF. By George R. Noyes, D.D. 4to, cloth, gilt 

top edge. Boston, 1869 

Large paper. Published by the— "American Unitarian Association." 

742 New Testament. 8vo, sheep. Boston, 1809 

An improved version upon the basis of Archbishop Newcome's 

743 Newton (Charles Thomas). Essays on Art and Archaeology. 

8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1880 

The author is the Keeper of the Greek and Roman Antiquities at the 
British Museum. 

744 Newton (Sir Isaac). Memoirs of the Life, Writings and Dis- 

coveries of Sir Isaac Newton, by Sir David Brewster. 
Portraits and cuts. 2 vols, 8vo, cloth. Edinburgh, 1855 

" Nature and Nature's laws lay hid in night ; 
God said ' Let Newton be,' and all was light." — Pope. 

745 Nichols (John, F.S.A.). Progresses, Processions, Festiv- 

ities AND Pageants of Queen Elizabeth, collected from 
Original Manuscripts, Corporation Records, and scarce 
Tracts, and illustrated by Historical Notes by John 
Nichols, F.S.A., assisted by Richard Gough and George 
Steevens, F.S.A., Second edition, chronologically ar- 


ranged, with additional Notes, Translations of the Latin, 
and Indexes of Places and Persons visited, Remarkable 
Events, etc., 3 vols., with 47 plates. Also — Progresses, 
Processions, Festivities and Pageants of King James 
I., his Queen, Family and Court, comprising Forty Masques 
and Entertainments, Six Pageants, numerous Original Let- 
ters, annotated Lists of the Peers, Baronets, and Knights 
during this Reign, etc., illustrated by Notes, Historical, 
Topographical and Biographical, and General Indexes, by 
John Nichols, F.S.A., assisted by several eminent Literary 
Antiquaries, plates, 4 vols. Together 7 vols. 4to, uniform 
tree marbled calf gilt. London, 1823-28 

Of these two indispensable works for an English Historical Library, 
only 250 copies were printed. 

The first edition of the Progresses of Queen Elizabeth, less complete 
than the above, had become so extremely scarce, that copies were 
repeatedly sold by public auction for upwards of ;^40. 

The Progresses of King James have only been once printed. The 
two works include the republication of rare historical and poetical tracts, 
the originals of which, if they could be bought, would be worth more 
than five thousand dollars. 

No library into which the English Chronicles, State Papers, the 
Harleian Miscellany, and Lord Somers's Collection of Tracts are 
admitted, should be without these important volumes, which form a con- 
nected History of the Courts of Elizabeth and James, and afford a 
lively picture of the manners of England, , its pursuits and its amuse- 
ments, for three-quarters of a Century (1553 to 1625). 

746 Nichols. Literary Anecdotes of the Eighteenth Century, 
9 vols. ; and Illustrations of the Literary History of the 
Eighteenth Century, 8 vols. Numerous fine portraits. 
Together 17 vols. 8vo, elegantly bound in sprinkled calf 
extra, marbled edges. London, 1812-58 

It is impossible in a small space to give anything like an adequate 
idea of the vast amount of curious information which these volumes 
contain. The hundreds of literary celebrities who are brought forward, 
not merely by passing anecdotes, but by highly valuable memoirs and 
sketches, and the extensive bibliographical and literary matter which it 
contains, render it one of the most permanently interesting set of books 
ever published. 

747 NicoL (John). Death of Themistocles and other Poems. 
i6mo, cloth, uncut. Glasgow, 1881 

Presentation copy, with MS. inscription — " From the Author. " 


748 Nicolas (Sir Nicholas Harris). History of the Orders of 

Knighthood of the British Empire ; with an Account of 
the Medals, Crosses, and Clasps, which have been con- 
ferred for Naval and Military Services ; together with a 
History of the Order of the Guelphs of Hanover. 4 vols, 
imperial 4to, splendidly printed and illustrated by numerous 
fine wood-cuts of badges, crosses, collars, stars, medals, 
ribbons, clasps, etc., and many large plates, illuminated 

TRAITS OF Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, the King 
OF Hanover, and the Dukes of Cambridge and Sus- 
sex. Half green levant morocco, cloth sides, gilt edges. 
London, William Pickering, 1842 
A splendid copy of this superb work, and wliich contains the 
Supplementary leaves by Sir Harris Nicolas, completing the 
Catalogue of Knights to 1846. This, a copy of the original 
EDITION, having the plates beautifully illuminated in gold and 
colors. It was printed at the Chiswick Press, 

"Sir Harris Nicolas has produced the first comprehensive History 
of the British Orders of Knighthood; and is ONE OF the most elab- 
orately prepared and splendidly printed works that ever 
issued from the press. The Author appears to us to have neglected 
no sources of information, and to have exhausted them, as far as re- 
gards the general scope and purpose of the inquiry. The Graphical 
illustrations are such as become a work of this character upon such a 
subject, at, of course, a lavish cost. The resources of the recently re- 
vived art of wood-engraving have been combined with the new art of 
printing in colours, so as to produce a rich effect, almost rivalling that 
of the monastic illuminations. Such a book is sure of a place in 
every great library. It contains matter calculated to interest ex- 
tensive classes of readers, and we hope by our specimen to excite their 
curiosity." — Quarterly Review. 

749 Nicolas. A History of the Royal Navy, from the Earliest 

Times to the Wars of the French Revolution. Steel fronts, 
and cuts. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, Bentley, 1847 

" Left unfinished. At this work, and in arranging the papers of 
Sir Hudson Lowe, the author was employed until within a few days 
of his death. " — Allibone. 

750 NiEBUHR (B. G.). History of Rome, translated by Julius 

Charles Hare and Connop Thirwall. Portrait and 
map. 3 vols. 8vo, tree marbled calf, extra gilt, marbled 
end papers and edges by Hayday. London, 1855-60 

" A thousand points in the History of Ancient Nations, which have 
hitherto been either overlooked or accepted without inquiry, are here 
treated with sound criticism and placed in their true light." 


750* NiEBUHR. Lectures on Ancient Ethnography and Geo- 
graphy, 2 vols., 1853 ; Lectures on Ancient History of 
Rome, 3 vols., portrait, 1853 ; Lectures on the History of 
Rome, 3 vols, front., 1852. Together 8 vols. 8vo, yellow- 
calf, extra. London, 1852-53 

751 NoRTHCOTE (James). Fables. Both Series. Upwards of Two 

Hundred Fables, illustrated with 560 very beautiful wood 
engravings by Harvey, and with extra portrait on India 
paper. 2 vols imperial 8vo, one bound in half green 
morocco, top edge gilt, and the other cloth, uncut. 

London, 1828-33 

Largest paper and Original edition. The Second Series is printed 
entirely on India paper. Proofs of tlie woodcuts. 

These beautiful compositions were the fruit of the leisure hours of 
Northcote, the celebrated painter. The wood engravings are among 
the chefs (Vceuvre of English skill. 

"His thoughts bubble up, and sparkle like beads of an old wine. " — 

752 Northcote — Fables. Proof Illustrations to. A complete set 

of the celebrated woodcuts by Branston, White, Jackson, 
Moses, Nesbitt, Williams, Bonner, Mason, Sears, 
DoDD, Slader, and other celebrated wood engravers, many 
of whom were pupils of Thos. Bewick ; iticludes all the 
initial letters, vignettes, etc. Beautifully printed on India 
paper. Royal 8vo, half morocco, uncut. 

London, Geo. Lawford, 1828 
Very rare. Only 25 copies printed. From the Bewick collection 
of the Rev. Thos. Hugo. 

753 Norton (Andrews). The Evidences of the Genuineness of 

the Gospels. 3 vols. 8vo, half morocco. Boston, 1837 

Presentation copy from the author to ' ' Geo. S. Hillard, " with auto- 
graph inscription. With cancelled slip in Vol. 2, " Additional Notes," 
p. clvii. and with following MS. note by the author — " This leaf was 
reprinted for the purpose of altering the note; but the original leaf has 
been inserted by mistake in this and some other copies. A. N." This 
is one of those copies vrith both the original and the cancel. 

754 Norton (Charles Eliot). Historical Studies of Church Build- 

ing in the Middle Ages — Venice, Siena, Florence. Royal 
8vo, cloth, bevelled sides, top edge gilt, others uncut. 

N. Y., 1880 
Limited edition on thick paper. A work fully equal and a companion 
to John Henry Parker's architectural voltw^es, 


755 Notes and Queries: A Medium of Inter-communication 

for Literary Men, Artists, Antiquaries, Genealogists, etc. 
From commencement in November, 1849, to December, 
1859, with Index to "Vols. 1-12. Together 21 vols, small 
4to, of which 20 vols, are bound in half calf and one in 
cloth {i. e., the Index volume). London, 1849-59 

Rufus Choate's copy. This set includes the whole of the first series 
and Vols. I to 8 inclusive of the second series. Very scarce in this 
fine condition. A work of constantly-increasing value and importance 
and that no library should be without. Sets are now difficult to pro- 
cure complete, and are daily enhancing in value; the earlier series and 
several of the indexes have been for some time out of print. 

" Notes and Queries" was established for the purpose of furnish- 
ing to all lovers of Literature a Common-place Book, in which they 
might, on the one hand, record for their own use and the use of others 
those minute facts — those elucidations of a doubtful phrase, or disputed 
passage — those illustrations of an obsolete custom — those scattered 
biographical anecdotes, or unrecorded dates — which all who read occa- 
sionally stumble upon; and, on the other, of supplying a medium 
through which they might address those Queries, by which the best 
informed are sometimes arrested in the midst of their labors, in the 
hope of receiving solutions of them from some of their brethren. The 
success which attended this endeavor to supply a want long felt by 
literary men, was manifested shortly after its first being published by 
the necessity of permanently enlarging the size of the paper; by the 
increase in the circulation, and by the rising up of contributors and 
subscribers in all quarters of the globe, which enables the guild of litte- 
rateurs to waft their Queries ' ' from Indus to the Pole. '' 

756 Novum Testamentum Greece. Ed. Hahn. i2mo, half 

morocco. N. Y., 1842 

Published by Leavitt and Trow. 



•CALLAGHAN (E. B.). A List of editions of the 
Holy Scriptures, printed in America previous to 
i860 ; with Introduction and Bibliographical 
Notes. 4to, half morocco, uncut. 

Albany, Munsell &= Rowland, 1861 

Large paper. 

A well-executed work, of which only one hundred and fifty copies 
were printed. 

It contains Facsimiles of the title-pages to Eliot's Indian Bible. 

" The author [O'Callaghan] is one of the most thorough historians.'' 
— Historical Magazine. 

758 O'Flanagan (J. R.). Lives of the Lord Chancellors 

and Keepers of the Great Seal of Ireland, from the Earliest 
Times to the Reign of Victoria. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1870 

A desirable accompaniment to Campbell's Lives. 

759 O'Keeffe (John, Dramatist). Recollections of his Life. By 

Himself. Portrait. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, Colburn, 1826 
Scarce. Printed on hot-pressed paper. "O'Keeffe commenced 
writing plays before he was sixteen. " — Allibone. 

760 Old English Drama. A Selection of Plays from the Old 

English Dramatists. Vignettes. 2 vols. 8vo, half morocco, 
gilt tops. London, 1825 

Large paper. Very scarce and fine copy. 

761 [Oldys (William).] The British Librarian: Exhibiting a 

Compendious Review or Abstract of our most- Scarce, 
Useful, and Valuable Books, in all Sciences, as well 
in Manuscript as in Print: with many Characters, 
Historical and Critical, of the Authors, their An- 
tagonists, etc., in a manner never before attempted, 
and Useful to all Readers. 8vo, half morocco, top 
edge gilt. 

London, Printed for Thomas Osborne, in Gray's Inn, 


Very rare. 

' ' Oldys's British Librarian was published in six numbers, during 


the first six months of the year 1737; forming, with the Index, an 
octavo volume of 402 pages. It is difficult to say, from the conclu- 
sion (pp. 373-4), whether the work was dropped for want of encour- 
agement, or from the capriciousness or indolence of the author. 
. Meanwhile, the reader is informed that the British 
Librarian is a work of no common occurrence or mean value. It is 
rigidly correct in bibliographical information. I once sent three 
guineas to procure a copy." — Diedin. 

The following ingenious anagram was found in one of Oldys's 

MSS. : 

" In word and will i am a friend to you, 
And one friend old is worth a hundred new." 

' ' Mr. Oldys, a man of eager curiosity and indefatigable diligence, 
who first exerted that spirit of inquiry into literature of the old English 
writers, by which the works of our great dramatic poet have of late 
been so signally illustrated. His bibliographical talents were not 
eclipsed by those of any contemporary." — Boswell's Life of Johnson. 

762 OoRT (Dr. H.), HooYKAAS (Dr. I.) and Kuenen (Dr. A.). 

Bible for Learners. Colored maps. 3 vols. i2mo, cloth. 

Boston, 1878-79 

763 OssiAN. The Poems of, in the Original Gaelic, with a 

Literal Translation into Latin by the late Robert Mac- 
FARLAN, A.M. Fine portrait and facsimile. 3 vols, royal 
8vo, tree marbled calf extra, marbled edges and ends. 

London, 1807 
Rare. A fine copy of the edition of Ossian, printed by Bulmer 
and under the sanction of the Highland Society. It contains a dis- 
sertation on the authority of the poem by Sir John Sinclair, and a 
translation of Cesarotti's dissertation on the Ossianic controversy by 
John M'Arthur, LL.D. 

'* Ossian, sublimest, simplest bard of all. 
Whom English infidels Macpherson call." — Churchill. 

764 OsBURN (W.). Monumental History of Egypt, as recorded 

in the Ruins of her Temples, Palaces and Tombs. Up- 
wards of 1200 hieroglyphics and engravings, some colored. 2 
vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1854 

Scarce. " These Egyptian discoveries are likely to be one of the 
greatest wonders of the age." — Thomas Arnold. 

765 Ottley (WiUiam Young). Collection of One Hundred and 

Twenty-nine Facsimiles of Scarce and Curious Prints 
by the Early Masters of the Italian, German and Flem- 
ish Schools, illustrative of the History of Engraving, with 
Introductory Remarks and a Catalogue of the Plates. 129 


finely engraved plates on India paper, with the Niellos exe- 
cuted in SILVER (some slightly foxed'). Folio, russia extra 
. gilt edges. \.oxiAQVi, published for the Proprietor, iM?, 

Very scarce. A fine Large paper copy of this splendid work, 
which was published atj^is 15J. The first issue, dated 1826, contains 
100 facsimiles only; the second issue has 129, with a corresponding 
additional text (pp. 21-26). The above is complete in every respect. 

The facsimiles of the Niello engravings, formerly in the possession 
of Sir Mark Sykes, are executed on silver, in exact imitation of the 
originals, besides which an impression of each plate is given on India 
paper. Very few copies were printed. 

This beautiful work may be faiily stated to be unpublished, as very 
few copies were ever distributed, and those chiefly as presents by the 
late proprietor. The accurate knowledge of the late Mr. Ottley in 
this peculiar department of the fine arts is here displayed. It would 
be impossible for the collector to have more faithful copies of the rare 
specimens contained in the present elegant volume. 

766 Ottley. Inquiry into the Origin and Early History of 

Engraving upon Copper and in Wood; with an Account 
of the Engravers and their Works, from the invention of 
Chalcography by Maso Finiguerra to the time of Marc 
Antonio Raimondi. Illustrated with numerous facsimiles 
of ancient, rare and curious engravings. 2 vols. 4to, russia, 
gilt marbled edges. London, 1816 

Very scarce. A fine copy of this magnificent book, which is 
printed uniformly with Dibdin's Ames, and which, with that work forms 
a grand series of the History of Printing and Engraving. 

" Mr. Ottley is the first among us who has treated of the early art 
of Engraving in a manner in which it deserves to be treated; and the 
embellishments which he has introduced are equally distinguished for 
their felicity and fidelity. " — Dibdin. 

" See Ottley's excellent History of Engraving." — Lord Lindsay. 

767 Ottley. An Inquiry concerning the Invention of Printing. 

With an Introduction by J. Ph. Berjeau. Illustrated with 
37 engravings upon copper and wood, besides numerous wood 
engravings on the letter-press, executed under the care of the 
author. 4to, handsomely bound in yellow calf gilt, by 
Pratt. London, Lilly, 1863 

Large paper. Only 200 copies of this very learned and interesting 
work were printed . In the author's preliminary observations on the 
method pursued in this work he says: — " The following work contains 
an account of researches, prosecuted at intervals during the last 
twenty years, upon the Origin of Printing, with a view to ascertain, 


if possible, whether the claims of Holland to the honor of that 
invention be really well or ill founded. In further prosecuting this 
inquiry I have endeavored to bring to bear on the subject various 
kinds of evidence not resorted to, and perhaps not thought of, by 
previous writers; and I flatter myself that, in consequence, I have 
been enabled, in not a few instances, to clear up doubtful points; to 
prove the falsehood of opinions until now generally held to be true ; 
and to establish incontrovertibly the truth of some facts, at least, 
which have heretofore been denied or contested." 

It contains a most minute analysis and particulars of all the argu- 
ments brought forward by those who favor either the claims of Hol- 
land or Germany, including the systems of Meerman, Heinecken, San- 
tander, aud Koning; the early use of wood engraving in Europe; 
an accurate collation of the various editions of the early block- 
books, viz.; the Biblia Pauperum; Historia seu Providentia Virginis 
Marife ex Cantico Canticorum; Speculum Humanse Salvationis; 
etc., etc. 

768 Otway (Thos.). Dramatic and Poetical Works, with 

Life, and Explanatory Notes, by Thos. Thornton. Por- 
trait and frontispieces. 3 vols. 8vo, handsome yellow calf 
extra, gilt edges. London, 1813 

Large paper, best edition, and very scarce. 

' ' The work of a man not attentive to decency, nor zealous for virtue, 
but of one who conceived forcibly, and drew originally, by consulting 
nature in his own breast." — Samuel Johnson. 

769 OvERBURY (Sir Thomas). Miscellaneous Works, edited by 

E. F. RiMBAULT, LL.D. Portrait. Post 8vo, cloth, un- 
cut. London, John Russell Smith, 1856 

Sir Thomas Overbury was poisoned in the Tower of London, and, 
it is asserted, by the Earl and Countess of Essex. 

Fuller says that Overbury — " Attained to be a most accomplished 
gentleman, which the happiness of his pen doth in poetry and prose 
both declare. In the latter he was the first writer of character of bur 
nation, so far as I have observed." 

770 OvERSTONE (Lord, Samuel Jones Lloyd). Tracts and other 

Publications on Metallic and Paper Currency. 8vo, calf 
gilt, red edges by Leighton. London, 1857 

Privately printed and not published. Presentation copy, with au- 
thor's MS. inscription — " Matthew James Higgins, Esquire etc etc 
etc With Lord Overstone's compliments." The above was edited 
by J. R. McCuUoch. 

"The luminous clearness of Lord Overstone's style." — Saturday 


771 OxBERRY (W.). The New English Drama. With Biograph- 

ical Sketches and Notes. Consisting of upwards of 100 of 
the most celebrated Comedies, Tragedies, Operas, Farces, 
and Melodramas. With finely-engraved portraits of cele- 
brated performers. 27 vols. 8vo, half calf, uncut, and in- 
terleaved with blank paper. London, v. d. 

Fine clean copy. One of the best collections of Dramatic pieces. 
The portraits are admirably executed. It is the only edition existing 
in which are faithfully marked the Stage Business and Stage 
Directions at the Theatres Royal. 

772 Oxford English Classics. A handsome set of these 

valuable and finely-printed editions, including 
Bacon's Works, and comprising : — 
I. Bacon (Francis, Lord Chancellor of England). Works. 
A New Edition, edited by Basil Montagu, Esq., with a 
new Life, Preface, and copious Notes. With portraits, 
views and facsimiles. 17 vols. 

London, Wm. Pickering, 1825-34 

IL Gibbon (Edward). History of the Decline and Fall of 
the Roman Empire. Portrait. 8 vols. 

Oxford, Talboys &= Wheeler, and London, W. Pickering, 


III. Robertson (William, D.D.). Works, complete, with 
Life. Portrait. 8 vols. London, W. Pickering, 1825 

IV. Boswell (James). Life of Samuel Johnson, with 
additional Notes and Illustrations by E. P. Walesby. 
Portrait of Boswell. 4 vols. 

Oxford and London, Pickering, 1826 

V. Johnson (Samuel, LL.D.). Works, including the Parlia- 
mentary Debates. Portrait. 11 vols. 

London and Oxford, W. Pickering, 1825 

VI. Hume (David) and Smollett (T., M.D.). History of 
England. With fine series of the portraits of the Kings 
of England. 13 vols, 

Oxford and London, W. Pickering, 1826-27 
Together 61 vols. Svo, uniformly and handsomely 


W. NuTT. Oxford and London, W. Pickering, 1825-34 

A superb set, bound in the best style by one of the best European 



773 Oxford Sausage (The), or Select Poetical Pieces, written 
by the most Celebrated Wits of the University of Oxford. 
A New Edition, adorned with the original woodcuts. Calf, 
gilt back, carmine edges. London, 1815 

Rare. Illustrated with cuts from the original designs by Thomas 
Bewick, and a portrait of " Mrs. Dorothea Spreadbury, invent- 
ress of the Oxford Sausage. " 

" Adorned with cuts engraved in a new taste, and designed by the 
best masters. " — Lowndes. 



774 [F^^^lACIFIC RAILROAD. Reports of Explorations 
and Surveys, to ascertain the most practicable 
and economical route for a railroad from the 
Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean, made 

under the direction of the Secretary of War in 1853-5. 
Profusely illustrated with plates of natural history, views, 
archmology, etc., as well as maps, plans, etc. 13 vols. 4to, 
cloth. Washington, 1855-60 

The title fails to give an idea of the value of this great work, which 
is an elaborate report upon the natural and physical history of the 
vast country traversed by this great railroad. The work is copiously 
and elaborately illustrated. In the volumes relating to the natural 
history of the birds the plates are beautifully colored. 

775 Palfrey (John G.). History of New England during 

the Stuart Dynasty. Maps, etc. 4 vols, royal 8vo, cloth, 
uncut edges. Boston, 1858-75 

Palfrey's work should be read before Bancroft's. 

776 Palfrey. Academical Lectures on the Jewish Scriptures 

and Antiquities. 2 vols, (all published) royal 8vo, cloth, 
uncut. Boston, 1838-40 

777 Palgrave (Sir Francis, K.H.). The History of Normandy 

and of England. Vols, i to 4 inclusive. Thick 8vo, 
cloth, uncut. London, Parker, 1851-64 

Vols. I and 2 are VERY SCARCE. 

" Sir Francis has the rare merit of giving interest even to dull sub- 
jects, and of rendering additionally brilliant those that are confess- 
edly attractive." — London AthentBum. 

778 Palgrave (W. G.). Narrative of a Year's Journey through 

Central and Eastern Arabia. Portrait and large map. 
2 vols. 8vo, half morocco extra. London, 1865 

One of the most remarkable and best books of travels in the En- 
glish language. 

" A model of what its class should be." — Fortnightly Review. 


779 Palgrave. Essays on Eastern Questions. 8vo, cloth, un- 

cut. London, 1872 

780 Paintings. Nine Catalogues of collections of paintings, 

medals, coins, autographs, etc. 9 pieces. 

781 Panofka (Theodor). Manners and Customs of the Greeks. 

Translated from the German. With illustrations by 

George Scharf, taken chiefly from Greek fictile vases. 

4to, boards. London, T. C. JVewby, 1849 

" Mr. Scharf is our best antiquarian art critic." — London Athenaum. 

782 Pardoe (Julia). Historical Works, i. e. : — 

I. Pardoe. Life of Marie de Medicis, Consort of 
Henry IVth of France, and Regent of that Kingdom 
under Louis Xlllth. Second Edition. Fine portraits 
and facsimiles. 3 vols. London, 1852 

IL Pardoe. Louis the Fourteenth and the Court of 
France in the XVIIth Century. Second Edition. Por- 
traits and woodcuts. 3 vols. London, 1847 

in. Pardoe. Court and Reign of Francis the First, 
King of France. Portraits. 2 vols. London, 1849 

Together 8 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1847-52 

Nice, clean uncut copies. 

" In these works Miss Pardoe has shown herself capable of charm- 
ingly lively, and, at times, gorgeously colored narrative, and of giving 
an attractive and novel exposition of history." — Jeaffreson. 

783 Parker (John Henry, C. P.). Archaeology of Rome, 

i. e.: — 

I. Primitive Fortifications of the City of Rome. Second 
Edition, Revised and Enlarged. Oxford, 1878 

II. Aqueducts of Ancient Rome. Oxford, 1876 

III. The Catacombs. Oxford, 1877 

IV. The Egyptian Obelisks. Oxford, 1876 

V. Tombs in and near Rome, Sculpture among the Greeks 
and Romans, Mythology in Funereal Sculpture and Early 
Christian Sculpture. Oxford, 1877 

VI. The Forum Romanum. Oxford, 1876 

VII. Flavian Amphitheatre, commonly called the Colos- 
seum. Oxford, 1876 


VIII. Medieval Church and Altar Decorations in Rome and 
Mosaic Pictures. Oxford, 1876 

Together 8 vols, [all published]. Illustrated with numer- 
ous plates, plans, maps, etc. 8vo, uniform cloth. 

Oxford, 1876-78 

Best edition and complete as far as issued. "He [John Henry 

Parker] has done more perhaps to popularize a knowledge of ardhitec- 

ture in this country than any other Englishman." — London Bookseller. 

784 Parker. Glossary of Terms Used in Grecian, Roman, 

Italian and Gothic Architecture, 2 vols.; also — Companion 
to the Same, containing 400 additional examples. Pro- 
fusely illustrated with YjI 00 wood engravings. Together 3 
vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. Oxford, 1850 

Last and best edition enlarged and improved. This is by far the 
most comprehensive and explicit work on the subject ; indispensable to 
the master and amateur, and equally adapted to the comprehension of 
the workman. 

785 Partington (C. F.). National History and Views of Lon- 

don and Its Environs ; embracing their Antiquities, 
Modern Improvements, etc., etc. Illustrated with 600 steel 
engravings from original drawings by eminent artists. 2 vols. 
8vo, half calf, gilt. London, Geo. Virtue, n. d. 

" A good work." — ^Allibone. 

786 Pascal (Blaise). Provincial Letters, with a View of the 

History of the Jesuits. 8vo, boards. Washington, 1831 
The "Provincial Letters" were originally published under the name 
of Louis de Montalte. 

787 Pascal. Pens^es de, sur la Religion et sur quelques autres 

Sujets. 24mo, calf, gilt. Paris, 1686 

788 Peabody (George). Account of the Proceedings at the 

Dinner Given by Mr. George Peabody to the Americans 
connected with the Great Exhibition at the London Coffee 
House, Ludgate Hill, on the 27th of October, 1851. Ru- 
bricated title and cut. 4to, cloth, gilt edges. 

London, Wm. Pickering, 1851 
Large paper. Only a limited number "printed for private distri- 
bution" by Whittingham at the Chiswick Press. With autograph of the 
great philanthropist in this presentation copy. 

789 Peele (Geo.). Dramatic Works. Collected and edited, 

with some account of his Life and Writings, by the Rev. 
Alex. Dyce. Second edition, with additions, and 


THE SUPPLEMENTARY VOLUME. Together 3 vols, crown 
8vo, tree marbled calf extra. London, Pickering, 1829-39 

Large paper. Very rare. Most sets of Pickering's collection of 
Dramatists have the original edition in 2 vols. 

' ' Peele and Marlowe were the contemporaries of Shakespeare ; both 
had exquisite feelings for poetry, and excelled in description, to which 
the former lent beauty, the latter sublimity." — GiFFORD. 

790 Percy (Bp.). Reliques of Ancient English Poetry. 

Old Heroic Ballads, Songs, etc. Front., and vignette illus- 
trations by Grignion. 3 vols, foolscap 8vo, tree calf gilt. 

London, Dodsley, 1765 
First edition, with a few poems not inserted in later editions. 
Prefixed is an essay on the " Ancient English Minstrels," some copies 
of which were struck off separately. 

" But, above all, I then first became acquainted with Bishop Percy's 
' Reliques.' The first time, too, I could scrape a few shillings together, 
I bought unto myself a copy of these beloved volumes ; nor do I be- 
lieve I read a book half so frequently or with half the enthusiasm." — 
Sir W. Scott. 

791 Percy. Folio Manuscript ; Old English Ballads and 

Romances ; with Introductions, Glossary, etc., by Hales 
and Furnivall, assisted by Child, Chappell, etc. Fac- 
simile of a page of the MS. 3 vols. 8vo, half Roxburghe ; 
also — Loose and Humorous Songs, one vol. sewed. To- 
gether 4 vols. London, 1867-68 

Out of print. This copy contains the Loose and Humorous 
Songs which were vrithdrawn from circulation, and are found in but 
few copies. It forms a separate volume. 

This is a faithful reprint (and fortunately not an expurgated one) of 
the celebrated Manuscript which formed the foundation of Bp. Percy's 
famous Reliques of Ancient English Poetry, but the value of which 
work is lessened by numerous alterations and supposed improvements 
by that eminent scholar in many of the originals. But beyond this, 
the Manuscript contains much valuable matter nowhere else to be found. 

For a hundred years, the real text of Bishop Percy's MS. has been 
kept from the reading public, notwithstanding the interest excited by 
the Ritson controversy, and by the efforts of Jamieson, Dr. Dibdin, 
Sir F. Madden, etc., to make that text known. The long hidden MS. 
has at length been printed faithfully in full ; Percy's alterations and 
falsifications of his originals have been made known, and the print of 
the MS. has become an indispensable addition to every English library, 
not only by reason of the connection of the book with the Reliques, 
but on account of much other unique and valuable matter which it 

" This precious Manuscript contains 196 Pieces (some Fragments) 


in nearly 40,000 lines, and is in a hand of James I.'s reign. The list 
of its contents shows how many unprinted Ballads and Romances it 
contains — for what Percy printed of the manuscript must be considered 
unprinted for our purpose." — Editor's preface. 

792 Percy Society and Warton Club's Publications, i. e.: — 

I. Percy Society's Publications, complete, comprising an 
extraordinary Collection of Early and Rare Specimens of 
English Poetry, edited by eminent Literary Men. 30 vols. 

London, 1840-52 
A beautiful copy, scarce. From the very limited number of copies 
printed, and those for members, and not for sale, these works will 
always be very difficult to procure ; the above contains all the publica- 
tions of the Society. 

II. Warton Club Publications. 4 vols. London, 1855-56 

After the Percy Society was dissolved in 1852 the Warton Club en- 
deavored to take its place. It expired, however, in 1856. 
Together 34 vols, post 8vo, uniform, half green 
morocco gilt, top edge gilt, others trimmed. 

London, 1840-56 

793 Percy Anecdotes, Original and Select. By Sholto and 

Reuben Percy, Brothers of the Benedictine Abbey, 
Mount Benger. Portraits. 20 vols. 24mo, half calf gilt. 

London, 1823 

Published under the pseudonymes of Reuben and Sholto Percy. 
Reuben Percy was Thomas Byerley of Mount Benger, in Scotland, 
editor of the Star. Sholto was Joseph Clinton Robertson, editor of 
the Mechanic and Railway Record, and of Tilloch's Philosophical 
Magazine. 260,000 parts were sold during the four years of its first 
publication. , 

" No man that has any pretensions to figure in good society can fail 
to make himself familiar with the Percy Anecdotes. " — Lord Byron. 

794 Perkins (C). Tuscan Sculptors; their Lives, Works 

and Times, with i^i, full-page tinted etchings, and 28 beauti- 
ful woodcuts from original drawings and photographs, 2 
vols. 1864 ; — also, Italian Sculptors ; being a History 
of Sculpture in Northern, Southern and Eastern Italy 
with 2^ full-page etchings on India paper, a«^ 13 engra- 
vings on wood from drawings and photographs, 1868. To- 
gether 3 vols. 4to, cloth, uncut. London, Longmans, 1864-68 


This is an entirely new and carefully executed work, and has received 
universal commendation. 

" Our verdict on this admirable work (Italian Sculptors) is given with 
pleasure, not only on account of the taste, tact, learning, and compre- 


hensive views of the author, but because his literary style is clear, his 
research large, and his illustrative power rich." — Athenauin. 

" Books upon Italian painting abound; while the available works 
upon Italian sculpture, including those which treat of it in conjunction 
with painting, are few." 

795 Perry (Commodore). Narrative of Expedition of Ameri- 

can Squadron to the China Seas and Japan. Compiled by 
Francis L. Hawks. Numerous plates {some tinted) and 
wood engravings. 3 vols. 4to, sheep, Washington, 1856 
In this valuable scientific work the first successful attempt at pro- 
ducing a colored lithograph, in imitation of a drawing, is introduced. 
Vol. I. contains the narrative of the expedition, illustrated by 8g fine 
hthographic plates, 78 woodcuts, and 4 maps. Vol.11. — A collection 
of reports, by various naval officers, on the agriculture, botany, natural 
history, meteorology, topography, ethnography and geology of the 
places visited by the expedition. Vol. III. — Observations on the 
Zodiacal light. 

796 Pettigrew (T. J.). Chronicles of the Tombs, a Select Col- 

lection of Epitaphs. Post 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1857 

797 Phillips (Henry, Jr.). Continental Paper Money. His- 

torical Sketches of American Paper Currency. First and 
Second Series. Together 2 vols. 4to, morocco, uncut. 

Roxbury, Mass., 1866 
No. 36 of Hmited — " edition of 250 copies and 3 on drawing paper 

— 50 copies on LARGE PAPER." 

798 Piers Ploughman's Vision. — Visio Willi de Petro Plouh- 

MAN, item Visiones ejusdem de Dowel, Dobet et Dobest, 
or the Vision of William concerning Piers Plouhman. 
Finely printed in Gothic types, in black and red inks, from 
the edition '■'■imprinted at London by Reynold Wolfe, 1553." 
With Introductory Discourse, a Perpetual Commentary, 
Annotations and a Glossary by Whittaker. Thick 4to, mor- 
occo, bevelled sides, gilt edges. London, Bensley, 1813-14 
Rare. A limited edition of 150 copies handsomely printed on thick 
paper in black and red. The above is a superb copy of this sump- 
tuous typographical marvel. 

Piers Ploughman's ' ' Vision " is a religious allegorical satire in which 
the vices of almost every profession are attacked. It is generally 
attributed to Robert Langland or Longland, who flourished about the 
beginning of the XlVth century. 

" This poem (of Peirs Ploughman) is not only extremely scarce and 
has almost the rarity of a Manuscript, but it is a curious and lively 
picture of an order of men (the Monks) who once made a conspicuous 
figure in the world." — Warton. 


799 Piers Ploughman.— The Vision and the Creed of Piers 

Plouhman newly Imprinted, with Notes and a Glossary 
by Thomas Wright, M.A., F.R.S., etc. Colored plates. 
2 vols. i6mo, morocco, gilt edges. 

London, William Pickering, 1832 

Scarce. Printed by Whittingham at the Chiswick Press. 

" The Vision of ' Piers Ploughman ' is one of the most precious and 

interesting monuments of the Enghsh language and literature, and 

also of the social and political condition of the country during the 

fourteenth century Its author is not certainly known, but its 

time of composition can, by internal evidence, be fixed at about the 
year 1362. On this and on all matters bearing upon the origin and 
object of the poem, Mr. Wright's historical introduction gives ample 
information." — Literary Gazette. 

799* Piers Ploughman. — The Vision and Creed of Piers 
Ploughman. Edited by Thomas Wright ; a new edition, 
revised, with additions to the Notes and Glossary. Colored 
frontispiece. 2 vols, post 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1856 

800 Pitt (Right Honorable WilHam). Life of, by Earl Stan- 

hope. Portraits and facsimiles. 4 vols. 8vo, calf gilt, 
marbled edges. 1861-62 

" Pitt was the idol of the whole European aristocracy." — Napoleon 

801 Pitt. Speeches of Rt. Hon. William Pitt in the House 

of Commons. 4 vols. 8vo, half morocco, gilt. London, 1806 
Original and best edition. 

802 Plutarch's Lives. The Translation called Dryden's Cor- 

rected from the Greek and Revised by A. H.Clough. 5 vols, 
imp. 8vo, half cloth, uncut. Boston, Little, Brown &^Ci9.,i865 

Large paper; 100 copies printed. The handsomest edition of Plu- 
tarch extant, and very scarce. 

" When I write I care not to have books about me; but I can hardly 
be without a Plutarch." — Montague. 

' ' Plutarch's ' Lives ' cannot be spared from the smallest hbrary ; first, 
because he is readable, which is much; then, that he is medicinal and 
invigorating." — Emerson. 

803 Poems on Affairs of State, from 1620 to 1707. Written by 

the Greatest Wits of the Age and by the most eminent 
Hands. 4 vols. 8vo, old calf. London, 1703-7 

Best edition. Fine copy, with the curious caricature plates in Vol. 
IV. , which are generally wanting. 

The largest and fullest collection of the Satirical, Facetious and 
Comic Poetry of the time of Charles the 2d, by Lord Rochester, Tom 
Brown, Andrew Marvel, the Duke of Buckingham, etc. 


804 Poor (Henry V.). Money and Its Laws: embracing a His- 

tory of Monetary Theories, and a History of the Curren- 
cies of the United States. Thick royal 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

N. Y., 1877 
" He knoweth not the law who knoweth not the reason thereof." — 

805 Pope (Alexander). Works, with Notes and Illustrations, 

edited by Wm. Roscoe. Portrait. 8 vols. 8vo, calf, gilt. 

London, 1847 

Printed in large type and by far the best edition of this esteemed 

"As a whole, the edition before us is certainly the most agreeable of 
all we possess. The fidelity of Mr. Roscoe to the interests of Pope's 
reputation contrasts pleasingly with the harshness at times of Bowles 

and the reckless neutrality of Warton Mr. Roscoe's own notes 

are written with a peculiar good sense, temperance and kind feeling." 
— De Quincey. 

806 Porter (Major Whitworth). A History of the Knights of 

Malta or the Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jeru- 
salem. Frontispiece and map. 2 vols. 8vo, green calf extra, 
marbled edges. London, 1858 

" Treated with the fullness aud clearness which so great a subject 
demands. " — London Globe. 

807 Portraits of the British Poets from Chaucer to Cow- 

PER AND Beattie. Illustrated by Notes, Biographical, 
Critical and Poetical. Illustrated by 140 highly-finished en- 
gravings by FiNDEN, Warren, Pye, etc. 2 vols, small folio, 
half green morocco, gilt, cloth sides, gilt tops. 

London, James Carpenter &" Son, 1824 
Rare. Large paper and very fine India proof impressions. 
Copies like the above are almost impossible to obtain. Only 25 copies 
of this size were executed, all of which were subscribed for at 50 guineas 
each. Ordinary copies were published at no less a sum than £2,2. It 
is the only complete series in an elegant form, and is adapted to illus- 
trate all editions of the Poets from octavo to folio size. 

808 Praed (Winthrop Mackworth). Poems (containing all his 

graceful Poetical Pieces, celebrated Charades, etc., now 
first collected) with a Memoir by Rev. Derwent Cole- 
ridge. Portrait on India paper. 2 vols. 8vo, half mo- 
rocco, top edges gilt, others uncut. 

London, Edward Moxon, 1864 
Large and thick paper, with India paper proof portrait. 
Praed's fancy was airy, bright and arabesque. It enabled him, with 


his easy command of poetical expression, to produce picturesque 

sketches with equal grace and facility His prose is almost as 

quaintly and pensively playful as his verse." — London Atheneum. 

809 Prescott (William H.). Works — Including History of 

Conquest of Mexico and of Peru, 6 vols.; Critical and 
Historical Essays. Maps. Together 7 vols, post 8vo, half 
calf, gilt. London, 1850-52 

Prescott's works have not only been printed and reprinted in America, 
in England and France, but have been translated into Spanish, Italian, 
and German, and are familiar as ' ' classics for the whole world " where- 
ever history is studied. 

810 Prescott. History of the Reign of Ferdinand and Isa- 

bella, the Catholic, of Spain. By William H. Prescott. 
Portraits. 3 vols. 8vo, half calf. Boston, 1838 

811 Prynne (Wm.). The Defence of Stage-Play; or, a Retrac- 

tation of a former Book of his called Histrio-Mastix. 4to, 
Roxburghe, uncut. London, 1649 

100 copies. Reprinted and not for sale, 1822. The " Histrio- 
Mastix," of which the above is a "retractation," is one of the most 
extraordinary works ever written. For its publication, it is well known, 
the author was sentenced by the Star-Chamber to pay a fine of ;^5,ooo 
to the King, to be degraded from his profession of the law, and to lose 
his ears in the pillory. The severity of this sentence has been accounted 
for from the fact that Prynne, in his severe strictures against ' ' Women 
Actors," is supposed to have reflected on Queen Henrietta, who it 
appears had performed in some Court Masque. In it he quotes 55 
Synods and Councils, 71 Fathers, 150 Catholic and Protestant authors, 
40 Heathen Philosophers, besides very numerous other writers. 

812 PucKLE (James). The Club: a Dialogue between Father 

and Son. Printed on Yellow Chinese Paper. Imp. 8vo, 

green morocco extra. London, 181 7 

Seven copies only printed in this style. Sold at Sotheby's, 1821, 

for £t. igj. This was the Allan copy and has the following MS. 

Note — "Only seven copies of this impression printed. — J no. Allan." 

813 PuCKLE Club. A Gray Cap for a Green Head: a Dialogue 

between a Father and a Son, by James Puckle. Beautiful 
woodcut illustrations. Post 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1834 
Printed by C Whittingham at the Chiswick Press. Although a 
small paper, it is a beautiful and clean one for extra-illustration. 

2 24 '^^^ FARNUM LIBRARY. 

iJUARLES (Francis). Emblems, Divine and Moral. 
Profusely illustrated. 24mo, full morocco, top 
edge gilt, others uncut. 

London, Chiswick Press, 1825 
Fine uncut copy. It is very rarely such a fine copy of this quaint and 
curious book occurs. 

The best proof of Quarles's merit is the rarity of copies in good condi- 
tion. He possesses much genuine fire, uses happy similes, admirable 
epithets, compound words, smooth versification, and keeps one in per- 
petual alarm. 

" His visible Poetry (I mean his Emblems) is excellent, catching 
therein the eye and fancy at one draught, so that he hath out-Alciated 
therein in some men's judgment. " — Fuller. 

815 QuARLES. The School of the Heart ; with the Learning of 

the Heart ; and Hieroglyphics of the Life of Man {in Verse). 
With 64 curious emblematical woodcuts. 32mo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1845 

816 QuARLES. Enchiridion. Portrait. Post 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, John Russell Smith, 1856 

" Had this little book been written at Athens or Rome, its author 

would have been classed with the wise men of his country. " — Headley. 

817 QuEVEDO (Francis). The Comical Works of. i2mo, calf 

(rebacked). London, 1742 

Best edition, very scarce and fine paper. Quevedo was one of the 

most celebrated Spanish writers. He was born in 1580, and died 1643. 

818 QuiNCY (Josiah). The History of Harvard University by 

Josiah Quincy, LL.D., President of the University. Steel 
fronts., facsimile and cuts. 2 vols, royal 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

Cambridge, John Owen, 1840 
First and most desirable edition. ' ' We acknowledge great obliga- 
tions to President Quincy for the pleasure and instruction derived from 
his volumes." — J. G. Palfrey. 


3i9 QuiNCY. The Memory of the late James Grahame, the 
Historian of the United States, Vindicated from the 
Charges of " Detraction " and " Calumny " preferred 
against him by Mr. George Bancroft, and the Conduct 
of Mr. Bancroft towards that Historian stated and 
exposed. By Josiah Quincy. 8vo, half calf. 

Boston, Crosby &" Nichols, 1846 
Very scarce. See Mr. Bancroft's explanatory rejoinder to this 
pamphlet, in the " Memorandum'' forming pages 27 and 28 of the 
ninth volume of his " History of the United States." 



820 It: :wk. .B!A;:v:|| ABELAIS (Francis). Works, translated from 
the French by Sir Thomas Urquhart and 
MoTTEAUx, with Explanatory Notes by Du- 
CHAT, OzELL, and others. 4 vols. 8vo, calf. 

London, 1807 

Large paper and very scarce. 

" I could write a treatise in praise of the moral elevation of Rabe- 
LAls's work which would make the church stare, and the conventicle 
groan. ... I class Rabelais with the great creative minds of the 
world, Shakespeare, Dante, Cervantes, etc." — Coleridge. 

821 Racine (Jean). CEuvres Completes de J. Racine avec les 

Notes de tous les Commentateurs. Cinquifeme Edition 
publi^e par L. Aim6-Martin, avec des Additions Nouv- 
elles. Steel portrait and exquisite plates. 6 vols, royal 
8vo, half red morocco gilt, top edges gilt, others uncut. 

Paris, 1844 

Large paper. A fine copy. 

Racine — "contests with his immediate predecessor, Corneille, the 
glory of being the greatest among the French tragic dramatists. His 
grace and melody of diction are exquisite; and his refined tenderness 
of feeling, often melting into profound pathos, breaks out through all 
the barriers imposed by the unities, and the simple plots and the mo- 
notony of the rhymed Alexandrine verse." 

822 Raleigh (Sir Walter). Life of, based on Contemporary 

Documents preserved in the Rolls House, etc., together 
with his Letters, now first collected by Edward Edwards. 
Illustrated by portrait, facsimiles of writing, etc. 2 vols, 
thick 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1868 

Vol. I. contains the "Life," and Vol. II. the "Letters," among 
which are a large number never before printed. 

Of all the great characters that figured in the history of England 
Raleigh is one of the greatest. 

823 Ramsay (Allan). The Gentle Shepherd: a Pastoral Com- 

edy; to which is prefixed a New Biographical Memoir, 
Glossary, etc. With portrait and 12 plates from original 


designs iJy Allan and with bo additional illustrations inserted. 
4to, bluemor. extra, gilt sides and edges. Edinburgh, 1808 
Unique and lot 2,449 fi'oi" John Allan's Library. Many rare por- 
traits and plates were inserted in this copy. Most of them are inlaid 
and very carefully. Some of the portraits are India proofs and others 
are excellent examples of mezzotints. 

824 Ramsay. Poetical Works complete, with copious Glossary 

and Life. Portrait and facsimile of writing. 2 vols. Svo, 
half calf gilt (2 pages mended and some slightly water- 
stained). London, 1800 
Best edition, scarce. Edited by G. Chalmers and Lord Woodhouselee. 
" Green be the pillow of honest Allan, at whose lamp Burns lighted 
his brilliant torch."— SIR Walter Scott. 

825 Ranke (Leopold). History of the Popes. 3 portraits. 3 

vols, post 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1853-56 

" It is hardly necessary for us to say that this is an excellent book 
excellently translated. " — Macaulay. 

826 Raphael. The Cartoons of, with Descriptive Text. 1 plates 

engraved by G. Greatbach from the originals at Hampton 
Court Palace. Folio. Loose, in cloth cover. London, n. d. 

827 Rawlinson (George). Five Great Monarchies of the 

Ancient Eastern World, or. The History, Geography, 
and Antiquities of Chaldea, Assyria, Babylon, Media, and 
Persia, maps and several hundred woodcuts, 3 vols., London, 
Murray, 1862-67; also — Sixth Great Oriental Mon- 
archy, or, The Geography, History, and Antiquities of 
Parthia, frontispiece, etc., and maps, London, 1873. To- 
gether 5 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1862-73 
Original edition of the " Five Great Monarchies," and ex- 
tremely scarce. One of the most difficult modern books to find. 

828 Rawlinson. — Herodotus — A New English Version, edited, 

with Notes and Appendices, illustrating the History and 
Geography of Herodotus, by G. Rawlinson, assisted by 
CoL. Sir H. Rawlinson and Sir J. G. Wilkinson. With 
maps and illustrations on wood. 4 vols. Svo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1862 
Original edition. 

829 Reade (W. Winwood). The Veil of Isis; or the Mysteries 

of the Druids. 8vo, half morocco, cloth sides, gilt top. 

London, 1861 
Scarce and curious. Winwood Reade is best known as the author of 
the " Martyrdom of Man," a work that has had an immense circulation 
in Europe and this country. 


830 Reclus (Elisee). The Earth, a Descriptive History of the 

Phenomena on the Life of the Globe — Continents. Trans- 
lated by B. B. Woodward and edited by Henry Wood- 
ward. Illustrated by 230 maps inserted in the text and 24 
page maps, printed in colors. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, top edges 
gilt. London and N. Y., 187 1 

831 Reed and Cadwalader Pamphlets. A Reprint of, with an 

Appendix. 4to, sewed, uncut. [Phila.], 1863 

igg copies only printed and all for subscribers. 

832 Reid (Thomas, D.D.). Works, now Fully Collected, with 

Selections from his Unpublished Letters. Preface, Notes 
and Supplementary Dissertations by Sir William Hamil- 
ton, Bart. Thick 8vo, cloth, uncut. Edinburgh, 1852 
"Text collated and revised; useful distinctions inserted; leading 
words and propositions marked out; allusions indicated; quotations 
filled up; prefixed Stewart's Account of the life and writings of Reid, 
with Notes by the Editor. Copious indices subjoined." 

833 Retrospective Review, and Historical and Antiquarian 

Magazine. [Consisting of Criticisms upon, Analyses of, 
and Extracts from, Curious, Valuable, and Scarce Old 
Books.J 18 vols. 8vo, of which 16 vols, are bound in half 
calf and 2 in half morocco, gilt top. London, 1820-54 

Scarce. The Three Series Complete and with loose MS. list 
of contributors. 

" An excellent review of early English literature. The criticisms in 
the First Series were written by Geo. Robinson, Esq., W. Gray, 
Esq., Mr. Sergt. Talfourd, Joseph Parkes, Esq., etc., under the 
superintendence of H. Southern, Esq. The Second Series was 
edited by Henry Southern, and Nicholas Harris Nicolas. The papers 
in the Third Series were chiefly written by Thomas Wright, Esq., 
J. O. Halliwell, Esq., and M. A. Lower, Esq." — Lowndes. 

834 Retz (Cardinal de). Memoirs. Portrait. 4 vols. i2mo, 

calf, gilt. London, 1774 

" The best memoirs that I know of are those of Cardinal de Retz. 
. . . . You will, in every page of that book, see that strange, 
inconsistent creature, man, just as he is." — Lord Chesterfield. 

835 R^VEiL. Museum of Painting and Sculpture; or. Col- 

lection of the Principal Pictures, Statues, and Bas-Reliefs 
in the Public and Private Galleries of Europe. With 
Descriptive, Critical and Historical Notices in French and 
English, by Duchesne, senior. With full-page illustra- 


tions beautifully drawn and etched by R^veil ; — also, Les 
Loges du Vatican sujets peints \ fresque par Raphael. 
Together 17 vols, small 8vo, half morocco gilt, gilt top 
edges, others uncut. Paris and London, 1829-34 

Reveil's most interesting work contains 1200 outline engravings, 
executed in a masterly style, and they will be found extremely useful 
as a book of reference to the amateur and print collector. Annexed 
to each engraving is a carefully-written descriptive notice. 

836 Reynard the Fox, a renowned Apologue of the Middle 

Ages, reproduced in Rhyme [by S. Naylor]. Elegantly 
printed on thick paper, with colored and floriated capitals. 
Small 4to, half morocco, uncut. 

London, Longmans, 1845 
This handsome volume is printed on heavy paper, and is embellished 
throughout with scroll capitals in colors from wood-block letters after 
designs of the 12th and 13th centuries. 

837 Reynolds (Sir Joshua). Life and Times of (1723-1792), 

with Notices of some of his Contemporaries, by C. R. 
Leslie, R.A. and Tom Taylor. Portraits and illustra- 
tions. 2 vols, thick 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, John Murray, 1865 
Beyond the immediate subject of Reynolds and his works the 
volumes treat liberally of the world of wisdom, wit, beauty and folly, 
which surrounded the painter, sat to him, paid him, dined with him, 
and loved him. This was the world of our grandfathers, so compre- 
hensive as to include nearly every man and woman of note; near 
enough to ourselves to have vital warmth even in ashes, and to those 
who look on the work of the artist, instinct with life that cannot perish 
while they remain. 

838 Reynolds. Discourses of Sir Joshua Reynolds, illustrated 

by Explanatory Notes and Plates by John Burnet, F.R.S. 
Engraved title and tinted plates. 4to, cloth, uncut. 

London, James Carpenter, 1842 
Rare. Original edition and large paper. ' ' For these excellent 
and universally admired discourses, the author received from the 
Empress of Russia a gold snuff-box, adorned with her profile in bas- 
relief, set in diamonds." — Lowndes. 

839 Rhode Island. Records of the Colony of Rhode Island 

and Providence Plantations, in New England 1636, 1792. 
Printed by order of the Legislature. Transcribed and 
Edited by John Russell Bartlett, Secretary of State. 
10 vols. 4to, half morocco, uncut {i. e.. Vols, i to 5 bound 


in half green levant morocco gilt, bevelled sides, gilt top, 
and Vols. 6 to 10 in half smooth brown morocco). 

Providence, 1856-1865 
Large paper. A clean, handsome, but not uniformly bound 
copy, as the last six volumes are in the original Roxburghe binding as 

840 Rhode Island. Historical Society's Collections. 6 vols. 

8vo, half calf, lettered contents (5) and cloth (i). 

Providence, 1827-67 
Including — Roger Williams's Key to the Indian Language, with 
facsimile ; Gorton's Simplicity's Defence, edited by Staples ; Pot- 
ter's Early History of Narragansett; Callender's Civil and Religious 
Affairs of Rhode Island ; Staple's Annals of the Town of Providence; 
Stone's Invasion of Canada in 1775 and Capt. Simeon Thayer's 

841 . The Same. Vol. 4, being Callender's Civil and 

Religious Affairs of Rhode Island. 8vo, cloth. 

Providence, 1838 

842 Rhode Island. Celebration of the One-Hundredth Anni- 

versary of the Founding of Brown University, September 
6th, 1864. Portrait on India paper. 4to, sewed, uncut. 

Providence, 1865 
Large paper copy, printed on thick laid paper. 

843 RiBOT (Th.). English Psychology. Crown 8vo, cloth, 

uncut. London, 1873 

844 Richardson (S.). Works, with a Sketch of his Life and 

Writings, by E. Mangin. Portrait by ^c^iv^n. ig vols, 
crown 8vo, calf. London, 1811 

This favorite and best edition of Richardson's complete works is 
now becoming very scarce. 

" His personages have all the reality possible, his incidents are 
realized in the manners of all polished nations. What fertility in the 
invention of personages ! What variety in the delineation of char- 
acter ! " — Diderot. 

"The power of Richardson's painting, in his deeper scenes of 
tragedy, never has been, and probably never will be, excelled." — Sir 
Walter Scott. 

Richardson " was a printer and bookseller, a joiner's son, who at 
the age of fifty, and in his leisure moments, wrote in his shop parlor; 
a laborious man who, by work and good conduct, had raised himself 
to a competency and sound information. . . . No one in this age 
has equalled him in detail and comprehensive conceptions." — 


845 RiCRAFT (Josiah). A Survcy of England's Champions. 

With the lively portraitures of the severall commanders. 

Portraits. 8vo, calf. London, 1647 

Thomas Rodd's reprint 1818, and of which only 50 copies were 

printed. The above is copy No. 25 and belonged to the Rev. John 

Mitford. It bears the autograph signature of the author-bibliopolist 

" Tho. Rodd." 

mitsoniana— AN extraordinary collection. 

"as bitter as gall and as sharp as a razor, 
And feeding on herbs, as a Nebuchadnezzar, 
His diet too acid, his temper too sour. 
Little Ritson came out with his two volumes more." 

— Walter Scott. 

846 Ritson (Joseph). Antiquarian and Poetical Works, 

COMPLETE. Best Editions, " with all the cancelled 

INGS BY Stothard, Bewick, etc , comprising the fol- 
lowing WORKS : — 

I. Ritson. The English Anthology. With vignettes by Stothard. 
3 vols, crown 8vo. London, T. &" J. Egerton, 1793-94 

II. Ritson. Scottish Songs with the Musick (and an His- 
torical Essay). 2 vols, crown 8vo. Very scarce. 

London, J. Johnson &' J. Egerton, 1794 

III. Ritson. Ancient English Metrical Romances, with a 
Dissertation on Romance and Minstrelsy. 3 vols, crown 
8vo. London, Bulmer, 1802 

With the rare cancelled leaf giving the infidel attacks made by Rit- 
son on the Jewish and Christian religions. 

IV. Ritson. Bibliographia Poetica; a Catalogue of En- 
glish Poets of the twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth, fifteenth 
and sixteenth centuries, with a short account of their 
Works. Crown 8vo. London, G. &' W. Nicol, 1802 

V. Ritson. Northern Garlands. The Bishopric Garland, 
a Choice Collection of Excellent Songs; the Yorkshire 
Garland, a Curious Collection of Old and New Songs; the 
Northumberland Garland, or Newcastle Nightingale : the 
North Country Chorister. 4 vols, in one, crown 8vo. 

London, 1810 



VI. RiTSON. Gammer Gurton's Garland, or the Nursery 
Parnassus. Crown 8vo. Very scarce. 

London, R. Triphook, 1810 

VII. RiTSON. Annals of the Caledonians, Picts and Scots, 
and of Strathclyde, Cumberland, Galloway and Murray. 
Introduction and Notes. 2 vols, crown 8vo. 

London, Payne &= Foss, 1828 

VIII. RiTSON. Ancient Songs and Ballads, from the Reign 
of King Henry the Second to the Revolution. 2 vols, 
crown 8vo. London, Payne &= Foss, 1820 

IX. Ritson. Fairy Tales, to which are prefixed Disserta- 
tions on Pigmies and Fairies. Edited by Mr. Frank 
from a MS. copy. Crown 8vo. London, W. Pickering, 1831 

X. RiTSON. Robin Hood. First Edition. 2 vols, crown 
8vo. London, 1795 

XI. RiTSON. Ancient Songs, from the time of Henry III. 
to the Revolution (with Observations and Dissertations by 
Ritson). Etchings by ^TOT-KPi^T). Crown 8vo. London, 1790 

The most curious and interesting of all Ritson's works. 

XII. Ritson. Pieces of Ancient Popular Poetry, from 
Authentic MSS. and old printed copies, with Preface and 
Notes. With cuts by Bewick. Crown 8vo. 

London, Egerton, 1791 

XIII. Ritson. A Select Collection of English Songs, with 
Preface and Historical Essay on the Origin and Progress 
of National Song. 3 vols, crown 8vo. London, 1813 

XIV. Ritson. The Caledonian Muse, a Chronological 
Selection of Scottish Poetry from the Earliest Times. 
Vignettes. Crown 8vo. London, 1785 

With new title-page and preface dated 1821 — no portrait. This vol- 
ume, the second poetical work edited by Ritson, was nearly ready for 
publication in 1785, when a fire in the printer's warehouse destroyed 
the introduction, and its completion was abandoned. 

XV. Ritson. Poems by Laurence Minot. Crown 8vo. 

London, 1795 

XVI. Ritson. The Life of King Arthur, from Ancient 
Historians and Authentic Documents. With Preface, 
Notes and Appendix. Crown 8vo. 

London, Payne 6^ Foss, 1825 


XVII. RiTSON. Memoirs of the Celts or Gauls, with an 
Appendix, in which will be found a Dictionary of Celtic 
Words and a Bibliotheca Celtica. Crown 8vo. 

London, Payne b" Foss, 1827 

XVIII. RiTSON. The Letters of, Edited chiefly from Originals 
in the Possession of his Nephew (Joseph Frank), to 
which is prefixed a Memorial of the Author by Sir Harris 
Nicolas. 2 vols, crown 8vo. London, W. Pickering, 1833 

Contains a collection of Ritson's letters from an early part of his 
life, comprising a period of nearly thirty years. 

XIX. RiTsoN. Remarks Critical and Illustrative on the 
Text and Notes of the last edition of Shakespeare 
(Stevens). Inserted portrait. 8vo. London, 1783 

XX. RiTSON. Haslewood (J.). Some account of the 
Life and Publications of Joseph Ritson. Portrait. 
Crown 8vo. London, 1824 

XXI. Ritson (Joseph). Abstinence from Animal Food a 
Moral Duty. 8vo. London, 1802 

XXII. Ritson. The Quip Modest : a few words by way of 
Supplement to Reed's Edition of Shakespeare, by 
(Joseph Ritson), with the rare cancelled leaf of preface. 
8vo. London, 1788 

XXIII. Ritson. Observations on the History (Wharton's) 
of English Poetry. 4to, half sheep gilt. London, 1782 

XXIV. Ritson. Cursory Remarks on the Edition of 
Shakespeare published by Edmond Malone. 8vo. 

London, 1792 

XXV. Ritson. Jurisdiction of the Court Leet. 8vo. 

London, 1791 

XXVI. Ritson. Letters from Joseph Ritson, Esq., to Mr. 
George Paton, to which is added a Critique by John 
Pinkerton, Esq., upon Ritson's Scottish Songs. Crown 
8vo. Edinburgh, 1829 

XXVII. Ritson. Office of Bailiff of a Liberty. 8vo. 

London, 18 11 

XXVIII. Ritson. Office of Constable. 8vo. London, 1791 

XXIX. Ritson. Practical Points or Maxims in Convey- 
anqing. 8vo. London, 1804 

The above extraordinary, singularly beautiful and 




CALF. London, 1788-1833 

Very rare. The most complete set in America, elegantly bound. 
The last set of Ritson as nearly complete as the above which came 
under the hammer was in the ' ' Gems from the Library of a Biblio- 
maniac," Part 2, but it only had 37 vols, and three of those were 
duplicates, being second as well as first editions. These were sold at 
Clinton Hall in 1878. The above has the cancelled leaf to the " Quip 
Modest " with an attack on Stevens, the Shakesperean commentator, 
and which Mr. Ritson's friends forced him to suppress. There is also 
a cancelled leaf to the "English Metrical Romances," shovping that 
the author had become imbued vnth the infidelity of Tom Paine and 

" Ritson cannot be named without respect for his industry, and pity 
for the unfortunate irritability which placed him throughout his life 
in a state of bitter and unremitted warfare — with beefsteaks and Rev- 
elation ; Pinkerton and Snorro ; vdth his best friends and half the let- 
ters in the alphabet." — Quarterly Review. 

" In Theron's form, mark Ritson next contend ; 
Fierce, meagre, pale, no commentator's friend." 

— " Pursuits of Literature." 

" Ritson is the oddest but most honest of all our antiquarians." — 


847 RiTTER (Dr. Heinrich). The History of Ancient Philoso- 

phy. Translated from the German by Alexander J. W. 
Morrison. 4 vols. Svo, cloth, uncut (one cover loose). 

Oxford, D. A. Talboys, 1838-46 
Scarce. "A good work, well translated." — Allibone. 

848 Roberts (David, R.A.). Life of ; compiled from his Jour- 

nals and other sources by James Ballantine. Portrait, 
■with etchings and facsimiles of pen and ink sketches by the 
great artist. Royal 4to, cloth. 

Edinburgh, Adam and Charles Black, 1866 
Large paper, and No. 63 of 100 copies printed, with India paper 
PROOF impressions of the plates. 

List of Illustrations :— Portrait of Roberts after picture by Sir 
J. W. Gordon; Etchings of Falkland Palace; Ruins of St. Andrew's 
Cathedral; Ruins of the Monastery of Blackfriars, St. Andrew's; Chan- 
cel of lona Cathedral, near the great Altar; St. Mary's Church, lona; 
Caerlaverock Castle, Durafrieshire; Melrose Abbey, and Leuchars 
Church; also 27 facsimiles of pen and ink sketches of pictures from 
Roberts's Journal, produced by a new process which makes them most 
perfect counterparts of the originals. 



849 Roberts (Mrs. Martyn). The Spiritual Creation, or Soul's 

New Birth. A Poem in Seven Books. i6mo, cloth. 

London, 1843 
Printed by Whittingham and published by Pickering. 

850 Roberts (WilliamJ. History of Letter-Writing from the 

Earliest Period to the Fifth Century. Thick 8vo, cloth, 

uncut. London, Wm. Pickering, 1843 

Printed by C. W. Whittingham. This author was the editor of the 

British Review, but he is best known as the biographer of Hannah 

More. His own life was written by his son, the Rev. Arthur Roberts. 

851 Robin Hood. Garland and Ballads. A Lytell Geste of 

Robin Hood, with other Ancient and Modern Ballads and 
Songs, with his History and Character. Edited by J. M. 
GuTCH. Portrait and numerous woodcuts by Fairholt. 
2 vols, square 8vo, half morocco gilt, top edges gilt. 

London, Longmans, 1850 
An elegant work. Appended are "Dissertations upon the Morris 
Dance and Maid Marian, &c., by Mr. Hone and F. Douce, Esq." 

852 Robinson (E.) ««(/ Smith (E.). BibHcal Researches in Pal- 

estine and in the Adjacent Regions : a Journal of Travels 

in the Year 1838 and of Later Researches in 1852. Maps 

and plans. 4 vols. 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1856-60 

The separate maps to the above, in cloth, were drawn by Heinrich 


853 Robinson (Henry Crabb). Diary, Reminiscences, and 

Correspondence. Selected and edited by T. Sadler, Ph.D. 
Second edition, elegantly printed on toned paper. With por- 
trait. 3 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut edges. London, 1869 
" Irresistible, to be attended to whether you will or no; and worth 
the attention, because brimful of anecdote, incident, learning, quaint 
talk, profound thought, sublime philosophy, childlike fun, bold specu- 
lation, and religious feeling, lovely in its conception and practice." 

854 Robinson (W., F.L.S.). Parks, Promenades, and Gardens 

of Paris, described and considered in relation to the wants 
of our own Cities and of Public and Private Gardens. With 
upwards of 400 illustrations. Thick 8vo, cloth. 

London, 1869 


"And trade is art, and art's philosophy in Paris." — Aurora Leigh. 

855 RoDD (Thomas). Ancient Spanish Ballads relating to 

the Twelve Peers of France, mentioned in Don Quixote, 
Spanish and English on opposite pages, the Translations 



in Verse by T. Rodd. Vignette titles. 2 vols, in i. 8vo, 
half morocco, top edge gilt, others uncut. London, 181 2 

Thomas Rodd, we are lold by AUibone — "was known for many 
years as an eminent London bookseller and was the author of a num- 
ber of works." His son Horatio was also a well-known author and a 
dealer in books and engravings in London. He was a resident later 
on of Philadelphia. 

856 Rodd (T. and H.). Rare Portraits to Granger and 

Noble's Histories of England. 51 fine and interesting 
portraits of famous and notorious personages, from rare 
pictures and prints. 2 vols, in i. 4to, half morocco, top 
edge gilt, others uncut. London, 1820 

Large paper, beautiful impressions of the plates and veky scarce. 
A highly curious collection, forming an indispensable companion to 
Richardson's series, all the portraits being different, and suitable for 
illustrating Noble's Continuation to Granger's History. The por- 
traits are accompanied by biographical notices. 

857 Rogers (Samuel). The Pleasures of Memory. 8vo, inlaid 

to 4to, and illustrated with 10^ portraits, views, etc., many of 
them proofs on India paper, with Autograph Letter of 
Rogers. 4to, richly bound in morocco extra, full gilt 
sides, and broad borders of gold, and colored inlaid 
leathers inside, by A. Tarrant. London, n. d. 

This magnificent and unique volume was lot 2533 in John Allan's 
library. It was considered one of the finest books in his coHection. 

858 Rolliad (The), in Two Parts; Probationary Odes for the 

Laureatship; and Political Miscellanies: with Criticisms 
and Illustrations. Front, and vignette title. 8vo, calf, gilt. 

London, 1799 
Best edition and a fine library copy. This is the famous 
political satire on Wm. Pitt and his adherents, written by ' ' all the 
talents" of the Whig party, viz.. General Fitzgerald, Dr. Frank Law- 
rence, Tickell, etc. It includes the famous parodies the "Probation- 
ary Odes for the Laureatship," etc. 

859 RoLLiN (M.). Ancient History of the Egyptians, Cartha- 

ginians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Medes and Persians, 
Grecians and Macedonians. Maps and plates. 8 vols. 
i2mo, sheep. N. Y., 1820 

" His historical productions have enchanted mankind. His is the 
heart which finds an echo in every breast. We feel a secret pleasure 
ill listening to his voice — to the voice of virtue. RoUin may be truly 
called L'Abeille de la France." — MoNTESQt;iEU. 


860 RossETTi (Dante Gabriel). Poems. i6mo, cloth, bevelled 

sides, top edge gilt. Boston, 1870 

The poet and artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti's brother was the dis- 
tinguished art critic William Michael Rossetti. Their sister, Christina 
Rossetti, is one of the best poetesses of this century. 

861 RoscoE (William). Life and Pontificate of Leo the 

Tenth, Fourth Edition, Revised by his Son, Thomas 
Roscoe, illustrations, 2 vols.; also — Roscoe's Life of 
Lorenzo de Medici, called the Magnificent, Revised by 
Thomas Roscoe, portraits and other illustrations. To- 
gether 3 vols. 8vo, uniform half morocco, gilt. 

London, 1846 
Rufus Choate's copy and with his autograph signature. 

In Italy they (the above) have been translated, are now cited as 
authorities, and have received the most encomiastic notices from sev- 
eral eminent scholars. These facts afford conclusive testimony of 
their merits." — Prescott. 

862 Roscoe (Thomas). Novelists. Spanish, Italian, and 

German Novelists Translated from the Originals, with 
Critical and Biographical Notices. 4 vignette titles by Fin- 
den. II vols, crown 8vo, uniform yellow calf, gilt, 
marbled edges, by H. Stamper. London, 1825-32 

Large paper. 

Exceedingly scarce. Complete set : — Spanish Novelists, 3 vols. ; 
Italian Novelists, 4 vols. ; German NoveUsts, 4 vols. 

A fine series, and without doubt the best collection of tales from 
foreign tongues. 

863 Rose (H. J.). A New General Biographical Dictionary. 

12 vols. 8vo, half calf gilt, cloth sides. London, 1853 

A more ample English Biographical Dictionary is a desideratum, but 
Rose's is perhaps the most satisfactory and useful of those yet pub- 
lished. " In no other publication of a character purely literary are 
instruction and entertainments so blended as in a Biographical 
Dictionary.'' This dictionary comprises no fewer than 2,700 names. 

864 Rowe (Nicholas). The Works of, a New Edition, to which 

is Prefixed a Life of the Author. Portrait and plates. 2 
vols. i2mo, bright yellow calf extra, gilt edges. 

London, 1792 
A very nice copy, with all the plates. 

' ' Rowe's ' Jane Shore ' I maintain to be perfectly moral .... 
if you vrill compare with Shakespeare, I must say that ' Cleopatra ' is 
immoral and ' Jane Shore ' is not." — Sir James Mackintosh. 


865 Rows Roll with Armorial Bearings ; this Roll was laburd 

and finished by Master John Rows of Warrewyk ; with 
Introduction by W. Courthope. 3 2 plates of arms, armor, 
costume, etc., beautifully illuminated in gold and 


HAM. Royal 4to, half morocco, top edge gilt. 

London, Pickering, 1845 (published 1859) 

Only 100 copies of this splendidly printed and highly curious Pictorial 
History of the Earls of Warwick were first published in 1859 from the 
original MS. Roll of the XVth Century, with historical introduction 
and description of the plates by W. Courthope of the Heralds' College. 
This magnificent work was projected by William Pickering, who died 
before its completion, when Henry G. Bohn carried out the design. 


866 RoxBURGHE Library. Edited by W. Carew Hazlitt. 


I. The Romance of Paris and Vienne, from the Unique 
Copy printed by W. Caxton, in 1485. With a Preface, 
Glossary and Notes. Facsimile page. 

II. The Complete Works or William Browne, of Tavi- 
stock, Author of " Britannia's Pastorals," now first collected. 
With a Memoir and Notes. Facsimiles. 2 vols. 

III. Inedited Tracts (1579-1618) ; Illustrating the Man- 
ners, Opinions and Occupations of Englishmen during the 
1 6th and 17th Centuries, now first republished from the 
Original Copies. With a Preface and Notes. 

IV. The English Drama and Stage under the Tudor 
and Stuart Princes, A. D. 1543 to A. D. 1664, illustrated 
by a Series of Documents and Treatises, chiefly inedited. 
With an Introduction and Index. 

V. The Poems of George Gascoigne, now first collected. 
With Memoir and Notes. Portrait, plates and facsimiles. 
Two thick volumes. 

VI. The Poems of Thomas Carew, now first collected, and 
Edited with a Memoir of the Author, and fine portrait after 

Together 8 vols, small 4x0, half morocco, top edges 
trimmed, others uncut, Roxburghe style. 

London, 1868-70 
A fine series, all beautifully printed by Whittingham. Edition 
limited to 170 copies on Small, and 30 copies on Large Paper. 


867 RoxBURGHE Ballads. Edited by Charles Hindley. Fac- 

simile illustrations. 2 vols, royal 8vo, half morocco, gilt top 
edges, others uncut. London, 1873 

Nearly all the Ballads contained in this interesting collection are 
unique. The originals are in the extraordinary collection which 
belonged to the Duke of Roxburghe. 

" What hast here ? Ballads ? I love a ballad in print, or a life, for 
then we are sure they are true." 

868 Rule (William Harris, D.D.). History of the Inquisition 

from its Establishment in the Twelfth Century to its Extinc- 
tion in the Nineteenth. Portraits and views. 2 vols. 8vo, 
cloth, uncut. London, 1874 

869 Rush (R.). The Court of London, 1819-1825. Second 

series. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, Bentley, 1845 

This work is one of permanent value as including interesting notices 
of many of the most eminent men and women of the age with whom 
the author came in contact. 

This journal of Richard Rush, who was Envoy Extraordinary and 
Minister Plenipotentiary at the Court of London, from 1817 to 1825, 
was, says the Edinburgh Review, — " the evident fruit of a sensible, a 
virtuous mind, a mind loving truth, and desirous of being pleased." 

870 Russell (William). History of Modern Europe, with Con- 

tinuation by William Jones. Vignette titles. 3 vols. 8vo, 
sheep. N. Y., 1841 

"His [Russell's] narrative is always free from languor ; and his 
reflections are conveyed in a lively and elegant style." — Encyclopcedia 

871 Rye (W. B.). England as seen by Foreigners in the days 

of Elizabeth and James I., comprising Translations of 
the Journals of the two Dukes of Wirtemberg in 1592 
and 1610; both illustrative of Shakespeare, with Extracts 
from the Travels of Foreign Princes and others, copious 
Notes and an Introduction. With etchings. Thick 4to, 
half morocco, uncut. London, John Russell Smith, 1865 

Large paper, with MS. note. " Twenty-five copies printed, 
No. II. J. R. S." 

" A book replete both with information and amusement." — Notes 
and Queries. 

872 Ryan (Richard). Dramatic Table Talk. Vignette titles and 

frontispieces. 3 vols. i6mo, half calf. London, 1825-30 
Being — "scenes, situations and adventures — serious and comic — in 
theatrical history and biography," 



JoJjn Musfetn's ^rt assorfts. 

"To Mr. Ruskin art has a deep moral and religious significance, 


the very footsteps of that art of which he is the great expositor." 
— London Times. 

873 Ruskin (John). Modern Painters, i. e. : — 

I. Containing Parts I. and II. — " Of General Principles, and 
of Truth." Sixth Edition. London, 1857 

II. Containing Part III. — " Of the Imaginative and Reflec- 
tive Faculties." Fourth Edition. London, 1856 

III. Containing Part IV. — "Of yidarj 'Y\i\ng^" with eighteen 
illustrations, drawn by the Author, and engraved on steel. 

London, 1856 

IV. Containing Part V. — "Of Mountain Beauty." 

London, 1856 

V. Containing Part VI.—" Of Leaf Beauty." Part VII.— 
"Of Cloud Beauty." Part VIII.— "Of Ideas of Rela- 
tion:" I. "Of Invention Formal." Part IX.— "Of Ideas 
of Relation :" 2. " Of Invention Spiritual." With an In- 
dex to the whole five vols. London, i860 

Together 5 vols. Illustrated with numerous 


author's designs. Imperial 8vo, original cloth 
BINDING, UNCUT. London, Smith, Elder Ss' Co., 1856-60 
Very scarce. A choice early copy, far superior to those subse- 
quently placed on the market, the plates of which are very much worn. 
The third, fourth and fifth volumes are the original editions published 
by Smith, Elder & Co., of London, and not the later English edi- 
tions or pirated and mediocre-printed American republications. A 
noticeable feature in the set is that Vol. V. of the " Modern 
Painters " — the one most eagerly sought for by collectors on account 
of the charming and very delicately engraved plates that it contains — 


is In this case the original issue, having the plates in their earliest and 
most satisfactory state. 

The earlier editions of Vol. I. do not contain any plates, and the 
later edition of 1857 is therefore preferable, as the author made im- 
portant additions. In the preface he states: "Something I have 
added .... to supply gross omissions, answer inevitable objections, 
and give some substance to passages of mere declamation." 

874 RusKiN. The Stones of Venice. I. The Foundations (1851). 
II. The Sea-Stories (1853). III. The Fall (1853). By 
John Ruskin. With illustrations drawn by the author. 3 
vols, imperial 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, Smith, Elder &= Co., 1851-53 

First editions, with beautiful impressions of the 53 plates, 
some of which are colored, and of the numerous woodcuts by the 
author. The first editions of the " Stones of Venice" are even more 
scarce than the ' ' Modern Painters. " 

' ' Mr. Ruskin is of opinion that the first (edition of the ' Stones of 
Venice ') will always command a high price. The plates, he tells us, 
were not only etched, but bitten by himself, the last of them in a 
wash-hand basin in his room at the Hotel La Cloche, in Dijon. This 
last precious item about the wash-hand basin excepted, most of what 
he says about the plates was known before. As for the text, he has 
left it, all spangled and overshot with exuberant riches as it is, in its 
primitive state, save that he has cut out both from text and notes the 
foolishly false Protestantism heretofore to be found there. He has 
also printed the essential principles, summaries of doctrine, and 
aphorisms scattered through the book, in full-faced type — much to the 
detriment of the pages where this emphatic appeal to the reader's 
eye occurs. The impecunious admirer of Ruskin will no more be able 
to buy this new edition than the others." 

' ' No one who has visited Venice can read this book without having 
a richer glow thrown over his remembrances of that city ; and for 
those who have not, Mr. Ruskin paints it with a firmness of outline 
and vividness of coloring that will bring it before the imagination with 
the force of reality. His descriptions are the perfection of word- 
painting, and there is this additional charm in them, that the intellect 
and heart are sure to be gratified by profound thoughts and noble 
sentiments." — Literary Gazette. 

87s Ruskin. The Seven Lamps of Architecture. By John 
Ruskin. With [14] illustrations drawn by the author. Im- 
perial 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, Smith, Elder &= Co., 1855 
Very scarce. Second edition. This is one of the scarcest of 
Ruskin's works. A number of newspaper cuttings relative to the 
author go with this volume. 


876 RusKiN. Notes by Mr. Ruskin on his Collection of Draw- 

ings. By the late J. M. W. Turner, R.A. Exhibited at 
the Fine Arts Society's Galleries ; also — a List of the En- 
graved Works of that Master shown at the same time. 
Illustrated with thirty-five plates and a map indicative of the 
places in the British Isles illustrated by him. 4to, half mor- 
occo, cloth sides, uncut. 

London, Printed at the Chiswick Press for 
the Fine Art Society, 1878 
Illustrated large paper edition. Only a limited number 
printed . Each copy bears the stamp of the Fine Art Society, as a 
guarantee of its having been carefully examined before being issued to 
the public. The plates were destroyed on the completion of the work. 
List of Plates: — i, Thun; 2, Isola Bella; 3, Turin; 4, Florence; 5, 
Nami; 6, Terni; 7, Rome; 8, Nemi (La Riccia); 9, Vesuvius (Angry)'; 
10, Heysham ; II, Eggleston ; 12, Richmond ; 13, Dudley; 14, Rich- 
mond Bridge ; 15, Winchelsea ; 16, Louth ; 17, Devonport ; 18, Gos- 
port ; 19, Salisbury ; 20, Langhame ; 21, Carnarvon ; 22, Flint ; 23, 
Okehampton; 24, Leicester; 25, Bolton ; 26, Staffa ; 27, Lochmaben ; 
28, Rouen; 29, Fountains; 30, Plains of Troy; 31, Corinth; 32, Jeru- 
salem; 33, Rouen; 34, Bonneville; 35, Zug. 

■'A limited edition, illustrated, for subscribers only, has been pre- 
pared of Notes on The Turner Drawings, by John Ruskin. It forms 
a beautifully printed quarto volume, embellished with nearly forty im- 
pressions from the finest engravings from Turner's works, besides much 
valuable supplementary matter, as a list of all the plates executed from 
his paintings, a map of the various localities in England and Scotland 
illustrated by his pencil, etc. , forming a complete manual for amateurs 
or collectors of his designs. The volume has charm enough to make it 
eagerly sought for, and it is no longer obtainable in London ; all the 
copies being subscribed for, a few were secured for the American mar- 
ket that are certain to command an equally ready sale. American 
buyers are already in search of the Liber Studiorum, the famous series 
of mezzotinto engravings published by Turner, and the price of fine 
impressions is constantly advancing. There were recently two superior 
copies for sale in London, valued at ;£'5oo each ; but, to secure a copy 
with all the various proofs taken of the plates, etchings, etc. , four or 
five times that sum would be hardly sufficient, even should the oppor- 
tunity occur. " — The Book Buyer. 

877 Ruskin. Works — Revised Series, z. ^.: — 

I. Sesame and Lilies. Three Lectures, with New Preface. 
I, Of Kings' Treasuries; 2, Of Queens' Gardens; 3, Of 
the Mystery of Life. ($13.50.) 

II. Munera Pulveris. Six Essays on the Elements of 
Political Economy. (I13.50.) 


III. Aratra Pentelici. Six Lectures on the Elements of 
Sculpture. Illustrated. Given before the University of 
Oxford, in Michaelmas Term, 1870. ($2 2.50.) 

IV. The Eagle's Nest. Ten Lectures on the Relation of 
Natural Science to Art. Given before the University of 
Oxford in Lent Term, 1872. ($13.50.) 

V. Time and Tide. By Weare and Tyne. Twenty-five 
Letters to a Workingman of Sunderland on the Laws of 
Work. ($13.50.) 

VI. The Crown of Wild Olive. Four Essays on Work, 
Traffic, War and the Future of England. With added 
Article on the Economies of the Kings of Prussia. ($13.50.) 

VII. Ariadne Florentina. Six Lectures on Wood and 
Metal Engraving and Appendix. Illustrated. Given 
before the University of Oxford. ($22.50.) 

VIII. Val d'Arno. Ten Lectures on Art of the 13th Cen- 
tury in Pisa and Florence. With twelve plates. ($22.50.) 

IX. Queen of the Air. Being a Study of the Greek Myths 
of Cloud and Storm. ($13.50.) 

X. The Two Paths. Being Lectures on Art and its Appli- 
cation to Decoration and Manufacture. ($13.50.) 

XI. A Joy for Ever. 

Together ii vols. 8vo, full antique calf, gilt edges by 

Mansell, being the Binding selected by the Author. 

Published by George Allen, Sunnyside, Orpington, Kent, 

for the Author, etc., 1871-80 

The prices given with the above were those of Scribner to import 
when they were originally issued. 

" Being now fifty-one years old, and little likely to change my mind 
hereafter on any important subject of thought (unless through weak- 
ness of age), I wish to publish a connected series of such parts of my 
works as now seem to me right, and likely to be of permanent use. 
In doing so I shall omit much, but not attempt to mend what I think 
worth reprinting. A young man necessarily writes otherwise than an 
old one, and it would be worse than wasted time to try to recast the 
juvenile language; nor is it to be thought that I am ashamed even of 
what I cancel; for great part of my earlier work was rapidly written 
for temporary purposes, and is now unnecessary, though true, even to 
truism. What I wrote about religion was, on the contrary, painstak- 
ing and, I think, forcible, as compared with most religious writing; 
especially in its frankness and fearlessness; but it was wholly mistaken; 


for I had been educated in the doctrines of a narrow sect, and had 
read history as obliquely as sectarians necessarily must. 

' ' Mingled among these either unnecessary or erroneous statements, I 
find, indeed, some that might be still of value; but these in my earlier 
books, disfigured by affected language, partly through the desire to be 
thought a fine writer, and partly, as in the second volume of ' Modern 
Painters,' in the notion of returning as far as I could to what I 
thought the better style of old English literature, especially to that of 
my then favourite, in prose, Richard Hooker. 

" For these reasons, though, as respects either art, policy, or moral- 
ity as distinct from religion, I not only still hold, but would even 
wish strongly to re-affirm the substance of what I said in my earliest 
books. I shall reprint scarcely anything in this series out of the first 
and second volumes of 'Modern Painters;' and shall omit much of 
the ' Seven Lamps ' and 'Stones of Venice;' but all my books writ- 
ten within the last fifteen years will be republished without change, 
as new editions of them are called for, with here and there perhaps an 
additional note, and having their text divided, for convenient refer- 
ence, into paragraphs, consecutive through each volume. I shall also 
throw together the shorter fragments that bear on each other, and fill 
in with such imprinted lectures or studies as seem to me worth pre- 
serving, so as to keep the volumes, on an average, composed of about 
a hundred leaves each. 

" The Volumes will each contain, on the average, two hundred pages 
of text : and those which are illustrated, never more than twenty-one 
plates, rarely so many. They will all be clearly printed and well bound. 

"I find the trouble and difficulty of revising text and preparing 
plates much greater than I expected. 

" Some will be worth a little less than others; but I want to keep my 
business simple, and I do not care that anybody should read my books 
who grudges me a doctor's fee per volume. 

"Also I find, in the present state of trade, that when the retail 
price is printed on books, all sorts of commissions and abatements 
take place, to the discredit of the author, and, I am convinced, in the 
end, to every one else's disadvantage. 

" I mean, therefore, to sell my own books at a price from which 
there shall be no abatement." — From the author's preface to Vol. i. 

878 RusKiN. FoRS Clavigera. Letters to the Laborers and 
Workers of Great Britain. First Series, Nos. 1 to 84 in- 
clusive ; Second Series, Nos. i to 3 inclusive ; also Indexes 
for 1871-74. Together 9 vols, uniformly bound in half 
morocco, uncut. 

Printed for the author by Smith, Elder 6" Co., and sold 
only by Mr. G. Allen, Heathfield Cottage, Keston, Kent, 
A complete set, including the Indices and up to the issue of No. 3. 


of the Second Series, since when none have been published, and when 
it was announced by the publisher — "Professor Ruskin, who is at 
present seriously ill — from prostration, caused by overwork — will not, 
until further notice, be able to issue ' Fors,' his medical advisers hav- 
ing ordered absolute rest for some time. Sunnyside, Orpington, Kent, 
February 26th [1878]." 

A complete set, bound as above, was priced by Scribners at $52.50 
in half morocco, with the Second Series |i.8o, unbound. 

' ' Whatever may be said of the extravagance of some of Mr. Ruskin's 
views, or of his manner of stating them, it is undeniable that he tries 
hard to do good. We may expect to get from him some fresh lectures 
tinged with exaggeration, no doubt, but certain to contain noble and 
elevating thoughts and suggestions. Such a man as Mr. Ruskin is a 
true benefactor of his species, and well deserves all the honor he is 
likely to receive." 

879 Ruskin. Elements of Drawing ; in three Letters to Be- 

ginners. With illustrations drawn by the author. Crown 8vo, 
cloth, uncut. London, 1857 

Original Edition. Very rare. There are some verbal alterations 
in the text of the Second Edition, published the same year. 

Priced $14 in a recent catalogue. 

880 Ruskin. Political Economy of Art ; being the sub- 

stance (with additions) of two Lectures, delivered at Man- 
chester, July loth and 13th, 1857. Post 8vo, cloth. 

London, 1857 

881 Ruskin. Queen of the Air ; being a study of the Greek 

Myths of Cloud and Storm. Post 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1869 

882 Ruskin. Mornings In Florence. 6 vols, post 8vo, limp 

roan, gilt edges. Sunnyside, 1875-77 

Comprises— I, Santa Croce; 2, The Golden Gate; 3, Before the 
Soldan; 4, The Vaulted Book; 5, The Strait Gate; and 6, The 
Shepherd's Tower. 

883 Ruskin. Notes on Some of the Principal Pictures Exhibited 

in the Rooms of the Royal Academy, Nos. i, 2, 3, 4 and 5 
(i. e., 1855-59). Together 5 pamphlets. 8vo, sewed. 

London, 1855 

Nos. 2 and 3 include Society of Water Colors; and 4 and 5, the 
Society of British Artists and French Exhibition as well. 

884 Ruskin. Catalogue of the Sketches and Drawings of J. M. 

W. Turner, exhibited 1857-58, with Illustrative Notes. 
8vo, sewed, uncut. , London, 1858 

Very scarce, suppressed and destroyed as far as the author found it 


885 RusKiN. Notes on the Turner Collection, 1856-57. Fifth 

Edition Revised. 8vo, sewed, uncut. London, 1857 

886 RusKiN. Catalogue of Drawings and Sketches by J. M. W. 

Turner at present exhibited in the National Gallery. 
Special Edition. 8vo, sewed. Sunnyside, G. Allen, 1882 
" The most unique Art Exhibition of the last London season was 
composed of Mr. Ruskin's collection of the drawings of J. M. W. 
Turner, supplemented by a selection of ' his own hand)rwork' illustrative 
of his great master's principles. Like everything from his pen, the 
Catalogue or ' Notes' on these drawings formed a work of very great 
interest. Apart from its profound criticisms, it contained much auto- 
biographical matter relating to Mr. Ruskin's own drawings and studies 
in art, and many valuable reminiscences of the painter whose merits it 
has been the business of his life to develop and proclaim. '' 

887 RusKiN. Notes on the Construction of Sheepfolds. Second 

edition. 8vo, sewed. London, 185 1 

888 RusKiN. Relations between Michael Angelo and Tinto- 

ret. 8vo, sewed. Sunnyside, G. Allen, 1879 

889 RusKiN. Ethics of the Dust — Ten Lectures to Little House- 

wives and the Elements of Crystallization. Crown 8vo, 
boards, uncut. Sunnyside, G. Allen, 1877 

890 RusKiN. Pre-Raphaelitism, by the author of " Modern 

Painters." 8vo, sewed, uncut. London, 185 1 

Presentation copy with author's autograph — ' ' Paul J. Frazer from 
J. J. Ruskin." This shows that the eminent author did not always 
sign his name with one " J. " But he was always a good orthographer, 
and needed no alleged editing in that particular. 

891 RusKiN. Notes by Mr. Ruskin on Samuel Prout and 

William Hunt illustrated in a Loan Collection of Draw- 
ings. 8vo, sewed. [London], 1879-80 



ABINE (Lorenzo). Biographical Sketches of 
Loyalists of the American Revolution, with An 
Historical Essay. 2 vols. 8vo, boards, uncut. 

Boston, 1864 
Best edition. 

' ' Treats with admirable candor a theme as likely to enlist passion 
and prejudice as any that could employ the pen of an American writer. " 
— Ellis. 

893 Sackville (Thomas, Lord Buckhurst). Works, Edited by 

R. W. Sackville West. Portrait. Post 8vo, cloth, uncut. 
London, John Russell Smith, 1859 
" The brilliancy of his imagination." — Walpole. 

894 Salem Witchcraft : Comprising More Wonders of the 

Invisible World, Collected by Robert Calef ; and Won- 
ders of the Invisible World, by Cotton Mather. To- 
gether with Notes and Explanations by Samuel P. 
Fowler. Portrait on India paper. 4to, cloth, uncut. 

Boston, Wm. Veazie, MDCCCLXV. 
Large paper. 100 copies only printed. For a severe critique on 
this reproduction, see Deane's "Spurious Reprints, &c." No. 539. 

89s Sampson. The Female Review — Life of Deborah Sampson, 
the Female Soldier in the War of the Revolution, with an 
Introduction and Notes by John Adams Vinton. Por- 
trait. 4to, half morocco, uncut. 

Boston, J. K. Wiggin and Wm. Parsons Lunt, 1866 

The above is " No. 93, W. & L." (signed) of edition of 250 copies 
small quarto and 35 copies royal quarto. 

This remarkable woman was twice severely wounded in action, was 
pensioned by Congress, and received a compensation from the State of 
Massachusetts, in consideration of her military services. 

896 Sanderson (John). Biography of the Signers to the Decla- 
ration of Independence. Portraits and engraved titles. 9 
vols. 8vo, boards, uncut (two covers loose). Phila., 1820-27 
Fowle's copy sold for $81. 

" He (Sanderson) was not less brilliant in his conversation than in 
his writings ; but he never summoned a shadow to any face, or permitted 
a weight to lie on any heart." — R. W. Griswold. 


897 Sargent (Mrs. John T.). Sketches and Reminiscences of 

the Radical Club of Chestnut Street, Boston. Front. 
i2mo, cloth. Boston, 1880 

898 Savage (James). The Librarian, being an Account of 

Scarce, Valuable, and Useful Books, Manuscripts, Public 
Records, etc. 3 vols, 8vo, calf, gilt. London, 1808-9 

A fine copy, Complete, including the fragment of Vol 4, and being 
all published. ' ' Should be in every bibliographical collection. " — Alli- 


899 Savage (W.). Practical Hints on Decorative Printing. With 

50 tinted and colored plates, exhibiting all the varieties of 
decorative and colored printing. Folio, half red morocco 
gilt, top edge gilt. London, 1822 

Largest paper, published at;^ii lu. and but a very limited number 
printed. Very scarce in this fine state. The above copy has the illus- 
trations on India paper, including the handsome colored frontispiece of 
the arms of Earl Spencer. 

There is nothing necessary to be known in the noble art of typography 
that is not contained in this book. Interesting articles on electrotyping, 
printing machines, and other subjects equally important, render this 
one of the most useful books on these subjects that has issued from 
the press. 

900 Scarron (Monsr.). Whole Comical Works of. Containing 

his Comical Romance of a Company of Stage Players ; 
all his Novels and Histories; his Select Letters, Charac- 
ters, etc. Translated by Tom Brown, Savage and others. 
Facetious frontispiece. 8vo, sprinkled calf, gilt, citron 
edges by Cecil and Larkins. London, 1712 

Best edition and very scarce. " Scarron is among the French 
writers what Butler is amongst our own; as a burlesquer he has great 
merit. " — D'Israeli. 

' ' Scarron, a man deformed and diseased, but endowed with vast 
gaiety, has the credit of having struck out into a new path by his 
Roman Comique." — Hallam. 

901 ScHLiEMANN (Dr. Henry). Mycenae: a Narrative of Re- 

searches and Discoveries at Mycenae and Tyrius— the 
Preface by W. E. Gladstone. With maps, plans and 
other illustrations, some colored, representing more than 700 
types of the objects found in the excavations. 4to, cloth gilt, 
bevelled sides, gilt top. N. Y., 1878 

902 ScHLiEMANN. Ilios. The City and Country of the Trojans, 

including an Autobiography of the Author, with a Preface, 


Appendices and Notes by Virchow, Max Muller, Sayce, 
etc. Illustrated with maps, plans and about 1,800 illus- 
trations, some tinted. 4to, cloth gilt. N. Y., 1881 

903 ScHLiEMANN. Troy and its Remains. ^2 plates and many 

hundred woodcuts. Royal Svo, cloth, uncut, gilt top edge. 

London, 1875 
. Edited by Philip Smith, B.A. 

904 ScHLOssER (F. C). History of the Eighteenth Cen- 

tury, and of the Nineteenth till the Overthrow of the 
French Empire, with particular reference to Mental Culti- 
vation and Progress. Translated, with a Preface and 
Notes, by Davison. 8 vols. Svo, cloth. London, 1843-52 
The above edition, which is scarce and out of print, was pubhshed 
at £^ i6j-. It is one of those works which combine profound research 
with a lively and interesting mode of narrating. 

904* ScoTT (Wm. B.). Half-Hour Lectures on the History and 
Practice of the Fine and Ornamental Arts. With 50 illus- 
trations by Linton. i6mo, cloth, uncut. N. Y., 1875 
Third edition, revised by the author. 

905 ScHNiTZLER (J. H.). Secret History of Russia: the Courts 

and Government of Russia under the Emperors Alexander 
and Nicholas. 2 vols. Svo, cloth, uncut. 

London, Bentley, 1847 

A delicious "blue blood" feast. This work should have been 

named — "Why does Nihilism exist in Russia? " Published at £1. 8j. 

906 Schoolcraft (H. R.). Historical and Statistical Informa- 

tion respecting the History, Antiquities, Language, Eth- 
nology, Pictography, Rites, Superstitions and Mythology 
of the Indian Tribes of the United States. 6 parts. 
Complete in 6 thick vols., imperial 4to. With about 500 
plates, most of them colored, of views, portraits, ancient pot- 
tery, cooking utensils, picture writing, written music, 
alphabets, etc., of the Indians. Cloth. Phila., 1852-57 

Original edition — large paper, and 3 of the volumes uncut. The 
most important work ever written on the subject of the aborigines of 
America. It embodies almost all the existing authentic information 
concerning their religions, traditions, languages, art, ethnology and 

It has performed a very important service for Indian history, in col- 
lecting and preserving an immense amount of historic data. Vocabu- 
laries of Indian languages, grammatical analysis, legends of various 
tribes, biographies of chiefs and warriors, narratives of captivities, his- 


tones of Indian wars, emigrations and theories of their origin, are all re- 
lated and blended in an extraordinary and perplexing manner. A very 
large number of beautiful steel engravings, representative of some phase 
of Indian life and customs, are contained in the work, but the most valu- 
able of its illustrations are the drawings of weapons, domestic uten- 
sils, instruments, on gunning and amusement, sorcery and medicine, 
objects of worship, their sculptures, paintings and fortifications, picto- 
graph writing, dwellings, and every form of antiquities which have 
been discovered. The six volumes contain 336 plates, representing 
thousands of the scenes and objects named. 

907 Scott (Lieut-Gen. Winfield). Memoirs of, by Himself. 

Portrait. Royal 8vo, cloth, uncut. N. Y., 1864 

Large paper copy. Only 100 printed. 

' ' One, the great events of whose life are parts of the history of 
his country, should have been willing to trust his memory to his coun- 
try's keeping." — North American Review. 

908 Scott (Sir Walter). The Waverley Novels, the Splen- 

did Abbotsford Edition. With the finest impressions of 
the 2,000 woodcuts and early impressions of the 120 steel plates. 
24 vols, imperial 8vo, half green morocco, top edge gilt, 
others uncut. London, 1842 

A splendid copy of the original subscription edition, and bound from 
the numbers, one novel to a volume . 

This edition, the largest and handsomest in existence, now has 
become scarce. The illustrations comprise portraits and views from the 
designs of Stanfield, Nasmyth, Sir D. Wilkie, Turner, Martin, Allom, 
Leitch, etc. , with many facsimiles of autographs. 

' ' Single pages of these works are worth whole volumes of common 
inventions." — Mrs. Brunton. 

909 Scott. Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border : consisting of 

Historical and Romantic Ballads, collected in the Southern 

Counties of Scotland. 3 vols. 8vo, half morocco, gilt, 

cloth sides, gilt edges (somewhat foxed). Edinburgh, 1821 

" Scott is a poet truly national and heroic." — Allan Cunningham. 

910 Scott. Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Scott, Bart., 

by J. G. LocKHART. Portrait and facsimile. 7 vols. 8vo, 

half calf gilt. Edinburgh, Cadell, 1837-38 

"What a good gentleman ! What a friendly soul, what a generous 

hand, what an amiable life, was that of the noble Sir Walter !" — 


911 ScoTisH Pasquils. a Book of Scotish Pasquils, 1568-1715. 

Vignette cuts. 3v0ls.ini. 8vo, full morocco extra, gilt edges, 

by Andrew Grieve. Edinburgh, Win. Pater son, 1868 

Large paper. A limited edition of 60 copies printed, now out of 



print and scarce. The above are the entire series complete, including 
the " Packet of Pasquils " privately printed. Vide " Introductory 
Observations . " 

The above collection of ' ' Scottish Pasquils and Lampoons " serve to 
explain many personal allusions and minor historical events referred to 
by historical writers, and illustrate in a marked degree the habits and 
morals of the people of Scotland during the reigns of Charles I. and his 

"This BEAUTIFUL BOOK IS a Corrected reprint of the three volumes 
edited by Maidment and published in 1827-28 with large additions. 
Several Pasquils omitted from the reprint for indehcacy were subse- 
quently privately printed in the same elegant style as the above. Only 
' a very few copies ' of this last was struck off under the title ! A Packet 
of Pestilent Pasquils.' This copy contains this rare tract bound in at 
the end, and therefore presents this noted collection in the very best 
attainable shape and is exceedingly rare." — Note by Mr. Farnum. 

9 12 Se AFIELD (Frank). Literature and Curiosities of Dreams. 

2 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1865 

Being — " a commonplace book of speculations concerning the mys- 
tery of dreams and visions, records of curious and well-authenticated 
dreams and notes on the various modes of interpretation adopted in 
ancient and modem times. " 

913 Secret Proceedings and Debates of the Convention assem- 

bled at Philadelphia in the year 1787, for the purpose of 
forming the Constitution of the United States, izmo, 
cloth. Richmond, 1839 

Including — ' ' the genuine information " laid before the Legislature 
of Maryland by Luther Martin. 

914 Selden (John). Table-Talk, with Biographical Preface 

and Notes, by S. W. Singer. Portrait. Crown Svo, 
cloth, uncut. London, Russell Smith, i860 

Large paper copy. Only 100 printed. 

" Coleridge thus emphatically expresses himself: ' There is more 
weighty bullion sense in this book than I ever found in the same 
number of pages in any uninspired writer. ' .... Its merits 
had not escaped the notice of Dr. Johnson, though in politics opposed 
to much it inculcates, for in reply to an observation of Boswell in 
praise of the French Ana, he said, ' A few of them are good, but we 
have one book of that kind better than any of them — Selden's Table- 
Talk.'"— Singer. 

915 Shadwell (Thos.). Dramatic Works. Portrait. 4 vols. 

foolscap, Svo, yellow calf extra, gilt edges. London, 1720 

Very scarce. " Shadwell was an accomplished observer of human 

nature; . . , a man of sense and information, and in the midst of 



much indecency, coarseness, and whimsical folly, we find numerous 
valuable remarks, and many dialogues of pointed, able discussion." — 

Retrospective Review. 

916 Shaftesbury (Earl of). Characteristics of Men, Man- 

ners, Opinions, Times. Portrait and vignettes by Gribelin. 
Baskerville's Edition, 3 vols, royal 8vo, old calf, gilt. 
Birmingham, John Baskerville, 1773 
Large paper. ' ' It has often been remarked that the Character- 
istics are unjustly neglected in our days. For Lord Shaftesbury, with 
all his pedantry, was a man of great talents." — De Quincy. 

917 Shairp (John Campbell, LL.B). Aspects of Poetry, being 

Lectures dehvered at Oxford. 8vo, cloth. Oxford, 1881 
Uncut, and printed on heavy paper at the Clarendon Press. 

918 Sharp (Thomas). Dissertation on the Pageants or Dramatic 

Mysteries Anciently Performed at Coventry by the Trading 

Companies of that City; chiefly with Reference to the 

Vehicle, Characters, and Dresses of the Actors, compiled 

in a great degree from sources hitherto unexplored. To 

which are added the Pageant of the Spearman and Taylor's 

Company and other Municipal Entertainments of a Public 

Nature. Wiik numerous plates, anti several engraved leaves 

of music. 4to, cloth, uncut. Coventry, 1825 

Very scarce, and only 260 copies printed. The " Coventry 

Antiquary, " Thomas Sharp was for many years a hatter in Coventry, 

England, but about 1831 removed to Leamington, where he continued 

his literary pursuits until his death. A manuscript volume of 

"Ancient Mysteries" by this author was sold at the Strawberry Hill 

Sale for ;£'250 10s. 

919 Shaw (Henry). Dresses and Decorations of the Mid- 

dle Ages, from the Seventh to the Seventeenth 
Centuries; consisting of 94 beautifully colored full- 
page ENGRAVINGS, a profusion of initial letters, and 
examples of curious ornaments, with an historical Introduc- 
tion, and descriptive Text to every Illustration by Thomas 
Wright. 2 vols, folio, half morocco, uncut, Roxburghe 
style. London, W. Pickering, 1843 

Large paper, with the plates \'S,Vi highly finished in colors by 
HAND and nearly all the initial letters, woodcuts and full-page illus- 
trations illuminated WITH GOLD. 

One of the twelve extra finished and magnificent copies produced 
out of the original large paper issue of fifty copies. 

" No more than 25 copies have been executed in this expensive 


manner and but a few of these remain unsubscribed for." — H. G. 
BoHN, in 1847. 

This splendid book of Medii-eval costume, one of the best worlcs on 
the inner life and costumes of our rude but splendor-loving ancestors, 
includes ecclesiastical costume, portraits of historical celebrities, alle- 
gorical representations, masques, tournaments, games, religious 
ceremonies, art, workmanship, weapons, jewels, etc. 

920 Shaw. Specimens of the Details of Elizabethan Architec- 

ture. With 60 plates on India Paper. Imperial 4to, 
half morocco gilt, edges gilt. 

London, W. Pickering, 1839 

Large paper with India proofs and several colored. This was 
Thomas Willement's copy, with his autograph, armorial book-plate and 
monogram in gold on the side. 

" The great accuracy of Mr. Shaw's pencil stamps the highest value 
upon this work." — Gentleman's Magazine. 

921 Shaw. Illuminated Ornaments, Selected from Manuscripts 

and Early Printed Books of the Middle Ages. Carefully 
Colored from the Originals, with Descriptions by Sir 
Frederick Madden, K. H. Imperial 4to, half morocco 
gilt, uncut, Roxburghe style. London, Wm. Pickering, litu 

Large paper. 50 copies printed. The plates highly finished with 
opaque colors, and heightened with gold. " The design of this work 
is unique, and its execution beautiful. The elaborate richness of 
decoration, and splendor of the combinations of color and blazonry, 
which render illuminated missals so curious and valuable, afford many 
useful hints for embellishment, both in color and design." — Spectator. 

This very beautiful volume (in which the art of engraving is carried 
to its highest conceivable excellence) is enriched by facsimiles of the 
Illuminations and Initial Letters found in many choice Books of 
Hours, Bibles and Psalters, chiefly in the British Museum, dating 
from the IXth to the XVIth Centuries. 

922 Shaw. Encyclopedia of Ornament. 59 fine plates, 

beautifully colored, comprising several hundred exam- 
ples of stained glass, wood carving, tapestry and needle- 
work, designs for gold and silversmith' s work, etc. Folio, 
half morocco, Roxburghe style. 

London, W. Pickering, 1842 
Large paper, of which 50 copies were printed. A very fine copy, 
with all the plates, initial letters, etc., beautifully colored. 

923 Shaw. Decorative Arts of the Middle Ages, Ecclesi- 

astical and Civil, exhibiting beautiful specimens of Ancient 
Enamel, Metal Work, Wood Carvings, Paintings on Stained 


Glass, etc., etc. With i^i fine plates, cox.O'bced. Folio, half 
mor., uncut, Roxburghe style. Lend., Wm. Pickering, 185 1 

Large paper, with the plates richly colored and heightened 
WITH gold, and numerous woodcuts. 

Only 50 copies were printed in large paper and only a few of those 
were finished in gold and colors by hand, together with the initial 
letters and woodcuts in the same sumptuous manner. 

It is difficult to overstate the beauty of these illuminated works of 
Mr. Shaw. They are, of course, in such magnificent condition 
excessively rare. 

" Of all Mr. Shaw's beautiful and interesting works this must be 
allowed the crowning effort." 

924 Sheridan (Rt. Hon. Richard Brinsley). Works, edited by 

T. Moore, 2 vols. London, 1821; also — Life of Sheri- 
dan, by T. Moore, fine portrait after Reynolds, 2 vols. 
London, 1827. Together 4 vols. 8vo, uniform yellow pol- 
ished calf extra, citron edges, by Riviere. 

London, 1821-27 

A remarkabably fine copy and uniformly bound by Riviere of 
Moore's edition of Sheridan and Life. 

" Mr. Sheridan has been justly called ' a dramatic star of the first 
magnitude ' ; and, indeed, among the comic writers of the last century 
he ' shines like Hesperus among the lesser lights. ' " — Hazlitt. 

925 Sheridan. The Speeches of the Right Honorable Rich- 

ard Brinsley Sheridan. With a Sketch of his Life. 
Portraits. 3 vols, 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1842 

" They [Sheridan's speeches] were marked by glowing eloquence 
and not unfrequently by brilliant wit." — Lord John Russell. 

926 Sheridaniana ; or, Anecdotes of the Life of R. B. Sheri- 

dan ; His Table-Talk and Bon-Mots. Portrait. i2mo, 
half calf gilt, marbled edges. London, 1826 

927 Shirley (Jas.). Dramatic Works, edited by William 

GiFFORD, with additional Notes and an account of his 
Writings, by the Rev. Alex. Dyce. Portrait. 6 vols, 
imperial 8vo, calf gilt, marbled edges. London, 1833 

Large paper. Very scarce. Best edition. 
" Shirley was the last of our good old dramatists." — Campbell. 

928 Sidney (Sir Phillip). Works, complete, in Verse and 

Prose, with Life. Inserted portrait. 3 vols. 8vo, sprinkled 
calf extra, leather joints and gilt edges on red. 

London, 1725 
Superb copy of this very scarce, best edition and which includes the 


" Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia " of which Gabriel Harvey wrote : — 
" Live ever, sweet book ! the silver image of his gentle wit, and ever 
notify unto the world that he who wrote thee was the Secretary of 
Eloquence, the breath of the muses, and the honey bee of the daint- 
iest flowers of wit and art." 

929 Sidney. Miscellaneous Works. With Life and Illustra- 

ted Notes by William Gray. Beautifully printed on thick 
paper at the Riverside Press, with rubricated title, etc. 8vo, 
cloth, top edge gilt, others uncut. Boston, i860 

Large paper. " This is that Sidney, who as Providence seems to 
have sent him into the world to give the present age a specimen of the 
ancients, so did it, on a sudden, recall him, and snatch him from us, 
as more worthy of heaven than earth." — Camden. 

930 Sidney (Samuel). The Three Colonies of Australia — New 

South Wales, Victoria, South Australia — Their Pastures, 
Copper Mines and Gold Fields. With numerous wood 
engravings. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1852 

' ' The best and most complete picture of Australia, past and present, 
that we know." — London Athenceum. 

931 Silvestre (M. J. B.). Universal Paleography, or a Col- 

lection of Facsimiles of the Writings of every Age, taken 
from the most authentic Manuscripts existing in the Libra- 
ries of France, Italy, Germany, and England, by M. Sil- 
vestre, accompanied by an Historical and Descriptive 
Text and Introduction by Champollion Figeac and 
Amie Champollion, Fils. Translated from the French 
and edited with Corrections and Notes by Sir Fred- 
eric Madden, K.H., F.R.S., M.R.I.A. Containing 
upwards of 300 large and most beautifully executed facsim- 
iles, taken from missals and other MSS. most richly illu- 
minated in the finest style )pf art. 2 vols, atlas folio, the 
text in 2 vols, royal 8vo. Together 4 vols, elegant half 
morocco extra, gilt edges (binding a little damaged). 

London, 1850, etc. 

Quite uncommon and rarely offered for sale. The best 
work on the manuscript literature of ancient and mediaeval times. 
The finest possible specimens are given of MSS. in every European 
and Oriental language; of such languages as Greek and Latin 
many specimens of every century and every style are represented. The 
number of reproductions of Italian, French and German Minia- 
tures is very considerable. 

This is, perhaps, the finest book in the world, and the most interest- 
ing to the scholar and the man of taste. Three hundred facsimiles of 


the choicest manuscripts in Europe, need no other recommendation 
than to state the fact. The French edition of this work cost nearly 
twenty thousand pounds in getting up. Only 250 copies were printed, 
of which the King of France took 66 for libraries in the various depart- 
ments, and the remainder were subscribed for in Russia and Germany. 

932 Singer (S. W.). Researches into the History of Playing 

Cards, with illustrations of the origin of Printing and 
Engraving on Wood. 19 plates, many of them colored and 
on India paper, and a large number of woodcuts. 4to, 
calf gilt, marbled edges. 

London, Printed by Bensley, 181 6 

Rare. " Of this valuable and interesting work only 250 copies 
were printed." — Lowndes. 

" It is seldom the public have seen a more beautifully planned and 
executed work. The facsimile engravings upon wood cannot be sur- 
passed . . . the curious will not fail to secure copies whenever 
they make their appearance." — T. F. Dibdin. 

933 Singer. Wayland Smith — a Dissertation on a Tradition 

of the Middle Ages, from the French of G. B. Depping 
and Francisque Michel. With additions by S. W. 
Singer and the Amplified Legends by Oehlenschlager. 
i6mo, cloth, uncut. London, Wm. Pickering, 1847 

Beautifully printed by C. Whittingham at the Chiswick Press. 

934 Sismondi (J. C. L. S. De). Historical View of the Liter- 

ature of the South of Europe, translated with Notes and 
Life of Author, by Thomas Roscoe. Portraits. 2 vols, 
post 8vo, calf gilt. London, 1846 

' ' A work that will yet always be read for the beauty of its style, 
and the richness and wisdom of its recollections." — TiCKNOR. 

935 SiSMONDi. History of the Italian Republics. Vignette title. 

Foolscap 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, n. d. 

"The publication of Sismondi's ' Republiques Italiennes ' has 
thrown a blaze of light around the most interesting of European coun- 
tries during the Middle Ages." — Hallam. 

936 Skelton (J.). Poetical Works, with Notes and Account 

of the Author and his Writings, by the Rev. A. Dyce. 
Curious woodcuts. 2 vols. 8vo, calf extra, with gilt top 
edges, others trimmed. London, 1843 

Skelton was Poet Laureate to Henry VIIL " A curious, able, and 
remarkable writer. " — Retrospective Review. 

An admirable edition (with the scarce leaf of " Addenda," p. 483), 
in which, for the first time, the whole of Skelton's Poetical Works are 


brought together. They are illustrated with a body of valuable notes, 
and also an outline of the life of Skelton separating from it as far as 
practicable the calumnies with which it had come to be overlaid. 

937 Sketches of Popular Tumults ; illustrative of the Evils 

of Social Ignorance. i2mo, cloth. London, 1837 

938 Slang Dictionary; or, the Vulgar Words, Street Phrases 

and " Fast " Expressions of High and Low Society. Many 
with their Etymology and a Few with their Plistory Traced. 
Facsimile " cadger's map" facing title. Crown 8vo, cloth, 
uncut. London, 1865 

This is a collection of what South called — " rabble-charming words, 
which carry so much wild-fire wrapt up in them." 

939 Smiles (Samuel) . Lives of Engineers, with an Account of 

their Principal Works ; comprising also a History of In- 
land Communication in Britain. With portraits and nu- 
merous illustrations. 3 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, John Murray, 1862 
' ' No more interesting books have been published of late years than 
those by Mr. Smiles." — Sir Stafford Northcote. 

940 Smith (Adam). Inquiry into Nature and Causes of the 

Wealth of Nations. Edited by James E. Thorold Rog- 
ers. Portrait. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

Oxford, at the Clarendon Press, 1869 
Best edition. 

' ' Adam Smith contributed more, by the publication of this single 
work, toward the happiness of man, than has been effected by the 
united abilities of all the statesmen and legislators of whom history 
has preserved an authentic account. " — Buckle. 

941 Smith (Charles John, F.S.A.). Historical and Literary 

Curiosities. 100 colored and other curious plates of auto- 
graphs, historical events, old houses, missal ornaments, etc., 
with Descriptions. 4to, half morocco, top edge gilt, 
others uncut. London, 1852 

An amusing and interesting repertory. The autograph letters, 
chiefly of a literary character, include important ones by Coverdale, 
Sir Christopher Wren, Sir Isaac Newton, Cowley, Pope, Addison, 
Gray, Milton, Prior, Smollett, Sterne, Locke, Bums, Steele, Hume, 
Dr. Johnson, Benjamin Franklin, William Penn, etc. 

942 [Smith (Horace and James).] Rejected Addresses. 

Thirteenth Edition. 8vo, half morocco. London, 1813 
Large paper. ' ' I think the ' Rejected Addresses ' by far the best 
thing of the kind since the ' Rolliad'." — Lord Byron. 


943 Smith (Capt. John). The True Travels, Adventures, and 

Observations of Captaine John Smith, in Europe, Asia, 
Africke, and America, with the Generall Historie of Vir- 
ginia, New England and the Summer Isles. Portraits and 
engravings from the London edition of 1629. 2 vols, royal 
8vo, boards. Richmond, 1819 

Extremely rare in such condition It is in the original boards 
entirely uncut, with all the curious plates and maps complete. 

Smith's "Virginia" needs no commendation; it will always be re- 
garded as one of the most interesting of the numerous works relative 
to the Colonic. Lest the authorship might be disputed, the valiant 
captain has in several parts of the work stated — " John Smith writ this 
with his own hand." Thackeray makes Henry Warrington in the 
" Virginiaiis " say — "I made acquaintance with brave Captain Smith 
as a boy in my grandfather's library at home, where I remember how I 
would sit at the good old man's knees, with my favorite volume on my 
own, spelling out the exploits of our Virginian hero." 

944 Smith. A Description of New England; or. Observations 

and Discoveries in the North of America in the Year of 
our Lord 1614, facsimile of the original map ; also — Ad- 
vertisements for the Unexperienced Planters of New En- 
gland or Anywhere; or, The Pathway to erect a Plantation, 
by Captain John Smith, London, 163 1. Together 2 
vols. 4to, cloth, uncut. Boston, 1865 

Only 75 copies reprinted — medium quarto, of which the above are 
signed — "No. 8. Wm. Veazie.'' 

945 Smith (J. Jay) and Watson (John F.). American Histor- 

ical and Literary Curiosities ; consisting of facsimiles of 
original documents relating to the events of the Revolution, etc. 

With a variety of reliques, antiquities, andmodern autographs. 

4to, cloth, gilt. Phila., 1847 

This valuable and interesting publication is entirely out of print and 

difficult to find. 

946 Smith (Sydney). Works. Portrait. 3 vols. 8vo, calf gilt. 

London, 1848 
The witty Canon of St. Paul's, who, when the first editor of the 
Edinburgh Review, proposed as its motto: 

" We cultivate literature upon a little oatmeal." 

947 Smith. Memoir of Rev. Sydney Smith, by his daughter 

Lady Holland, with a Selection from his Letters edited by 
Mrs. Austin. Fourth edition. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 

London, 1855 


948 Smith (William), Classical Dictionaries, i. e.: — 

I. Smith. Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography 
AND Mythology. Numerous woodcut illustrations. 3 
vols, thick 8vo, half calf, cloth sides. London, 1849 

II. Smith. Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography. 
Maps and woodcuts. 2 vols, thick 8vo, half calf, cloth 
sides. Boston (London), 1854 

III. Smith. Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiqui- 
ties. Numerous woodcut illustrations. Thick 8vo, half calf. 

Boston (London), 1859 
Together 6 vols, thick 8vo, half calf. 

" One of our first English scholars, — one who deals with the history 
and philosophy of the ancient classics, as well as with the technicalities 
of their language." — London Literary Gazette. 

950 Smith (W. Robertson, M.A.). Old Testament in the Jewish 

Church. 8vo, cloth. N. Y., 1881 

Twelve lectures on biblical criticism. 

951 Smollett (Tobias). Works. With Memoirs, and View of 

the Commencement and Progress of Romance, by John 
Moore. Edited by J. P. Browne. Portrait. 6 vols. 
8vo, calf, gilt. Dublin, 1816 

' ' I have been Tom Jones (a child's Tom Jones, a harmless creature) 
for a week together. I have sustained my own idea of Roderick Ran- 
dom for a month at a stretch, I verily believe." — Charles Dickens's 
David Copperfield. 

Outside of his " Peregrine Pickle" and " Humphrey Clinker," and 
which are contained in the above edition, Smollett was an enthusiastic 
worker in other domains of literature than fiction. He wrote numerous 
articles in the British Magazine, and opposed that ' ' cock-eyed son of 
destiny," John Wilkes, in a weekly paper called The Briton. He was 
the founder of the Critical Review, and translated Don Quixote, Gil 
Bias, Voltaire, Fenelon, Telemachus, and other European classics. 

952 Smyth (Prof.). Lectures on Modern History, from the Ir- 

ruption of the Northern Nations, 2 vols. ; and Lectures on 
the French Revolution, 3 vols. Together 5 vols. 8vo, half 
bound. London, Pickering, 1848 

No historical works have ever given more enlightened and perspicu- 
ous views of the course of great events than these celebrated Lectures. 

953 Smyth. Evidences of Christianity, by William Smyth. 

Small 4to, cloth, uncut. London, Wm. Pickering 

Printed in beautiful type on thick paper by C. Whittingham, Chis- 


954 Smyth (C. Piazzi). Our Inheritance in the Great Pyramid. 

With photograph, map and plates. Crown 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1864 
What John Taylor left undone in his book on the "Great Pyramid; 
Why was it Built and who Built It?" is fully discussed and covered in 
this volume. 

955 SoMERS (Lord). Collection of Scarce and Valuable 

Tracts on the most interesting Subjects relating to En- 
ghsh History, etc. Edited by Sir Walter Scott. 13 
vols. 4to, half russia gilt, cloth sides, marbled edges. 

London, 1809-15 

Best edition ; with considerable additions by the Editor. 

" In no collection of the least historical pretence let these Tracts be 
found wanting." — DiBDiN. 

956 Somerville (William), The Chase, a Poem, Bulmer's edi- 

tion, 1796; [Maurice's] Grove Hill, a Descriptive Poem, 
with an Ode to Mithra, London, Bensley, 1799 ; Gold- 
smith & Parnell's Poems, London, Bulmer, 1795. 3 vols, 
in I. Illustrated by additional proof etchings and variations. 
4to, calf extra, gilt edges, by Hering. London, 1795-99 
Unique. From the Library of the late John Allan. It is stated on 
page 185 of the Allan Catalogue that this handsome volume (lot 2337) 
was previously in Mr. Baker's Collection. In addition to Bewick's and 
Anderson's wood engravings, there are a large number of inserted proof 
etchings, steel engravings, variations, portraits, etc., etc. 

Bulmer, the publisher of " Somerville 's Chase," states in the preface 
respecting the younger Bewick's deathbed connection with this work — 
"He [Bewick] had prepared and indeed finished on wood, the whole of 
the designs, except one, which embellish the ' Chase ' ; they may there- 
fore be literally considered as the last efforts of this ingenious and 
much to be lamented Artist." 

957 Songs, Madrigals and Sonnets. A Gathering of some 

of the most Pleasant Flowers of Old English Poetry. Set 
in borders of colored ornaments and vignettes. 32mo, cloth 
(cover loose). London, 1849 

Printed by Charles Whittingham, Chiswick. The colored orna- 
mental borders in this very handsome little volume were printed by 
means of wood blocks. 

" I had rather than forty shillings I had my book of songs and son- 
nets here. " — Merry Wives of Windsor. 

958 Sotheby(S. Leigh). Principia Typographic a: the Block- 

Books, or Xylographic Delineations of Scripture History 
issued in Holland, Flanders and Germany during The 


Fifteenth Century, exemplified in connection with the 
Origin of Printing, with Notices on the Paper-Marks of 
the Period. Illustrated with 120 large engravings, some in 
colors, in exact similitude of the very rare Original Block- 
Books. 3 vols, imperial 4to, half morocco, uncut. 

'London, printed for the Author, 1858 
Only 215 copies of this work out of the 250 printed were sold. The 
remainder were presented to public libraries and otherwise specially 
reserved, but not for sale. 

The above copy was " collated and bound by Charles Tuckett, Jr., 
British Museum, 1858." 

One of the most important works ever produced upon the history of 
early printing, on which it throws great additional light. It contains 
an extended examination of the various editions of the block-books (or 
books printed from wooden blocks), the earliest productions of the 
art, issued in Holland, Flanders, and Germany, such as the Apoca- 
lypsis S. Johannis, Biblia Pauperum, Ars Moriendi, Cantica Cantico- 
rum, Liber Regum, Temptationes Daemonum, Ars Memorandi, End- 
krist, Quindecim Signa, De Generatione Christi, Miribilia Romse, etc. 
It is not, however, confined to a history of block-books, for it gives 
minute accounts, accompanied by exact facsimiles, of some of the 
most interesting and rare works printed with movable type in the 
infancy of the art, such as the Donatusis, Doctrinale, Catonis Disticha, 
Horarium, Faceti^ Morales, Speculum Humanse Salvationis, Barto- 
lomteus van de Proprietaten der Dinghen, Exhortatio contra Turcos, 
LiterEe Indulgentiarum, etc. An essay upon early paper marks, 
illustrated by numerous cuts, concludes the work, which contains 
upwards of 120 plates, many of them colored, and more than 200 
engravings on wood. 

959 SouTHERNE (Thomas). Plays. With an account of the 

Life and Writings of the Author. 3 vols. i2mo, yellow 
calf gilt, edges gilt. London, 1774 

Best edition, and scarce. Southerne was born at Oxmantown, 
County of Dublin, 1660, and died in 1746 — "the oldest and richest 
of his dramatic brethren." He came of an Anglo-Norman family 
which had settled in Ireland at an early date and had previously lived 
on the borders of Yorkshire, England, where they were Lords of Mit- 
ton and Colmolyn, Of the same stock was John Soothern, who wrote 
" Pandora," published in 1584, and which he dedicated to " Edward 
Dever, Earl of Oxenford." 

960 SouTHEY (Robert). Common-place Book, containing 

Choice Passages from English Authors [translations of 
interesting extracts from Portuguese and Spanish Authors], 
Analytical Readings, Original Memoranda, etc., systemat- 


ically arranged. Edited by his son-in-law, J. W. Warter. 
Portrait. 4 vols, thick square 8vo, calf gilt, marbled edges. 

London, 1849-51 
"An English worthy, doing his duty for fifty noble years of labor; 
day by day storing up learning; day by day working for scant wages; 
most charitable out of his small means; bravely faithful to the calling 
which he had chosen; refusing to turn from his path for popular 
praise or prince's favor; — I mean Robert Southey. " — Thackeray. 

961 Southey. Life and Correspondence. Edited by his 

Son, CuTHBERT SouTHEY. Portraits, views and engraved 
titles. 6 vols, crown 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1849-50 

Fine, tall uncut copy. " The value and variety of its contents can 
hardly be indicated within any reasonable limits." 

961* Southey. The Doctor, etc. Rubricated titles, colored front. 
7 vols. 1 2mo, half morocco gilt, top edges gilt, others uncut. 

London, 1834-47 
Original edition and very scarce. " You have my full authority 
to affirm that my husband is the author of ' The Doctor. ' " — Mrs. 

962 Southey. Sir Thomas More; or. Colloquies on the 

Progress and Prospects of Society. Engravings from 
drawings by Westall (^foxed). 2 vols. 8vo, calf, gilt. 

London, 1829 

963 Southey.— Moraes (Francisco de). Palmerin of England. 

Corrected by Robert Southey from the original Portu- 
guese. 4 vols. 1 2mo, half morocco gilt, top edges gilt. 

London, 1807 

This abridged translation was made from the Lisbon edition of 

964 Southey. — Chronicles of the Cid, from the Spanish, by 

Robert Southey. Royal 8vo, cloth, uncut. Lowell, 1846 
Scarce. " One of the most interesting productions of the Spanish 
mind. " — Annual Review. 

965 Southwell (Robert). Poetical Works, edited by Turn- 

BULL. Post 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, John Russell Smith, 1856 

966 Sowerby (G. B.). Conchological Manual, with an In- 

troduction explaining the General Principles of Conch- 
ology. Nearly 700 engraved illustrations, beautifully col- 
ored. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1852 
Fourth edition, considerably improved. 


967 Swift (Jonathan). Life of, by John Forster. Vol. I. 

(1667-1711). Portrait. 8vo, cloth, gilt top edge, others 
uncut. N. Y., 1876 

" The apostate politician, the ribald priest, the perjured lover." — 

968 Speculum Human^e Salvationis; le plus ancien monu- 

ment de la Xylographie et de la Typographic reunies, re- 

produit en facsimile, avec Introduction Historique et Bib- 

liographique par J. Ph. Berjeau. d/^ facsimiles, with 116 

figures. Royal 4to, cloth, uncut. Londres, 1861 

Rare. Only 155 copies printed for subscribers of this admirable 

facsimile of this early block book, printed long before the invention of 

movable types, and claims to be the iirst printed work extant. 

969 Spedding (James). Evenings with a Reviewer; or, Macau- 

lay and Bacon, with a Prefatory Notice by G. S. Vena- 
BLES. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. London, 1881 

970 Spence (Rev. Joseph). Anecdotes, Observations and Char- 

acters of Books and Men, collected from the conversa- 
tions of Mr. Pope and other eminent persons of his time. 
With Notes and a Life of the author by Samuel Weller 
Singer. Crown Bvo, cloth, uncut. London, 1858 

Large paper and 100 copies printed. 

"One of the most entertaining volumes of Literary Anecdotes 
imaginable ; the materials of which furnished Johnson with much of 
the Biography of Pope and his Contemporaries." — Dibdin. 

971 Spence. A Parallel in the Manner of Plutarch : between a 

Most Celebrated Man of Florence ; and one, scarce ever 
heard of, in England. Vignette portrait. 1 2mo, calf, gilt. 

Strawberry Hill, 1758 

Very scarce. Printed by Horace Walpole's Private Press " at 
Strawberry Hill, by William Robinson ; and sold by Messieurs Dods- 
ley, at TuUy's Head, Pall Mall ; For the benefit of Mr. Hill." With 
MS. notes and cutting inserted. 

The celebrated Florentine was Signor Magliabechi, and the " one 
scarce heard of " was Robert Hill, "the learned taylor" and staymaker, 
remarkable for his knowledge of languages. Vide Allibone. 

972 Spenser (Edmund). Poetical Works, complete, edited 

with Life and Glossary by J. P. Collier. Portrait and hand- 
somely printed in large antique type by Whittingham. 5 
vols. 8vo, magnificently bound in green morocco extra, 
gilt edges, by Riviere. London, 1862 

A superb edition printed by Whittingham, and uniform with Picker- 


ing's Milton. ' ' Mr. Collier's text is incomparably the best which 
has yet been produced. He has carefully collected all the materials 
which are capable of throwing light on Spenser's biography, and 
these materials he has discussed with elaborate care and great legal 
ability."- — Westminster Review. 

973 Spurzheim (J. G.). Phrenology; or, The Doctrine of Men- 

tal Phenomena. Frontispiece. 2 vols, royal 8vo, cloth. 

Boston, 1833 

Second American edition, greatly improved by the author. 

974 Stanley (Arthur Penrhyn, D.D., Dean of Westminster). 

Works, comprising : — 

I. Stanley. Lectures on the Eastern Church. Fourth 
Edition. London, 1869 

II. Stanley. Sinai and Palestine in Connection with their 
History. With maps and plans. London, 187 1 

III. Stanley. Historical Memorials of Westminster Abbey. 
Third and Revised Edition. With illustrations. 

London, 1869 

IV. Stanley. Sermons during the Prince of Wales' Tour 
in the East. London, 1863 

V. Stanley. Lectures on the History of the Church of 
Scotland. London, 1872 

VI. Stanley. Lectures on the History of the Jewish 
Church. Maps and plans. 2 vols. (Part i. Fifth Edition, 
and Part 2, Third Edition.) London, 1870 

Together seven vols. 8vo, uniformly and hand- 
somely bound in purple calf gilt, marbled edges. 

London, 1863-71 

"The popular but elaborate history of a liberal and erudite 
scholar." — London Athenceum. 

"The style of Dr. Stanley is a very pleasant one ; warm, rich and 
genial. " — Krauth. 

974* Stanley. Christian Institutions — Essays on Ecclesiastical 
Subjects. 8vo, cloth, bevelled sides, gilt top edge. 

N. Y., 1881 

"Vigour of thought and purity of s\.y\e."— London Globe. 

975 Stanley (William). The Faith and Practice of a Church 

of England Man ; with Notes and an Introductory Essay 


on the Leading Principles of the Church of England, by 
the Rev. Robert Eden. i2mo, cloth, trimmed. 

London, Pickering, 1848 
Printed by C. Whittingham, Chiswick. On account of the loud 
tones of his voice, Wm. Stanley, Dean of St. Asaph, was satirized as 
" Stentor" in the " Tatler." 

976 St. Augustine. Confessions. i6mo, cloth. 

Oxford, 1868 

977 Steinmetz (Andrew). The Romance of Duelling in all 

Times and Countries. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1868 

*' Ay ! me ! what perils do environ 
The man who meddles with cold iron." 


978 Stephens (H. L.). A Frog he would a-Wooing Go. 16 

tinted lithographic plates by Bien, with gold borders, and 
letterpress beneath the illustrations. 4to, cloth gilt, edges 
gilt. N. Y., 1864 

Proofs. Only 100 proof copies printed for subscribers. 

979 Sterne (Lawrence). Complete Works. With Life. Por- 

trait and vignettes by Thurston. 4 vols. 8vo, calf gilt. 

London, 1819 

Best edition. 

Sterne's wit is poignant though artificial, and his characters have yet 
invaluable original differences, though the groundwork of some of them 
had been laid before ; and the spirit of the execution, and the master- 
strolces constantly thrown into them, are not to be surpassed. 

980 Stevens (Henry). Historical Nuggets : Bibliotheca Ameri- 

cana, or a Descriptive Account of My Collection of Rare 
Books relating to America. 2 vols. fcap. 8vo, cloth, 
uncut. London, 1858 

Henry Stevens is one of the best modern expert bibliographers. He 
is no mere plagiaristic book-cataloguer. The above is dedicated ' ' To 
the diligent biblioscoper," and on his title is the line from Shakespeare 
— "I will buy with you, sell with you. " 

" Printed in the best style of the Chiswick Press, regardless of time; 
it comprises 2954 titles given in full, with the collation and price of 
each work. It was intended, as far as it went, to be a manual for col- 
lectors of this expensive class of books. But it did not go very far, 
containing as it does not a selection, but only such books as the author 
happened to possess at that time. It was intended to supply the defi- 
ciencies by additional volumes, but these have never appeared, and 
probably never will in this form." — Author. 


981 Stevens. Bibliotheca Historica ; or, a Catalogue of Books 

and Manuscripts relating to America. 8vo, paper, uncut- 
Boston, 1870 

Beautifully printed, and profusely annotated. One of the few bib- 
liographical works which unites instruction with amusement. The 
erudite author, who now resides in London, is a son of the late Henry 
Stevens of Vermont, the founder and first President of the Vermont 
Historical Society. 

982 Stevens (J. A.). Yorktown Centennial Handbook. Cuts. 

i2mo, cloth. N. Y., 1881 

Being an— " historical and topographical guide to the Yorktown 
Peninsula, Richmond, James River and Norfolk.'' 

983 Stevenson (John Hall). Works. Crazy Tales, Fables for 

Grown Gentlemen, Makarony Fables, Monkish Epitaphs, 
etc. Corrected and Enlarged, vyith Explanatory Notes. 
2 plates. 3 vols. 1 2mo, calf gilt. London, 1795 

Fine copy of this curious and facetious work, from the George 
Daniel library. 

Every endeavor was made to suppress the Tales written by John 
Hall Stevenson. 

No author has been more abused. The Monthly Review in 1762 
asserted — ' ' We can safely aver that they are full of obscenity, whether 
' evidently designed ' or not ; and apparently calculated to inflame the 
passions." Sir Walter Scott styles his work a — "witty and indecent 
collection," and Tom Moore stigmatizes them as — -"clever but licen- 
tious productions. " Stevenson was a kinsman of Laurence Sterne, and 
endeavored to rival that celebrated Protestant parson in facetiousness, 
which caused Bishop Warburton to call him — " a monster of impiety 
and lewdness." 

984 Stirling (William, M. A., /. e., Sir William Stirling Max- 

well). Annals of the Artists of Spain. With illuminated 
fronts., portraits and other illustrations of buildings, paintings, 
etc. 3 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, John Ollivier, 1848 

Very rare. This very beautiful book has carmine initial letters, 
rubricated titles, etc. A copy in a recent catalogue of Sotheran of 
London is priced £\b \ts. 

" No new edition is ever likely to appear." — Quaritch. 

" Discursive and ornate, he enriches his pages with curiosities of 
literature, bearing upon the manners and spirit of different epochs, 
larding the dry details of inferior artists now with grave history, anon 
with court gossip and anecdote." — London Quarterly Review. 

" A work honorable to its author for the familiarity it shows, not 
only with the state of the arts in that country, but also with its litera- 
ture." — W. H. Prescott. 


985 Stirling. Cloister Life of the Emperor Charles V. Second 

edition, enlarged. Vignette portrait, izmo, half morocco 
gilt, top edge gilt, others uncut. London, 1852 

Original edition, out of print and scarce. 

"A work of remarkable interest." — English Cydopadia. 

986 Stone (W. L.). The Poetry and History of Wyoming ; con- 

taining Campbell's Gertrude, with a Biographical Sketch 
of the Author, by Washington Irving ; and the History 
of Wyoming, from its Discovery to the Beginning of the 
Present Century. 8vo, cloth, uncut. Albany, 1864 

Large paper, and but a few printed, Allibone says 50. 

987 Strickland (Agnes). Lives of the Queens of England, 

from the Norman Conquest. 8 vols. 8vo, calf extra, 
marbled edges. London, i860 

Scarce and best edition. 

This most readable and original work is as interesting as a novel, 
and is far more reliable than the generality of professed " Histories." 

988 Strutt (Joseph). Sports and Pastimes of the People of 

England, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time. 
Edited by William Hone. With 140 illustrations of the 
shows, mummeries, pageants, etc., colored by hand. Royal 
8vo, cloth, uncut. London, Tegg, 1845 

Very rare. Large paper, with the wood engravings colored by 
hand after the original MSS., and of which only the large paper 
were so finished. This includes the rural and domestic recreations, 
May-games, mummeries, pageants, processions and pompous 
spectacles from the earliest period to the present time. 

" The amusing pages of Strutt entitle his memory to great respect; 
and, borrowing the idea of Dr. Johnson; I will boldly aflirm that he 
who wishes to be informed of the curious and interesting details con- 
nected with Ancient Manners and Customs, Costume, Regal and 
Ecclesiastical Antiquities, ' must devote his days and his nights ' to 
the volumes of Strutt." — Dibdin's Decameron. 

989 Strutt. The Same. 8vo, calf extra gilt, edges gilt. 

London, Tegg, 1831 

990 Strutt. Regal and Ecclesiastical Antiquities of 

England, containing the most authentic Representa- 
tions of all the English Monarchs from Edward the 
Confessor to Henry the Eighth; together with many of 
the Great Personages that were eminent under their sev- 
eral reigns, taken from coeval authorities preserved in the 
Public Libraries and Cathedrals of Great Britain. New 


and greatly improved edition, with Critical and Explana- 
tory Notes, by J. R. Planch^, Esq., F.S A. With 72 
colored engravings, carefully copied from ancient manuscripts, 
monuments, etc. Royal 4to, cloth, uncut. London, 1842 
Scarce. The illuminations contained in these magnificent works 
are from choice examples of ancient art existing in missals, and illumi- 
nated manuscripts preserved in the British Museum, the Bodleian and 
other public libraries. 

991 Strutt. Dresses and Habits of the English, from the 

Establishment of the Saxons in Britain to the Present 
Time. With an Historical and Critical Inquiry into every 
branch of Costume, and a General Description of the 
Ancient Habits in use amoug Mankind. New and greatly 
improved edition, with Critical and Explanatory Notes, by 
J. R. Planch^, Esq., F.S. A. With 153 engravings richly 
colored, taken from the most authentic sources, preserved in 
the British Museum, the Libraries of Oxford and Cambridge, 
the Archiepiscopal Library at Lambeth, etc., etc. 2 vols, 
royal 4to, cloth, uncut. London, 1842 

992 Strype (John, M.A.). Works, comprising : — 
I. Annals of the Reformation. 4 vols, in 7. 

IL Lives of Bishop Aylmer, Sir John Cheke and Sir 

Thomas Smith, t, portraits. 3 vols, in i. 
HI. Memorials of Cranmer. Portrait. 2 vols. 

IV. Life of Bishop Grindal. Portrait, 

V. Life of Archbishop Parker. Portrait. 3 vols. 

VI. Ecclesiastical Memorials. 3 vols, in 6. 

VII. Life and Acts of Archbishop Whitgift. Portrait. 
3 vols. 

VIII. General Index to Strype's Works. 2 vols, in i. 
Together 24 vols. Svo, calf, gilt. 

Oxiord, at the University Press, 1820-40 
' ' The painful and laborious collector, who never omits the most 
trivial matter." — Hume. 

993 Stuart (I. W.). Life of Jonathan Trumbull, Sen., Gov- 

ernor of Connecticut. Colored portraits. Royal Svo, cloth. 

Boston, 1859 
" A long and well-spent life in the service of his country places Gov- 
ernor Trumbull among the first of patriots." — Washington. 


994 Stubbs (W., M.A.). Constitutional History of England, in 

its Origin and Development. 3 vols, crown 8vo, cloth, 
uncut. Oxford, at the Clarendon Press, 1874-78 

995 Suckling (Sir John). The Works of Sir John Suckling, 

containing his Poems, Letters and Plays. Portrait. 8vo, 

yellow calf gilt, edges gilt. London, 1709 

Very SCARCE. Comprises his facetious poems (see "A Candle," 

page 62) ; Letters ; Account of Religion by Reason ; his plays of 

" Aglaura," " The Gk)blins," " Brennorath," " The Sad One," etc. 

"His ' Ballad on a Wedding ' is his masterpiece, and is indeed 
unrivalled in that class of composition for the voluptuous delicacy of 
the sentiments and the luxuriant richness of the images."— Hazlitt. 

996 Sue (Eugene). The Mysteries of Paris Several hun- 

dred illustrations by Heath. 3 vols. 8vo, half calf extra. 

London, 1845-46 
This popular work has become very scarce. 

997 Sue. The Wandering Jew. Profusely illustrated by H^XTn. 

3 vols. 8vo, cloth, trimmed. London, 1844-45 

998 Sully (Duke of). Memoirs. Translated by Charlotte 

Lennox, with Notes, etc. [attributed to Sir Walter 
Scott]. Numerous fine portraits {foxed). 5 vols, royal 
8vo, tree marble calf gilt. London, 1810 

Large paper copy. 

It was not only as a financial reformer that the Due de Sully served 
King Henry the Fourth of France and his country. He was the 
King's counsellor in all the great measures of the reign with regard to 
foreign affairs, and also in those by which belief of conscience and full 
rights of citizenship were guaranteed to the Huguenots ; and by which 
the effective administration of the law and the maintenance of order 
and tranquillity were secured. 

" The Memoirs of Sully finish the portrait of these times, in finish- 
ing for us, not only the portrait of Henry IV. , but in giving us many 
curious particulars respecting the practical government of France, its 
finances, factions and the whole state of its constitution and interests. 
His work is authentic and particularly valuable, and must be read." — 
Prof. Smyth. 

999 Sumner (Wm. G.). A History of American Currency Crown 

8vo, cloth. N. Y., 1878 

With — ' ■ chapters on the English Bank Restriction and Austrian 
Paper Money, to which is appended ' The Bullion Report. ' " 

1000 Surrey and Wyatt. Poetical Works [complete, edited 

with original Memoirs by Sir Harris Nicolas]. Por- 



traits. 2 vols, crown 8vo, yellow calf, bevelled sides, 
marbled edges. London, Pickering, 1831 

Large paper and printed by C. Whittingham. An elegant copy. 
" The graces of the Italian muse which had been taught by Surrey 
and Wyatt." — Warton. 
looi [SuRTEES (R. S.).] Sponge's Sporting Tour and Handley 
Cross. With colored plates and many woodcuts from the in- 
imitable designs of Leech and H. K. Browne. 2 vols. 8vo, 
cloth, uncut. London, 1853-54 

Original octavo edition and now scarce. 
The best sporting novels that English literature has produced. The 
illustrations to these interesting volumes are inimitable. 

1002 SwEDENBORG (Emanucl). His Life and Writings. By 

William White. Portraits. Thick 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1868 
Second Edition. 

" The case against me runs thus — ' You admit that Swedenborg kept 
a mistress, went mad, told cock and bull stories, and didn't wash his 
face. Yet you say he was a Divine Messenger.'" — Preface. 

1003 Swift (Dean). Works, containing additional Letters, 

Tracts, and Poems, not hitherto published; with Notes and 
a Life of the Author by Sir Walter Scott. Portrait. 
19 vols. 8vo, calf extra, gilt edges. Edinburgh, 1824 

The rare Second Edition. 

"No author in the British language has enjoyed the extensive popu- 
larity of the celebrated Dean of St. Patrick's. Neither the local and 
temporary nature of the subjects on which his pen was frequently en- 
gaged, nor other objections of a more positive nature, have affected the 
brilliancy of his reputation. " — Scott. 

1004 Symonds (John Addington). Renaissance in Italy. 5 vols. 

8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1880-81 

Comprising — I., Age of the Despots; II., the Revival of Learning; 
III., the Fine Arts; IV. and V., Italian Literature. 


" Triumph, my Britaine, thou hast one to showe, 
To whom all Scenes of Europe homage owe. 
He was not of an age but for all time! 
And all the Muses still were in their prime, 
When, like Apollo, he came forth to warme 
Our eares, or, like a Mercury, to charme! 
Nature her selfe was proud of his designes. 
And ioyed to weare the dressings of his lines! 
Which were so richly spun, and woven so fit, 
As since, she will vouchsafe no other Wit." 

— Ben Jonson. 

1005 Shakespeare. A Reprint of his Collected Works as put 

• forth in 1623. Part i containing the Comedies, Part 2 the 

Histories, and Part 3 the Tragedies. Published according 

to the True Original Copies. 3 vols. 4to, trimmed. 

London, Printed by Isaac laggard, and Ed. Blount, 1623; 

and Reprinted for Lionel Booth, 1864 

Lionel Booth's careful facsimile reprint of the far-famed Text of the 
First Edition of Shakespeare, "intact as it was put forth in 1623," with 
an elaborate collation of the first folio. 

That distinguished American bibliophile Charles W. Frederick- 
son, the Shelleyan enthusiast, thus writes of the ever-living home of 
the immortal Bard of Avon in Irving and Fairholt's " Shakespeare's 
Home," N. Y., 1877: — " Shakespeare's real home, where is it? As far 
as human foot has trod, either in the Arctic or the torrid zone, his 
voice and influence have been heard and felt. The tattered leaves of 
his much read volume are carefully cared for by the trapper of the West 
and the wandering emigrant of New Zealand. It cheers the lagging 
hours of the prisoner in his cell, and forms the text for universal con- 
versation. The schoolboy spouts his lines, the lover copies his verses, 
the soldier is fired by his enthusiasm, the justice tempers his sentences 
by a quotation, the lean and slippered pantaloon pores over his tome, 
and the last stage of all finds hope and consolation in his ever-living 



1006 Shakespeare. The Works of William Shakespeare. 

The Plays edited from the Folio of MDCXXIII., with 
Various Readings from all the Editions and all the Com- 
mentators, Notes, Introductory Remarks, A Historical 
Sketch of the Text, An Account of the Rise and Progress 
of the English Drama, A Memoir of the Poet, and An Essay 
upon his Genius. By Richard Grant White. Portraits 
on India paper and woodcuts. 1 2 vols. 8vo, half olive mo- 
rocco, gilt top edges, others uncut, by W. Matthews. 

Boston, Little, Brown &• Co., 1857-66 
Very scarce. Large paper ; only 48 copies printed, and of which 
a number was destroyed at Richardson's fire. 

' ' After such conscientious examination of his work as the importance 
of it demands; after a painful comparison, note by note, and reading by 
reading, of his edition with those of Messrs. Knight, Collier, and Dyce, 
our opinion of his ability and fitness for his task has been heightened 
and confirmed. Not that we always agree with him ; but Mr. White 
has generally shown so just a discrimination, that there are few instances 
where we dissent. We have subjected his volumes to a laborious exam- 
ination, such as few books receive, because the text of Shakespeare is a 
matter of common and great concern, and they have borne the trial, 
except in a few unimportant particulars, admirably. Mr. Dyce and Mr. 
Singer are only dry, common-place books of illustrative quotations ; 
Mr. Collier has not wholly recovered from his ' corr. fo.' madness; Mr. 
Knight (with many eminent advantages as an editor) is too diffuse; and 
we repeat our honest persuasion, that Mr. White has thus far given us 
the best extant text, while the fullness of his notes gives his edition 
almost the value of a variorum ; and we think that a careful collation 
justifies us in saying that in acute discrimination of aesthetic shades of 
expression, and often of textual niceties, Mr. White is superior to any 
previous editor." — ^J. R. Lowell. 

1007 Shakespeare's Scholar : being Historical and Critical 

Studies of his Text, Characters, and Commentators, with 
an Examination of Mr. Collier's folio of 1632. By R. 
Grant White. 8vo, cloth, gilt top edge, others uncut. 

N. Y., 1854 
Very scarce. 

"Mr. Grant White in his entertaining and suggestive book called 
' Shakespeare's Scholar,' " etc. — Howard Staunton. 

1008 Shakespeare. Dramatic Works. Poems, Doubtful 

Plays, and Biography. Charles Knight's splendid 
Pictorial Edition. Illustrated with over 1,200 beautiful 
engravings on wood, of views, costumes, old buildings, por- 


traits, etc. 8 vols, imperial 8vo. Elegantly bound, from 
THE SHEETS, in half morocco gilt, top edge gilt, others 
uncut. London, Charles Knight &= Co., n. d. 

Unique. Original pictorial edition, now very scarce. With 36 extra 
India proof plates from designs by Smirke and others inserted. 

This ably-edited work ranges in size and character with the 
elegant Abbotsf ord edition of the Waverley Novels, and is indisputably 
the most beautiful of the modern illustrated octavo editions of Shakes- 

In this splendid edition the text is derived from a most laborious 
and careful collation of the early editions, with all that the best and 
most extensive modern Shakesperean criticism has discovered. The 
notes are copious and thoroughly elucidatory of obscure words and 
phrases, and of the sources of the plays, the historical characters, etc. 
The engravings are mostly from actual things, and are not mere fancy 
pictures. The biography of Shakespeare is the best yet written of him, 
and the studies of the characters of the plays and the accounts of the 
plots are written with feeling as well as with critical acumen. 

1009 Shakespeare. The Works of William Shakespeare. 
Cambridge Edition. Edited by William George Clark, 
M.A., Fellow and Tutor of Trinity College, and Public 
Orator in the University of Cambridge, and John 
Glover, M.A., Librarian of Trinity College, Cambridge. 
9 vols, 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

Cambridge and London, England, 1863-66 
Fine, clean copy of this most valuable edition of Shakespeare. Now 
out of print and exceedingly scarce. 

loio Shakespeare. Comedies, Histories, Tragedies and Poems 
of William Shakspere, with a Biography and Studies 
of his Works by Charles Knight. Pictorial and Na- 
tional Edition. Profusely illustrated. 8 vols. 8vo, 
cloth, uncut. Boston [London], 1853 

The National Edition is now very scarce and is one of the best edi- 
tions for use. 

ion Shakespeare. The Plays of Shakespeare, Edited by 
Howard Staunton. Portrait and numerous illustrations 
by John Gilbert, engraved by the Brothers Dalziel. 3 
vols. 4to, half morocco, uncut on all edges. 

London, George Routledge &= Co., 1858 
A splendid copy of Staunton's Pictorial Shakespeare, original edition, 
with bright impressions of the celebrated wood-engravings by the 
Dalziels, after Sir John Gilbert's spirited designs. 


1012 Shakespeare. Supplement to the Plays of ; comprising 

the Seven Dramas which have been ascribed to his Pen, 
but which are not included with his Writings in modern 
editions. With Notes, and an Introduction to each Play, 
by William Gilmore Simms. Illustrations on wood. 
Royal 8vo, cloth, uncut. N. Y., 1848 

First American edition. Scarce. The seven plays are— The Two 

Noble Kinsmen; The London Prodigal; Thomas, Lord Cromwell; 

Sir John Oldcastle; The Puritan, or the Widow of Watling Street; 

The Yorkshire Tragedy and the Tragedy of Locrine. 

1013 Shakespeare. Hamlet, by William Shake-speare, 

1603; Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, 1604. With 
a Bibliographical Preface by Samuel Timmins. 8vo, cloth, 
uncut. London, i860 

Limited edition, published at lis. 6d. , of this interesting volume. 
" Being exact reprints of the first and second editions of Shakespeare's 
great drama, from the very rare originals in the possession of His 
Grace the Duke of Devonshire; with the two texts printed on oppo- 
site pages and so arranged that the parallel passages face each other." 

1014 Shakespeare. Sonnets ; reproduced in facsimile by the 

New Process of Photo-Zincography in use in Her Ma- 
jesty's Ordnance Survey Office. Small 4to, half morocco, 
edges uncut, Roxburghe style. London, 1862 

Facsimiled — "from the unrivalled original in the Library of 
Bridgewater House, by permission of the Right Hon. the Earl of 

1015 Shakespeare Society's Publications. Consisting of 

Works illustrative of Shakespeare, Old Plays, Poems, 
Curious Tracts, Memoirs, etc., either now printed for the 
first time, or, from their rarity, difficult to be procured. 
47 parts in 19 vols. 8vo, half calf, gilt, contents lettered. 

London, 1841-53 

A COMPLETE and fine set of these valuable and scarce works. 

The Shakespeare Society has been dissolved, and the compara- 
tively few sets of their publications dispersed. They consist of nearly 
fifty different works illustrative of Shakespeare, and comprise Old 
Plays, Poems, Curious Tracts, Memoirs, etc., either printed for 
the first time, or from their rarity difficult to be procured ; they are 
edited by eminent literary men. Among their distinguished Editors 
were J. P. Collier, J. O. Halliwell, Rev. A. Dyce, and P. Cunning- 

The above set in 19 vols, is lettered as follows; — Dramatic Works 
of Thomas Heywood, 2 vols. ; Supplement to Dodsley's Old Plays, 4 



vols. ; Early Prose and Poetical Tracts, 2 vols. ; Henslowe and Al- 
leyne, 2 vols. ; Registers of the Stationers' Company ; Plots of 
Shakespeare and Shakespeare's Henry IV. ; Life of Inigo Jones and 
Ben Jonson's Conversations ; John A. Kent and John A. Comber — 
Lodge's Defence of Poetry, etc. ; Fairy Mythology of Shakespeare — 
Oberon's Vision ; Original Actors in the Plays of Shakespeare ; Revels 
at Court — Tarleton's Jests ; Early Treatises on the Stage ; Papers of 
the Shakespeare Society. 

ioi6 Shakespeare's Library: a Collection of the Romances, 
Novels, Poems, and Histories, used by Shakespeare as the 
Foundation of his Dramas, now first collected and accu- 
rately reprinted from the Original Editions, with Introduc- 
tory Notices, by J. Payne Collier. 2 vols. 8vo, calf gilt. 

London, Thomas Rodd, n. d. 
" This valuable work places in the hands of the reader, for a few 
shillings, matter that could before have been purchased only by an out- 
lay of hundreds of pounds, and which was in many cases altogether 
inaccessible. " — Allibone. 

1017 Collier (J. Payne, F.S.A.). Notes and Emendations to 

Text of Shakespeare's Plays, from Early Manuscript 
Corrections in a Copy of the Folio, 1632, in the possession 
of J. Payne Collier, F.S.A., forming a Supplemental 
Volume to the Works of Shakespeare by the same editor 
in eight volumes, octavo. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1853 

' ' The corrections which Mr. Collier has here given to the world, we 
venture to think, of more value than the labors of nearly all the critics 
on Shakespeare's text put together." — London Literary Gazette. 

The three following lots relate to the " terrible excitement " created 
among the antiquaries and Shakesperean critics by the publication of 
the above. 

1018 Hamilton (N. E. S. A.). An Inquiry into the Genuine- 

ness of the Manuscript Corrections in Mr. J. Payne Col- 
lier's Annotated Shakespere, Folio, 1632, and of certain 
Shakesperean Documents likewise published by Mr. Col- 
lier. Facsimiles. Small 4to, cloth, uncut. London, i860 
"It cannot be fairly alleged that Mr. Hamilton has strained the 
facts, or gone out of the way to apply them." — Manchester Guardian. 

10 1 9 Dyce (Rev. Alexander). Remarks on Mr. J. P. Collier's 

and Mr. C. Knight's Editions of Shakespeare. 8vo, 
half calf gilt. London, Moxon, 1844 

" The acknowledged reputation of Mr. Dyce as a reformer of cor- 
rupt texts is too widely extended to be increased by our eulogy." — 
Literary Gazette. 


1020 Singer (Samuel Weller). The Text of Shakespeare Vindi- 

cated from the Interpolations and Corruptions Advocated 
by John Payne Collier, Esq., in his Notes and Emenda- 
tions. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, William Pickering, 1853 
Singer quotes on his title the line from the ' ' Rape of Lucrece " — 
" To blot old books and alter their content," and beneath Malone's 
reference to it — ' ' Shakespeare probably little thought, when he wrote 
this line, that his own compositions would afford a more striking 
example of this species of devastation than any that has appeared since 
the first use of type." 

102 1 Ireland. Miscellaneous Papers and Legal Instru- 

ments, under the Hand and Seal of William Shakes- 
peare ; including the Tragedy of King Lear and a small 
Fragment of Hamlet, from the Original MSS. in the pos- 
session of Samuel Ireland. Curious facsimiles. 4to, 
half russia, cloth sides. London, 1796 

Very rare and fine copy in quarto, of which " Only 138 copies 
printed. " — LoWNDES. 

Although the name of Samuel Ireland appears on the title-page of 
the above volume, the real author was his son, W. H. Ireland. 

1022 Ireland (William Henry). The Confessions of, containing 

the Particulars of his Fabrication of the Shakespeare 
Manuscripts ; together with Anecdotes and Opinions 
(hitherto unpublished) of many Distinguished Persons in 
the Literary, Political and Theatrical World. Facsimiles. 
1 2 mo, half russia gilt. London, 1805 

" Confessions as false as the forgeries they profess to expose." 
This copy is one of the 138 saved from destruction of the book 
upon the confession of the younger Ireland ; and even of these, the 
greater part were subsequently lost by fire. See Catalogue Raisonne, 
p. 98. Samuel was really the given name of this forger. 

1023 Ingleby (C. Mansfield). The Shakespeare Fabrications; 

or, the MS. Notes of the Perkins Folio shown to be of 
Recent Origin. Facsimile frontispiece. i6mo, cloth, uncut. 
London, John Russell Smith, 1859 
With — " an appendix on the authorship of the Ireland forgeries." 

1024 Heard (Franklin Fiske). The Legal Acquirements of 

William Shakespeare. 4to, paper, uncut. 

Boston, John Kimball Wig-gin, 1865 
Very rare. No. 3 of four copies on drawing paper, out of an entire 
edition of sixty. A beautiful piece of printing, and with rubricated 

The farnvM UbrarV. 277 

1025 Halliwell (James O.). Historical Account of the New 

Place, Stratford-upon-Avon, the last residence of Shaks- 
peare. Illustrated by upwards of sixty woodcuts, comprising 
views, antiquities, facsimiles of deeds, etc. Folio, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1864 

" Presented to the Subscribers to the Folio Shakespeare.'' 
This is a most important work for the Shakespearean student. The 
great researches of the author have enabled him to bring to light many 
facts hitherto unknown in reference to the "great bard." AH the 
documents possessing any real claim or importance are inserted at full 
length, and many of them are now printed for the first time. 

1026 Drake (Nathan, M.I).). Shakespeare and his Times: 

including the Biography of the Poet; Criticisms on his 
Genius and Writings; a New Chronology of his Plays; 
a Disquisition on the Object of his Sonnets, and a History 
of the Manners, Customs and Amusements, Superstitions, 
Poetry and Elegant Literature of his Age. Portrait and 
facsimiles. 2 vols. 4to, half morocco, gilt, cloth sides 
(some pages foxed and cover of Vol. 2 loose). 

London, Cadell Ss' Davies, 18 17 
Unique, large paper. This very scarce work is enhanced by the 
insertion of a number of colored plates- 

' ' It may be considered as a magnificent temple dedicated to the 
genius of Shakespeare. Its publication will form an epoch in the 
Shakespearean history of the country." — Gentleman's Magazine. 

1027 Green (Henry, M.A.). Shakespeare and the Emblem 

Writers : an Exposition of their Similarities of Thought 
and Expression, preceded by a View of Emblem-Literature 
down to A. D. 1616. Frontispiece and vignette title, and 
numerous illustrated devices from the original authors. 4to, 
cloth gilt, bevelled sides, edges uncut. London, 1870 

This work, which has been printed with great care, abounds in orna- 
mental, illustrative, facsimile woodcuts and photo-lithographs, taken 
from the works of authors with several of whom Shakespeare was per- 
sonally acquainted. The students and scholars of the great dramatist 
will here find illustrations, until now unquarried, from his marvellous 
writings. And in the first three chapters of the work bibhophilists 
will discover information, once lying widely scattered, now brought 
into compass and order. Also to every one of the Teutonic race, by 
whom Shakespeare is reverenced, there is offered further insight into 
the course which his genius pursued in elevating and refining its own 
powers . 


1028 Shakespeare Jest-Books, being reprints of Early and very 

Rare Jest-Books supposed to have been used by Shakes- 
peare. Edited, with Introduction and Notes, by W. C. 
Hazlitt. 3 vols, thick foolscap Bvo, half morocco, Rox- 
burghe style, edges uncut. 

London, Willis &= Sotheran, 1864 

This is a reprint of tiie early and very rare jest-books which Shakes- 
peare is supposed to have plagiarized pretty freely from. The orig- 
inals of the works included in these three volumes are so excessively 
rare, that, however ardent in his search, or prodigal of his money, 
the book-collector would find it next to impossible to procure even a 
portion of those assembled here. Contents: A Hundred Mery Tayls, 
from the only known copy; Mery Tales and Quicke Answeres, from 
the rare editions of 1530 and 1567; Merie Tales of Skelton; Jests of 
Scogin; SackfuU of News; Tarlton's Jests; Merrie Conceited Jests of 
George Peele; Jacke of Dover; Merie Tales of the Mad Men of 
Gotham; Twelve Mery Jests of the Wydow Edyth; Pasquils Jests 
with Mother Bunches Merriments; The Pleasant Conceits of Old 
Hobson; Certayne Conceyts and Jeasts; Taylor's Wit and Mirth; 
Conceits, Clinches, Flashes, and Whimsies. 

" This carefully edited series of Elizabethan Jest-Books is a valua- 
ble contribution to our knowledge of the wit and humor of the time 
when Shakespeare flourished, and a curious example of the books 
popular in the sixteenth century. To the English philologist and 
antiquary they are likewise extremely interesting. They are very 
handsomely printed, and are altogether among the daintiest volumes 
of the modern press." 

1029 Brough (Robert B.). The Life of Sir John Falstaff, 

with a Biography of the Knight from Authentic Sources 
by Robert B. Brough. With 20 very fine full-page etch- 
ings by George Cruikshank. Royal 8vo, cloth, top edge 
gilt, others uncut. London, 1858 

A splendid addition to a collection of Cruikshankiana or Shakes- 
pearean literature. In the words of the author — "no pains have 
been spared by the artist (the immortal George) to make his work con- 
scientiously complete.'' 

1030 Falstaff. Original Letters, etc., of Sir John Falstaff, 

selected from Genuine Manuscripts which have been in 
the possession of Dame Quickly and her Descendants 
near Four Hundred Years. 32mo, half morocco. 

Phila., 1813 
Rare, curious, and ' ' Dedicated to Master Samuel Irelaunde and 
Patrick Lyon." 


1031 More (Sir Thomas). The History of King Richard the 

Third. New edition, revised and corrected. Portrait. 
8vo, mottled calf extra, citron edges, by Bedford. 

Rare. Chiswick, Whittingham, 1821 

Large paper. A beautiful copy of this little classic which was 
written before Shakespeare was born. 

1032 DouCE (F.). Illustrations of Shakspeare, and of Ancient 

Manners. With Dissertations on the Clowns and Fools of 
Shakspeare; on the collection of Popular Tales entitled 
Gesta Romanorum; and on the English Morris Dance. 
By Francis Douce, illustrations on wood by J. Ber- 
RYMAN. 2 vols. 8vo, half russia. London, Longmans, 1807 

Best edition. Very scarce. 

"Of this literary writer, notices are copiously strewed over the 
three volumes of the Bibliographical Decameron. " — Wrangham. 

" I look upon this work as a sort of Hortus Shakespearianus; the 
research and learning bestowed on it are immense." — DlBDlN. 

1033 Book of Shakespeare Gems, a Series of Landscape Il- 

lustrations of the most interesting localities of Shakes- 
peare's Dramas ; with Historical and Descriptive Ac- 
counts, by Washington Irving, Jesse, W. Howitt, 
Wordsworth, Inglis and others. With 45 highly-finished 
steel engravings, by Radcliffe, Woods, Hinchliff, Var- 
RALL, Winckles, and other eminent artists. Red cloth, 
gilt, uncut. London, 1850 

Admirably adapted for illustrating Shakespeare. Published at £1 
IIJ. td. 

1034 BoYDELL. Graphic Illustrations of the Dramatic 

Works of Shakespeare. Comprising 100 large and beau- 
tiful engravings by Schiavonetti, Heath, Noble, 
Sharpe, etc., from designs by Smirke, Hamilton, West- 
all, Northcote, etc. (some foxed). Folio, half morocco 
extra, gilt edges. London, 1802 

Fine original impressions. The above is a totally distinct series 
from the large set, and was published with the Text in 9 vols, folio. 
This is one of the very few sets taken off and sold separately from the 

There are two different plates of Opie's " Romeo and Juliet," Act 
4, Scene V., one engraved by J. P. Simon, the other by W. Blake. 
The second is marked " variation." 

In 1804, the year of his death, Boydell estimated his expenditures 
on his great Shakespeare Gallery's art works at ;^, which 


ruined him. Mr. Tassie was more fortunate ; he drew the Boydell 
Gallery with a guinea lottery ticket, and profited by it, it is said, to 
the extent of more than ;^io,ooo. The first artists of the time were 
secured to paint the pictures, among them were Sir Joshua Reynolds, 
Benjamin West, Fuseli, Romney, Northcote, Smirke, Stothard and 
Opie. The first engravers of England were employed to transfer 
them to copper, and such artists as Sharp, Bartolozzi, Earlom, Thew, 
Simon, Middiman, Watson, Fittler, Wilson, and many others, exerted 
their talents for years on the great work. Dress, architecture, scen- 
ery, are all produced with perfect exactness of antiquarian and archae- 
ological research, and embodied with a skill which only the great 
masters could command. 

1035 Retzsch, M. Illustrations to Shakespeare, complete, 
with Descriptions in English and German. Upwards of 
100 fine outline engravings. Oblong 4to, cloth, gilt edges 
(binding slightly damaged). N. Y., 1853 

Although the above is styled on the title — " Second American Origi- 
nal Edition," it is only a matter of title-page, as they are the original 
plates printed and published at Leipsic by Ernest Fleischer and his 
name appears on the bottom of every impression. 

These beautiful plates illustrate Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, 
Lear, The Tempest, Othello, Merry Wives of Windsor, and King 
Henry IVth. 



^°3^ ll^»5j(ip^:|AINE (H A.). History of English Litera- 
ture. Translated by Van Laun. 2 vols. 
8vo, cloth, uncut edges. 

Edinburgh, 1871 
Early copies with the imprint of " Edmonston and Douglas,'' are 
now scarce. Irrespective of its undoubted literary merit, this book 
is an ornament to any library. It is elegantly printed on heavy hand- 
made paper, and is a superb specimen of typography. 

1037 Talfourd (Sir Thomas Noon, D.C.L.). The Dramatic 

Works of. Post 8vo, finely bound in red morocco, gilt 
edges by Hayday. London, Moxon, 1852 

Eleventh edition — " to which are added a few sonnets and verses." 
"We give this writer full credit for the wish which he expresses, to 
advance the cause of religion and morality." — London Monthly Re- 

1038 Talleyrand (Prince). Correspondence of, and King 

Louis XVIIL, during the Congress of Vienna. Portrait. 

Thick 8vo, cloth. N. Y., 1881 

Compiled from manuscripts preserved in the archives of the 

Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Vienna, with a Preface, Observations and 

Notes by M. G. Pallain, also Descriptive Index. 

1039 Taylor (Bishop Jeremy). Whole Works ; with an Essay 

Bibliographical and Critical. Portrait. 3 vols, thick 
royal 8vo, cloth. London, 1862 

"As long, probably, as Englishmen retain a. taste for elevated 
thought, pure aspiration, and quaint imagery clothed in rich and 
ornate diction, so long will Jeremy Taylor retain his high place in 
our literature." — Quarterly Review. 

1040 Taylor. Worthy Communicant : a Discourse on the 

Nature, Effects, and Blessings consequent to the Worthy 
receiving of the Lord's Supper. 8vo, calf, antique, red 
edges. London, William Pickering, 1853 

Scarce. Beautifully printed at the Chiswick Press by Whitting- 


1041 Taylor. The Great Exemplar of Sanctity and Holy Life, 

described in the History of the Life and Death of the ever 
Blessed Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the World. 3 vols, 
foolscap, 8vo, calf, antique, red edges. 

London, W. Pickering, 1849 
" Bishop Taylor has the eloquence of the orator, the fancy of the 
poet, the acuteness of the schoolman, the profoundness of the philo- 
sopher, and the piety of the saint." — Parr. 

1042 Taylor. Rules and Exercises of Holy Living and Holy 

Dying. 2 vols, crown Bvo, cloth, uncut. Boston, 1864 

Large paper and handsomely printed. 

"The writings of Bishop Jeremy Taylor are a perpetual feast to rae. 
His hospitable board groans under the weight and multitude of 
viands. Yet I seldom rise from the perusal of his works without 
repeating, or recollecting the excellent observation of Minutius Felix: 
Fabulas et errores ab imperitis parentibus discimus; et, quod est 
gravius, ipsis studiis et disciplinis elaboramus." — Omn. I., 188. 

1043 Taylor (Henry). Philip Van Artevelde : a Dramatic Ro- 

mance in two Parts. Post 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

1-,onAan, Moxon, 1852 
" Henry Taylor's tragedies are of the very best kind."— Robert 


1044 Taylor (Isaac). Words and Places ; or. Etymological 

Illustrations of History, Ethnology and Geography. With 
maps. i2mo, cloth. London, 1873 

" The author is evidently a man of ardent piety, of a vivid im- 
agination, and of a vigorous and excursive understanding, and has a 
vast command of diction and imagery. He is never dull. Dullness, 
indeed, is at the very antipodes of his manner. There is an intensity 
about the composition which keeps our faculties perpetually upon the 
stretch. The man, beyond all question, is a very distinguished 
writer." — British Critic. 

1045 Taylor (John). The Great Pyramid. Why was it Built ? 

and Who Built It ? Cuts. i2mo, cloth. London, 1864 

" John Taylor, of London, whose modesty will leave the next gen- 
eration to know, better than his own age appears to do, how great a 
mind we have had amongst us." — Morgan. 

1046 Taylor (E. S.). History of Playing-Cards; with Anec- 

dotes of their Use in Conjuring, Fortune-Telling, and Card- 
Sharping. Numerous illustrations. Thick post 8vo, cloth 
uncut. London, 1865 

Illustrated with numerous facsimiles of early playing cards. "It 


was edited and completed by Kenneth R. H. Mackenzie [nephew of 
Shelton Maclcenzie]. It was subsequently advertised as by Rev. 
Edward Taylor, and John Camden Hotten." — Allibone. 

1047 Temple (Sir William). Works and Life, /. e. : — 

I. Temple. Works, complete, with Life. Best edition. 4 
vols. London, 1814 

n. Temple. Memoirs of the Life, Works and Correspon- 
dence of, by the Right Hon. Thomas Peregrine 
CouRTENAY. JVitA Steel portrait and folded pedigree. 
2 vols. London, 1836 

Together 6 vols. 8vo, half calf gilt. London, 1814-36 
•" Sir W. Temple was the first writer who gave cadence to English 
prose." — Dr. Johnson. 

' ' Next to Dryden, the second place among the polite writers of the 
period from the Restoration to the end of the century has commonly 
been given to Sir William Temple." — Hallam. 

1048 Tennyson (Alfred). Poetical Works, complete. Portrait. 

6 vols. 8vo, cloth, gilt tops, trimmed edges. London, 1872 
Library edition, elegantly printed on ribbed paper, with initial 
letters and numerous ornamental head and tail pieces. 

" Tennyson's diction and melody are in perfect harmony with his 
imaginative faculty." — Bayne. 

1049 Teuffel (W. S., Professor at Tubingen!). A History of 

Roman Literature. 2 vols, royal 8vo, cloth. London, 1873 

Printed in English by " Ferd. Schlotke, Hamburg," and — "trans- 
lated with the author's sanction by Wilhelm Wagner, Ph. D. , of the 
Johanneum Hamburg." 

1050 Thacher (James). A Military Journal during the Amer- 

ican Revolutionary War, from 1775 to 1783. With Bio- 
graphical Sketches of several General Officers, etc. 8vo, 
half russia. Boston, 1823 

Scarce and a fine copy. 

The English bibliographer Lowndes says this American volume is — 
"a partial work." But Thacher was bom in Massachusetts and not in 

1051 Thiers (M. A.). History of the French Revolution, 

Translated, with Notes and Illustrations, from the most 
authentic Sources, by F. Shoberl. With fine engravings on- 
steel by Greatbach, after drawings by Raffet. 5 vols. 
8vo, calf, gilt, marbled edges, by Nutt and Son. 

London, 1838 
" This great work deserves to be ranked as the foremost historical 

2 §4 ^^^ ParatuM librarV. 

production of the age. M. Thiers indeed throws a fascination over 
every subject he touches. The translation is a perfect reflex of the 
original, and rendered with fidelity and spirit." — United Service 

1052 Thomas (Isaiah). The History of Printing in America. 

With a Biography of Printers, and an Account of News- 
papers. To which is prefixed a Concise View of the Dis- 
covery and Progress of the Art in other parts of the World. 
By Isaiah Thomas, Printer, Worcester, Massachusetts. 
Portraits and plates. 2 vols. 8vo, half calf, gilt. 
Worcester, From, the Press of Isaiah Thomas, Jun., rSio 
Very Scarce. " This valuable work, vreitten and published in 
advance of the time, met with no favour, and was qu'ckly forgotten. 
Shortly after its issue the remainder of the edition was purchased, on a 
venture, by the late W. Gowans and an associate, at twenty-five cents 
per volume in sheets, and an arrangement made with a bookbinder 
to put the stock into boards, the whole of which, with the exception 
of a copy that Mr. Gowans had retained for himself, was returned cut 
down almost to the head lines; an incident to which Mr. Gowans never 
referred without an emphatic expression of indignation." — Menzies's 

So far from this copy being in the condition described above, it is 
not only a fine one, but very tall. 

1053 [Thomas (Ralph).] Handbook of Fictitious Names : being 

a Guide to Authors, chiefly in the Lighter Literature of 
the 19th Century, who have written under Assumed Names; 
and to Literary Forgers, Impostors, Plagiarists and Imita- 
tors. By Olphar Hamst, Esq. Royal 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1868 

Large paper copy. No. 15 of a limited edition of 25, on thick 
paper, and signed by the publisher "J. R. Thomas." 

" A zealous and accurate bibliographer." — Allibone. 

1054 Thoms. Early English Prose Romances, with Bibliographi- 

cal and Historical Introductions. Edited by William J, 
Thoms, F.S.A. 3 vols, royal 8vo, half morocco, uncut, 
RoxBURGHE STYLE. London, 1858 

Large paper, of which only 50 copies were printed of this second 
enlarged edition. 

"The Waverley Novels of their day." — Retrospective Review. 

i°SS Thomson (Richard). Historical Essay on the Magna 
Charta of King John, to which are added various Old 
Charters, with Translations and Notes. Every page sur- 


rounded by an elegant and differently designed border. Thick 
imperial 8vo, tree marble calf gilt, marbled edges. 

London, Major, 1829 

Large paper and Original Edition. A splendid copy with India 
paper proof title, and illustrated with upwards of 600 heraldic and 
chivahic devices, 6g cuts of monumental effigies; also seals, emblems, 
etc. All within exquisite ornamental borders. 

" A book as beautifully and appropriately adorned as it is elaborately 
and learnedly compiled." — Southey. 

1056 Thornbury (Walter). Haunted London. With illustra- 

tions by F. W. Fairholt, F.S.A. Thick 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1865 

" When a man is tired of London he is tired of life, for there is in 
London all life can afford." — Boswell's Johnson. 

1057 Thorpe (B.). Northern Mythology; the Popular Tradi- 

tions and Superstitions of Scandinavia, North Germany 
and the Netherlands, selected and translated. Frontis- 
piece. 3 vols, small 8vo, half morocco, gilt top edges, others 
uncut, Roxburghe style. London, 1852 

Contains also a selection of the principal later popular traditions and 
superstitions of the countries above mentioned. 

1058 TiCKNOR (George). History of Spanish Literature. [With 

Criticisms on particular works and Biographical Notices of 
prominent Writers.] 3 vols, royal 8vo, half calf extra 
(lacks title to Vol. 2). N. Y., 1849 

' ' You have laid the foundations of your work so deep that nothing 
can shake it; you have built it up with a care that renders it reliable in 
all its parts; and you have finished it with a grace and beauty that 
leave nothing to be desired. It is well worth a lifetime to achieve such 
a work." — Washington Irving to Ticknor. 

1059 [TiGHE (Mrs. Henry).] Psyche; or, the Legend of Love. 

32mo, elegantly bound in smooth morocco gilt, edges gilt, 
with violet silk ends and with tooled borders. 

London, 1805 

Large paper, of which only 100 copies were beautifully printed by 
Whittingham for presents. With the autograph of the authoress — 
"To Lydia White, from her obliged, M. Tighe. Dublin, Jan. 31, 

" The 'Psyche' of Mrs. Tighe has a languid beauty, probably re- 
sembling that of her person." — Leigh Hunt. 


ro6o Times (John). Club-Life of London; with Anecdotes of 
Clubs, Coffee-houses and Taverns of the Metropolis. 
Portraits. 2 vols, crown 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1866 
Best edition. Scarce. 

' ' Mr. Timbs possesses the rare faculty of clear and accurate con- 
densation. " — London Lancet. 

io6t Times. Anecdote Lives of the later Wits and Humorists. 
2 vols, crown 8vo, cloth. London, 1874 

Contains anecdotes of Canning, Capt. Morris, Curran, Coleridge, 
Lamb, Charles Mathews, Talleyrand, Jerrold, Rogers, Albert Smith, 
Hood, Maginn, Thackeray, Dickens, Poole, Leigh Hunt, Father 
Prout, etc. 

1062 TiMPERLEY (C. H.). Encyclopaedia of Literary and Typo- 

graphical Anecdote; being a Digest of the most interest- 
ing Facts illustrative of the History of Literature and 
Printing; with Biographical Sketches of Eminent Book- 
sellers, Printers, Type-founders, Engravers, Bookbinders 
and Paper Makers, of all Ages and Countries. Including 
curious particulars of the First Introduction of Printing 
and of the Books then printed. Notices of Early Bibles. 
A History of all the Newspapers and an Account of the 
Origin and Progress of Language, Writing and Writing 
Materials, the Invention of Paper, etc. Second edition. 
Illustrations. Thick imperial 8vo, calf gilt by Hayday. 

London, Henry G. Bohn, 1842 

" A reissue called ' Second Edition,' to which is added a continua- 
tion to the present time, comprising recent biographies, chiefly of 
booksellers, and a practical manual of printing." — Lowndes. 

Timperley's work is a comprehensive, instructive and entertaining 
omnium gatherum of whatever could be collected from known and 
authentic sources. It is one of the most accurate, laborious and volu- 
minous compilations ever made, and one to be gratefully remembered 
by all students of the History of English Literature and Typography. 
The author was in early life a soldier, had gone through many cam- 
paigns, had served at Waterloo, and had well earned his pension of 
a shilling per diem. He was at one time a bookseller, but had accepted 
bills to a large amount, and in order to pay the debts contracted he 
consigned his stock to an auctioneer, who, after disposing of it by 
auction, ran off with the proceeds. Broken down by misfortune, he 
accepted literary employment with Fisher & Jackson, the subscription 
book publishers, in whose service he died. 

1063 TiscHENDORF (C). When were our Gospels Written ? 

i6mo, cloth. N. Y., n. d. 

With " A Narrative of the Discovery of the Sinaitic Manuscript." 


1064 TiTE (William, M.P., etc.). Address delivered before 

the Society of Antiquaries of London at an Exhibition of 
Early Printed Books, to which is subjoined an Address at 
an Exhibition of Illuminated Manuscripts. Imperial 8vo, 
half morocco, uncut. London, 1862 

"Not published," and only a limited edition printed for presenta- 
tion, of which this copy has the author's autograph: — " Dr. Markland, 
etc., etc., with the Kind Regards of the Author. March, 1862." 

1065 TocQUEViLLE (A. dc). Democracy in America. By Alexis 

DE TocQUEViLLE. Translated by Henry Reeve, Esq. 

Edited with Notes. The Translation Revised and in great 

part Rewritten by Francis Bowen. 2 vols, royal 8vo, 

cloth, uncut. Cambridge, Sever and Francis, 1864 

Large paper. One hundred copies only printed. 

" Let me earnestly advise your perusal of M. de Tocqueville's work. 

His testimony, as well from actual personal experience, as on account 

of freedom from prejudice, is above exception." — Sir Robert Peel. 

1066 Todd (Alpheus). Parliamentary Government in the British 

Colonies. Thick royal 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1880 

The author is the " Librarian of Parliament, Canada." 

1067 TooKE (Thomas). History of Prices, and the State of 

the Circulation from 1793 to 1839, with a Sketch of the 
Corn Trade in the last Two Centuries. 3 vols. 8vo, cloth, 
uncut. London, 1838-40 

Very scarce and high-priced, even in Europe. 

" Secured for Mr. Tooke » place in the first rank of living eco- 
nomists." — Gentleman's Magazine. 

1068 ToRREY (Joseph). A Theory on Fine Art. i6mo, cloth. 

N. Y., 1874 
This author was Professor of Moral and Intellectual Philosophy in 
the University of Vermont for forty years. 

1069 Trumbull (John). McFingal : An Epic Poem. With 

Introduction and Notes, by Benson J. Lossing. Portrait. 
Imperial 8vo, cloth, uncut. N. Y., G. P. Putnam, i860 

Large paper copy, of which one hundred only were printed. 

" A poem which will live as long as Hudibras."— President John 

1070 TucKERMAN (Henry T.). Book OF THE Artists. Ameri- 

can Artist Life, comprising Biographical Sketches of 
American Artists, preceded by an Historical Account of 
the Rise and Progress of Art in America ; with an Ap- 


pendix, containing an account of notable Pictures and Pri- 
vate Collections. Fortrait on India paper. Royal 8vo, 
cloth, uncut. N. Y., 1867 

Large paper. 

" One of the most imaginative and sympathetic of American critics, 
and a refined and elegant writer."— Chambers' Literature. 

107 1 Turner (J. M. W.). Life of; founded on Letters and 

Papers furnished by his Friends and Academicians. By 
Walter Thornbury. With illustrations, facsimiles in 
colors. Crown 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1877 

The standard biography of the great modern master of landscape 
and color. 

1072 Turner (Sharon). History of the Anglo-Saxons, from the 

Earliest Period to the Norman Conquest. Seventh (and 
enlarged) edition. 3 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1852 
' ' So much new information was probably never laid before the pub- 
lic in any one historical publication." — SOUTHEY. 

1073 Tyrwhitt (Rev. R. St. John). Christian Art and Sym- 

bolism. With illustrations. i6mo, cloth, top edge gilt. 

London, 1872 
With — " some hints on the study of landscape." 

1074 Tylor (Edward B.). Primitive Culture, Researches into 

the Development of Mythology, Philosophy, Religion, Art 
and Custom, 2 vols.; also — Researches into the Early His- 
tory of Mankind by the same author. Together 3 vols. 
8vo, cloth. London, John Murray, 1870-71 



^°7S Iwi'^-iF.'i PHAM (Charles W.). Salem Witchcraft; with 
an Account of Salem Village, and a History of 
Opinions on Witchcraft and Kindred Subjects. 
With maps, plates and facsimiles. 2 vols, im- 
perial 8vo, half green morocco, uncut, Roxburghe style. 

Boston, 1867 
Largest paper. No. 19, and one of 50 copies printed. Wlien 
Wiggins and Lunt published this work they announced: — " In addition 
to the regular edition, one hundred copies only have been printed on 
rich laid-paper, small quarto, uniform with our ' Library of New-En- 
gland History,' and will be furnished to subscribers, in paper covers, 
at $15 ; also, fifty copies on large paper, royal octavo, price to sub- 
scribers, |20." 

1076 Ure (Andrew, M.D.). Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures 

and Wines. With nearly 1600 wood engravings. 2 vols. 

thick 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1853 

This celebrated work was the basis of the " Dictionnaire des Arts et 

Manufactures." It has been translated into several languages. 

U. S. Census, i860 — Agriculture. 4to, half russia. 


Washington, 1864 

Select Pieces of Early 
Principally from Early 

1078 (Utterson [Edward Vernon].) 

Popular Poetry ; re-published 

Printed Copies in the Black Letter. Facsimile block cuts. 

2 vols, crown 8vo, half morocco, top edges gilt, others 

uncut. London, Wm. Pickering, 1825 

Large paper. Limited edition of 250 copies in all. Contents — 
Syr Tryamour, Syr Isenbras, Syr Degore, Syr Zowghter, the Hye Way 
to the* Spyttel Hous, the Schole House of Women, the Defense of 
Women,'the^Proude Wyves of Pater Noster, the Wife lapped in morels 
skin and glossary. 




ADE MECUM for Malt Worms : or, a Guide 
to Good Fellows. Illustrated with cuts. 8vo, 
cloth, uncut. London, n. d. 

A very limited edition of this reprint, 

"Dedicated to the Brewers," and being — "A description of the 
manners and customs of the most eminent Publick Houses, in and 
about the cities of London and Westminster, with a hint on the props 
(or principal customers) of each house in a method so plain that any 
thirsty person (of the meanest capacity) may easily find the nearest way 
from one house to another." 

1080 Vanbrugh (Sir John). Plays. Fine portrait. 2 vols. 

i2mo, yellow calf gilt, edges gilt. London, 1776 

Best edition. Large paper and extremely scarce. 
The language of the " Provoked Wife" in these volumes is very 

curious, as it gives the offensive original scenes, and also the new ones 

substituted for them, by Vanbrugh, when the play (which came out in 

1697) was revised in 1725. 

1081 Van Hammer (Chevalier Joseph). History of the Assassins, 

derived from Oriental Sources. Crown 8vo, half calf gilt. 

London, 1835 
Scarce and interesting. Translated from the German by Oswald 
Charles Wood, M.D. 

1082 Van Santvoord (George). Sketches of the Lives and 

Judicial Services of the Chief Justices of the Supreme 
Court of the United States. Portrait. 8vo, cloth. 

N. Y., 1856 
This volume contains the lives of John Jay, John Rutledge, Oliver 
Ellsworth, John Marshall and Roger B. Taney. 

1083 Vaughan (Robert Alfred, B.A.). Hours with the Mystics, 

Contribution to the History of Religious Opinion. 2 
vols, crown 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, n. d. 

" On mystics generally, consult the interesting work of the lamented 
Rev, R. A. Vaughan." — Farrar, 


1084 ViARDOT (Louis). Wonders of Sculpture. Illustrated with 

62 engravings. 8vo, cloth, gilt, bevelled sides, gilt edges. 

London, 1872 

1085 Views — " Select Views in England— Proofs." A collection 

of 'JO plates of views in England, some of which are proofs. 
I vol. 4to, half russia. London, 1804-5 

From the Allan Library. 

1086 Voltaire. Complete Works of M. de Voltaire. Trans- 

lated from the French. With Notes Historical and Criti- 
cal. By Smollett, Franklin, and others. Portraits and 
numerous plates. 37 vols. i6mo, tree calf, gilt. 

T-ondon, 1761-70 

Scarce. A nice set, in good condition. 

Lowndes asserts that Smollett and Franklin were, for a valuable con- 
sideration, induced by the booksellers to suffer their names to appear as 
the translators, but they had no farther share in the concern. 

' ' This Voltaire is a sort of malignant spirit, who came upon earth 
only to embitter the cup of life, and afterwards laugh at our wry 
faces. " 

1087 Vyse (Col. Howard). Operations at the Pyramids of 

GiZEH, in 1837, and account of a Voyage into Upper 
Egypt, and an Appendix. 127 maps and plates. 3 vols, 
imperial 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, James Fraser, 1840-42 
Rare. Large paper. Published at £/i, 4?. The third volume of 
this valuable work contains "A Survey of the Pyramids at Abou, 
Roash, the Faiyoum, etc., by J. S. Perring.'' 



ACE. Master Wace, his Chronicle of the Nor- 
man Conquest, from the Roman de Rou: 
translated with Notes and illustrations by Ed- 
gar Taylor, Esq., F.S.A. Numerous illus- 
trations. 8vo, calf gilt, edges gilt. 

London, William Pickering, 1837 
A beautiful copy, very scarce, and of which only 250 were printed. 
Master Wace, the early Anglo-Norman poet, was born A. D. 1 112 
in the Island of Jersey, and died circa 11 84 in England. 

1089 Walker (Alexander). Beauty chiefly illustrated by an 

Analysis of Beauty in Woman ; preceded by a Critical 
View of the general Hypotheses respecting Beauty, by 
Leonardo da Vinci, Mengs, Winckelmann, Hume, 
Hogarth, Burke, Knight, Alison, and others. Illus- 
trated by 22 beautiful plates, after drawings from life by 
H. Howard, by Gauci and Lane. Royal 8vo, green 
morocco gilt, edges gilt. London, Effingham Wilson, 1836 
Large paper, with India proofs of the plates (some foxed). 
Original edition and very scarce. 

" In pursuing these most delicate inquiries, Mr. Walker's language 
and modes of expression are always calculated to impart knowledge of 
the fact or inference which he proposes to communicate, without 
awakening any feelings which may disturb the chaste sobriety of philo- 
sophical research. " — Birkbeck. 

1090 Walker (Francis A.). Money. Thick 8vo, cloth. 

N. Y. 1878 
This author is Professor of Political Economy and History in the 
Sheffield Scientific School of Yale College, and Lecturer in Political 
Economy in the John Hopkins University. 

1091 Walpole (Horace, Earl of Orford). Catalogue of the 

Royal and Noble Authors of England, Scotland, and Ire- 
land, with a List of their Works ; enlarged and continued 


to the Present Time by Thomas Park. With 150 plates of 
portraits. 5 vols. 4to, elegantly bound in smooth purple 
morocco gilt extra, with red satin ends and gilt edges 

London, John Scott, 1806 

Large paper. Very scarce and presentation copy, elegantly 

This new edition is enriched by the tasteful editor with speci- 
mens of the performances of each author — a task not contemplated by 
the original author. The editor also profited by the assistance of 
other highly competent scholars, e. g., Isaac Reed, George Ellis, Sir 
Egerton Brydges, R. Gough, etc. The beautiful portraits were 
expressly engraved for this book. 

" It is the fashion to underrate Horace Walpole; firstly, because he 
was a nobleman; and secondly, because he was a gentleman; but to 
say nothing of the composition of his incomparable letters, and of the 
Castle of Otranto, he is the " Ultimus Romanorum,'' the author of 
the Mysterious Mother, a tragedy of the highest order, and not a pu- 
ling love play. He is the father of the first romance, and of the first 
tragedy in our language, and surely worthy of a higher place than any 
living writer, be he who he may." — Byron. 

1092 Walpole and Vertue (George). Anecdotes of Paint- 

ing in England, and Catalogue of English Engravers, 
with Lives and Notes. Fine impressions of the numerous 
beautiful portraits. 5 vols, small 4to, calf, neat. 

Strawberry Hill, 1762-71 
Very scarce. Rare Strawberry Hill and First Edition. 
This fine set comprises the rare fourth volume of Anecdotes, 
which was also printed at Strawberry Hill nearly ten years subse- 

1093 Walpole. Anecdotes of Painting in England, with 

SOME Accounts of the Principal Artists — and Notes 
ON Engravings and other Arts. By Horace Wal- 
pole. Finest edition. Numerous steel plates, all proof s on 
India paper. 5 vols, royal 8vo, tree marbled calf extra, 
full gilt by Riviere. London, 1828 

A SUPERB copy of Major's beautiful edition, with India proof 
plates. This Is beyond question one of the finest copies ever im- 
ported to America. The work is now rare, and the chances of pro- 
curing so fine a copy very remote. 

" In the good old times of the Bibliomania, this work would have 
walked ol its own accord into the mahogany book-cases of half the 
collectors in London." — Dibdin. 

1094 Walpole. Anecdotes of Painting in England, with 

some Account of the Principal English Artists, and Inci- 


dental Notices of Sculptors, Carvers, Enamellers, Archi- 
tects, Medallists, etc. Also a Catalogue of Engravers who 
have been born or resided in England, with Additions by 
the Rev. J. Dallaway, new edition revised, with ad- 
ditional Notes by R. N. Wornum. Upwards of 150 por- 
traits and plates. 3 vols. 8vo, mottled calf gilt, marbled 
edges. London, 1849 

"An admirable publication; quite a treasure — beautiful alike in 
paper, printing and engraving, and truly excellent in everything which 
depended upon the talents and exertions of its editor." — Literary Ga- 

1095 Walpole. Historic Doubts on the Life and Reign of King 

Richard III. Portrait by \^'B.t\!'e.. 4to, calf. Lond., 1768 
" The lively and curious acuteness of Walpole." — Gibbon. 

1096 Walpole. Castle of Otranto, a Gothic Story. With Me- 

moir of the Author. Cuts. Post 8vo, yellow calf gilt, 
bevelled sides, gilt edges. London, 1840 

A beautiful edition of this celebrated story. 

"This work was found in the library of an ancient Catholic family 
in the North of England, and it was printed at Naples in the black letter 
in the year 1529. How much sooner it was written does not appear. 
The principal incidents are such as were believed in the darkest ages." 
— Preface to the first edition. 

1097 Walpole and his Contemporaries. Memoirs of, including 

numerous Original Letters chiefly from Strawberry Hill. 
By Eliot Warburton. Portrait. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, 
uncut. London, Colburn, 1852 

" Horace Walpole was the last surviving disciple of the School of 
St. Evremond, Chaulieu, etc., a tribe of philosophers, who united 
study with amusement, and sentiment with vivacity; but in him the . 
levity of the French epicureans was invigorated by the masculine 
strength of British character." — Wrangham. 

1098 Walpole. Memoirs of the Reign of George II. Edited 

by Lord Holland. Fine portraits. 3 vols. 8vo, half 
calf, gilt. London, 1847 

Second edition, revised with the original mottoes. 

1099 Walpole. Journal of the Reign of King George the 

Third, from the Year 1771 to 1783. Now first published 
from the Original MSS. Edited, with Notes, by Dr. 
DoRAN. 2 portraits. 2 vols. 8vo, half calf, gilt. 

London, 1859 
" Contains a large amount of very interesting and important informa- 


tion concerning the American Revolution, and is written in Walpole's 
liveliest manner. An account of the treason of ' Gen. Arnold, the 
butcher's son,' and of the capture and execution of Major Andre will 
be found in Vol. II., p. 431. Twenty thousand pounds was the price 
of Arnold's treachery." 

1 100 Walpole. Entire Correspondence, Chronologically 
arranged [with the Prefaces of Croker, Lord Dover and 
others, the Notes of all previous Editors, and Additional 
Notes]. By Peter Cunningham [with a General In- 
dex] . Numerous fine portraits engraved on steel. 9 vols. 
8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1861 

Best edition. " Read, if you have not read, all Horace Walpole's 
Letters, wherever you can find them ; — the best wit ever published in 
the shape of letters." — Sydney Smith. 

" Posterity will know more of the manners, fashions, parties, politics, 
private anecdotes, gossip, scandal, and general history of the eight- 
eenth century, from Walpole's Letters than from all other sources 
together." — Quarterly Review. 

iioi Walpole. Lord Orford's Reminiscences. Written in 

1788, for the amusement of Miss Mary and Miss Agnes 

B * * * Y. Vignette portrait on title {foxed). i6mo, calf 

gilt. London, 18 18 

John Sharpe's elegant little edition. 

1102 Walton (Izaak) and Cotton (Charles). Complete 
Angler; or, the Contemplative Man's Recreation: being 
a Discourse of Rivers, Fish Ponds, Fish and Fishing, 
written by Izaak Walton; and Instructions how to 
Angle for Trout or Grayling in a Clear Stream, by 
Charles Cotton; with Original Memoirs and Notes by 
Sir Harris Nicolas. Portraits, views and engravings 
of fish by Stothard and 1nsk.\w— proofs on India paper. 
2 vols, imperial Svo, morocco extra, gilt edges. 

Very scarce. London, William Pickering, 1836 

Large paper and beautiful impressions of the India paper plates. 
This is a superb copy of this magnificent Pickering edition. It is, 
without doubt, the most beautifully illustrated edition of " Honest 
Izaak's '' charming Pastoral ever published. To the late tasteful pub- 
lisher, Mr. Pickering, its production was literally a labor of love. 
Neither time nor expense were spared to render it worthy of the arts 
and the importance of the subject, and the result was a union of lite- 
rary and artistic talent which has rarely been equalled and never sur- 

' 'A work the most singular in its kind, breathing the very spirit of 


contentment, of quiet and unaffected philanthropy, and interspersed 
with some fine relics of old poetry, songs and ballads." — Bowles. 

1 103 Walton and Cotton. The Complete Angler; or, the 

Contemplative Man's Recreation of Izaak Walton and 
Charles Cotton. Edited by John Major. Numerous 
steel engravings on India paper and woodcuts. 8vo, boards, 
uncut. Boston, Little, Brown &> Co., 1866 

Large paper; 100 copies only printed. The best and handsomest 
specimen of printing and illustration ever produced in America. 

It was Thomas Flatman, who died in 1672, that wrote of Walton: 

" Happy Old Man ! whose worth all mankind knows 
Except thyself, — who charitably shows 
The ready way to virtue and to praise, 
The way to many long and happy days." 

1 104 Walton and Cotton. Complete Angler, with their 

Lives and Notes by Sir John Hawkins, with numerons 
engravings, London, Bagster, 1808 ; — Also — Walton's 
Lives of Donne, Wotton, Hooker, Herbert, and San- 
derson, with Memoir of Isaac Walton, and Illustrative 
Notes, by Thomas Zouch, illustrated with steel engravings, 
including portraits, facsimiles, views, etc., York, 1796. To- 
gether 2 vols, 4to. Uniform half green morocco, uncut. 

Large paper, with proof before letter impressions of the numerous 
beautiful plates in the " Complete Angler." The edition of Walton's 
Lives was printed at York, England, and printed for the London book- 
sellers, as well as those of "Old York," viz.: "Wilson, Spence and 
Mawman, J. Todd and H. Sotheran, York, Anno 1796. ' 

1105 Walton and Cotton. The Complete Angler, with Notes, 

Biographical and Explanatory, and the Lives of the Authors 
[by Major]. Numerous plates and woodcuts [some foxed"). 
i2mo, half bound. London, Henry Washbourne, 1842 

Washbourne's handsome reprint of Major's edition. 

1 106 Walton and Cotton. Complete Angler, with Copious 

Notes for the Most Part Original, a Bibliographical Pref- 
ace, giving an Account of Fishing and Fish-Books and a 
Notice of Cotton and His Writings by the American 
Editor (Bethune), to which is added an Appendix, etc., 
also a General Index. Profusely illustrated with steel and 
wood engravings. Imperial 8vo, cloth. 

New York ««(/ London, 1847 
Large paper, limited to 50 copies and edited by George W. 
Bethune, D.D. With duplicate proof impressions of the numerous 


1 107 Walton and Cotton, Complete Angler, Pickering's 

Miniature Edition, beautifully printed in diamond type, 
portraits and woodcuts, London, Pickering, 1825 ;— also 
— Walton's Lives, the same edition, portraits, London, 
1827. Together 2 vols. 48mo, cloth. 

1 108 Wandering Jew. Chronicles selected from the Origi- 

nals of Cartaphilus, the Wandering Jew ; embracing a 
period of nearly XIX. Centuries ; now first revealed to, 
and edited by, David Hoffman. 2 vols, royal 8vo, cloth, 
gilt tops, uncut edges. London, 1853-4 

Very scarce, and printed at the Chiswick Press ' ' These two 

volumes are all that were given to the world of a work which was to 

have been extended to six volumes." — Allibone. 

1 109 Warwick (Eden). The Poets Pleasaunce: a collection of 

Poetical Extracts from the Old and Modern Poets, relating 
to Flowers. Every page surrounded by beautiful floriated 
•woodcut borders, besides other splendid wood engravings. 
Thick square 8vo, morocco bevelled sides, gilt edges. 

London, 1847 

This beautiful volume was compiled by G. Jabet, of Birmingham, 
who assumed the nom-de-plume of " Eden Warwick." He also wrote 
a volume entitled ' ' Nasology ; or, Hints toward a Classification of 

1 1 10 Washington (George). The Writings of George Wash- 

ington ; being his Correspondence, Addresses, Messages, 
and other Papers, Official and Private, selected and pub- 
lished from the Original Manuscripts, with a Life of the 
Author, Notes and Illustrations. By Jared Sparks. 
Portraits, plates, facsimiles, ete. 12 vols, imperial 8vo, 
cloth. Boston, Ferdinand Andrews, 1839 

A desirable Large paper copy. Very scarce, with some origi- 
nal Washington manuscript inserted, and which was presented to its 
late owner by Jared Sparks. 

The Fowle copy, cut, brought $300. 

Uniform with the works of Adams, Franklin, Webster and Ban- 
croft, etc. 

" Aside from its intrinsic value and interest, as the production of the 
greatest and noblest hero whom the world has yet known, and to whom 
our country owes its existence, it is the most copious and by far the 
most reliable source for a history of the Revolution," — Courier and 

' The literature of the Revolution was bold, direct, and without affec- 


tation. If you take the orders and proclamations of Washington, the 
letters written by him in the exigencies of the moment, there will be 
found that strength and felicity of expression that is supposed to be 
the oflspring of care and leisure." — Chambers. 

11 1 1 Washington. Life, compiled under the inspection of the 

Honorable Bushrod Washington, from Original Papers, 
etc., by John Marshall, 4 vols. With portraits, and the 
maps in separate \to volume. Together 5 vols, calf (4)> 
and half sheep (i). Phila., 1805-7 

With the list of subscribers and maps frequently wanting. 

" Marshall and Sparks are very accurate. Whoever will read the 
' Life' by Marshall and ' Correspondence' (Writings) by Sparks will 
have a good idea of Washington. "■ — ^Washington Irving. 

" It is a book that contains original information and should be read. 
It is chiefly compiled from Washington's correspondence, andv a Ufe of 
Washington is of course a history of the American war." — Prof. 

1 1 12 Washington. Memoirs of the Administrations of 

Washington and John Adams, edited from the Papers 
of Oliver Wolcott, Secretary of the Treasury, by 
George Gibbs. Portrait. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 

N. Y.jfor the subscribers, 1846 

George Gibbs was the grandson of Oliver Wolcott. President King 
said that the above is "of inestimable value for its authentic ma- 

1 1 13 Washington's Political Legacies. To which is Annexed 

an Appendix, containing an Account of his Illness, Death, 
and the National Tributes of Respect paid to his Memory, 
with a Biographical Outline of his Life and Character. 8vo, 
sheep (water-stained). 

'Ronton, John Jiussell and John West, 1800 
Contains 14 pages of the names of subscribers. 

11 14 Washington. Home of Washington and its Associ- 

ations: Historical, Biographical, and Pictorial. By B. J. 
LossiNG. Numerous illustrations by Lossing and Barrett. 
4to, cloth, uncut. N, Y., W. A. Townsend, 1865 

Large paper and limited to 100 copies. 

1 1 15 Washington. Correspondence of the American Revo- 

lution ; being Letters of Eminent Men to George 
Washington from the Time of His Taking Command of 
the Army to the End of his Presidency. Edited from 


the Original Manuscripts by Jared Sparks. 4 vols. 
4to, cloth. Boston, Little, Brown 6- Co., 1853 

Large paper. Only a very limited number printed These vol- 
umes contain a selection of about 1,000 letters (from about 190 writers) 
from several thousands not used in the Notes and Appendix to the 
Writings of Washington. The two collections should stand side by 
side on the shelf of the American historical library. 

1 1 16 Washington. Facsimile of his Account with the United 

States from 1775 to 1783, as Written by Himself. Vignette 
portrait and 66 pages of facsimile. Folio, half morocco, 
cloth sides. Brooklyn, 1857 

1117 Watt (R.). Bibliotheca Britannica; or General Index 

to British and Foreign Literature. 4 vols. 4to, half russia, 
gilt. Edinburgh, 1824 

A work of great practical utility, from which later bibliographers 
have stolen most unmercifully without acknowledgment, like most of 
their modern sucQessors who ape originality in this plagiaristic trade 
and pseudo-profession. Watt's work consists of two divisions, in the 
first of which the books are ranged alphabetically, under the names of 
M«V Authors; and in the second the same materials are digested 
under the names of their several subjects. 

Notwithstanding its imperfections, it is the most complete work of 
the kind ever published except AUibone, which is confined to English 
writers. It was the fruit of twenty years of unremitting toil and 
study. Only a few of its sheets had been printed off when the author 
died, in i8lg. 

1118 Watts (Alaric A.). Lyrics of the Heart; with other 

Poems. 41 engravings on steel. 8vo, morocco extra, 
bevelled sides, gilt edges. London, 185 1 

Choice copy, of which only fifty copies as above were issued, 
with MARKED proof IMPRESSIONS of the beautiful engravings by 
Greatbach, Engleheart, Rolls, etc., after designs by Stothard, Leslie, 
Sir Thomas Lawrence, Stanfield, Roberts, and other eminent artists. 

" There is no living author to whom British art is so much indebted 
as to Mr. Alaric Watts." — Art foumal. 

11 19 Watts (Isaac, D.D.). Divine and Moral Songs for the 

Use of Children. 30 illustrations. 8vo, cloth, red edges. 

London, 1850 

The beautiful illustrations in this volume were drawn on wood by 
C. W. Cope, A.R.A. , and engraved by John Thompson. 

"Almost the inventor of hymns in our langirage. " — Montgomery. 

1120 Weber (H.). Metrical Romances of the Thirteenth, Four- 

teenth and Fifteenth Centuries: published from Ancient 


Manuscripts. With an Introduction, Notes, and a Glos- 
sary. By Henry Weber, Esq. 3 vols, small 8vo, half 

russia gilt, top edges gilt, others uncut. 

Edinburgh, Constable Sr Co., 1810 
Scarce. This collection forms a desirable sequel to those of Rit- 
son, Percy and Ellis. 

This copy is from the library of Dr. Bliss, with MS. notes by him. 
It has inserted several leaves of additional matter. " The collection 
formed by the late industrious and accurate Mr. Weber."— Walter 

1 1 20 Webster (Daniel). The Works of Daniel Webster. 

Portrait and view. 6 vols, imperial 8vo, cloth. 

Boston, Charles C. Little and James Brown, 1851 
Large paper. Fifty copies only printed, with newspaper cuttings. 
Uniform with the following lot, together with which it forms a 
SPLENDID and COMPLETE SET of the writings of Daniel Webster, rang- 
ing in size with the works of Adams, Franklin, Washington and 
Bancroft, etc. 

1 12 1 Webster. — The Private Correspondence of Daniel Web- 

ster. Edited by Fletcher Webster. Two portraits. 2 

vols, imperial 8vo, cloth. 

Boston, Little, Brown and Company, 1857 

Large paper. Only 50 copies printed. 

' ' To test Webster's oratory, which has ever been very attractive to 
me, I read a portion of my favorite speeches of Demosthenes, and then 
read — always aloud — parts of Webster ; then returned to the Athenian; 
and Webster stood the test." — Francis Lieber. 

1122 Webster (John). Dramatic Works, Edited, with Notes, 

etc., by Wm. Hazlitt. 4 vols, crown 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, John Russell Smith, 1857 

Scarce. Large paper, and only 100 copies printed. 

' ' An Author that liv'd in the Reign of King James the First and 
was in those Days accounted an Excellent Poet. He joyn'd with 
Decker, Marston, and Rowley in several Plays and was likewise author 
of others, which have even in our Agegain'd Applause." — Langbaine. 

1 1 23 Webster. The Same. Now First Collected with some 

account of the Author and Notes by the Rev. Alexander 

Dyce, B.A. 4 vols, crown 8vo, elegant tree marble calf, 

gilt. London, William Pickering, 1830 

Scarce and a beautiful copy. It contains the extremely scarce 

Supplement printed in 1838 and generally wanting. 

11 24 Wedgwood (Josiah). Life of, from his Private Corres- 

pondence and Family Papers, and other Original Sources, 


by Eliza Meteyard. Profusely illustrated by beautiful en- 
gravings. 2 vols. 8vo, gilt cloth, bevelled sides, uncut. 

London, 1865 
Splendidly illustrated with a profusion of woodcuts. Very interesting 
and valuable. 

" A very accurate and valuable book. To give their fullest value to 
the engravings of works of art which largely enrich the volumes, the 
biography has been made by its publishers a choice specimen of their 
own art as book-makers. Neither care nor cost has been grudged. It 
is one of the handsomest books ever published. " — Examiner. 

1125 Wellington (Duke of). Life of, by W, H. Maxwell. 

With plans of battles, illustrations on wood, and numerous 
highly-finished portraits and engravings on steel. 3 vols, 
royal 8vo, elegantly bound in green morocco extra, gilt 
edges. London, 1839 

A VERY FINE LARGE PAPER copy with proof impressions of the 
plates on India paper. It is printed on heavy paper. 

' ' In our opinion it has no rival among similar publications of the 
day." — London Times. 

1126 Wesley (John) and the Evangelical Reaction of the 

Eighteenth Century. By Julia Wedgwood. Crown 
8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1870 

11 27 Westcott (Brooke Foss, D.D.). A General View of the 

English Bible. Crown 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1872 
Second edition, revised. 

1128 Westwood, J. O., M.A.). Miniatures and Ornaments of 

Anglo-Saxon and Irish Manuscripts. Illustrated in a series 
of ^4 superb plates, most elaborately executed in exact fac- 
simile of the originals in gold and colours — drawn on stone 
by W. R. Tyman, and chromo lithographed by Day and Son. 
With a Descriptive Text to each Plate, serving as a His- 
tory of British Palaeography and Pictorial Art. Imperial 
folio, cloth, uncut. London, QuaritcA, 1868 

The entire edition of this valuable work was limited to 200 copies, 
and the stones were then destroyed. The price to subscribers was 
^17 ITS. and to non-subscribers £21.. This is one of the most sump- 
tuous works ever executed and illustrates a phase of art unique and 
absolutely wonderful. 

' ' To most persons this ' dark age ' (i. c , from the Roman Occupation 
of England to the Norman Conquest), as it has been termed, will 
scarcely be supposed capable of affording materials for such a history; 
and indeed, with the exception of a very few examples given by Strutt, 
Astle, and Shaw, no opportunity has been afforded to the public of 


judging of the marvellous beauty and excessive intricacy of the orna- 
mentation and designs of Anglo-Saxon and Irish Manuscripts, 
until the publication of my ' Palasographia Sacra Pictoria,' in which I 
devoted many plates to these marvels of art. The study of these Manu- 
scripts has, indeed, brought out the singular fact that, at a period when 
the fine arts may be said to have been almost extinct in Italy and other 
parts of the Continent — namely, from the fifth to the end of the eighth 
century — a style of art has been established, cultivated, and brought to 
a wonderful state of perfection in these islands, absolutely distinct 
from that of all other parts of the civilized world, and which was 
adopted and imitated in the schools founded on the Continent by 
Charlemagne, as well as in the monastic establishments founded or vis- 
ited by Anglo-Saxon and Irish missionaries, many of which subse- 
quently became the most famous seats of learning." — Westvi^ood. 

1129 Westwood. PALiEOGRAPHiA Sacra Pictoria : a Series 

of Illustrations of the Ancient Versions of the Bible, copied 
from Illuminated Manuscripts executed between the 
Fourth and Sixteenth Centuries. 50 beautiful plates in 
GOLD, silver, and colors, painted under the direction of 
Owen Jones. Royal 4to, half morocco, top edge gilt. 

London, William Smith, 1845 

Very clean and fine original copy of this splendid work. The 
coloring of the plates is- greatly superior to that of the reissue of this 
work by Bohn. This edition is VERY SCARCE. 

1 130 Warton (Thomas). History of English Poetry, with 

Dissertations ; and numerous Additional Notes by Ritson, 
Dr. Ashby, Douce, Park, etc. Superintended by the late 
Richard Price from the edition of 1824, and now further 
improved by the Corrections and Additions of several 
Eminent Antiquaries. Portrait. 4 vols. 8vo, tree calf 
extra, marbled edges, by Riviere. London, 1840 

Best edition; scarce. 

' ' A most curious, valuable, and interesting history. " — Lowndes. 

1131 Wheaton (Henry). History of the Northmen; or, Danes 

and Normans. 8vo, half morocco, cloth sides. 

Phila., 1 83 1 

Very scarce. ' ' Evincing throughout the enthusiasm of an anti- 
quarian, the liberality of a scholar, and the enlightened toleration of 
a citizen of the world." — Washington Irving. 

11 32 Whewell (WiHiam). History of the Inductive Sciences 

from the Earliest to the Present Times, 3 vols., and Phil- 


osophy of the Inductive Sciences, Founded upon their 
History, 2 vols. Together 5 vols, boards, uncut. 

London, Parker, 1837-40 

" The ablest historian of natural science." — Richard Owen. 

" We earnestly recommend it to our readers." — Edinburgh Review. 

"Mr. Whewell's learned work on the History of the Inductive 
Sciences." — Lord Brougham. 

1 133 White (Rev. Gilbert). Natural History and Antiqui- 

ties of Selborne; with the Naturalists' Calendar; and 
Miscellaneous Observations Extracted from his Papers. 
A New Edition with Notes by Edward Turner Bennett 
and others. Numerous highly-finished woodcuts by Yi.k'&'^-£.\, 
T. Bewick, etc. 8vo, calf extra, gilt edges by Hayday. 

London, [1837] 
Scarce. A beautiful copy printed at the Chiswick Press, by C. 
Whittingham . 

' ' Who can read without the most exquisite delight White's ' History 
of Selborne.' " — Blackwood's Magazine. 

1 134 White (Rev. James). History of France, from the Earliest 

Times to 1848. Royal 8vo, cloth. N. Y., 1859 

Lord Brougham presented this eminent author to a good church 
living in Suffolk, which he gave up to devote himself to literary pur- 

113s Whitelocke. Memoirs Biographical and Historical of 
BuLSTRODE Whitelocke, Lord Commissioner of the High 
Seal and Ambassador at the Court of Sweden at the Period 
of the Commonwealth. Portrait. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, i860 
A very valuable and interesting piece of history. The conversations 
of the author with Cromwell and the Swedish authorities are highly 
curious, and are reported in an easy, life-like style. 

1 1 36 Whitman (Walt). Leaves of Grass. Portrait. lamo, 

cloth. Boston, 1860-61 

A greatly enlarged edition. ' ' Mr. O'Connor's pamphlet [ubi supra) 
' boldly pits Walt Whitman not only against all the poets of the day, 
but demands for him place and rank beside the great masters, 
vEschylus, Homer, Dante and Shakespeare.' It proclaims him the 
inspired bard and inspired prophet of his era." — Allibone. 

1137 Whitman (Sarah Helen). Hours of Life, and other Poems. 

i2mo, cloth. Providence, 1853 

Containing poems not in the next edition. 



1 138 Whittier (John Greenleaf). Poems, i.e. : 

I. Whittier. Maud MuUer. With illustrations by W. J. 
Hennessy. Boston, 1867 

II. Whittier. Snow-Bound, a Winter Idyl. With illustra- 
tions. Boston, 1868 

With inserted letter from W. J. Hennessy, the artist. 

III. Whittier. Ballads of New England. With illustra- 
tions. Boston, 1870 

Together 3 vols. 8vo, cloth, gilt, bevelled sides, gilt 

EDGES. Boston, 1867-70 

" His poetry bursts from the soul with the fire and energy of an 

ancient prophet. And his noble simplicity of character is the delight 

of all who know him." — William Ellery Channing. 

1 139 Whole Duty of Man laid down in a Plain and Familiar 

Way for the Use of All, but especially the Meanest Reader, 
with Private Devotions for Several Occasions. A New 
Edition, with Preface by Hawkins. Illustrated title. 
i2mo, cloth, uncut. London, Wm. Pickering, 1842 

Printed by Charles Whittingham, Chiswick. 

Allibone says that the question of who was the writer of the " Whole 
Duty of Man," like the authorship of the " Icon Basilike," and of the 
" Letters of Junius," may still be considered an open one. He quotes 
Isaac Disraeli : " The author still remains undiscovered. Millions of 
his books have been dispersed in the Christian world. " 

1 140 Wightwick (G.). Palace of Architecture ; a Romance 

of Art and History, with Glossary, a Popular Introduction 
to all the varieties of Architecture, Ancient and Modern. 
With numerous fine engravings. 4to, cloth, uncut. 

London, James Fraser, 1840 
Large paper, uncut. This handsome volume is illustrated with 
67 page-plates and 143 wood engravings. 

1 141 Wilkes (C.). Narrative of the United States Exploring 

Expedition. During the Years 1838, 1839, 1840, 1841 and 
1842. By Charles Wilkes, U. S. N., Commander of the 
Expedition. Illustrated with 64 large and highly- finished 
line engravings, comprising scenery, portraits, manners, cus- 
toms, etc.; 47 large and fine vignettes engraved on steel ; 248 
choice engravings on wood, and 9 tnaps. 6 vols. 4to, cloth, 
uncut. Phila., Lea b' Blaruhard, 1845 

A Large paper, and original subscriber's copy. This great 
and truly national work will compare favorably with the best En- 
glish editions of similar works. 


1 142 Wilkinson (Sir G-)- Ancient Egyptians, the Manners and 

Customs of. Both series complete. With numerous 
engravings, many of which are colored. 6 vols. 8vo, calf 
extra, gilt leaves. London, 1837-41 

Best edition, very fine copy, and very scarce. With all the plates. 

" Indefatigable in research, full of learning, accurate in facts. Sir 
Gardiner Wilkinson has at the same time treated his subject with the 
enthusiasm of genius and liveliness of poetry." 

1 143 Williams (Roger, of Providence in New England"). Ex- 

periments of Spirituall Life and Health and their Preserv- 
atives, in which the Weakest Child of God may get Assur- 
ance of his Spiritual Life and Blessednesse, and the 
Strayed may finde proportionable Discoveries of his Chris- 
tian Growth and the Means of It. 4to, boards. 

London, 1652 

Only a limited edition of this facsimile reprint was published, with 

a four-page preface by " F. W.," and dated " Providence, December 

1st, 1862." With inserted view of memorial monument to Roger 


1 144 Williams. Life of Roger Williams, the Earliest Legis- 

lator and True Champion for a Full and Absolute Liberty 
of Conscience. By Romeo Elton, D D., etc. i6mo, cloth. 

Providence, 1853 
"The ever- venerated Roger Williams, the great champion of toler- 
ation." — Archbishop Whately. 

1 145 Willis (George, late of the firm of Willis and Sotheran). 

Current Notes. For years 1851 to 1857, inclusive. 7 

vols, in 2, 4to, half morocco, top edge gilt. 

London, G. Willis, 1851-57 

This valuable magazine mainly consists of articles on Antiquities, 
Biography, Heraldry, History, Language, Literature, Natural His- 
tory, Topography, etc. , selected from original letters and documents 
addressed to the editor, who was a man of considerable literary attain- 
ments—see AUibone's "Dictionary of Authors," article "George 
Willis," p. 2756. It contains many unpublished letters of Sir W. 
Scott, Coleridge, Byron, Theodore Hook, etc., and an immense num- 
ber of curious inedited articles on Literature and Antiquities by 
eminent literary men. George Willis was at one time a partner of 
Henry Sotheran, of London, the compiler's uncle and the head of the 
' large publishing and bibliopolistic firm of Henry Sotheran and Co., 
of London and Manchester, England. In No. XL., p. 32, Mr. Willis 
makes the following allusion to Lawrence Sterne's Library in con- 
nection with his partner's great-uncle, Henry Sotheran : — "No sooner 
was he [Sterne] dead than his widow, to raise means, sold his books 


to Todd and Sotheran, booksellers at York, and their shop catalogue, 
printed in 1768, ostentatiously announced in the title, it contained 
'the library of Lawrence Sterne, M.A., Prebendary of York, and 
author of ' Tristram Shandy.' " This Henry Sotheran was a son of 
the Lord of the Manor of Oswaldkirk, Yorkshire — vide Joseph Fos- 
ter's "County Families of Yorkshire" — and was the father of the 
Henry Sotheran of York who is given in AUibone's valuable work as 
the author of a work on that city published in 1796. — C. S. 

1146 Willis, N. P. American Scenery. Illustrated in a Series 

of Views by W. H. Bartlett {some foxed). 4to, half mo- 
rocco gilt, cloth sides, gilt edges. 

London, George Virtue, n. d. 

Early impressions of the picturesque plates. 

1147 Wilson (James). The Rod and the Gun: being Two 

Treatises on Angling and Shooting. Plates and cuts (some 
foxed). i2mo, cloth, uncut. Edinburgh, 1841 

This work was written by James Wilson, F. R.S.E., and by the 
author of " The Oakleigh Shooting Code." 

1 148 Wilson (R. A.). A New History of the Conquest of Mexico, 

in which Las Casas's Denunciation of the popular Histo- 
rians of that War are fully Vindicated. Illustrated. Royal 
Svo, cloth. Phila., 1859 

' ' This work, written with zeal which often degenerates into vehe- 
mence, is an arraignment of the Spanish historians, from whom all the 
current notions of the Spanish invaders have been acquired." — Field. 

1 149 Wilson (Prof.). Works. Edited by his Son-in-law, Prof. 

Ferrier. 12 vols, crown Svo, half calf gilt, contents 
lettered. Edinburgh, 1855-58 

Comprises : Noctes Ainbrosianse, 4 vols. ; Essays, 4 vols. ; Recrea- 
tions of Christopher North, 2 vols. ; Tales, i vol. ; Poems, i vol. 

' ' It (the Noctes) is a most singular and delightful outpouring of 
criticism, politics and description of feeling, character and scenery, of 
verse and prose, and maudlin eloquence, and especially of wild fun. It 
breathes the very essence of the BacchanaUan revel of clever men. 
And its Scotch is the very best Scotch that has been vmtten in modern 
times." — Lord Cockburn. 

1 150 WiLLOUGHBY (Lady). Diaries. Both Series. With two coats 

of arms and splendidly printed with large antique type, on thick 
paper by C. Whittingham. 2 vols. 4to, tree marbled calf 
extra, marbled edges. London, 1844-48 

Large paper and very scarce in this size. 

These curious Diaries, which were written by Hannah Mary Rath- 
bone, illustrate the Domestic History and the eventful and stirring 


periods of the Reign of Charles I., the Commonwealth and the Restor- 

" A work of Fiction of great interest and of great beauty." — Hood's 

1151 WiNCKELMANN (John). History of Ancient Art, translated 

from the German, by G. Henry Lodge, with the Life of 
WiNCKELMANN by the Editor. Steel portrait and plates. 
Vols. I and 2. Royal 8vo, cloth, uncut. Boston, 1849-56 
Large paper. " Winckelmann has pointed out the true source of 
the study of antiquity, which is the knowledge of art, and which no 
writer had before successfully accomplished. " — Chalmers. 

1152 WiNCKELMANN. The Same. 4 vols, in 2. Portrait and 

plates. 8vo, cloth gilt, top edge gilt. Boston, 1880 

1153 Windham (Rt. Hon. William). Speeches in Parliament; 

with Life by Amyot. Portrait. 3 vols. 8vo, calf, gilt, 
marbled edges. London, 1812 

With inserted autograph of WiNDHAM, whom Macaulay called — 
" the finest gentleman of the age," and Lord Jeffrey styled — " the most 
high-minded and incorruptible of living men." 

1 154 WiNSOR (Justin). The Memorial History of Boston, in- 

cluding Suffolk County, Massachusetts, 1630-1880. Edited 
by Justin Winsor, Librarian of Harvard University. 
Issued under the Superintendence of the Projector. Pro- 
fusely illustrated with plates and wood engravings of por- 
traits and views, facsimiles, maps, etc. 4 vols, 4to, fresh half 
morocco, top edges gilt, others uncut. 

Boston, James R. Osgood, 1881 
Subscriber's copy. "The scheme of this history originated with 
Mr. Clarence F. Jewett, who, towards the end of December, 1879, 
entrusted the further development of the plan to the Editor (Mr Justin 
Winsor). On the third of January following, about thirty gentlemen 
met upon invitation to give countenance to the undertaking, and at this 
meeting a committee was appointed to advise with the Editor during 
the progress of the work. This committee consisted of the Rev. 
Edward E. Hale, D.D., Samuel A. Green, M.D., and Charles Deane, 
LL.D."— Fi!,& Preface. 

1 155 WiNTHROP (John). New England and Life and Let- 

ters, i. e.: — 
I. WiNTHROP. The History of New England from 1630 
to 1849, by John Winthrop, from his Original Manu- 
scripts. With Notes to illustrate the Civil and Ecclesias- 
tical Concerns, the Geography, Settlement and Institu- 


tions of the Country, and the Lives and Manners of the 
Principal Planters, by James Savage. Portrait. 2 vols. 
Boston, Little, Brown dr" Co., 1853 
A new edition, with additions and corrections by the former editor. 
II. WiNTHROP. Life and Letters of John Winthrop, 
Governor of Massachusetts Bay Company at their Emi- 
gration to New England in 1630. By Robert C. Win- 
throp. Portrait. Boston, Ticknor &= Fields, 1864 
Together 3 vols, royal Svo, uniform boards, uncut. 

Boston, 1854-64 
"The elder Winthrop has left an imperishable monument in his an- 
nals, and the laborious and learned annotations of Mr. Savage have 
rendered that work, as published in 1825-6, and still more in the new 
edition of 1853, a complete storehouse of our early New England his- 

1156 Withers (George). Hymns and Songs of the Church and 

Hallelujah. Portraits. 2 vols, post Svo, cloth, uncut. 

London, John Russell Smith, 1856-57 
Withers was committed to the Marshalsea for writing some spirited 
satires. He continued in prison for several months, and where he com- 
posed some of his best works; among others his "Shepherd's Hunt- 

1157 [WoLCOTT (John, M.D., Peter Pindar)^ The Works of 

Peter Pindar, Esq., to which are prefixed Memoirs of 
the Author's Life, with Copious Index. Fine portrait by 
Heath {foxed). 5 vols. 8vo, calf gilt. London, 181 2 

Best edition of Peter Pindar, whom Scott called — " the most un- 
sparing calumniator of his age," and who was described by Giflord as — 
*' A bloated mass, a gross, blood-boltered clod, 
A foe to man, a renegade from God, 
From noxious childhood to pernicious age, 
Separate to infamy in every stage." 

1 158 WoLSEY (Cardinal). Life of, by George Cavendish, with 

Notes and Illustrations by S. W. Singer. Portraits and 
plates by Scriven. 2 vols. 8vo, polished calf extra, marbled 
edges, by Riviere. 

Chiswick, from the Press of C. Whittingham, 1825 
Very Scarce. First and best edition. Cavendish was Wolsey's 
gentleman usher. 

1 159 WooLSEY (Theodore D.). Introduction to the Study of 

International Law. Crown Svo, cloth. N. Y., 1877 

Designed as an aid in teaching and in historical studies. 


1 160 Wood (Anthony k) Athene Oxonienses: an exact His- 
tory of all the Writers and Bishops who have had their 
education in the University of Oxford; to which are added 
the Fasti, or Annals of the said University; new edition 
with additions, and a Continuation by Dr. P. Bliss. 4 
vols, royal 4to, calf gilt. London, 1813-20 

A fine copy. "Anthony has sallies at times to which a dull man 
could not be subject; without the ardor of this hermit of literature, 
where would be our literary history." — Isaac D'Israeli. 

Dr. Bliss has added so much to this valuable work that it is doubled 
in interest and value. It is now very scarce. No copy has occurred 
for sale, during many years. 

"All hail to thee, old Anthony i Wood! May the remembrance of 
thy researches, amidst thy paper and parchment documents, stored up 
in chests, pews, and desks, and upon which, alas! the moth was ' feed- 
ing sweetly ' — may the remembrance of these, thy laborious researches, 
always excite sensations of gratitude towards the spirit by which they 
were directed! " 

His diction he himself describes as — " an honest plain English dress, 
without flourishes or affectation of style, as best becomes a history of 
truth and matter of fact." It is the first (work) of its nature that has 
ever been printed in our own, or any other, mother-tongue. 

116 1 Woodburn's Gallery of Rare Portraits. 200 fine original 

portraits of celebrated English Personages, engraved by Els- 
TRAKE, Faithorne, Loggan, Hollar, White, etc. 2 
vols, folio, red morocco extra, gilt edges. London, 1816 
Large paper, and published at twenty guineas. This valuable and 
extensive collection is important for illustrating Granger, Clarendon, 
Burnet, Pennant, and other historical writers. 

1162 Wood Engravings. — A collection of nearly 800 

CLUDING Anderson, Bewick, Geibitz, etc., among the 


ARE ON India paper. They embrace all kinds of 
SUBJECTS and soMe ARE COLORED. Thick folio, russia, 
gilt (one cover nearly loose). 

LECTION, giving examples of the works of the best-known engravers on 
wood and being an extraordinary selection suitable for the study 
of the history of the art. 


1 1 63 [Woodward (W. E.).J Records of Salem Witchcraft, 

Copied from the Original Documents. 2 vols., 4to, half 
morocco, uncut.' Roxbury, Mass., 1864 

No. 84 of limited — " edition 215 copies, of which 15 are on large 

1 164 Worcester. Life, Times, and Scientific Labors of the 

Marquis or Worcester, to which is added a Reprint of 
his Century of Inventions, with a Commentary thereon, by 
Henry Dircks, Civil Engineer, etc. Illustrated with fine 
portraits and numerous wood engravings. India Proofs 
before the letters of the portraits. 4to, half morocco, gilt, 
top edge gilt, others uncut. London, Quaritch, 1865 

Large paper, and only 30 copies printed. The Marquis of Wor- 
cester was one of the most prominent historical characters among the 
adherents of Charles I., and at the same time the greatest engineer of 
his age. 

The Marquis of Worcester's ' ' Century of Inventions " has been for 
200 years an English household book ; but, in spite of the many edi- 
tions, it has always been difficult to obtain a copy. In the above vol- 
ume the '^ Century of Inventions" is reprinted in facsimile from the 
first edition, with a running commentary. 

1 165 Wordsworth (Christopher). Greece ; Pictorial, De- 

scriptive, AND Historical ; and a History of the Char- 
acteristics of Greek Art by George Scharf, F.S.A. 
Profusely illustrated, upwards of three hundred and fifty 
engravings on wood and twenty-eight on steel, by Fielding, 
Creswick, Harvey, Paul, Huet, Daubigny, etc., etc. 
4to, calf extra, gilt edges. London, 1840 


IMPRESSIONS of the very beautiful plates. 
"A standard work of Hellenic lore." 

ri66 WoRNUM (R. N.). Epochs of Painting; a Biographical 
and Critical Essay on Painting and Painters. With 40 en- 
gravings. Thick 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1864 
" The writer of this book may fairly say that he has produced an 
opus magnum. It is crammed with matter, judicious in method and 
punctilious in detail." — London Reader. 

1 167 Worth (Gorham A.). Random Recollections of Albany, 
from 1800 to 1808. Third edition with Notes by the Pub- 
lisher. Portraits and views. 4to, sewed, uncut. 

Albany, Munsell, 1866 
Large paper, and of which only a limited edition was printed. 


1 168 Wraxall (Sir N.William, ^d!/-/'.). Historical Memoirs of his 

Own Time, 1772-84. Portrait. 2 vols. 8vo, calf gilt, 
marbled edges. London, 1815 

Very scarce. First edition of this most amusing and curious 
work, which was suppressed, containing particulars for which the 
author was prosecuted, which were omitted in the second edition. It is 
full of the most amusing anecdotes of the celebrities of the last century. 

1169 Wright (Thomas, F.S.A.). Caricature History of the 

Georges, or Annals of the House of Hanover, compiled 
from the Squibs, Broadsides, Window Pictures, Lampoons 
and Pictorial Caricatures of the Time. With nearly 400 
illustrations on steel and wood— front, colored. 4to, half mor., 
Roxburghe style, gilt top edge, others uncut. London, n. d. 

Large paper edition of loo copies only, with additional portraits 
of James Gillray, the caricaturist, and .Pitt, Earl of Chatham. 

" Emphatically one of the liveliest of books, as also one of the most 
interesting. Has the twofold merit of being at once amusing and 
edifying. " — Morning Post. 

1 170 Wright. England under the House of Hanover: 

its History and Condition during the Reign of the Three 
Georges. Illustrated from the Caricatures and Satires of 
the day, engraved on wood by T. W. Fairholt. 2 vols. 
8vo, cloth, uncut. London, Bentley, 1848 

The original edition of this work, since reissued under the title of 
"Caricature History of the Georges," and is now very scarce. It 
abounds in curious and valuable information. 

1 17 1 Wright. Womankind in Western Europe, from the 

Earliest Times to the Seventeenth Century. Illustrated 
by \x chromo-lithographic plates and numerous highly- finished 
woodcuts. Small 4to, cloth, bevelled sides, gilt edges. 

London, 1869 

" The volume is quite an encyclopaedia on a special subject." 
' ' An elaborate and careful summary of all that one of our most 
learned antiquaries, after years of pleasant labor on a very pleasant 
subject, has been able to learn as to the condition of women from the 
earliest period. " — London Times. 

1 1 72 Wright. Biographia Britannica Litteraria, or Biography of 

Literary Characters of Great Britain and Ireland, in Chro- 
nological Order. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 1842-6 

This valuable work, which comprehends the Anglo-Saxon and the 
Anglo-Norman periods, was published under the superintendence of 
the Council of the Royal Society of Literature. 



1 173 Wright. History of Caricature and Grotesque in 

Literature and Art. Handsomely printed, and illustrated 
with engravings on wood, drawn and engraved by F. W. 
Fairholt. Square 8vo, cloth, bevelled sides, red edges. 

London, 1865 
"A learned, entertaining and instructive book." — London Art 

1 174 Wright. Narratives of Sorcery and Magic, from the 

most Authentic Sources. 2 vols, crown Bvo, half red calf. 

London, 1851 
' ' This is one of the pleasantest books about witchcraft that we have 
ever read." — London Athenaum. 

1 1 75 Wright. History of Domestic Manners and Sentiments in 

England during the Middle Ages. With illustrations from 
contemporary illuminations drawn and engraved by F. W. 
Fairholt. 4to, cloth, uncut. 

London. Chapman &= Hall, 1862 
' ' This book is one which is indispensable for an historical or archaeo- 
logical library. " — London Saturday Review. 

1 1 76 Wright. Black Letter Series, viz.: — 

I. The Turnament of Totenham and the Fees — two early 
Ballads Printed from a Manuscript preserved in the Pub- 
lic Library in the University of Cambridge. 

IL The Nutbrowne Maid, from the earHest edition of 
Arnold's Chronicle. 

III. Songs and Carols, printed from a Manuscript in the 
Sloane Collection in the British Museum. 

IV. The Tale of the Basyn, and the Frere and the Boy. 
Two early Tales of Magic, printed from Manuscripts pre- 
served in the Public Library of the University of Cam- 

Together 4 vols, with prefaces by Thomas Wright 

and vignettes. 32MO, half morocco, uncut, Rox- 

burghe style. London, William Pickering, 1836 

Extremely scarce. Elegantly printed in black letter by Whit- 

tingham, at the Chiswick Press. It is asserted in the Fowle Catalogue 

that only lOO copies of these beautiful little volumes were printed. 

1 177 Wright (Thomas) ««</ Halliwell (James Orchard) Reli- 

quise Antiquae — Scraps from Ancient Manuscripts, illus- 


trating chiefly Early English Literature and the English 
Language. 2 vols, 8vo, half calf. 

London, Wm. Pickering, 1841 
' ' An immense mass of varied and curious materials for the history 
of our language and literature." — Archaologist. 

1 1 78 Wycherly (William). Dramatic Works. i2mo, yellow 

calf gilt, edges gilt. I,ondon, 1768 

" As long as men are false and women vain, 
Whilst gold continues to be Virtue's bane, 
In pointed satire Wycherley shall reign."— Evelyn. 

1 179 Wynne (James, M.D.). Private Libraries of New York. 

With a plate of interior of Mr. Noyes's Library. 8vo, 
cloth, uncut. N. Y., i860 

With MS. letter inserted from the distinguished bibliophile, Charles 
W. Frederickson, Esq. , of New York. 

Among the principal libraries mentioned in this work are those of 
John Allan, George Bancroft, Thomas P. Barton, J. Carson Brevoort, 
Rev. Dr. Chapin, Almon W. Griswold, William Menzies, William 
Curtis Noyes, Dr. Purple, George T. Strong, R. L. Stuart, and Rich- 
ard Grant White. 



1 1 80 iH^Ttjipr.ll ARRELL. History of British Birds. With 
all the Supplements. With nearly 600 very 
beautiful engravings on wood. 4 vols. impl. 8vo, 
cloth, uncut. London, 1843-56 

Largest paper and extremely scarce. 

Only 50 copies printed. Above is a genuine subscription copy. 

It is a splendid set of the first edition of this magnificent work, so 
justly celebrated for the beauty and exquisite fininish of the numerous 

' ' No work on this subject since the time of Bewick's ' Birds ' has 
been so popular. In many of his details, especially his picturesque 
tail-pieces, he imitated his great predecessor; but in point of accuracy 
of description, and the homely truthfulness of his account of the habit 
of birds, Mr. Yarrell has had no equal." — Charles Knight. 

1 181 Yarrell. History of British Fishes. With steel por- 

traits and over 400 beautiful engravings on wood, finest im- 
pressions. 3 vols, royal 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, Van Voorst, 1836-60 
Large paper, and includes the second supplement to the first and 
second editions by Sir John Richardson. 

First edition of this beautiful and most valuable work. A complete 
set on large paper of these celebrated books like the above copies of 
these superior editions are of rare occurrence. They are an ornament 
to any collection, and very few copies were printed in these sizes. 

1 182 [YoNGE (Miss).] History of Christian Nanaes. 2 vols. 

crown 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1863 

"The author of ' Heart's Ease ' has excelled all her rivals." — 



iJtlJlitiflrapijS, JBooft ©atalofiues, etc. 

The more important bibliographical works in which the 
Farnum Library is rich will be found scattered through- 

11 83 Burton (W. E.). Bibliotheca Dramatica. Catalogue of 

the Theatrical and Miscellaneous Library of the late 
William E. Burton. Portrait. Imperial 8vo, half 
morocco, top edge gilt. N. Y., i860 

Large paper, uncut and neatly priced in carmine ink. 

11 84 Wight (Andrew). Catalogue of the Library of . Imperial 

8vo, half morocco, top edge gilt, others uncut. 

N. Y., /. E. Cooky, 1864 

Large paper. Priced and named in carmine inlc. 

The majority of the books were in fact the property of Mr. Edward 
Vernon. Very rich in books printed by Benjamin Franklin . 

1185 Daniel (George). Catalogue of the Library of. 4to, half 

morocco, top edge gilt. London, 1864 

Priced and named. 

1 186 HosMER (Z.). Library Catalogue of. Royal 8vo, half 

morocco, top edge gilt. Boston, r86i 

Large paper. Ruled in red ink, priced, named and interleaved. 

1187 Crowninshield (E. A.). Library Catalogue of. 8vo, half 

morocco, top edge gilt and stilted. Boston, 1859 

Limited edition of a few copies printed on tinted paper for presents. 
This sale did not take place. The collection was withdrawn from public 


sale in consequence of its purchase by Henry Stevens, Esq. , for $g, 500, 
who, after disposing of a portion of it, sold the residue, with some addi- 
tions, at auction in London in the following year. No. 878, the Bay 
Psalm Book, was sold by Mr. Stevens to the British Museum for 
^157 lar. 

1188 CoRwiN (E. B.). Catalogue of Books, Tracts, Autographs, 

MSS., Engravings, Paintings, etc. 8vo, half morocco, 
stilted, top edge gilt. N. Y., 1856 

Large and fine paper copy. 100 printed. Priced and named in 
carmine ink. 

1 189 Dowse (T.). Catalogue of Library of, presented to the 

Massachusetts Historical Society. Royal Bvo, cloth. 

Boston, 1856 
Extremely rare. Twenty-five copies only printed for private 

1 190 HiBBERT (George). Catalogue of Library of. Plates. 8vo, 

half morocco, top edge gilt, others uncut. 

London, W. Nicol, 1829 

8,726 lots and 484 pages. Ruled and priced. This collection brought 
$21,560, and was one of the most important collections ever sold. 
The catalogue contains interesting biographical notes. 

1 191 Wright Library Catalogue. Priced. 8vo, sewed. 

N. Y., Leavitt, 1864 

1 192 MuNSELL Library Catalogue. 4to, sewed, uncut. Large 

PAPER. N. Y., Leavitt, 1865 

1 193 'Bi^i.ioiTi^CA. KMZKiCAi<iA, withprintedprice list. 4to, sewed 

1 1 94 Hervey Library Catalogue. 8vo, sewed, uncut. Priced. 

1 1 95 L. Montgomery Bond Library, Autograph and Coin Cata- 

logue. 8vo, sewed, uncut. N. Y., Leavitt, 1870 

1 196 Wm. H. Carver Library Catalogue. 2 parts. 8vo, sewed, 

uncut. N. Y., Leavitt, 1866-69 

1 197 Oakwood {i. e., Hervey) Library Catalogue. 8vo, sewed, 

uncut N. Y., Leavitt, 1868 

1 198 Smets Library and Autograph Catalogues, also Catalogue 

Raisonne. 3 parts. 8vo, sewed. 'i^.Y., Leavitt, -i.?i6& 

1199 Extraordinary Catalogue. Works Relating to America 

Catalogue; also Autograph Catalogue of same collection. 
2 parts. 8vo, sewed, uncut. N. Y., Leavitt, 1868 

1200 G. H. Holliday Library Catalogue. 8vo, sewed, uncut. 

N. Y., Leavitt, 1870 


1 20 1 J. B. Rich Library Catalogue. 4to, sewed, uncut. 

N. Y., Leavitt, n. d. 

1202 Boon Catalogue of Books and Pamphlets principally re- 

lating to America. Thick 8vo, sewed, uncut. 

N. Y., Leavitt, 1870 
3,126 lots and 597 pages. 

1203 W. Elliot Woodward Library Catalogue. Thick 8vo, 

sewed, uncut. N. Y., Leavitt, 1869 

6,810 lots and 668 pages. 

1204 Private Gentleman's Library and 2 other Leavitt Cata- 

logues. 3 pieces. 

1205 Conner, Whiteman, Townsend, Fisher, Carner, and 

other Library Catalogues. Together 7 pieces. 8vo, 
sewed. N. Y., Leavitt, v. d. 

1206 Brinley (George). Library Catalogue of. Parts i, 2 and 

3. 8vo, sewed, uncut. N. Y., Leavitt, 1879-81 

With printed price-lists to each part of the 6,050 lots. 

1207 J. H. V. Arnold Library Catalogue. 4to, sewed, uncut. 

N. Y., Leavitt, 1879 
3,465 lots and 394 pages. 

1208 Menzies (William). Catalogue of Library of. 4to, sewed, 

uncut. N. Y., Leavitt, 1875 

2,251 lots and 473 pages. 

1209 Wm. H. Prescott Library Catalogue. Compiled and 

with Preface by C[harles] S[otheran]. 8vo, sewed, 
uncut. N. Y., Leavitt, 1881 

1210 David King Library Catalogue. Part I. 8vo, sewed. 

N. Y., Leavitt, 1883 

12 11 Irving Browne Library Catalogue. Imperial 8vo, sewed, 

uncut. N. Y., Leavitt, 1878 

Large paper. 75 copies only printed. 

12 12 The Same. Small paper. 

1 2 13 C. Fiske Harris Library Catalogue. 8vo, sewed. 

N. Y., Leavitt, 1883 

1 2 14 American Playwright [Daly] Library Catalogue. 8vo, 

sewed, uncut. N. Y., Leavitt, n. d. 

1 2 15 Hastie-Tracy Library Catalogue. Thick royal 8vo, sewed, 

uncut. N. Y., Leavitt, 1877 

8,145 lots and 563 pages. 



1 216 Wm. Beach Lawrence Library. Part One. [Compiled 

by Charles Sotheran.J 8vo, sewed. (2 copies.) 

N. Y., Leavitt, 1881 

1217 Catalogue Valuable Private Library. 8vo, sewed. 

N. Y., Leavitt, (1859) 
5,106 lots and 324 pages. 

1218 W. P. Wright Library. 8vo, sewed. N. Y., Leavitt, 1872 

1219 E. Delafield Smith Library and other Leavitt Book 

Catalogues. 5 pieces. 8vo, sewed. 

1220 Griswold, i. e., Library of Bibliomaniac Catalogues. 4 

pieces. 8vo, sewed. N. Y., Leavitt, 1878-80 

Including the " Suppressed" Catalogue of the Library of a Biblio- 
maniac by the late Joseph Sabin. 

1 22 1 Pickering (W ). Catalogue of Biblical, Classical and His- 

torical Manuscripts and of Rare and Curious Books. 
Front. Fcap. 8vo, half morocco. London, 1834 

Very scarce and printed by Whittingham. Presentation copy to 
John Eyton, the historian and antiquary. 

1222 ToovEY (James). Catalogue of Books Remarkable for 

Beauty of Condition. i6mo, half morocco. London, n. d. 
Printed by C. Whittingham at the Chiswick Press. A choice cata- 
logue, out of print and scarce. 

1223 QuARiTCH (Bernard). Catalogue of Books in all Classes of 

Catalogue, many of them Rare, Valuable and Curious. 
8vo, half morocco. London, i860 

6,574 different works, and 440 pages. 

" This catalogue describes many books of considerable interest, to 
some of which there are bibliographical notes which the reader very 
naturally supposes are the production of Mr. Bernard Quaritch, whereas 
they are, in fact, written by a Mr. Leahy, an accomplished scholar, in 
his employ. The elevated price of the books, however, is, in all prob- 
ability, the work of Mr, Quaritch himself. " — From Gems of Library of 
a Bibliomaniac Catalogue. 

1224 BoHN (Henry G.). A Catalogue of Books. Thick 8vo, 

half morocco. London, 1841 

Known as the " Guinea Catalogfue," contains upwards of 23,000 arti- 
cles in all classes of literature, and is of great value to general book- 
buyers. This volume is one of over 2,000 pages. 

1225 BoHN. The Same. Vol. i. 8vo, half morocco. 

London, 1848 
A volume of nearly 600 pages. 


1226 Willis 3«(/ SoTHERAN. Catalogue of Upwards of 50,000 

volumes of Ancient and Modern Books. 8vo, half mo- 
rocco. London, 1862 

1227 Willis ««(/ Sotheran. Catalogues of Books. Svo, half 

morocco (a few pp. mutilated). London, 1865 

1228 Thorpe (T.). Catalogue of Most Choice and Valuable 

Collection of Curious Literature. Svo, half morocco. 

London, 1843 
A catalogpie of 499 pages, comprising 3,850 lots. 

1229 Book Buyer (The). A Summary of American and For- 

eign Literature. 8 vols, in 4, half morocco, cloth. 

N. Y., 1867-75 
An extremely valuable publication issued by Scribners and full of 
interesting literary matter as well as catalogues of books. 

1230 London Catalogue of Books published in Great Britain 

from 1816 to 185 1, with Classified Index. 2 vols. Svo, 
cloth. London, 1S51-53 

1231 Modern London Catalogue of Books, tSoo to 1839. 2 

vols, in I. Svo, half morocco. London, Bent, 1818-39 

1232 London Catalogue of Books, 1831-55. Svo, cloth. 

London, 1855 

1233 Bookworm (The). A Literary and Bibliographical 

Review. Edited and Illustrated by J. Ph. Berjeau. 
Nos. I, 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, II and 12. Together S pieces. Il- 
lustrations, facsimiles. 

1234 Smith (John Russell). Catalogue of 25,000 volumes of 

Choice, Useful and Curious Books. Svo, half morocco. 

London, 1S60 

1235 Wynne Library Catalogue. Svo, sewed. Richmond, 1S75 

12^6 Dean (Amos). Catalogue of Library of. Svo, sewed. 
•^ ^ N. Y., 1S68 

1237 Bibliotheca Piscatoria. Catalogue of the Library of 

Thomas Westwood, author of the " Chronicle of the 
Compleat Angler." Frontispiece. 4to, sewed, uncut. 

Prepared by J. W. Bouton, the well-known American bibliopolist, of 
706 Broadway. 

1238 Lilly (Joseph). Catalogue Raisonnde of Rare, Curious 
vand Valuable Books. Svo, paper. London, 1863 



1239 Benzon (Ernst L. S.). Catalogue of Books and Manu- 

scripts of. 8vo, sewed, uncut. London, 1875 

Priced in carmine ink. 

1240 Rice (John A.). Catalogue of Library of. Thick 8vo, 

sewed, uncut. N. Y., 1870 

Only 75 copies printed on thick and fine paper. The total amount 
realized at the Rice Sale was over $42,000. 

1 241 White (Richard Grant). Library Catalogue of. 8vo, 
sewed, uncut. N. Y., 1870 

1242 Mayer (Brantz). Catalogue of Choice Collection of Books 

of. 8vo, sewed, uncut. N. Y., 1870 

1243 Greene (Albert G.). Catalogue of Private Library of. 

Thick 8vo, sewed, uncut. N. Y., 1869 

1244 MoRRELL Book Catalogues. 3 pieces. 8vo, sewed. (One 

priced with buyers' names.) 

1245 Catalogues of C. W. Frederickson, Augustus Fleming 

and Dr. John W. Francis Libraries. 3 pieces. 8vo, 
sewed. (Fleming priced.) 

1246 BiBLiOTHECA AMERICANA. Catalogue of J. K. Wiggin 

Library. 8vo, sewed. Boston, 1876 

1247 Humphrey (H. B.). Catalogue of Library of. Thick 8vo, 

sewed, uncut. Cambridge, 18^1 

Large paper, published at $5, and printed at the Riverside Press. 

1248 Fowle (W. F.) Library Catalogue. 8vo, sewed, uncut. 

Cambridge, 1864 

Large paper; only 85 copies printed at the Riverside Press, priced. 

Very scarce. This library, although it contained but 1,614 volumes, 

realized $17,522.19, an average of almost $11 per volume, the highest, 

probably, ever attained in this country up to its date. 

1249 Choate (Rufus). Library Catalogue of. 8vo, sewed. 

Boston, 1859 

1250 Hall (Fitz-Edward). Catalogue of Library of. 8vo, 

sewed, uncut. Boston, 1867 

Priced, with names. 

1 25 1 Sparks (Jared). Catalogue of Library of. 8vo, sewed, 

uncut. Czmhiidge, Jiiverside I'ress, 1871 

1252 Prescott (W. H.). Library Catalogue of. 8vo, sewed, 

uncut. Boston, 187 1 



1253 Webster (Daniel). Library Catalogue of. 8vo, sewed. 

Boston, n. d. 

1254 SoMERBY (G. A.). Catalogue of Books of. 8vo, sewed, 

uncut. Cambridge, Riverside Press, 1869 

Priced and named. 

1255 SoMERBY Library and Autograph Catalogues. 2 pieces. 

8vo, sewed, uncut. 

1256 Catalogues of Poole, Josselyn, Waterman, Shurt- 

LEFF, Guild and Inglis Libraries. 6 pieces. 8vo, sewed. 
(Josselyn and Inglis priced.) 

1257 Library and Engraving Catalogues. 8 pieces. 8vo, 

sewed (some priced). 

Press of 


Book, Job and Catalogue Printer, 

89 Nassau Street, 

Corner Fulton, New York.